RIP Tapmak

Let’s reminisce about the tragically short life of Tapmak, gen 1 heir!

Tapmak was born in chapter 3 of this legacy, in the really gross bathroom 😀 He was the second child born to his parents Phillip and Eloise, and was the spit of his older brother Sevim.
This was early legacy days, and the lot looked like this!
He got a fair amount of attention from his parents, though they were very busy!
Toddler Tap spent a lot of time here, where he was born XD
Times were rough, okay?!
Child Tap had to help in the garden as soon as he grew up, because the food from the garden was everything the family could eat.
He was surprisingly good at school, especially in comparison to his brother!
Buuut he wasn’t so good at learning his toddler skills. Poor Tap.
Child Tap grew into Pleasure Teen Tap in the garden (makes a change from the toilet, eh?)
He wasted little time hitting on the love interest of his older brother, Zenka D:
She wasn’t interested at first.
But she soon came round! Tap even knocked up Zenka, causing much angst between the L’Amour boys. Zenka ended up having a miscarriage at college, somewhat letting Tap off the hook, and ended up with Sevim.
Slightly older teen Tap had no problems finding love interests to keep his pleasure needs topped up.
But after knocking up Zenka’s little sister Sininen, he started a relationship with her in preparation for the arrival of their child.
And Tap’s eldest daughter Preeti was born!
This didn’t stop Tap attending college, and he went off whilst seeing his daughter every now and again.
His dad was emotional at this departure :’)
College Tap was a loverat and very much not loyal to Sininen….
But he kept up with his relationship with her too.
In the later years of college, Tap moved out into his own place and he started living with toddler Preeti 🙂
He did a good job of being a dad, in between other… pursuits…
Sininen however moved in when she hit 18, and remained Tap’s number one lady.
Maybe because she saved him from grim. It’s too bad she couldn’t manage it the second time 🙁
We celebrated Tap’s graduation in his little house as well as Preeti’s child birthday- and all had a good time!
As voted heir, Tap had to move directly back to the legacy household after college. He got right onto developing his embarrassingly low science enthusiasm. That enthusiasm never did get very high!
Tap and Sin wasted no time in getting hitched! Tap had the best chemistry with Sininen by far, and as his baby mama- who was to be spouse gen 1 was an easy decision.
From left to right back row we have: Zenka, Sevim, Savma, Tapmak, Sininen, Soymek and Suyuu. The children are Prem (Zenka and Sevim’s son) and Preeti. The toddlers are Bhakti (Zenka and Sevim’s second son) and Soymek’s triplets Cuphere, Piara and Kukura.
Still in his suit from his wedding reception that day, Tap got abducted by aliens! I was NOT behind this happening at all.
Wife Sininen was a little way ahead in her pregnancy with the couple’s second child, meaning the two were pregnant together.
They welcomed baby boy Havas when Tap was 23!
And Tapmak welcomed alien baby Mutu soon after 🙂
In an attempt for a third heir option (haha….ha) PlantTap spawned Iccha, a girl.
Tapmak at this point was a full time dad at home whilst Sininen worked, and everything was as smooth as it could have been with three toddlers toddling around. A bump in the road was the death of Tap’s mother Eloise, who wasn’t even an elder yet.
But the sands of time kept flowing, and soon, Tap’s eldest child was a teen.
Tap was a great father.
Baby Dila was born when Tap was 28.
And Havas died at the age of 6 when Tapmak was 29, and no was was quick enough to save him. The worst day of the family’s life.
Now in more need of a baby boy, Tap and Sin kept reproducing, having girl Vasanak here…
And finally, Maahee, another girl. Whoops.
Finally done having babies, Tap focussed on the new business, working as a cashier and sales person.
He made the stupid decision whilst at his brother’s house to hit on Zenka, causing horrible rifts between the two couples and Sininen to run to her coworker for comfort.
But the love Tapmak and Sininen shared was still there and they reunited.
Just in time for Tapmak to succumb to sickness, perishing in the same tiny bathroom where he was born.
So that was the life and times of our first heir, Tapmak. As a flighty pleasure sim, he was never well-suited for the job of legacy heir and struggled with the timings of some of his children’s births. The death of Havas hit him hard, as did the worry of not producing another boy to take the burden off Mutu. But what’s done is done, and Tap proved himself a hard-working stay at home dad.
RIP, Tapmak!

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