The Alumni Adventures part 1 (a College Adventures update)

It’s been about ten sim years since our first sims from The College Adventures graduated college, so I thought I’d quickly throw together some photos to show what all the students have been getting up to. Enjoy!

Ron has been climbing the ranks in the Oceanography career and went down on one knee for his girlfriend Winona.
They remained in the house with Ron’s mum.
Soon after the wedding, Ron topped his career and had something else to focus on…
Winona gave birth 🙂 That little guy in the bottom right is Johnny.
And this one is Ryder! Both boys have their mum’s black hair, Johnny has her green eyes and Ryder his dad’s blue.
Ron enjoying the dad life with toddler Ryder.
Shortly before passing away, Ron’s mum spent time getting to know her grandsons.
All was happy and well in the household before Ron went on an outing and Bitxi happened to be there. He’s no longer furious about her cheating and he went in for a flirt!
…and was stupid enough to do so again in front of his wife. Poor Winona. The two currently hate each other, and to make things even more messed up, Winona has three bolts for Bitxi’s husband D: D:
Anyway… when the babies grew up, I built the house a new floor where the toddlers could spread their things out. I also put a lift in, because they’re always fun.
Over at the Castelows’, Morgan was ready to pop, apparently with the whole famalam there.
This is little Zenka, who got her daddy’s skin and hair colour, but her mum’s eyes. This could be the end of the jewel alien red eye gene.
Obligatory family photo of all the current jewel aliens in the neighbourhood- they are by far the most populous out of the four alien types. From left to right we’ve got Stranac and new baby Zenka, new teenage Nofs (Stranac and Furcsa’s son), Stranac’s mum Dearg, Kimyona, Kimyona’s mum Tipua (Dearg’s little sister) and Vreemd (Kimyona’s younger brother).
Toddler Zenka looks just like her dad- that nose!
Whilst playing another family, I found this photo on a countertop. The baby pictured is Stranac’s mum Dearg, the first red-headed jewel alien in the neighbourhood. The photo is now in Stranac’s house 🙂
You might remember from before that Morgan is a romance sim with an LTW of woohooing 20 sims and that Stranac caught her cheating on their honeymoon. They may have made up, but it didn’t stop Stranac from doing his own bit of cheating with another romance sim with the woohooing LTW and… college student Modra here got knocked up with Stranac’s child. That’s three children he’ll have, with two being accidents!
Before that situation blows up, it was time for Zenka’s aging up.
Huh, she grew into that fairly squishy toddler face. Zenka has that half-smile on the left permanently on her face. What a cutie.
Lol. Apparently ex-wife Furcsa does not trust the current wife.
And now, ex-wife no.2! Morgan had to break up with her husband when she saw that he’s expecting a child with someone else, and she’s since moved out.
After what looks like a very painful fight with Stranac.
Onto the Edgeworths now, and their darling daughter Kay. She is hands down the cutest toddler in the neighbourhood.
I had to give her a hairstyle that shows off her elf ears, inherited from Podviny. I still don’t entirely understand Kay’s genetics, but I also don’t care 😉
Pod’s elder daughter (with Greg’s now deceased father) Sara had to move in with them when her grandma died. She doesn’t have a good relationship with Greg nor Pod, but loves her little half-sister/niece.
Sara also inherited Pod’s elf ears and the Edgeworth eyes <3
There are many photos of Kay because she is just too adorable.
And she taught me that toddlers take part in the new year pot-banging!
Sara’s relationship with her mother continued to worsen in her teenage years…
and these two continued to climb the ladders in their respective careers (science and criminal). Greg is one level away from topping his, and Pod a few away.
Child Kay is just as cute as toddler Kay.
In Furcsa and Aleric’s house (the Garstell house), it was time for Nofs to grow up. Evidently I didn’t take a photo after this happened, but you saw a photo of him earlier- top documenter, me.
Furcsa also had another baby- welcome baby Rubia! She’s got her father’s skin and hair colour and her mum’s alien eyes. She’s already giving Kay a run for her money in terms of cuteness.
All the family: Nooboo!
Nofs grew up to be a family sim, so absolutely loves looking after his new baby half-sister.
Furcsa and Aleric have been rolling wants to go on holiday for a while, and I let them go. The three of them had a great time collecting the Takezimu vacation memories, and Nofs fell hard for one of the local girls, Debbie (a very authentic name ;D) My jaw hit the floor when I saw they had three bolts for each other right out of the gate!
Back home, and with a pretty new necklace and nose piercing, Furcsa helped Rubia grow up. I was hoping she’d inherit her mum’s big eyes, but alas. She did get her beaky nose like Nofs, though XD
Other points of interest abot the Garstells: Aleric is a freaking drama queen and tried to die of a cold.
But wifey was on hand to stop that nonsense.
Nofs also hit it off with Thera (yes, that Thera) at a wedding. Missing his holiday love, I suppose -.-
He soon invited Debbie over though, only for step-dad Aleric to try and die of a cold AGAIN in the same location as before.
Furcsa was not home, but the genie lamp came to the rescue.
Whew! Of course this meant they weren’t officially married anymore, and Aleric lost some skills and personality. Again. So these two need to work on their relationship- again.
Nofs gets on very well with both his half-sisters. It’s terribly sweet.
Even Zenka and Rubia get along well, and they’re not even related to each other.
A few years after Bitxi was expelled, she and vermin boyfriend Nicolas were scraping by in their small but cool downtown house. Bitxi tried a few different jobs (she wants to be in the paranormal career) and found herself fired and pregnant.
So, the two made it official (this is before Bitxi flirted with Ron).
Some genius started a fire during this process, and our legacy Phillip was very sweet by grabbing Kay and dashing outside with her. He left his pregnant (with Sevim) wife inside with the fire, but no biggie, right?
Then all the guests left stinky XD
Sidenote- that’s Sarah on the right, who I made into a townie. She’d moved back in with her mum but I wasn’t feeling it. I just found her quite boring, but I’ve nothing against moving or marrying her into another household if it’s in the cards.
Bitxi and Nicolas’ baby Trakets is born! He got his father’s (and Bitxi’s alien dad’s) hair colour and Bitxi’s skin and eyes.
He also seemed to get a lot of his dad’s facial structure, which I’m a bit obsessed about.
We left Gio and Sopresa in a tiz with each other after Gio cheated on Sopresa’s graduation day- yikes. They sloooowly made up, which was not hastened by Gio bringing up said cheating in bars.
Ultimately, Sopresa was warm for Gio’s form (and his money, presumably).
The two got engaged at a fancy restaurant.
The had a big wedding at Gio’s house with all their friends and family. Nicolas clearly did not get the memo about it being a formal flipping occasion.
It was also a toddlerfest.
I just love this photo XD
All was well until on their honeymoon (on which they brought Gio’s siblings), MAJOR DISASTER STRUCK. They’d bought a huge house in this gorgeous custom neighbourhood* with a christmas tree in the entrace way. It CAUGHT FIRE in the middle of the night and there was no fire alarm. Poor Sopresa did not survive this ordeal :'(
Indeed, Lucretia. I didn’t panic however, as I knew there was a genie lamp back home. I confidently got Gio to make a resurrection wish therefore, but…
…she was resurrected as a zombie!! I had no idea this could happen with the genie lamp, and felt so bad D: She’d lost all her skills and personality that at this point it would have been better if she was dead still.
I also felt bad for making Gio feel bad. I wasn’t sure what to do with this zombie woman he wasn’t married or even attracted to anymore, but things were decided for me:
It turned out Sopresa had been pregnant when she died, and the pregnancy resumed when she was resurrected. So… meet Isabel Torricelli, who got all her mum’s features (except zombiism…)
‘WOO! Unexpected nooboo!’
I decided it made sense to keep them both in the house.
THEN I remembered I had a mod in which sims could make supernatural related wishes. I felt very good in partially restoring Sopresa to her former self. What a dramatic time she’s had.
This is toddler Isabel. Not the cutest, bless her XD The only hair that seemed to suit her was the one her cousin Trufla has.
Speaking of, it was time for our first college baby to grow into a child. Kimyona and Syndod moved into Syndod’s dad’s house in the deserty custom neighbourhood of Sedona*.
I think Trufla is literally the female version of her dad, and I like it. She was very sweet interacting with her cousin Kay at her party (Greg and Kimyona are half-siblings through their mum Tipua).
Kimyona revealed she was expecting her second child at the same party. As someone who is generally trying to decrease the population in the neighbourhood, this was extremely lenient of me to let happen! I just can’t say no to a two family sim couple and their insistent wants D:
The second baby also got Syndod’s skin and eyes, but somehow red hair from his grandma Tipua. What are the chances?
He is called Ospart 🙂
Trufla seemingly gets a job…
And the family are very sweet. Syndod remains in the politics career, and Kimyona is climbing the law enforcement career, like her dad.
Ospart seems to look just like his dad and sister- those are some strong genetics.
Finally, we need to check in with the Phillip-less L’Amour family (for extensive Phillip updates, see The L’Amour Legacy). Both Filia and Laska gave birth in Laska’s senior year of college, and this is toddler Marcia and Manfred. I gave Manfred his father’s hairstyle, as it deserves a comeback.
Before Laska’s twin Liedfe moved out to get married, she sewed the toddler cousins matching outfits. In other news, MY HEART.
Laska embarked on a slow-burning romance with robot Edgey, with whom she has three bolts.
And soon it was time for the toddlers’ birthday.
Manfred just looked the same, but Marcia soon revealed herself to have inherited lycanthropy from Filia! She is the first child to have done so (using Midgethetree’s mod: I have to say that she makes a cute werewolf.
Less cute when she steals other sims’ newspapers, though (and without her werewolf skin, but whatever).
And that’s basically what the alumni of the college adventures have been getting up to! I focussed on their offspring because they are likely to feature in The L’Amour Legacy as Sevim and Tapmak (etc)’s friends and maybe love interests. I leave you with a lovely snap of Kay and Marica hitting it off famously. I’ll be back soon with the next legacy update- see ya!

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