Pre-college interlude

Hello! And welcome to a bit of a different L’Amour Legacy update. In the last chapter, we saw Sevim leaving for college. This is a little pre-college interlude to introduce the other sims sharing their college time with Sevim, so that we’re all set up for the next proper chapter. So let’s dive in!
This is Trufla, who arrived at the dorms Sevim will be joining last year, so she’s a sophomore. You might remember her as the *floozy* who slept with Phillip, his most awful moment. Her mum is Phillip’s ex, and she was the #collegebaby born in The College Adventures, my other story. You will be aware of all these sims if you’ve read that, but I will introduce them as if you haven’t.
She’s a family sim and is here at college to find Mr. Right (as far as I’m concerned, *anyone* except our founder).
During her first year she got close to basically the closest sim to Phillip who *isn’t* Phillip, which is a little odd for me, I won’t lie. He’s got Sevim and Tap’s style, too.
They’re fairly solid, actually. Let’s hope for Trufla’s sake he won’t move out to make space for the new freshers.
The first sim joining Sevim in his year is his good friend Kay. Kay is a knowledge sim and descendant of a dark blue alien and Miles Edgeworth and, dramatically, gave birth a year ago to pale alien twins. Since getting pregnant she hasn’t got on with her parents so made the interesting choice to bring her spawn to the college dorms. Good idea? We’ll see (obviously not a good idea)
Kay adopted her mum and older sister’s hairstyle and settled into being a typical knowledge sim. Chess is much safer than stargazing, after all.
Fresher number 2 is Sevim’s cousin Manfred (whose mum, pictured, is Phillip’s younger sister). Manfred is also a knowledge sim who is descended from Miles Edgeworth. He doesn’t know Sevim particularly well (Sev’s been busy gardening and stargazing his whole life, after all!) but won’t it be nice for him to have a familiar face around the place?
His mother’s skin condition is to do with her being a werewolf, by the way. I couldn’t fix it, so it’s just part of her charm now. Maybe when she’s an elder it’ll fix itself, who knows.
His young adult clothes and hair complement his mum well! (They will be changed…)
Last but by no means *at all* least is Zenka, who we’ve already met in past chapters. She is Stranac’s daughter with the college cow mascot (who now terrorises the neighbourhood). To jog your memory (and mine eep), Zenka and Sevim were pretty sweet on each other and shared some hot tub love at her place before Tapmak butted in and they shared similar love at Sevim’s leaving-for-college party. In front of everyone.
The truth is, Zenka is quite the party girl and rolls wants on the regular to sneak out with various friends (including both teen L’Amour boys).
Sometimes this even involves being picked up by vacation teen townies in her skimpies.
She was never very good at sneaking out however, and got busted at least twice.
She and Tap continued whatever their relationship is at her house as well as the legacy household, despite the weird four or so year age gap (don’t judge me, judge ACR!)
The day before Zenka left for college, a certain something happened in the night…
D:<<< *The* day before college!! I was not happy at the prospect of maybe minding three babies/toddlers at college, but more alarming was another question I had… whose baby is it?? Sevim, Tapmak, that vacation townie, someone else I’d forgotten about? If it was one of the legacy lads, what would this mean for the legacy?
Stranac is a very good dad, despite his pleasure-loving ways, and was devastated for and angry at his eldest daughter. He’d had a child as a teen; he knows what it means. He was instantly furious at the father of the child, too…
-.- Yes. It was 14 year old Tap. Yiiiiiikes. Super great job, Tap. Tapmak and Zenka only share one bolt, and according to the rules of my legacy handicaps, each heir must bring in the next generation with a sim they have three bolts with. Of course, the first generation heir is not decided yet. Because I’m using ACR etc, what do we think of this situation? Should I try to get Tap and Zenka to three bolts so that the baby is eligible for heir should Tap be chosen as the first generation heir? Or let things be, let the baby be born as a non-heir and see what happens concerning Tap, Zenka and Sevim? Let me know!
Did I speak/worry too soon?
D: Relax a bit, Zenka!
Zenka had a fun day before leaving for college asking her mum to forgive her.
And dealing with awful pop-ups like this. No Phillip, I’m not sure that would be a great idea right now! Unless this implies he wants Zenka to be married into the family!
Zenka’s younger sister Sininen, just to stir the pot, grew up and sprung two bolts for Tapmak (i.e., more than Zenka D:) But still congratulated her sister for falling in love. Sims can be so passive aggressive, man.
With very little resolved, Zenka had no choice but to carry her baby with her to college and meet the guy she has two bolts for. The guy whose brother she slept with, in front of him. The guy whose brother she’s now carrying the baby of.
‘Have a great time at college, Zenka! Thanks for not giving birth before you leave and leaving us to deal with the child! Byeee!’
Her dad, sister and stepmum jovially wave goodbye.
And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, here’s our eldest simmie from generation 1 all grown up and of age in his brand new college halls. Doesn’t he look like his mum?! As he wants to be a sportstar, I thought this… outfit… was highly appropriate. I imagine he’s very excited to be at college, too. This is the height of luxury compared to what he’s used to!
And that is everyone, please give a warm welcome to Trufla, Zenka, Manfred, Kay (and her twins) and of course, our main man, Sevim. Join me very soon for the next regular chapter of The L’Amour Legacy, which will dip in and out of Sevim’s crazy college time (and awkward pregnant ex-girlfriend times) whilst catching up with the main, legacy household. So stay tuned for a low point for legacy wife Eloise, a surprising new flame for Sevim, new additions and Soymek and Suyuu’s teen birthdays! Byeee!
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