Chapter 10: Oestrogen energy

The first new fresher joining halls is Kimyona, who we’ve met as Phillip’s girlfriend.
She’s also visibly related to Stranac through her mum (they’re cousins) and Greg is her half-brother (also through her mum). Kimyona is a sweet-tempered family sim who likes sport and wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and be top of the law enforcement career.
Next up is Laska, pictured here with father Charles. She is Phillip and Filia’s little sister who we met briefly last year. Her twin had no interest in college so this is Laska’s chance to strike out on her own… under the scrutiny of her older siblings. Like them, she is a knowledge sim.
Weirdly, I don’t hate her choice of growing-up clothes!
And finally, Sopresa joins the fresher ranks. We know her as the blissfully unaware long-time girlfriend of Giovanni. She’s a driven fortune sim who loves fitness and wants to be a top footballer. Her twin also didn’t have any desire to go to college so she’s here alone.
So this is the cohort of year 5 of the college adventures! For once, they’re not all already in relationships and none of them were friends previously. Much more realistic!
I am moving Gio and Phillip out to the Greek house this year to let their girlfriends have their space for freshers, as I like to do. And it would be too hectic to have so many sims under one roof.
The girls say what is likely to be only a temporary goodbye, what with the inevitable parties.
Laska seems happy to be with her older sister again. They are very similar and get on very well.
So we’ve got a house of women this year, which was truly unintended. Filia and Pod do NOT get on and I think it’s good if Furcsa doesn’t live with Stranac so those two are staying out of the Greek house. Whether it’ll really feel like a feminine place is still a good question what with guys like Aleric always dropping by.
Sopresa here is good friends with Filia because of Syndod, and it seems she approves of fellow fortune sim Furcsa’s musical talents.
Julia Walter tries to get past Sopresa to claim her room?
Mary Silvertop is here this year (it’s been a long time, Tops).
Kimyona and Ellen start to bond over a good old game of catch, trying desperately to ignore Cowmelon (Camelon Regan) who I can’t believe has already shown up.
Our final housemate is another secret society sim, whose name escapes me. I don’t know if she’s just come from matriculation (it’s unlucky to wear a cap, girl!) or if she’s very ready for graduation, but she’ll definitely stand out.
Cowmelon is *horrible* to poor Jan here. She’s got a tough enough job as it is, replacing Anne Cooke!
Kimyona tries to chat with Sopresa, who’s having none of it. They are very different sims.
Case in point, Sopresa will happily play a sport-related activity with Kimyona but will throw the ball way too hard at her. Kim is way too nice to retaliate.
Early on in the term, Laska does the classic knowledge sim thing of completing her term paper after rolling a want for it immediately.
It seems Prof. Kate was interested in checking out the new blood as she swung by. The other professors (who actually still work here) never drop by. Just saying.
Filia’s a cutie knowledge sim and rolls wants all the time to see and interact with boyfriend Syndod, so she invited him over.
He’s recently turned 18 so he’s now the all-new, got-a-haircut Syndod.
Kimyona’s good friends with Syndod, both being sweet family sims and all. It’s now that I notice that since growing up, the two have three bolts for each other… and Filia and Syndod have two. Could this be an issue?
Meanwhile, Sopresa’s been working hard too! What a bunch of motivated freshers!
Oh here we go. Sweet little Kimyona may throw the rugby ball nicely, but she’ll put the moves on her housemate’s boyfriend… whilst going out with said housemate’s twin. Real classy, Kim.
Syndod *is* classy though and rebuffs her.
Over and over. He is clearly conflicted however, according to his thought bubble.
Kimyona has enough friends in the Greek house to warrant this.
‘You are arrested for too many accounts of unwanted groping.’
That is just fair enough.
As term continues and not much bonding between the women happens, I decide it’s time for a trip to the cafe.
… what a fail. Kimyona was properly trapped here until I forced an error and she thankfully reappeared on the inside of the cafe.
The cafe is so cute! I reasoned that Kimyona should do the decent thing and break up with Phillip as she keeps trying to cheat on him, and only has two bolts for him these days too. He showed up at the cafe as Kimyona was trying to butter Filia up with some espresso.
Awww, I don’t want Phillip to be sad!
It always looks dreadful, but I’m hoping he’ll be okay. Filia does NOT look happy though.
‘You can’t just fly away and leave my brother in the lurch!’
But Laska is quicker to come to Phillip’s defence.
Before Filia could join in, they all had to go to class and left me to watch what happens at a community lot with no playable sims. Heh, nerds.
On returning from class, the freshers decided their majors. Kimyona made me realise that sims could roll wants for custom majors (?)
Filia obviously chose maths, like every knowledge sim.
And Sopresa chose Fitness Economics, which couldn’t be more apt.
Prof. Kate is still here from the other day (she must be as wrinkled as a prune!) and finished Furcsa’s term paper for her. This is not the first time she has done this…. #kateproblemsnumber5
‘Your piano playing in your bikini is great and not at all inappropriate, Professor, but we’re having a party in a bit and this might ruin the vibe we’re going for.’
The juniors decide to throw a party to really settle in the freshers and maybe relieve any tensions between Laska and Kimyona. They’re definitely not getting rid of Kate now.
The Greek house guys were obviously invited, as was Aleric, who acted like he’d never left college.
‘Congrats on not having ambition, boyfriend!’ Yeesh, Filia.
Kimyona seems to have given up on Syndod for the time being and helped get the party rank to Not Bad with Phillip. They might be broken up but they still clearly have a thing for each other.
And doing their best to bring it back down again are Gio and Aleric and their hatred for each other. I hoped it would be over when Aleric left!
The fight seems to be the catalyst for dodgy-hair Martin to start his first haunt and complain about the different cook. These ghosts just hate change!
Leave Jan alone!! She’s not going to last long at all if all the ghosts pick on her.
Sopresa and Gio bump the party up to Good Time in Furcsa’s bed (ew). They’ve both cheated lots (Gio and Furcsa *and* Filia!!) but don’t know about it. They seem like such a power couple in training and have such high chemistry that I’m not sure they’d care.
‘You know we aliens need to stick to our own kind…’
Kimyona continues her quest in the skimpiest of bikinis.
‘No! I don’t want to be with an alien!’
As the party starts to slow in the early morning, Aleric reveals he’s had a bit too much to drink and is unlucky concerning the ghosts.
Syndod remains APPALLED at Kimyona for making moves in Filia’s room.
And Kim is promptly arrested again, lol. (It didn’t work last time).
Just as Kim was leaving the secret society lot, I heard *ahem* noises, and Julia Walter and the other housemates from halls were up to this! There’s no hint of this in halls. We’re not homophobic, guys! Use *our* hot tub!
Back at the halls, the party’s over. There are multiple puddles of urine, Aleric stinks, and the balloons have changed colour. Time to clean up.
Prof. Kate decided she was spending the night after the party (so, like every other night since she’s shown up) but refused to sleep in Filia’s bed until she woke up to be scared by Martin. Then she sneaked right in!
Syndod came over again at Filia’s request.
This was a bad move on Filia’s part, because she soon went to class and sharky Kim here returned! Whoever said that freshers are the shark prey have clearly not met Kimyona. This time, with Filia firmly off the lot, Syndod couldn’t resist Kimyona’s charms.
They fell right in love of course, being the best of friends as well.
Is Kimyona delighted to be with someone even more lurid than her?
Classes don’t last forever, and Furcsa and Filia return to halls. Yes, Prof. Kate is still here.
Suddenly, Syndod is not having any of Kim’s flirty behaviour and bats her away.
A little later, everyone’s hanging out in the living room area. I like to think Laska is playing an ominous tune on the piano and Filia is very unaware of what could happen. Syndod has rebutted all Kim’s advances when Filia’s been around, so are we all safe?!
Poor Filia 🙁 She’s obviously heartbroken, and I feel for her, even though she’s cheated on Syndod too.
She quickly gives Syndod his marching orders and Laska leaps up to show Kimyona what she thinks of her. She’s a loyal sister.
Laska’s relationship with both Kimyona and Syndod has gone down a lot.
She’s a sweet, nice sim, but she couldn’t let this stand!
Kimyona’s body skill helps protect her from lanky Filia.
Soon, the communal area is full of the four otherwise lovely sims fighting amongst each other.
‘We now take this brief pause in proceedings to show our appreciation for the fantastic piano accompaniment.’
And then back to it.
Furcsa seems too worried to cheer for Filia (she’s no particular friend of Kimyona’s) and I’ve noticed that Sopresa has kept well out of it. She’s good friends with Filia but can’t abandon her brother.
In fact, she was over here undergoing the honour that is being kidnapped by Edward.
The inside drama was apparently also the final straw for Prof. Kate, who FINALLY got her bum out the hot tub and left. ‘I can’t believe how late it is’. Yeah, neither can I, Kate!!
I feel this picture accurately sums up the state of things between the women at the end of term. Laska (and Filia) are still friendly with Furcsa, and Filia is obviously furious with Kimyona. Sopresa finds herself in an awkward position between the two sides- can she still be friends with Filia as Syndod’s brother? We’ll see next time. In terms of grades, the freshers pulled it out the bag and got A+s, whilst the juniors got C+s.

Next chapter, we’ll head over to the Greek house to catch up with happy couple Greg and Pod, Stranac and his cow-loving habit, going-solo Bitxi (since Ron graduated) and new residents Giovanni and Phillip. Will the budget stretch to fit the new guys? Will we see the cow’s face?! Stay tuned to find out.

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