Chapter 5: The beginnings of a Greek house

Welcome to chapter 5, where we’ll catch up with what the other students have been up to this year! As we saw in the last chapter, I allowed Ron to buy a house (it’s just too easy in the sims D:) with the idea of making a greek house. He moved out with his sophomore friends Pod, Greg and Stranac.
Before we get started, over the summer Stranac and Furcsa’s son Nofs grew into a child- how cute was he as a toddler?! He continues to live with his grandmas and great uncle at home whilst his parents are at college.
Here are the guys on their moving-in day. I chose an old favourite house of mine found in the bin, which I think was the first house I played in (!)
I aimed to make four bedrooms but ran out of money, so made three in the vague hope Greg and Pod would make up enough to share a bed… Here’s the downstairs, featuring Ron’s orangey/red room next to the hub of the house (that empty open space).
I had to change the upstairs quite a bit to fit in another bathroom and the two bedrooms, but here we are. I had very little money left, hence the lack of toilet and decorations (not that I’m a great decorator anyway).
Now, to the action! Here’s Ron applying to start up his greek house, woo!
These three automatically joined (I wondered how that worked) and got some nice aspiration points from it.
‘Ahhh…. finally, my very own greek house. Bliss.’
Ron invites Bitxi and the others over to celebrate with the first social gathering at the greek house.
‘This greek house is going to rock… I’m the best.’ Ron is living his best popularity sim life!
And here’s part of the motley crew from the dorms- they are mostly all friends with the greek house lot (we saw Bitxi get in straight away in the last chapter).
‘Well done for joining a greek house, Pod.’ Like it was hard!
Is that Greg’s shocked face after a gossip?! Or is it Stranac’s rubbish complimenting?
Stranac wastes no time in gaining easy new pledges. Phillip looks *very* charmed.
‘You’re just not being fair, Pod. You’re not playing ball!’ Greg and Pod are not in a good place. Who else is on Pod’s side?
Gio and Furcsa are here too, of course (which could cause problems for party ratings…)
Ah yes, here we go.
Pod also has a fair problem with Filia, which I think stems from some teenage drama- though for the life of me, I don’t know what. Potentially she kissed Greg then someone else, hurting him? I don’t know, but it is out of proportion. Fiesty little Pod!
At least there’s some happiness going around at the moment- love and lust respectively. Since Stranac and Furcsa’s divorce, Stranac has gone back to his old flame Sarah.
If only there were a way of guessing who the knowledge sims are…
Ron decided to throw a proper party and invited some other friends and acquaintances- ginger Millicent in the back, Furcsa’s current lover Aleric and llama #2 David Bishop. Aleric is one of those rare sims who is actually flattered by the mascots’ inappropriate flirting.
‘You’re a very attractive fresher, Gio…’
Whoo! Pod makes an unexpected move on Giovanni and really gets the party started.
Also getting the party started is Prof. Kate- who seems to be doing better these days!!
Then this happened in the middle of the party without me even noticing who was being kidnapped… whoops. Not going to lie, I remember getting into the secret society being much harder!
It’s not PC Edward this time (I guess he’s got to put his real job first *some* times). Turns out it was Stranac who got abducted.
Meanwhile, back at home after the party, Greg decides to pop ‘out’ in his jammies to fetch the first gift of the greek house- this barbecue. I sold it for the much-needed money- sorry, Greg.
That paid for those two *lovely* sofas in the communal area. Ron steps up the game the next day and brings home a telly!
!!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this, I do like Greg and Pod together!
Awww. Maybe Pod feels she’s got her own back since woohooing with Gio, but I hope this is for good now.
Prof Kate obviously is in the background, never missing out on the drama.
It’s Greg’s turn to join the secret society (love his face), but he straight-up refused to follow the lady to the car- amazing. Never had that before!
Yes, that is Stranac’s bed there; Pod and Gio used it. Ahem. Stranac and Millicent are getting closer.
‘Congrats on totally failing last year, Ellen.’
As the year continues, Ellen is the newest pledge after this very flattering compliment from Ron.
Ah, so it takes a professional to make Greg submit to the Limpopo society. Had to bring in the big guns, screw the day job! Notice Greg already has handcuffs on from last time.
Whey! Success (so sick of the kidnappings D:) I made Greg go home straight away before he started talking to Thera.
Barbecue #2… I guess they really think barbecues are central to the greek house life. So, it stayed (outside).
Pod’s fallen for Greg again, yay! <3
Um. I can’t explain this. There are no solar panels or anything. But I’ll take the simoleans.
These two are very sweet too. I think Millicent is a romance sim, so it’s likely they won’t turn into anything serious.
Well, embracing through the corner of a house/door is quite serious, but in a different way.
It’s time for a good old toga party (why do Greg and Pod not have togas?) and straight away, this happened. Sigh. Bless Ron and Greg, honestly.
‘Thera, you’ve been such a raincloud over my life, and though I’m ready to forgive you now, I need you to realise how much you hurt me.’
‘I’m not a raincloud.’
Thera insisting she did nothing wrong *rolls eyes*. It seems she hasn’t given up.
#collegelife. That dead, bovine stare… What with the fighting and arguing, I was glad these two went to boost the party rating.
Sorry, Pod, clearly I had not been attending to your knowledge sim needs enough. This went straight in Pod and Greg’s room. She looks happy with herself.
It’s awkward conversation time with Bitxi and Greg! No, these two aren’t particularly close.
Greg is thinking to himself, ‘If I stay still and don’t engage, maybe I won’t hear any more about Ron in bed…’
Pod’s time! Please tell me that is everyone now.
She came quietly with Fritz and totally rocks her society blazer!
A good way into the second term, I spotted this in Greg’s fears panel! He is scared of Pod refusing his proposal! For good reason at the moment, to be fair.. they’ve only just got close again.
And Pod has the same fear! This is only good news, guys.
Umm.. Stranac joining suit? He’s just come out of a divorce! He does have quite the ego, though.
WOAH! Not too long after, Pod suddenly actually wants to get engaged to Greg! This is very pleasing to me.
Sidenote- I let sims marry if they are at three bolts, which these two are. It’s preferable if they both have a want to, as well.
‘Isn’t it lovely when a family member gets engaged?’
Before the year ends and we have a last toga party, Ron invites his parents over. His dad is the neighbourhood peeper-shover. Here the two are enjoying some grandma’s soup (they were both ill).
‘Honestly, darling, I can see right through you! Let’s not pressure the boy.’
Stranac follows suit and invites his mother Dearg over (his father passed away long ago) for a catch-up.
Bitxi gets to know Ron’s parents a little more, probably fuelling their hopes of a proposal. Bitxi talks of her belief of how important a good reputation is.
Annette is clearly delighted when Bitxi talks of love while the men gossip in the background.
Who is Ron talking about? It could literally be anyone! The women are very similar it seems, and continue to bond over films.
Um. Political films? *flashback to Goodbye Lenin in A level German*
‘I think Mary Silvertop would make a good greek house member.’
I make sure Bitxi has a chance to make an impact on her potential future father-in-law too, but he suddenly goes quite weird. How does he even know Silvertop?!
Mother and son bonding, awh.
‘Her fashion and poise is just exquisite, you know, she’ll just go like *this*.’
Another influence from Ron to interact with Annette led to THIS- apparently it was a breakdance competition, which I couldn’t find the option of in the pie-menu. I think it came under ‘entertain’ on the influence menu, so random!
Stranac puts some moves on another lovely lady at the last party of the year. I think he’ll somehow be okay in the exams despite this fairly busy womanising term!
Thera is invited- she’s good friends with Ron- and tries to put similar moves on Greg. But she is SHUT DOWN, yes Greg!
And with this brazen attempt on Thera’s part, Greg loses his vestiges of feelings for her. I am satisfied.
And as the year comes to a close, all the red-heads who *don’t* live in the house gets some serious studying done. Despite the personal leaps and bounds the house has made this year, the students here and in the dorm all managed to pass their respective years.
Ron fetched this sofa after finishing his junior exams and blocked everyone else’s bedroom, presumably as a weird celebration attempt.

There are a couple of years before the next group of freshers, so next year and chapter, we’ll have the following students:

Sarah- Senior in Art
Ron- Senior in Political Science
Stranac- Junior in Political Science
Gregory- Junior in Maths
Podviny- Junior in Maths
Bitxi- Sophomore in Political Science
Filia- Sophomore in Maths
Phillip- Sophomore in Maths
Giovanni- Sophomore in Fitness Economics
Furcsa- Sophomore in Biology

See you in the next year to see Ron and Sarah’s final year, whether Greg and Pod make things official, and what shenanigans the rest get up to!
Pod’s face says it all.

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