Chapter 4: Sarah and five freshers

It’s new freshers time! This year, FIVE new freshers are joining juniors Ron and Sarah and sophomores Stranac, Pod and Greg.
First up is Furcsa, who we know from previous chapters as Stranac’s wife and baby mama (I used to hate that term, but it *is* efficient). The two got married when Furcsa got pregnant (and they do have two bolts for eachother). In his first term, Stranac cheated on Furcsa, then Furcsa kissed Giovanni… but since then, the two have been doing better. Furcsa is a half-alien fortune sim (pictured here with her mum Framandi).
Speaking of Giovanni, he is a new fresher this year too. He’s also a fortune sim, from the rich Torricelli family.
I’m not sure where he got his chin from- certainly not dad.
Filia L’Amour is no.3, pictured here with her ex-manmaid father Charles. She is a classic knowledge sim whose hobby is science.
Interesting outfit choice for our indoorsy girl.
Awwwwwwh. I love the hug bit of this cutscene.
Filia’s twin brother Phillip joins her too, again with dad Charles (I guess mum was too busy?) He is very like Filia but much quieter. He was a smaller player in the teen social circle back home.
Yeah, the long hair and freckles are going to come back, don’t look too pleased Phillip.
Our final fresher is of course, Ron’s steady girlfriend Bitxi. I don’t know why her mum didn’t come with her on move-in day, nor her stepfather (though I doubt steps do this?).
She’s so small, awwh. Bitxi is a popularity sim like Ron, and is good friends with many of the current students and teens back home.
That kind of suits her! Not very collegey though.
As the freshers move in, I decided it was time for Ron to buy a place and start a Greek house. He’s been wanting to *join* one for ages and there are way too many sims to have in the dorm now. We’ll catch up with him, Pod, Stranac and Greg in the next chapter. Sarah is staying behind to watch over the freshers.
The freshers soon get socialising and in Phillip’s case, acquainted.
I gave them all their makeovers. Three of them rolled the want to complete an assignment straight away- Ron, Sarah and Stranac should take notes.
Aleric took one of the few remaining rooms, in between Phillip and Filia’s rooms. Aleric is a junior and has sky-high chemistry with Furcsa…
*Sky*-high. I like to think Phillip in the background there is considering joining a music soc.
Bitxi rolled the want to join a Greek House and was accepted straight away as she’s BFFs with all three members already. Still, good job Bitxi. (I’m still having her live in dorms for her first year to get the uni experience).
Ugh. Thera took the last room. At least she’s away from Greg and Pod now.
These guys love the technology! I really didn’t have that before.
That look of determination! Furcsa’s OTH is fitness. She’s going to be a badass powerfrau!
‘Need…. sleep…..’
It seems Professor Romance has been here since last term, and finally had enough when the students were so RUDE not to provide him with a bed, and just a hot tub.
Furcsa’s ACR bootycall choice was Stranac, interestingly. She has more chemistry with him now they are both young adults, and she fell back in love with him. Maybe there’s hope for this married couple yet!
Bitxi’s choice is Ron, of course. Things are still going well for them, even though Bitxi has a broken nose.
The freshers all successfully attend and return from their first lecture. All that undecided KNOWLEDGE!
Meanwhile, Sarah rejects the idea of getting a bed in the dorm specifically for Professor Romance.
He seems to have got some sleep, however, as he’s up for a date downton, woo!
I obviously bring everyone along.
‘You know, I have it on good authority that some guy Martin who used to live in this dorm is gay.’
Sarah’s date *had* to bet at the Crypt-O Nightclub! Date for Sarah and Prof Creepy, and a good old-fashioned freshers night out for the others (yes, they’ve already had a lecture- the two can overlap!)
Sarah went straight for whatever this thing is called, not wearing entirely suitable clothes.
Oof. Yeah.
The freshers head for the bar, and unrealistically get served right away.
Bitxi: Personal space, guys. C’mon.
It seems Furcsa and Stranac won’t be renewing their vows anytime soon. The alcohol and chemistry was too much for freshers Furcsa and Gio.
Uh-oh. Is she lecturing from her barstool?
An uncharacteristic smile from Mrs. Crumplebottom.
Is anyone else uncomfortable? Who’s she got her eye on?!
Phillip: ‘It’s not fair if I get smacked because of you two!’
The freshers get their second drink from the ice bar whilst blanking Crumples.
Gio and Furcsa throw caution to the wind however- I mean, um, this might be an innocent photo session.
It definitely wasn’t.
At this point in the evening I decided to call it a night and go home. I love that Gio and not Furcsa got all the flack from Mrs Crumplebottom here when they are both as bad as eachother.
As soon as we get back, Sarah gets another downton date offer, this time from Martin. I am not going again, so just a little too late, Martin.
Thera’s been going around *furious* at Greg still (see last chapter- he dared to try and caress his girlfriend!)
I didn’t know watching Sarah fall out of that dance sphere was ‘ridiculously fun’. Maybe her coat/dress combo did reveal a bit too much… Anyway, thanks for the TV, Prof Creepy! I guess you’re okay.
Straight after, Martin quickly buried a rug in the snow. Ironically, I don’t remember said outing, and the Recalling Rug isn’t helping.
These two are becoming very close.
‘Hey Gio, guess what? I’ve made out before.’
‘Ah yes, making out!’
‘I made out with girls so many times when my family and I went travelling.’
‘Those Italian girls are *magic*’
Gio is actually nice; he doesn’t mean to show off.
At the beginning of the second term, the inevitable happens. Someone invites Stranac over (the others are always over, though) and Aleric flirts with Furcsa in front of Gio (who has fallen for Furcsa since the night out).
It didn’t even cross Furcsa’s mind to reject this flirt because Gio was right there.
It’s slappy time for a somehow confused Furcsa.
Naturally, the same thing happens again with husband Stranac.
Slappy time no.2.
At this point, Stranac and Furcsa see no way of improving their marriage. They’ve both cheated, and Furcsa just has higher chemistry and compatibility with Aleric. Even if she didn’t, I think these two have been through too much. It was over.
On the other side of the room, meanwhile, Wolfe is bragging about his stellar record during his first ever study session- maybe not the time, Wolfey?
Maybe Furcsa thinks she can earn more on her own, or with another fortune sim?
Despite just getting a slapping, Furcsa apologises to Stranac. I think they could be good co-parents once they sort out their issues.
The next day, we all try and calm things down.
‘You know I’ve completed my sophomore year 4 times?’ Aleric tries to bond with Furcsa’s friends.
Shortly after, Furcsa and Aleric choose to move their relationship to the next level in the hot tub. Furcsa’s eyes don’t normally scare me, but… D:
‘I STINK and I can’t get into the hot tub to wash myself!!’
Perhaps with the feeling of love in the air, Phillip decides to invite his girlfriend Kimyona over. They haven’t been together for too long, but things are going fairly well between the two of them. (Kimyona is Stranac’s cousin, and Greg’s half-sister).
Later on, the two do perhaps the most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen sims do. Poor Ellen here was only visiting her old dorm.
Furcsa decides it’s time to get stuff *done* this semester, proving that she can go through a divorce, find a new love interest and study hard all at the same time. Go, Furcsa!
Sarah’s bootycall for some weird reason is Martin, and not Prof Romance, for whom she has a three-bolt attraction.
Filia’s is her boyfriend Syndod. Though there’s a little age gap, these two have high chemistry.
‘I’ve wondered whether it’s an idea to try listening to music while studying. What do you think?’
Bitxi: ‘Are you from a different planet?! Everyone listens to music when studying!’
Filia: ‘…’
Because it seems to be invite your home-girlfriend/boyfriend day, Gio invites over his girlfriend Sopresa (Syndod’s twin). She seems very excited to come to uni, and maybe become Wolfette. Sopresa has been faithful to Gio so far, and obviously Gio hasn’t been. This might not matter to the future fortune couple, though.
Ha, Sopresa did NOT get a good first impression of Thera. She’s not stupid.
Ah Prof Kate. It’s been a while. She still drops in from time to time, but seems to be spending more time at the Greek house (as you’ll see). Maybe she smelled pizza.
These two are super sweet. I can see them ending up together.
She loves him!
Ah, this is Sopresa in her normal clothes. She’s a full alien (as in, she’s from an abduction) despite her human dad’s eyes. She is ambitious and a fellow fortune sim. She seems a good match for heir to the Torricelli house even though she is quite poor and… well, yellow.
‘I got changed because no-one else was dressed as a llama. Is that not the dress code, Professor?’
Sarah seems to be cracking under the pressure of her last term as a junior.
‘I’m just so confused as to what I should do for my final project! Should I look at surrealism of the ’60s with more of an Jackson Pollock approach, or go for a pointilism/Picasso type of thing? Would that even work? What do you think, Sopresa?! What would be best?’
Poor Sopresa.
‘If only I could incorporate ice cream sundaes into it. Mmmm.’
‘HA HA HA! Wouldn’t that be funny!’
This is either Filia doing the student thing of working too hard and falling asleep on the sofa because of it, or she’s given up her bed for Prof. Romance. Hopefully the former.
Furcsa is mad at Gio for slappy time no. 1, and once again Sarah is there to enjoy the drama (or she’s still thinking about ice cream). Sopresa obviously doesn’t know why Furcsa hates her boyfriend.
Not being involved with student cheaty drama- #kateperksnumber1
Gio is similarly mad at Aleric (and Furcsa). This is a common occurrence in the dorms at this point in the year.
I really thought the dad-bod would lose. I guess he thought he couldn’t lose with Furcsa watching.
Filia has generally been holding up well before her first exam apart from the sofa-sleeping. Then Cowmelon decided to shock her into having a nasty dental accident.
Yeah, I would cry too.
Sarah decides to blow off some steam and invite her mother Hattie over (and yes, her hair has grown). Her father passed away in first year, but she was always closer with Hattie.
Cowmelon can’t get to the sprinkler because the hob is in the way- that look of hatred on Anne Cooke’s face indicates she was behind that rearrangement.
A similar look of hatred can be seen on Hattie’s face as she shares a hot tub with Sarah and Stranac(!) These two don’t have much chemistry and I suppose she knows how much of a playboy Stranac can be.
More shockingly, Bitxi goes in for a flirt with Prof Romance, which Furcsa does NOT approve of. Awh. Have you forgotten Ron, Bitxi?!
Thankfully, any more romantic interaction is halted by secret society member Fritz here kidnapping Bitxi.
Near the end of term, Gio also gets this treatment- this time from Edward, the police officer from home (yeah…) who also took Ron.
Sarah finally cracks, and persuades poor Anne to do an assignment for her. Not sure she’s the best choice.
Furcsa and Gio continued to fight for the rest of the term, now giving the secret society an interesting reputation. Aleric just wants to go to bed, as it was finals the next day, damnit!

All the freshers passed their first year, and they all picked their majors:
Bitxi- Political Science
Filia- Maths
Phillip- Maths
Furcsa- Biology
Giovanni- Fitness Economics
In the next chapter, we’ll see what the Greek House have been up to this year. Spoiler alert- it contains many toga parties and Gio and Furcsa fighting. Stay tuned to see if Ron had enough money to do up a decent Greek House, if Pod forgave Greg or moved on to someone else, and if Stranac stopped womanising long enough to pass his sophomore year!

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