Chapter 3.4

This is Vasanak, laughing at me for ever thinking I might ever upload more frequently.
Welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy! We’re in full swing with generation 2 now- the kids are fast growing up, and heir Mutu has just left for college. It’s all a bit teen drama right now, but amongst it all I’m keen for Mutu to gain lots of friends to fulfil his pop aspiration needs. We also nearly killed Dila off in the same manner as her mother (whoops).
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then the tree icon at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Because my first heir died unexpectedly as an adult, I’m trying to win back some lost points by getting all the family members to increase their enthusiasm in the family hobby.
Especially because they’re growing up so dang fast! Maahee (the ginger) is the last kid on the lot, in fact.
Maahee The Ginger is now her official name
But for now, it’s time for Mutu’s first year of college! He’s gone with Zinnia (who he’s smooched) and friend Helen, who is a cousin of the legacy girls.
I went for the bigger dorms this time. More rooms equals more friends for Mutu!
I had fun making over Helen. Can you see Stranac’s strong genes in her? I can!
I… might have given Mutu a college makeover too.
Yes, a dodgy moustache kind of college makeover. He’s too handsome okay? He needed something silly to humble him.
So I’ve played these dorms a lot but not for ages: let’s do some snooping and see who all the flowers are for.
Ahh yeah, Manfred and this dormie had quite a thing going on.
Quite sad that she’s still here leaving him flowers.
Another poignant one- all is NOT rosey at home with uncle Sevim and auntie Zenka, ever since the late Tap decided to hit on Zenka and Sevim can’t get over it.
:'( Stop twisting the knife! I hope those two can make things work.
Mutu got straight on with making le friends. A secret society membership would also be nice.
‘You take the law into your own hands and serve your own ‘special form of justice?! That is not the one!’
I wonder if Jamie here recognises the son of Tap, who she spent many a cosy night with once upon a time!
Helen keeps a pretty low profile in general, but my attention was drawn to this exceptionally early case of chess-hand. Good luck with those pancakes, girl!
Mutu’s doing alright for his fresher skills (Helen clearly needed creativity), so I left him be.
It didn’t take too long for him and Zinnia to reach that red-heart level relationship!
But he still found time to try and befriend the others. This is Helen #2, a known secret society member!
Helen got back on the chess table as soon as her arm was better to best friend Mutu and to contract another case of chess hand.
Naww. I’m such a sucker for kids ringing up their family members for a chat. Looks like Maahee The Ginger is missing her big bro.
That’s right Mutu, you tickle your way to friendship with moustache buddy!
Helen had better luck befriending this dude whose name escapes me. I guess they had good chemistry.
They indeed must!
Meanwhile these two took it to the next level in the weird outside-ish bed on the roof of the dorms.
Okay that’s better. What do we think of Mutu and Zinnia as a couple? I think Zinnia is pop as well, which would make them a good match.
It wasn’t hard for the lovebirds to pass this semester with flying colours, as they have good skillsets. Helen also did pretty well.
And celebrated accordingly!
‘Ow! I never had to use dang knives to make aubergine juice back home…’
The chopping of vegetables in the communal kitchen can only mean that a cold is making its way round the dorm, and Mutu must stop it in its tracks before somebody bloody dies. Remember that Mutu is the only boy in his generation- if he dies, the whole legacy is over!
I knew it, it’s grandma’s soup time.
Do you think everything’s okay at home and Maahee The Ginger just wants a chat, or if things are going to crap under Iccha’s supervision?
It’s time to go back to the legacy house now to check up on the girls- these college kids are doing just fine!
We have immediate drama back home…
You know, this serves them all right for wanting that extra terrestrial college money.
‘Did the aliens permanently mess up my eyes? Am I going to be the pregnant teen of this generation?!’
Oh I pray to the wishing well, NO.
Whilst everyone was distracted during the alien madness, Dags snuck in and freaking destroyed the OG double bed I bought for Phillip and Eloise 🙁 This had better not anger their ghosts.
Or maybe he was upset because Dudy passed away :'( RIP to our gorgeous gen 3 petacy heir!
I got Dila in the greenhouse because she is comparatively lacking in the gardening department (editing later: this was really not meant to be a euphemism!) Luckily the garden is pretty low maintenance with many sims in the household.
! As if Iccha is nearly done being a teen. She, being a family sim, has no interest in college so she’ll hang around here to keep an eye on her little sisters.
Dila: ‘Good job suddenly dropping all the items in your queue to awkwardly wait for puberty to hit.’
Maahee The Ginger is a teen! She’s a Maateen! A Teehee! Maahee The- I will stop now.
What a cutie. A cuteen
That night, Eloise’s ghost was really angry with Sevim, for some reason. Perhaps the state of his marriage hurts her family sim heart. Or it’s nothing to do with Sevim and she’s upset about her bed lol.
Maahee: ‘Psst hey Iccha, I know something about Dila’.
Maahee: ‘A ghost scared her and she wet herself!!’
Dila: ‘I’m…. I’m gonna go and get some food…’
Wow, Teenhee The Ginger throws some punches.
Well colour me surprised, uncle Soymek and auntie Trucy are tying the knot after yeeeeears of being together. He’s still trying to sleep with 20 sims in total, so this is an interesting development lol.
Also how cute is it that Iccha wants to revive Dudy? She always loooved the dogs.
‘Dear wishing well, please give me the luck my uncle Sevim and auntie Trucy have and give me my true love!’ D:
Wishing well: *grumble grumble* You people ever thought of getting a new model? I’ve been here for generations! Ahh fine, here’s your true love or whatever….’
‘…. a fugly, teen werewolf.’
Lucky, lucky Iccha!
The very necessary purchase of the day was a new bed, because obviously.
Maahee The Ginger: You know my brother Mutu is on the Dean’s list? He’s the heir to this whole thing and he basically raised me and-‘
Takezimu dude: ‘Where has the wishing well landed me?!’
Obligatory Harry Potter-esque shot the next morning.
Woo Dags! You bring in that dosh.
Oop, RIP Morgan. The OP cow mascot sim, first wife of Stranac and mother-in-law of uncle Sevim. May your cow descendants forever plague dormies in your honour.
Well someone didn’t want to grow up! Or maybe Iccha is dreading being the only adult in charge of three teen girls *shrugs*
Awwh, don’t you feel better now that you’re all decked out in L’Amour dungarees, Iccha?
Dila: ‘Dear wishing well, I have full faith in your timeless abilities to deliver members of this family the loves of their lives despite that furry guy you sent Iccha yesterday. Plus I need THIS furry guy off my back.’
I rarely get the social bunny in my gameplay, anyone else?
I want to say Alvin Futa but I know it isn’t.
Now, the wishing well was kinder on Dila, and Not-Alvin (Nalvin) and her actually have good chemistry! He’s a tourist too however, and I invited him over to stay with us for a bit.
In this playthrough, I spent time visiting some spare legacy families to play around with them- I’ll catch you up on what they’re doing, before going back to the legacy household again.
First of all, the not-so-harmonious house of Sevim and Zenka. They still live with Zenka’s dad Stranac and step-mum Modra (grandma to the legacy girls) and their younger son Bhakti. I think they’ll pull through this rocky stage in their marriage…. eventually.
But what was interesting was Bhakti’s love life! At college, he had the most attraction with, would you believe it, the cow mascot. Bhakti’s late grandmother was also a cow mascot, so I guess he’s trying to keep that bovine gene going eh? I moved in Alise (I still don’t know what she looks like lol) and their relationship is currently flourishing.
Sevim and Zenka’s older son Prem meanwihle got engaged to his college boyfriend Gabriel <3
They currently live with Preeti, her husband and their two sons Terikat and Pacar.
More love was blooming for the triplet cousins (uncle Soymek’s daughters).
Piara here started dating Byrne, the grandson of Miles (from The College Adventures). I thought this was a very sweet couple.
Which was a good thing, as THIS happened! Not quite a teen pregnancy, but Piara is going to make her parents very young grandparents.
Her pregnancy was particularly traumatic for Piara because she (finally!) found out about her dad’s long-term cheating. Even worse, it was with a cousin of her new love interest. Yeesh.
When baby time came, Kukura was around to be put off having kids herself.
Especially because the baby came out purple, like her! XD
Yes, the baby inherited its grandfather’s purple alien skin and its dad’s (not purple) alien eyes. I called him Godot.
Youngest grandparents eva!
The other Soymek triplet, Cuphere, got proposed to at college by one of my simself’s grandchildren, Loreon. I was simply following his well-intended wants, whilst looking at his relationship panel and sighing. That lack of chemistry though.
I organised a pretty sweet wedding at Loreon’s house and got everyone dressed up really nice.
The big moment came…
But Loreon had slowly realised what a nasty person Cuphere actually is XD She really doesn’t get on with either of her triplets D:
Sadly, Loreon left it to the last minute to come to this conclusion, and fear flooded him at the altar.
aaaand he scarpered.
Maybe that will knock her down a peg or two.
So that’s the latest goings-on among some of the legacy spare households, but back to the L’Amours and them… celebrating dog wee? Idk.
Ahh, Maahee The Ginger was bossing it at high school, not celebrating dog wee on the pavement. Good good.
And we see the fallout of the spare drama with Iccha wanting to see the flipping ghost of Loreon, for dumping her cousin at the alter. Whew. Blood is thicker than water, people.
‘HAHAHAHA no of COURSE we don’t have rats here headmaster! What a thing to say!’
Dila, we DON’T have rats here, why does it sound like you’re lying?!!
Dila wants to be a top artist, and I need some more family pictures!
Iccha remains close with the rich guy.
‘Dear wishing well. You did me dirty as a teen with the werewolf I had no chemistry with. I am a now an adult family sim and only have a fwb. in the need of a serious boyfriend. Please help me!’
‘It’s…. it’s the plant hobby guy isn’t it. This isn’t true love, he just wants to experiment on meeee.’
Maahee meanwhile was rapidly building a friendship with yet another of my simself’s grandchildren.
‘Ugh. Teens.’
How soon the young adult becomes jaded.
Maahee The Ginger: ‘Lara, I have this gossip about your brother Loreon….’
‘He RUINED his wedding party by leaving the bride at the altar!’
Lara, who was obviously at her brother’s wedding, whilst Maahee was not: shocked pikachu face.
They look like they’re going to burst into a rendition of ‘Mamma Mia!’ don’t they?
Oh! Maybe the plant guy is promising for Iccha after all. But I don’t want to play into stereotypes!
Dags continues to work on his career with the help of Dila.
Uh oh. I guess Iccha has the soup unlocked, or we’re screwed.
Purchase of the day was fairly exciting for once, a piano! Rip to future babies/toddlers attempting to sleep in this room though.
Oh no, it’s not harvest time yet!
Seems okay for one lot of soup though, phew.
Iccha: ‘How nice to have this family reunion.’
Desperate family sim is desperate for any family interaction.
A picture of two halves for Dila- the gold badge is great, but the blonde werewolf wants nothing to do with her, apparently. You’re too good for him anyway, Dila.
Preeti popped round to pop once again. Or she was invited to the party (what party?? I’m a mess oh god)
Her shook I’m pregnant face is extra shook.
Oh dear lord.
This will be Preeti’s third baby. She’s also a family sim but I hope she stops at three.
Ugh Nalvin was a backpacker? Whatever, Dila quite liked him, so let’s get him round.
Note how Iccha wants to get engaged to the plant guy…
The houseguest thing is so annoying.
Iccha has also captured the heart of her rich boy friends with benefits.
And a little snoop into his wants shows he wants to make her lady of the house (!)
Iccha said no to even a relationship though. Interesting. Maybe she thinks their upbringings are too different to make it work.
Okay so clearly another party guest is- I think she’s called Lara. Vasanak likes what she sees!
She looks like an expert in flirting, what the heck!
‘Honey honey, how you thrill me…’
And with the tentative forming of a three person, all-female ABBA, I’ll end this chapter. Join next time when I plan to do another small update of the spares before joining Mutu back at college. Will he settle on one girl or focus on that secret society membership and make some lifelong friends? Find out with me next time!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’/Tapmak/Phillip’s graves (disease) 0.5
Sininen’s grave (fire) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Third gen born: 0.5
Running total: 6
Pet breed strength: 1.5

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