The Sap Chap(ter), an interlude

Hello, hello! Welcome to a slightly different L’Amour Legacy update! Different how, you ask? Well this is an update on Tapmak and Sininen, taking place at Sininen’s house. Their story was too much to fit into Chapter 1.16 so I’m putting it here separately. We’ll be back with the main L’Amour family shortly, never fear!

So, what’s the deal with these two so far? WELL. Let me fill you in on their past, because if I get confused, you certainly must. Tapmak, first generation heir (though I didn’t know it when I took these pictures) is currently dating Sininen here. He had previously had a thing with her older half-sister, Zenka, who is now loved up with Sevim (eldest generation 1 child). Stranac here hates Tap for previously knocking up Zenka, as she was a teen at the time, and Tap a *loverat*. He still hates Tap, as you can see here, presumably for openly wooing his other daughter in his house right in front of him. That’s the history of Tapmak and Sininen (henceforth: Sap) so far. They have a two-bolt relationship.
Yeah, Stranac really really doesn’t like Tap. 🙁 I suppose Tap potentially dragging his youngest child into a legacy is another reason for the dislike haha.
Anyway, Stranac did not stop Sap from continuing their young love story. One day on a date, the ghost of Sininen’s dog apparently decided they also didn’t like this pairing, and scared poor Sininen 🙁 She immediately wet herself and Tap *left* #!@%? Tap, not cool dude.
Despite her embarrassment, it wasn’t long before Sininen was back on the phone, wanting to sneak out with someone (and who else could it be but Tap?) I doubt very much that Stranac would’ve allowed her to *go* out.
Tapmak!! Is this because she wet herself?! Prick!
!! My outrage only grows. How can my legacy heir do this- you know what Tap, I’m starting to agree with Stranac. You are a loverat. :'( Like she meant to wet herself.
Stranac is a good dad and deals with this mess on behalf of his daughter.
Side-note: reading the line ‘so have this flaming bag of poo’ in that poem gets me every time. Perfection.
If Sininen does become generation 1 spouse, I don’t think Stranac will ever come to terms with it D:
What an angsty teen. An angsty, teen loverat.
‘Sure, I just kicked your bin over in attempt to give your family the flu. But I still love you!!’
Sininen is too young not to fall for this absolute nonsense.
Whilst this absolute mess was taking place, Sininen’s Cool MumTM went to make a phonecall. Modra likes to maintain a good relationship with her step-daughter Zenka as is demonstrated by her want. It’s really quite sweet.
And by maintain a good relationship, I mean gossip about Sap.
‘Yeah I heard their date went really badly! Like, film-level bad!’
Sininen is pretty good friends with our soon-to-be-legacy-spare Suyuu, which I love. Doesn’t Su look happy to be out of the legacy house for a bit?! No chores here to be done, Suyuu 🙂
Keeping it light as always.
‘You know our petacy founder died right in front of me when I was trying to do my homework?!’
It was quite troubling, to be fair.
Hahaha. These two aren’t on the same page, clearly! I thought there were going to make up a bit. Tap just wants to *sleep*, Sininen, god! It’s also half seven, Tap? …
What do you *want*, Tap?! Explain it to me, please.
He was still up for sneaking out that night, despite being oh-so-tired.
The next day… ‘Yeah she really likes cooking, so keep that skill up. You like cooking too?! ON IT.’
*Now* who is she talking to?!
Aww, it’s Tap! Modra wants to befriend her daughter’s troublesome boyfriend. Sweet.
Heey, that’s freshly-caught, well-prepared golden trout, missy! Be grateful. Are you sure you like cooking? There’ll be a lot of fish in the legacy house if that is your destiny.
Two very different mums meet, lol. Modra really does want to befriend everyone, despite (very clearly) being a romance sim.
Oh hell no, Eloise isn’t into talking about other dogs!!
Sininen returns to her fish with Eloise that evening.
‘I just want your family to like me.’ Aww.
0_0 ……..
!!! Yeah I don’t blame you for leaving, Eloise! I feel awkward just looking at these photos D:
Yes, Sininen is pregnant, by Tap. He’s the only possible father, and it seems Eloise knew this and that’s why she left. Her sons have now caused *three* different teen pregnancies, and all with members of this family. That’s not great for a family sim (although, babies). I’d get out of there too.
Modra must be going through lots of feelings right about now. She had a baby herself around the same age as Sininen is now and it was a struggle. *And* she watched step-daughter Zenka go through it.
The news that Tap is heir can’t be helping, either. That’s a lot of sudden potential burden on Sininen.
Stranac *also* had a baby (Nofs, for readers of The College Adventures) as a teenager (though a bit older than Sininen) and he was very angry, despite Sininen’s cheery wave. Both of his daughters knocked up as teens.
Yiiiiiiikes. This is going to be *interesting* to say the least.
Aaanyway, whilst we wait for the baby’s arrival, I made Sininen work on her homework despite the fact that she’s not going to school right now.
Due to my playing schedule, the baby will actually end up at around the same age as Prem (Sevim and Zenka’s child), although it doesn’t feel like it. Once again I’m in the position of trying to improve the relationship of the parents so that their baby might be eligible for second generation heir. Tap likes chubby brunettes, so I’ve been feeding Sininen up.
Huge! I won’t know if they have three bolts until the baby is born (as Inteen treats pregnant teens as adults, so the chemistry between her and Tap, a teen, is invisible), eek! I’m rather fond of Sininen though, so I’ll do my best.
Zenka came over at some point an- oh, NICE! As if you didn’t go through the same thing, *both* of you!
Oh. It’s about Sininen’s grades. Lame.
Ha, Sininen’s getting her own back.
Haha. Sininen does not like poorly prepared food, people! She’s a foodie 😛
Aww, sisterly love. That’s more like it, less of the gossiping.
At this point I guess I got confused and thought I needed to boost Sin’s cooking skill for a three-bolt relationship with Tap, but whatever! I got her serving platters to the variety of people I invited over. That’s Kimyona on the right, currently a werewolf (that’s a story for another time!). I have since sorted out the weird werewolf glitch that also plagues Phillip’s sister Laska, by ditching the mod.
UMMMMM. Excuse me?!
Inteen was having a few issues- including generating the loading screen properly, and I had to step in to sort out Sin’s pregnancy, hence the lack of maternity wear. It was actually a bit of a challenge, and at one point I thought she might be stuck pregnant forever, not giving birth. But I sorted it!
I thought it would be nice to get Sap official before the baby arrives, just like I did with Senka. Though it doesn’t look it, this is late into Sininen’s pregnancy.
Very late in fact- here we go!
Tapmak and Sininen’s parents were present at the birth.
Here’s our suprise baby! Please give a warm welcome to Preeti, the second generation 2 baby and the first girl. Preeti’s brown hair is from both parents and grandmas and her eyes (dark blue) are from daddy and grandma Eloise. Naturally, she won’t be up for generation 2 heir, but we will see more of her, even if Sininen and Tap don’t end up together in the end.
Tap: CRAP! A baby?!
Someone’s feeling the pressure suddenly, and I don’t blame him. Newly-elected heir and new baby at age 17. Whew. Sap have three bolts, now (success!) but as Preeti is a girl, she won’t be eligible for second generation heir one day anyway, as I’ve explained. She’s off the hook! Though this does mean Tap will have to sire more children (ONE DAY, TAP. NOT ANYTIME SOON, OKAY?)
After Sininen gave birth, Stranac was still pushing Tap around, but Tap hit back.
Tap: Enough of your nonsense, I’m linked to your family forever now!
I just realised that Preeti’s birth makes Stranac a grandpa for the fourth(!) time! His eldest, Nofs, has two, and Zenka has Prem. What a youthful grandfather.
And Modra is an even more youthful (first time) grandma. They’re both still furious at Sininen and Tapmak, but that’ll ebb.
You’re going to need to provide more than a ‘simulated succulent’ Tap, but thanks all the same. It’s quite a cool late baby-shower present. Also, lol at ‘I had a good time yesterday.’ What, becoming a father?
All too quickly in this playthrough, it was time for Preeti’s toddler birthday! All the families came over, including cousin Prem, who spent most of the time staring at the fishies. <3 Love him.
Is it just me, or does everyone look a little tense?!
In case it’s unclear, we have from left to right: Nofs, Stranac’s eldest (and Preeti’s uncle), Eloise, Phillip, Zenka (Sininen’s half-sister and aunt to Preeti), Sininen, Suyuu, Stranac, Savma, Tapmak, Soymek and Sevim.
Watch what you’re doing, Sin! Loving the zombie-esque pose from Preeti, I don’t think I’ve seen that before XD
Haha, Zenka looks worried!
Whew- toddler Preeti is interesting looking. She has features from her mum, I think, that look a bit odd with human skin, perhaps? Annoyingly I didn’t take a photo at this point of the hairstyle I gave her, but it’s more like her mum’s and less crazy-long for a one year old.
With Preeti’s toddler birthday, I will end this little interlude. I hope you enjoyed the Sap-shenanigans (Sapnanigans?) and meeting the very surprise baby that is Preeti! Generation 2 is growing :’) Join me soon for the next regular L’Amour family update, byeeee!

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