Final farewells

Welcome to the fourth and final graduation celebration! Before we have a little reunion of all previous college adventure students, a party is needed for graduands Sopresa, Kimyona and Laska. They all had a successful last term in which two of them were also mothers (and pregnant).
What a way to kick off proceedings. Laska and Kim have kept their cool for the last year or so (I suppose they’ve been busy) but they soon reminded me of their prolonged hate for each other. This still stems from when Kim’s now husband (Syndod) left Laska’s older sister Filia for Kim. Kim also dumped Laska’s older brother Phillip. Ever since, Laska has NOT liked Kim (or Syndod, much). Sopresa managed to stay friends with both parties.
Have you just shoved your long-term enemy before greeting them? No problem! Just throw them a friendly wave *after* shoving them. Problem solved! -.-
Oh, really? I did not expect such drama at the final party. That’s Sopresa’s long-term boyfriend Giovanni in the back accepting a flirt from her half-sister. Gio’s cheated on Sopresa a few times but he chooses now to get caught?! Poor Sopresa 🙁
I have quite a few family members to organise for the graduation photos, so I had to get a move on. Here’s Laska with her parents, older bro Phillip, twin Liefde and older sis Filia.
Manfred of course still lives here and I invited on-death’s-door dad Miles. I can’t wait to see what Manfred looks like as a toddler.
Here’s Sopresa with her (human) dad, half-brother, Syndod and half-sister.
And finally, Kimyona with her parents, daughter Trufla and little brother Vreemd.
They did it, yay! The original oestrogen girls <3
I’m such a sucker for the snuggle animation.
Nothing else of note really happened at the party :S Let’s see what Kimyona grows up into…
I really need to take my medieval clothes out of my downloads folder. It kind of suits her, though.
My plan was to leave Syndod and Edgey here with the children whilst the students moved out, but Kim here took Trufla and Syndod with her! That’s convenient. They’ll be moving in with Syndod’s dad in a subhood.
Laska here grew up in a shirt like Filia’s and a long skirt a bit like Liefde’s. She also took her offspring with her! She’s heading back to the L’Amour family home where her other siblings live. I play the college before the normal households so it’ll work out that Manfred will be the same age as Filia’s baby. The cousins will grow up together 🙂
It was Sopresa who held the party and she chose to visit the campus with very little time left on the party timer.
Clearly, it was VERY important to retrieve this horrible end table before leaving the house. Which Sopresa is now overdue to do.
Go, Sopresa, RUN!
And so, she grabbed friend Filia (there not being any other students around) for the graduating pose.
That’s quite appropriate, Sopresa! Good choice.
Bye! Sopresa is the last student to leave the house and college. It’s only right at this point, therefore, that we have a small reunion to remember all the students that have featured in these stories…
Greg and Pod have their own place, so I thought this was a natural choice for such a gathering. They also know most of the college alumni.
Sarah and Stranac arrived first…
…along with this motley crew.
These guys were either working or not friendly enough with Pod or Greg to be invited. *I* got them here.
No! This will be a peaceful, happy reunion, people! Also, lol at Greg’s dinner party food efforts. He burnt two turkeys in a row, and we needed three to feed everyone (unless my maths was off). After he finally cooked one successfully, the fridge was empty. Burnt turkey it is!
It’s weird seeing them all together! They obviously chose where they sat and I liked that Stranac, Pod and Greg all sat together. They went to college together and have always been tight. Phillip was far from Bitxi, I was pleased to see, and next to ex Kimyona and friend Gio.
‘Did you guys hear that our writer’s wrist is on the mend now?’
This was a bit spooky as I’d just seen my hand/wrist x-ray after my operation that same day o_0 Anyway, let’s take a trip down memory lane…
Ron was one of our two first students to go to college. He’s the oldest in his generation and I thought it’d be fun to document whatever he got up to at college. Like his mum, he’s a fun and friendly popularity sim and he made for a good student. He quickly befriended his dormies and even reached his LTW during his time at college. He was happy with girlfriend Bitxi throughout college (RIP now though) and started the Greek house that most (if not all?) the students spent some time at.
Artsy pleasure sim Sarah was more of a quieter, background sim than the others, and was the other sim to join college in the first year. She had a fling with dodgy-hair Martin (remember him?) before his untimely death in senior year and later, the creepy Professor who she still sees. She got on well with all the students she met, like Ron, and got close to Ron after their teenage troubles. Sarah also had a bit of a thing with Stranac after his marriage broke down. She’s currently still waiting for a job in the art career to show up and NOT dogging in her car with burglars.
The next year of students: Stranac was definitely a big name on campus. Another pleasure sim, he arrived having already broken many a heart back home. He was married and had a baby living with his mum (ooh how’s that for ambiguity? Yeesh). Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and quickly cheated on his wife which did not end well. Later in college though, Stranac had his pleasure sim fun and fell hard for one of the cow mascots, proposing in final year.
Greg was the first knowledge sim (with Pod) to come to college and majored in maths, like all knowledge sims seem to want to do. He had his fair share of drama, getting girlfriend Pod pregnant in the dorms then cheating on her with alluring dormie Thera. Later, the two finally made up and got engaged when they were seniors. A favourite memory of mine is when Greg simply refused to get into the secret society limo but kept the handcuffs on- ready for next time!
Podviny also majored in maths and did very well at college. After her miscarriage and Greg’s cheating, she had her own back in junior year and slept with fresher Giovanni. Soon enough though, she and Greg were brought back together and have been blissfully happy ever since. She had some unknown beef with Filia (I imagine to do with Filia and Greg’s relationship pre-college) but otherwise got on well enough with everyone.
The third cohort of students was the biggest with a total of five students. Furcsa we knew already from being the (ex-)wife of Stranac and falling for Giovanni when they were both visiting the dorms. She is a driven fortune sim who got a bit lazier after being resurrected incompletely after the big dorm fire. Her and Gio continued their affair in their freshman year but Furcsa soon realised she preferred dormie Aleric. The two almost didn’t make it after their resurrections, but they made it in the end.
Gio joined college as another pretty driven fortune sim, sent to college to gain the skills necessary for running the huge Toricelli mansion back home. He struck up a relationship with Sopresa before uni, but that did not stop him pursuing Furcsa nor dormie Thera. Indeed, there was no bad blood until Sopresa’s graduation party earlier! Gio managed to survive the fire drama and slept through the cleanup. He spent a lot of his time beating up Aleric, who he still despises, and hanging out in the Greek house with his chum Phillip. Favourite memory has to be him setting Thera up on a date, kissing her and falling in love, then immediately realising she was on a date, and falling *out* of love because of her cheating.
Filia, as you might guess, is a knowledge sim, and the first from her household (with her twin) to go to college. The antics of the older students overshadowed Filia in her first years, but she did continue her love for music and slowly built up her friendship with Furcsa. She nearly lost her twin for good following the fire in her first year and she still managed to do well in her exams. She was forced to take centre stage in her junior year when her boyfriend Syndod was stolen away by Kim, and her twin dumped in the process. This obviously caused a lot of hurt and anger, but she found senior love with dormie Philippus (sideburns) in senior year.
Knowledge maths-major sim Phillip was even more of a background character than his twin. He died in the fire in his first year but was resurrected by Sarah and was cruelly dumped by girlfriend Kimyona in his junior year. He always did well in exams and particularly thrived in the Greek house. It probably wasn’t the best choice to start bedding Bitxi after Ron graduated, but these horrible things happen D: Favourite memory is how well he got on with the evil witch and her cat.
Bitxi here is the only student to not finish college and got expelled in her junior year. But she was still a big part of college life and still *went* to college! Bitxi is a popularity sim and made good friends with pretty much everyone. She came to college as Ron’s girlfriend, and part of the oldest couple. The two remained together throughout college despite Bitxi sleeping with Phillip after Ron graduated, but aren’t together now. Bitxi also accepted the odd flirt from Prof. Creepy when Ron wasn’t around.
After a year of no new freshers, the fourth cohort saw the final three students join as freshers. Laska here is Filia and Phillip’s little knowledge sim sister, and she picked maths just like them. She had an eventful first term, retaining a fierce friendship with her sibilings- she absolutely hated Kim and Syndod’s guts when they hurt them both. Laska is still on shoving terms with Kim. Laska was a great knowledge sim student who had a particularly challenging final year. She started a relationship with Gregs dad *vomits* who turned her into a werewolf and got her pregnant. Her little boy was born briefly before she graduated summa cum laude and she is yet to get rid of her skin condition.
Sopresa joined college as Gio’s fortune girlfriend. She got on well with Furcsa, being similar sims. She was also friends with her brother’s girlfriend Filia. After the cheating business, Sopresa managed to stay pretty neutral between her friend and brother, and she kept this up until final year. Aside from this, Sopresa longed for a bad reputation and would pick fights with the dormies and developed a weak bladder and a skill-sucking habit.
Finally, the third student of the fourth cohort was Kimyona. We’ve been through her drama of dumping Phillip and stealing Syndod away from Filia, of course. Kim had a bad habit of starting fires in the dorm and in the Greek house, which is where she moved after discovering she was pregnant. Little Trufla was born in Kimyona’s junior year after her wedding in the garden of the Greek house. By this point, Kim was rolling few wants to do college work, but scraped through her last few years despite being a parent to a toddler and fending off incessant calls from Aelyn.
‘I heard from the end of the table that she did it during an acrobatics lesson.’
Chinese whispers are never accurate.
After the *lovely* meal, I got rid of the tables and let the students socialise. It seems Gio still has a grudge against Furcsa for sort of cheating on him with Aleric. That’s fun.
Greg knows couples counselling so offered to patch Gio and Sopresa up.
And it seemed to work, yay!
It was hard to avoid all shoving of the pairs of sims still angry with each other, but a good time was still had by all. Now that the reunion party is over, the thirteen are free to go on with their adult lives. I probably won’t be able to stop myself taking photos of their escapades (and especially any cute offspring- Kay as a toddler is ADORABLE!) so look out for posts of those. Most of all, thank you and well done for reading this far into the college adventure series! I did this to test out and practise taking photos in-game and uploading chapters to this blog, which is why this story was mostly just letting the sims do what they want and seeing how things go for them. It’s now time for a different sort of story, but more on that very soon.

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