First L’Amour Legacy heir poll *closed*

***Poll now closed, thank you everyone who voted! With an extra 4 votes for Tapmak, 3 for Sevim and 1 for Soymek from Boolprop, our first generation heir is our burnt Tapmak 😍 I’m so excited to crack on with him as heir, so I’ll see you very soon for the next L’Amour Legacy update!***

Please read the write-ups of each potential heir below and have your say!
Last full chapter

To enable baby Prem to be an eligible *second* heir, new daddy Sevim, eldest son of founder Phillip and wife Eloise, has to be voted first heir. Zenka looks like she’ll be his other half (and sort of is anyway), so expect more red-head (and maybe green-skinned) heirs from these two. Otherwise, it looks like Sevim will go for another sporty red-head and produce other red-headed heirs. He wants to be a sportstar. Considering Sevim and Zenka’s relationship, you might well expect a hippy, free-love and nature-adoring future if you choose Sevim as your heir.
Tapmak, second son of Phillip and Eloise, is the second potential heir. Currently infatuated with Zenka’s younger half-sister Sininen, Tapmak is likely to end up with a chubby brunette who isn’t one to fix things. If he indeed chooses Sininen, the two will likely end up cooking up feasts and smoothies and feeding each other into chubbiness. He wants to enjoy fifty dream dates (preferably for my sake, mostly with someone he settles down with!) This would all fit very nicely with the burden of the garden in this challenge, I would say!
Thirdly and finally, you can plump for Phillip’s alien offspring Soymek. Perhaps the wildcard choice, Soymek is a romance sim, and will likely therefore struggle to stick to one woman (perhaps his main woman will be the maid, though?!). He will nearly definitely provide ginger heirs if he gets his wish for lots of red-headed lovers, and could definitely go down the hippy, free-love path as well. Consider a vote for our potential lothario if you want a purple alien streak in this legacy!

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