The Spare Nightmare

Generation 1 spare Suyuu (little half-sister of current legacy heir Tapmak) has had a much better life since escaping growing up and leaving the legacy house. She enjoyed independence and the complete lack of gardening living in a flat with her twin Soymek, then relished helping take care of Soy’s triplets when they came along a little later. More recently, Suyuu snagged the man of her dreams, Timothy.
She had to wait a few years before Tim was finished with university, but she thought he was worth the wait. They were so crazy for each other they got engaged in Tim’s junior year and have finally moved in together in a flat of their own.
Suyuu has never felt happiness like it, after her less than average upbringing in an incomplete, crowded house stuffed with siblings she never got to spend quality time with.
She was always the one doing chores around the legacy house, but in the flat, her fiance insists on taking on the majority of the household chores. He’s a neatfreak, and seems to understand the slight trauma that washing up might have for his fiancee.
As well as a loving partner, Suyuu is holding down a steady job in journalism. She hasn’t got very far yet, having few skillpoints from childhood and no college degree, but she’s working her way up slowly and is loving earning her own money.
Every day after work, Suyuu and Tim snuggle up on the sofa in front of their retro telly and simply relish the happiness they have found together. They can’t wait until they have a little more money to be able to celebrate their wedding.
One night after another blissful day, Suyuu and Tim fell into their cosy bed, looking forward to waking up the next morning in each other’s arms.
Suyuu quickly fell asleep, dreaming of their upcoming nuptials plans. Maybe they could get married in the town church?
As the night drew on, something wasn’t right. Suyuu kept twitching and eventually woke with a start. Maybe some warm milk would help her slip back to sleep. Nearly fully awake, she headed for the kitchen.
But what awaited her was not the cheery kitchen of her little flat, but two horrific clown figures in some kind of run down kitchen-cum-living area. Suyuu jumped out of her skin, realising at the same time that her fluffy dressing gown was gone, and she had awful stained pyjamas on instead.
Suyuu braced herself and peered a little closer at the clowns. She discovered with horror that they were her older half-brother Sevim and his wife Zenka. They smiled creepily at Suyuu, refusing to speak to her. Quickly becoming unnerved, Suyuu ran through another door, hoping the clowns wouldn’t follow her. She had to get out of there!
Suyuu stumbled into what turned out to be a thoroughly dirty bathroom, where two further disturbing… people… jumped out at her.
On closer inspection, Suyuu saw these zombie maid people were her twin brother Soymek and his partner Trucy. Again, the two spoke no words to Suyuu. They were too busy complaining about something Suyuu couldn’t quite understand.
Heading for what looked like an outside door, the weirdness wasn’t over. In the cold autumn air, two more disturbed shapes lunged at Suyuu, laughing manically.
Suyuu couldn’t see what the hell was so funny- why would her little half-sister Savma and her new husband Auberon be laughing at her? Why weren’t they concerned that their bodies were so horrifically burned?
Suyuu only had one thought at this point- she had to get out of this run down ‘house’ and away from her deranged relatives. Something wasn’t right and she needed to get out of there. But someone else was outside by the front door.
Suyuu’s heart sank. Why was her sweet fiance Timothy wrapped up in whatever hell was happening here? He didn’t deserve this! Suyuu did her very best to comfort an unresponsive Timothy whilst her mind was racing to figure out what was going on here.
Suyuu was no stupid sim. She was plonked in a horrible house with seven other, strange sims. She seemed to be the only sim around to have retained her sensibilities. There seemed to be no way out… yep. This could only be an asylum-style challenge!
Welcome to The Spare Nightmare!
So, to move away almost completely from the slightly plotty part of this post- I am attemping an asylum-style challenge for Halloween 2021. Instead of patients, Suyuu must deal with the other three generation 1 spares from The L’Amour Legacy, plus their partners and her fiance. You can see the layout of my begrudgingly-built house. I am roughly following the rules here: with my aim being to achieve Suyuu’s LTW before anything too horrible happens in the house or to any of the sims. Let’s see how we do!
Before I’d even begun the challenge, a freaking wolf came and knocked over the bin, and the rubbish had already begun to smell. Obviously, cleaning up this mess was the first thing I got Suyuu to do.
Hmm… am I going to regret choosing three couples as the ‘inmates’ for this challenge? I don’t need to see any clown love.
Suyuu’s LTW is to reach the top of the artist career, the name of which always escapes me. I therefore got her painting straight away to slowly build up that creativity skill. Apparently Timothy is a huge art fan and immediately started helping Suyuu improve enthusiasm in her hobby. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll keep that up.
Oh, maybe he’s simply imagining sticking pins into the flustered zombie maids.
Very luckily, Suyuu found an artist job the very next morning! This is getting off to a great start!
And Mr. and Mrs. Burnt here seem to also be in good spirits still. Is this some kind of sooty mating dance, do we think?
All together now- WHYYYY?! On day one, Suyuu ran happily off to the bedroom with her fiance and got herself knocked up. On DAY. ONE.
As if this challenge isn’t going to be tough enough, not being able to control the other seven adult sims, I’m soon going to have a baby on my hands? And this will definitely slow down Suyuu’s skilling progress. Freaking great.
Day 1 was pretty hunky dory for the residents, although Trucy did start to get ostensiby smelly. You’d think Zenka would work up more of a sweat in that clownsuit, but I digress.
I did my best to keep on top of Suyuu’s needs whilst I still easily could.
‘Ugh, my girlfriend stinks!’
Maybe because she’s going through the bin! D: It’s a bit early for that anyway, isn’t it?
Suyuu bagged the double bed, with Soymek joining her a little later. Cuties.
I feel like this is the first asylum-y shot of the challenge. I wonder if the bath will ever be clean or working properly again.
And the toilet is also dirty, already. At least Auberon seems handy with the mop. Too bad it’s a completely futile act since the bath is still leaking.
That evening, Suyuu had her first day of work- fingers crossed for our first promotion!
Aww, Timothy is still a neat freak here. That does help somewhat.
Hmm, not sure I knew that sims could autonomously check the mailbox. How responsible of Zenka to grab the bills.
Yay, promotion!! Good job Suyuu! Although she is clearly not happy. I wouldn’t be either to be fair, she has a long hard slog in front of her.
And apparently, she’s already lost her sense of dignity :’) I suppose there’s not a lot of point maintaining it; she’ll be giving birth in front of presumably everyone in few days.
Plus, Auberon’s lost his dignity as well. A lot.
Not to worry, Auberon. Someone had to wee themselves first, and your new bride is ON IT with the mop. True love, ladies and gentlemen.
Speaking of giving birth, Timothy’s older sister Dahlia decided it would be a top idea to amble past the lot and push her second baby out on the lawn. Really cool decision making!*
*This happened due to the story progression mod.
No one else was going to fix the bath.
Or make dinner, clearly!
Auberon, have some freaking patience!
Everyone’s needs were starting to deterioate, including the sim I could actually control…
She was so close to getting to that loo! Good thing there’s always non-judgemental uncontrollables nearby to minimise the embarrassment. And the mess.
Oh dear… my controllable sim became the first sim to show signs of an aspiration-related breakdown. Suyuu’s a popularity sim, so I suppose it’s extra punishing that she’s stuck in an asylum challenge without proper time to socialise, or make new friends.
A minute later, and the breakdown is in full swing. Whoooops.
As the therapist does his thing (how can he really help in this situation, I ask myself), I notice that Tim’s sister and new mum Dahlia is still hanging around, in her pyjamas. This is no place to recover from childbirth, girl! Go home!
Oh it’s a sad, sad sight. Poor Suyuu isn’t coping very well with this pregnancy. Or I can’t take care of her
Breakdown number two quickly followed the first. I really am terrible at this.
Everyone seems to appreciate it when Suyuu makes food; so far the hunger need doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Suyuu needs to build another creativity skill point as well as a mechanical, but before that- it’s baby time!
How is this the second birth of this challenge?!
Hopefully after this, Suyuu will find skilling and staying alive and sane much more easy.
And the surprise asylum babe is a cutie! But I do find all the babies cute…
I extremely cleverly christened this wee boy ‘Hallow’. I know, I know. I put a lot of thought into it. Not that it matters, but he has the skin tone and hair colour of daddy Tim, and the eye colour of grandma (who happens to be my simself).
Tim promptly attempted to die -.- Not sure if that was related to the birth of his child.
Good job loving fiancee Suyuu was nearby and controllable! An extra thanks goes to the snogging clowns. Very helpful.
Wooo! Suyuu and Tim’s relationship is obviously tip-top, therefore I wasn’t surprised she managed to save Tim. Phew. Hallow won’t go without his father just yet!
The next day, Zenka also attempted to die! It’s winter, and a cold is going round.
Suyuu was less lucky this time, and failed to save her sister in law! D: D: Hopefully the cold has died with Zenka, because I can’t do a lot to help the uncontrollables get better. If Suyuu were a family sim, I could whip up endless grandma’s family soup, but alas.
At least she can feed her stinky, forgotten son, when the pop-up reminds me to do so. Don’t feel bad for him, readers, he is not necessary for this challenge!
! Hallow’s toddler birthday and age is how I counted the days in this challenge from this point. Zombie (?) Auntie Trucy chucked him into toddlerhood, and for what it’s worth, he is a sweet mix of his parents, with the eye shape of his mumma and the nose of his dad.
The next day… crud. Get it together, Sevim!
Whooooops, Suyuu apparently didn’t have a high enough relationship with her brother to save him! :'( At least he is with his loving wife now.
Typical asylum shot number 2 (though normally there’s no babies ofc). I’m glad the neglect of Hallow is a source of much mirth for Auntie Savma.
D: Breakdown number 3 for our controllable sim.
And a surprisingly clean Auberon passes out in the snow outside. You can see the corner of the log rolling thing in this photo- you’ll be fascinated to know that sims do not autonmously use this, sadly. At least, mine do not.
Because I am suuuuch a good simmer, that night I thought there were fewer profiles down the left side of my screen. Indeed, there was one sim less and I found this in the back garden area. It turned out to be Auberon, who I assume also succumbed to the cold/flu.
Aaaand the next day, Trucy was struck down for daring to ditch her maid outfit. Nah, obviously it was the cold.
Clearly I should’ve spent time building relationships between Suyuu and everyone else, because she is not having luck saving them from this virus. I would definitely do some things differently doing this again…
Love how Savma does not give a monkey what’s going on in this challenge. She is so unfazed. Sister in law just died in front of your eyes? Not a problem for Savma, she’ll still have a wee in front of her sister and the grim reaper anyway!
In fact, she spent her whole time in this challenge unbothered. Unfazed until the very end, Savma also succumbed to the flu thing.
And in the horrible trend this challenge is quickly adopting, Suyuu failed to save her. Her only sister!
The next day, another urn was added to the bathroom when Suyuu failed to reach her dying twin brother in time D: This is a really awful attempt at this bloody challenge.
But at least Suyuu got another promotion! D: How successful could we really even call this challenge if she manages to top her career but lose all but one of her housemates.
Hallow’s been having a GREAT time, too.
Things settled down for a bit after all the many, many deaths. Tim autonomously doted on his son, and Suyuu desperately painted in the hopes of scraping together enough creativity points for her career. We’ve got a very long way to go.
It wasn’t peaceful for too long, with truly the most horrifying ghost haunting us one night.
Jeez!! As if clown ghost Zenka wasn’t creepy enough, she just had to burst through Suyuu’s easel, didn’t she?
Straight through that easel!!
How Suyuu didn’t wet herself, I will never know.
I continued struggling along, trying to manage the ghosts and the inevitable partial breakdown of Tim.
All was going okay in this way. Suyuu was plugging away at the easel and I thought the cold had died out.
I *thought*. Suyuu once again failed to reach the corpse in time, and her darling fiancee Timothy was lost to the underworld also.
Hallow went into red aspiration when his father died.
Suyuu had had *quite* enough by this point. She could deal with the odd breakdown (or three) and keeping her son just about alive, but her skilling was extremely slow progress and now she was the only surviving adult in the house. She’d lost her fiancee and all her siblings and siblings in law, without being able to save any of them. Where could she even go from here? Was she doomed to spend forever in this godforsaken house full of ghosts, trying somehow to raise her son?
The soft morning light filtered through Suyuu’s eyelids, gently waking her. She was cuddled close around Tim.
Slowly waking up, Suyuu realised with the greatest sense of relief that she hadn’t lost anybody. That awful house didn’t even exist, and her family were safe and sound. Suyuu was free, happy and so, so grateful to be able to continue her new life with Timothy.

Thank you for reading what might be the worst attempt at an asylum style legacy ever! I contemplated not bothering uploading this, but there’s something nightmarish and halloweeny about such a horrible attempt, and the spreading of the cold/virus is pretty depressingly topical. It was fun to revisit the generation 1 spares and rest assured, they are indeed all still alive- it’s as if this challenge was just a nightmare 😉 I hope you all have a happy halloween and the L’Amours and I will see you soon!

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