Chapter 3: A dramatic second term

Last term….. Ron got admitted to the secret society and made lots more friends, Sarah fell in love with dodgy-hair Martin, Pod stood up for Greg to his bullying dad, and Stranac got himself in hot water with his wife one whole term into college. Roll on next term!
‘Well done on smashing your first term, fresher! Next time, if you go in your pants instead of your pyjamas, you’ll do even better.’
Pod and Greg are serial serenaders, and it’s very cute.
Noooo why?! Pod is so fertile D: A college baby, thanks so much guys.
Please don’t make the same mistake, you two!
I quite like this pairing, even if they aren’t super compatible.
‘Remember when I thought Martin was gay? What a dumb fresher I was! I’m so much more mature now.’
At least Ron’s wearing his everyday clothes for once! I’d almost forgotten what they looked like.
‘Isn’t that Beverly a looker?’
Don’t you start, Greg. We do not like her in this house.
The female version of Stranac seems very interested in him.
Straight after Stranac’s phonecall, Ron achieved his lifetime want! 20 BFFs. I reckon he’ll easily double that through the rest of his life.
Lovely Bitxi (Ron’s girlfriend from home) was invited round to celebrate Ron’s new permaplat status. The intimidating gym guy was not invited. He’s a definite vibe-killer.
Furcsa (Stranac’s wife) and rich fortune sim Giovanni Toricelli were also invited. Giovanni is friends with most of the house and has always had the hots for Furcsa. Clearly, she feels the same and finally reciprocated his advances.
‘Furcsa, did you just snog Giovanni?!’
I do not feel encouraged about the status of Stranac and Furcsa’s marriage. I’m not sure either of them care enough to repair it at this stage.
Wait….. what. What are you thinking, Thera?! Going in for a *serenade*? Greg and Pod’s signature move? This won’t end well.
He likes it??!!
This is terrible! She’s not even a knowledge sim like Greg, though she’s got the nerdy clothes on. She’s a family sim, Greg! She just wants your essence!
My faith in Greg is extremely low. Pod is *pregnant*, what am I going to do about this mess? I suppose he’s got cold feet about being a father and he’s being stupid.
Wait for it, there’s more drama- Pod is feeling pains.
Oh Pod πŸ™ Though this will be simpler in the long run, have I ever wanted to give a sim a hug more? No. Greg had better give her the ‘extra love and affection’ she’ll need.
That smug look on her face! I hate her! It’s not over yet, Thera.
Pod spent the next day pretty much continuously crying. Alone. Outside.
Is Greg really going to be in Stranac’s position last term (and Ron’s pre-uni?!)
Meanwhile, Sarah wanted a date and Martin wasn’t around, so I didn’t feel super guilty shelling out for a matchmaker date. Hey, she’s only got one bolt for him. She deserves better.
Oh jeez. Why did she have to get a professor?! VERY inappropriate dancing, you two. Three bolts as well. He’s a romance sim, Sarah, be careful!
Martin came home and went straight to do an assignment. He didn’t seem to mind the date, but is he fading away out of sadness?!
Wolfe: ‘Mmmm, Ron, you are WEARING those disgusting medieval pants!’
Professor Romance: ‘You know, I actually make money, unlike your friend Martin. Not a lot; I’m only a non-tenure track postdoc, but still.’ Impressive lines indeed from the llama (wolf) and Prof Creeps.
Martin: I am invisible to her?!
Aww. I almost feel bad.
Later into the term, Thera does the inevitable- goes in for a romantic kiss with Greg with Pod right there. He shoves her off- at least he has *some* shame. Professor Romance looks ready to get the popcorn.
Stranac then rolled a want for a date, so I made him call his wife, damnit. They need a chance to resolve their problems. They’ve both cooled off a little after last term, and things were going quite well on the date.
Greg gets his adorable termly call from his half-sister (and girlfriend’s daughter) Sara. Is it just me, or does Wolfe look really intent on eavesdropping? You won’t hear anything but wholesome chit chat, Wolfey.
Later on that night, Pod’s stepmum Allison decided to drop by- so cute! Maybe she could sense that she needed some support just now. Pod’s relationship with Allison is actually better than the relationship with her mum, who still hasn’t really got over Pod’s (first) pregnancy. Sidenote- Allison and Helen (Pod’s mum) are the cutest couple. They’ve been together ever since they were teens, and went to college together too.
‘Pod is just the light of my life, Allison. She brings sunshine wherever she goes.’
Allison is like a mum to Greg too, as he grew up in her house.
‘Well I wouldn’t go that far, dear.’ Harsh!
This is Pod’s mum Helen. (Her other biological parent is obviously an alien). I thought it was high time she became close with her mum again.
But before much of that could happen, THIS happened πŸ™ This wasn’t even the fault of ACR; I guess Greg really isn’t ready to be with Pod.
Lol. This happened straight afterwards- what a picture this is. Stupid Greg going in for a caress after Pod slapped the crap out of him, and Thera looking oh so *hurt* that Greg would flirt with his girlfriend! Sarah in this pic is me- gleeful.
These two weren’t very helpful during this drama.
As we near the end of term, Sarah grows closer to Professor Romance and neglects her studies a bit.
Furcsa leaves another gift for Stranac- maybe there is hope for the two of them yet.
….and all five members of the dorm pass their end of year exams. None of them study a whole lot, but they don’t miss any classes and already had the skills necessary (in most cases). Leaving lots of time for lovely drama… ha. D:
Here’s where they’re at:
Ron- GPA 2.7 Political Science
Sarah- GPA 2.7 Art
Stranac- GPA 3.7 Undecided
Pod- GPA 4 Maths
Greg- GPA 3.5 Maths
Ron and Sarah are now juniors, and the other three are sophomores. Four or maybe five new sims are set to start college next term- stay tuned to see what happens!

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