Chapter 7: A Greek winter

It’s Ron’s final year of college! Last time we were at the greek house, Greg and Pod were making up, Stranac was womanising full swing and Ron was happily bringing back furniture for the house. For her sophomore year, Bitxi is joining the house to be with boyfriend Ron.
Greg and Pod have been making up so well in fact, that Greg now wants to get engaged to Pod! (YAAAAS)
And the feeling is mutual <3
Uhhh… Stranac also wants in, apparently.
His top flame at the moment is romance sim Ginger Millicent. I think Stranac’s ego is behind his want of getting engaged and I might not allow him to do it.
Senior Sarah from the dorm is also seeing Stranac at the moment, and pops by all the time.
Whilst Sarah waits outside to be greeted, Stranac and Millicent get cracking.
Apparently, Sarah has a sixth sense when it comes to cheating (?) boys and got upset even though no one had greeted her yet. *Rolls eyes*… she’ll get over it.
To kick off his final year, Ron invites his best chums (i.e. everyone!) over for a party.
Giovanni and Thera weirdly hit it off suddenly. They *do* look good together.
Then even more weirdly, Giovanni then did this (and yes, neither of them are playable right now). Is this his douchey way of indicating that he’s not THAT interested in Thera (though he probably is)?
Thera: Professor Kate is stood way too close to me. Maybe if I ignore her….
The guy on the right dropped out of the sky for Thera as Prof Kate looked on with great interest.
It turns out Gio is a great matchmaker, because these two have three bolts for each other (I couldn’t help but peek).
You tell me what Gio’s trying to do.
Gio and Thera were already friends from you know, living together at the dorm, so it only took a few flirts and kisses before Gio was head over heels for her. He got a crush, fell in love, realised she was on a date (that HE set her up on!!!) and was *outraged* that she could betray him like this, and promptly fell out of love. Whew.
That party score is going to plummet.
Prof Kate meanwhile was doing what was any normal party guest would do, and bathing herself. She wasn’t even smelly.
This guy managed to stay out of the Gio and Thera drama however and partied so hard he broke the stereo and stepped into Ron and Bitxi’s room!
Pod: ‘Isn’t it lovely to meet new weirdos at parties?’
Unsurprisingly, Thera’s date did not go well.
As a big treat for Pod, I let her fulfill her want of fixing the stereo after the party in her nightdress. She does lead an exciting life.
Ron must have been happy with how the party went because he popped out to retrieve a present for the house.
A crappy end table. Woo! Whatever makes you happy, Ron.
*chokes on drink* I don’t know why this is so funny to me, but David Bishop casually strolling along in his outerwear and massive llama head with its serious expression really tickles me.
Thera’s date got on well with Bitxi and came over later in the term. He doesn’t agree with her on the important issue of genie lamps, however.
Of course you can’t wish for three more wishes, Bitxi!’
‘That goes entirely against the ethical code of the genies!’ That face!
As the term moves on, the dormies study, hoping they’ll finish the semester…
…Ron and Bitxi remain in bliss…
…and Pod retrives yet another ugly end table. Why do they like them?! Notice a nice platonic interaction between Greg and Thera back there, and Stranac blue from the cold.
As the winter truly sets it, Ron takes responsibility for the morale of the house and brings home tomatoey delights.
And his girlfriend brings home an actually good present!
Here is the current status of the house. Though it looks it, I promise Ron isn’t naked, and is just wearing his trademark medieval pants.
It’s so cold, we have a cute little visitor! Bitxi pets him fondly for good luck before the end of term exam.
So cute!
And that’s the first term over! Greg, Pod and Ron made Dean’s list, Bitxi got a B- and Greg got an A. Just one more term for Ron and Sarah before they’re gone! *sobs*. Greg, Pod and Stranac have one more term before their senior year, and Bitxi one more before her junior. See you next time to find out how the dorm is recovering from the fire and whether Furcsa and Aleric can recover their flame (no pun intended). Bye!

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