RIP Phillip

A lot has happened in the 30 official and 2 interlude chapters of this legacy so far, and Phillip as our founder has been there through it all! Let’s take a look at his life in pictures, from his childhood to his death.

Phillip’s mum Amber gives birth to Phillip and twin sister Filia. Both Phillip’s parents were family sims and wanted a big family.
And that’s what they got, with two sets of twins! Here’s Amber giving birth to Phillip’s younger sisters Laska and Liefde.
Family breaks- Phillip at the back on the left.
Teen Phillip looked every bit the knowledge sim, and loved doting on his little sisters.
(Burnt) family dins!
It wasn’t just in the legacy house that Phillip was abducted by aliens! This happened in his teen years totally by accident. Happily, this didn’t result in a pregnancy.
Phillip with his highschool girlfriend Kimyona!
There was never any question that he wouldn’t go to college, and readers of The College Adventures will recognise him from that!
He went through quite a lot at college with his friends, including perishing in a fire before being resurrected by his friend Sarah. Lucky boy!
Kimyona broke up with him in the college coffee shop, inciting the RAGE of Phillip’s twin Filia (sitting with an espresso). This was the start of great drama between this lot. Kimyona dumped Phillip to go off with Filia’s ex… this eventually ended badly, with Filia’s ex marrying Filia’s daughter and Kimyona dating Filia’s nephew, and living in the same house as her. :’)
Phillip also had a bit of a fling with Bitxi, an ex of his friend’s, in his senior year.
Graduation day, from left to right: Phillip’s father, sister Laska, twin Filia, Phillip, sister Liedfe and mother.
Phillip popped into adulthood in a flattering Christmas-esque outfit. All in all I think he enjoyed his university experience, and was probably expecting a low-key, studious life after graduation.
We know this wasn’t to be! Here his is on his very first day in the legacy ‘house’ and as our founder.
He met his wife Eloise at his sister’s wedding, and they very quickly fell in love whilst he worked on his science career.
The first legacy couple marry by the heart-shaped lake.
Phillip proved himself a great dad, starting with firstborn Sevim.
Love for his second-born, Tapmak, soon followed.
As did his surprising (nah, planned for those legacy points, really!) abduction…
…and arrival of twins Soymek and Suyuu.
Phillip managed to have a good relationship with all five of his kids despite being the house’s breadwinner. Little Savma here is his youngest.
Definitely Phillip’s most controversial moment was his one-night-stand with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter here. Wife Eloise never found out and nothing else ever happened again- so I choose to believe this was Phillip’s awful mid-life crisis.
Time zoomed by and the kids grew up and left, one by one. Phillip and Eloise did a pretty good job with them, and their three biological children all graduated college.
Second-born Tapmak was chosen as heir, and Phillip celebrated their wedding with them at the legacy house. Phillip carried on working but had lots more time to spend with his graddaughter Preeti.
A few days after his elder birthday, tragedy struck, and his beloved wife Eloise passed away. Phillip never so much as flirted with anyone again.
Phillip kept his focus on his natural science career and his rapidly increasing family. Here his is with latest granddaughter Dila.
…with plantgranddaughter Iccha…
… and doing a great show of enthusiasm for granddaughter Vasanak.
Having a third adult in the house was a game-changer in terms of raising the children. Grandpa Phillip was nearly always on hand to help the kids with their homework and change nappies.
I say almost, because he was also in the process of purchasing the lot for the family business!
All in all, I reckon Phillip did a very good job in the difficult position of founding this legacy. He went through the heartbreak of losing his wife and young grandson but saw great success through his career and children. Phillip will now rest in, hopefully, peace, haunting the generations of this legacy to come.
Goodbye to our founder!

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