Chapter 3.3

Welcome to Chapter 3.3 of The L’Amour Legacy 🙂 I know, I know- posting two chapters within three days is the opposite of how we roll here, what can I say? I’m on a roll! Don’t get used to it though
Last time focussed on young heir Mutu and his social life/prepping for college. He’s started making some friends already and my plan is to make some more and make his pop heart smile! His younger sisters are joining him in teen-hood one by one: let’s see what shenanigans a house full of teens and children get up to, shall we?
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then the tree icon at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
We start off at the beginning of another after school hangout, where the yellow alien Elsie quickly ramped things up with funky-trousers-Greg.
REALLY ramped things up! These two must have been friends before this.
And not one minute later, there’s already strife within this new, delicate friendship group, with Constance shooting her first kiss shot with Greg.
Greg shot her down, but this was enough to upset Elsie.
But he was loyal, girl!
Ugh. Meanwhile, our heir was in the back garden getting acquainted with Constance’s little sister Singen. He has chemistry with all these girls, but currently heartbroken Elsie is top of the pile, it seems.
Nooo, my party score!
I don’t think Mutu should stick his oar in this just yet. Party score before whores!
SOMEHOW, Mutu only has two more days of being a teen?! It feels like we’ve just started D: We’d better make him some teen friends whilst we can.
Looking forward to little socialite Dila growing up though!
Iccha, eldest girl in the household, has been trying to get Francisco in the sack since last chapter, and things are going her way now! Hampered perhaps a little by the story progression death announcement.
!! So Greg rejected Constance but accepted Singen’s first kiss- and Elsie is still there. Interesting.
Congrats, Iccha! Now please no whoops babies D:
That kiss can’t have made Elsie less angry.
Feeling the fear of a dropping party score rising in his chest, Mutu swooped in and distracted the wronged girl.
But then I caught him flirting with Singen too!
THEN, Zinnia was the lucky girl with whom he grabbed his first kiss!!
What could be a more perfect spot for one’s first kiss than alongside the ghost of your father, thinking about your grandmother?
Pucker up, Mutu!
Now that is a good first kiss shot.
Oh god, not the naked grandfather too!
And these two got themselves best friendship status and a crush (at least for Mutu). And we have a Not Bad score 😀
Go AWAY, Tap!!
No, I didn’t mean go and scare your daughter! D:
That’ll make Dila a little more superstitious lol.
Do you reckon Phillip clowning about in his birthday suit is raising or lowering the party score?
Anyway, the party ended on that high note, and the purchase of the day was this solar panel, in the hope of some financial assistance with the ridiculous bills. We have some funds right now but no one is working!
! Poor, poor Constance. Her little sister and her love.
Dags is the gen 4 heir in our petacy. I’m trying to get him promoted to the top of his career for the legacy points- we’ll get there.
No friends today, you two? Can’t believe I have to manually invite all of them over D:
At least their grades are great! Look at Iccha celebrating herself because she’s an orphan </3
Youngest girl Maahee did bring a friend though, in the form of my simself’s grandaughter.
Because this is Dila’s teen birthday, I invited the teen friendship group and some extended family members, such as cousins Prem and Bhakti, uncle Sevim and auntie Zenka, cousin Terikat and big sister Preeti, her husband and BUMP! Her second baby is growing. Stranac and Modra, Dila’s grandparents, were also present.
Bhakti and Zinnia seem very fond of each other, with these autonomous serenades!
Buuut, flirting is a good way of making friends. We’ll see if Mutu wants to lock himself down so soon, or whether he’ll explore some other options.
! Okay, didn’t know we’d see so soon!
Under the gaze of… many, recently spurned Constance went in with her first kiss with our Mutu.
This clearly didn’t register as cheating, luckily for us… with Zinnia…
…who simply went back to serenading. This was also not cheating in Constance’s books.
The two girls continued taking it in turns with Mutu until our birthday girl was ready to blow her candles out!
(The birthday cake was the purchase of the day, and the counter taken from the front room)
Let’s go, Dila!
How is she supposed to compete with Francisco and his massive horn in blowing out the candles?
Here we gooooo….
Lol, way to choose the outfit of the sim in front of you, Dila.
Helen: Seriously?
If you’ve read the previous chapter recently, you’ll remember how much of a social butterfly Dila is and that I think she’s destined to be a pop sim like Mutu. We randomise the aspirations in this legacy:
And would you believe it, she got pop! This was VERY pleasing to me 😀 She also decided she likes green-eyed thinkers- but not gingers!!
Not the death announcements ruining the birthday party vibe D: Dila does not look impressed.
Special shoutout to Eugene Chalmers, the butler who made himself at home uninvited years back. RIP!
NOOO, it’s a good time, girls!! How can Constance still be mad when she’s moved on D:
To salvage the situation, Mutu once again pulled his ‘dance with Elsie’ tactic. I’m not sure how platonic this is for both of them.
Iccha did more than her bit with Francisco for the score, woo!
So much so, that the party ended up a roof raiser 😀 This will please both Mutu and Dila.
Or it will when he wakes up. Being the life and soul of the party is tiring.
Here’s Dila’s teen look, channelling a bit of her mother. I decided against the dungarees, to show off her beautiful skin.
Every child seems to grow up wanting to be abducted by aliens and win that grant. They should bloody well know the risks D:
Isn’t she stunning? D: She’s a good mix of her parents, and maybe quite a lot of her grandmother.
Ohh, very late to the party is Sininen. Had to just pop in to scare her daughter, y’know?
Fire ghosts are so angry!
The garden is ticking over well, coincidentally! Lots of hands make light work, and it’s often aubergine harvest time.
…should this be our next ghost victim? He’s ALWAYS stealing the bloody newspaper, disturbing everyone. I know he’s just a zombie, but that also means he’s used to death, right? XD
The next day, it’s another school day! It is odd when absolutely no-one is here during the day.
In fact, the only thing that happened is cousin Helen getting lipped with some alien townie!
Then the teens were back 😀
Dila: High school is way more stressful than middle school 🙁
I chucked them and the two kids in the garden to tackle the fun levels and get the next seeds sown.
Before we get the gang back once again 😀 I hope this isn’t dull yet :’)
Because we’ve only got one more day of Mutu here as a teen, and one more day before Vasanak joins the gang 😀
…god knows what he’s doing here.
The girls trooped over to the sound of yet another story progression death announcement. This time, it’s great-aunt Laska. And I thought werewolves were immortal!
Better news to be disrupted with is Preeti giving birth, yayay!
Meet Pacar, another baby boy! This one inherited his mum’s brown hair and blue eyes (and grandpa Tap’s and great-grandma Eloise’s!)
Why do the spares always have an abundance of boys 🙁
I know, I KNOW! This is exactly how Sininen died, but Dila was being careful okay??
And by that I mean she had her siblings around to help out. This is the second fire Iccha has put out since Sininen passed away!
RIP Sininen’s culinary friend- she did a lot for her career progression. And littlest girl Maahee is also nearly a teen?! We are flying through the days!
I didn’t have the energy to throw Vasanak a birthday party- or I forgot lol. She doesn’t strike me as a pop sim anyway, what she really wanted was to grow up in her pyjamas behind the podium!
Vasanak chose fortune as her jam, along with red-headed dependents- but not robots! Looks like she’ll be the breadwinner of her future household. And it’s good to know she won’t be fighting Dila for romantic partners 🙂
She’s also bi! I guess Dila randomised straight if I didn’t capture it aha. I was more interested in Vasanak knowing more about who she is, and I like her look too! She got the dungarees 😀
Hell to the yes! Someone else getting the gang together? I’m in.
We’re hitting the arcade and not a club, because we are a law-abiding group of teens 😀
Yes, Helen, Iccha does smell amazing.
Woah! Mutu and Zinnia taking it to the next level.
It looks like Zinnia in fact did not invite the whole gang, and is getting close to Mutu when Constance and Elsie aren’t around. Sneaky!
Oh wow! It’s love. Looks like Zinnia might be the winner of Mutu’s heart for now.
I took them home shortly after (not sure they even went inside haha) having a rocking time, and needed to send Mutu off to college sharpish!
After getting those scholarships 🙂 One for being a clean boi…
… and one for the possibly familial probing a while back.
Let’s go!!
YES, I’m sure. It’s time to make MOAR FRIENDS!
We will have another outing, don’t worry.
Well, this seems like a logical place to end this update, with Mutu saying farewell to the legacy house- just temporarily, of course. Next time, we’ll split the chapter between Mutu at college and the others at the legacy house. Expect the development of Mutu’s relationships, the adult birthday of Iccha and the teen of Maahee, the youngest girl. And some more stuff that I haven’t played through yet! 🙂 See you soon!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’/Tapmak/Phillip’s graves (disease) 0.5
Sininen’s grave (fire) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Third gen born: 0.5
Running total: 6
Pet breed strength: 1.5

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