Chapter 3.2

Hi there! Welcome back to a house that is NOT the L’Amour Legacy house- before I explain, what the heck happened last chapter? Well, we experienced our first chapter of gen 2 with new heir Mutu. He grew up into a strapping teen, with little sisters Iccha also becoming a teen and Maahee becoming a child. Which was a damn good thing, because very unfortunately, only remaining adult Sininen passed away, leaving all the responsibilities to the teens!
Dags, our latest petacy heir, was also born 🙂 (gen 4 heir), and we left the house with Mutu trying to make some friends and have some bloody fun.
In terms of the ever-slow building of the house, I finally finished walling the long back room!
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then the tree icon at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Now to explain the above house- this is where Preeti, Mutu’s older sister, is attending college! (You might also recognise the building from my College Adventure stories ;)) Let’s see how she and her roomies are getting on before returning to Mutu and the girls.
Um. The guy on the right is Preeti’s baby daddy, Klaus, and the guy she’s getting up close and personal with is her cousin. So it’s all innocent, despite baby’s daddy’s head-scratching, okay?!
Preeti’s other cousin Prem lives in the same dorm, and was in charge of locking away the cowplant before an accident occurred.
Preeti and Klaus had a whoops baby back in first year- a son they named Terikat. He is the first baby of gen 3 (and a spare, of course).
Terikat is a weird little baldy toddler now, and Prem took on most of the responsibility for his care whilst Preeti was studying. Eldest gen babies together!
But it wasn’t all chores for Prem: he also had himself some classic college fun!
Okay, maybe too much fun. But there is a lot to keep on top of at college D:
Poor Preeti isn’t very academic and needed to try her very best just to scrape by. She’s managed to avoid academic probation so far though, thanks to her non-student baby daddy and Prem.
I’d forgotten I’d sort of killed one of the cow mascots back in the day. Sadly, Prem being one quarter cow* didn’t spare him from the hauntings of this one.
*His maternal grandmother is a cow mascot
Prem was pretty stud-y this semester, flirting even with one of his roomies! The gay population of the college/neighbourhood is slowly increasing, and Prem is conquering it gradually 😀
… to the neglect of Terikat.
I think this guy’s name is Gabriel, and I loved them as a couple!
Preeti DID manage to squeeze in Terikat-care time too.
Whilst Prem collapsed in his food.
Ah, the classic bath outside move. Is it just me who prefers showers in the bathrooms then never has enough space for a bath when a little one comes along?
Woo! Good job Preeti 😀 She found what she went to uni for, a man (plus extra) but she’s still putting in the effort to actually get her degree. I’m proud of her.
Now she even has time to teach her son to walk 😀
Aww. Terikat looks nothing like her haha.
Back to the legacy family now that we know Preeti is doing okay in the dorms. Vasanak (far left) is one of the girls in the legacy house, trying, apparently unsuccessfully, to make some friends.
Other than keeping up with homework, I have been trying to make friends a priority for the kids, now that they have no direct family left (except each other!). Iccha the plantsim is a family sim, so may not want to head to college, but it doesn’t hurt to not flunk out of high school!
I will send popularity heir Mutu to college, however. He wants to make lots of friends, and college seems like a good answer 🙂 There is also no need to get a jump on the next generation, like Tapmak and Sininen accidentally did…
Besides, Mutu has dreams. He wants to be the top of the police career, and to be master of dogs! (*Dags, the new puppy).
But all in good time. The garden is somewhat under control: it’s time to socialise. So far, Mutu has made two pretty blonde friends, but I plan to give him many more. Iccha is more in a rush to get locked down, but that’s family sims for you.
‘No burglar would ever dare set food on this lot, not since….’
Maahee: Oh dang, Mutu’s spilling the family secrets as a way to gain friends…
Dila (the other blue girl, with the longer hair) is proving herself to be a future pop sim, and receives such phonecalls pretty often.
Oooho! Constance here has a thing for tidy guys, which happens to be Mutu’s forte! What a sensible lass.
At this point, I was taken to the back of the lot to see a massive spotty dog where tiny Dags used to be! I feel like he was only a puppy for a day 🙁
Oh Dila is SO a pop sim, she even wants to chat online!
I roll for aspirations randomly, so it will be ironic if she turns out to be a knowledge sim or something XD
Iccha is probably master of dogs over Mutu right now, and is pictured here getting straight onto training Dags for a career. Need to get those sweet sweet legacy points!
Speaking of legacy points, Mutu is developing his science enthusiasm (the ‘family hobby’). When he’s not getting beaten up by his actual uncle for spying on him. (That’s the guy auntie Savma married).
! Nightmare, Mutu, you’ve lost a friend! Put that skill juice down and get that butt on the phone!
We can salvage this, no problem.
Aww, Dudy is showing her age 🙁 These dogs age soooo fast in comparison to the sims.
‘So he’s the man of the house. The bacon-bringer, the bill-payer.’
‘Come to mama!’
‘What a kiss!’
Okay, it was just a greeting kiss, but I think Zinnia fancies Mutu. If not, it’s all good to have another friend.
Go Dags! You’ll be a star in no time.
Maahee: ‘I’m going to make it onto the Dean’s list when I’m older’.
Maahee, aiming high! Lol she’ll be lucky if I have the energy to send her to college when her time comes, as the youngest. Sorry girl.
Aww, the two youngest girls are good friends <3
The two older girls are close as well, differing beliefs aside.
Dila: ‘Iccha I’m telling you, there is NO WAY ghosts exist!!’
She’s really in denial about her past hauntings, isn’t she?
Wheeey, let’s get teen socialising! Both teens brought home friends after school: Zinnia, again, and Helen, the brunette. Helen is a cousin of the younger girls through their mother Sininen, but she’s not blood-related to Mutu or Iccha.
Aww, a hug! How wholesome.
Aww, some gossip about your kid sister! How mean.
The spiciest gossip Mutu could come up with as an opener with Helen was to inform her that her little cousin grew up. Great stuff!
The younger kids arrived home whilst the teens were socialising, impressing me with their grades! Maahee also brought home another cousin, auntie Suyuu’s daughter Linga.
Yes Dags! He really could be a star in no time.
Iccha and Zinnia gave in to their plantsim urges and spent some quality time together fishing in the sun. These two get on well as well.
The buy mode purchase of the day was actually fairly exciting- a pool slide! This should help the post-school INTENSE boredom.
Before heading back to the legacy household for another day: Preeti and Klaus made it through college and he popped the question!
Awww, Preeti’s family-aspiration heart must be very full.
Klaus is a bit older and has a great job, meaning the couple could afford a very nice house straight off the bat, with pleeenty of room for them and Terikat. Preeti’s done pretty (sorry) well for herself, hasn’t she?
I noticed on checking through this chapter that there is already a bath outside XD Perfect for Terikat.
And back to the harsh realities of the legacy household.
This spot has become Dudy’s spot of choice for a leak. This is very pleasant for Mutu and his telescope sessions.
Neither teen are amazing at school, but I can live with this. Their passions lie elsewhere, and they have enought auberginey goodness in their pasts to really help them in college.
Another day, another cousin dragged home from school. This is auntie Suyuu’s other child, Asavo.
How time files; Dila will soon be a teen! I think child to teen is one of the best birthdays in the sims, very exciting with the aspiration choice.
And teens means more interesting socialising! Mutu called all the teens he knew over for an informal hanging out. The yellow girl is called, Elise, I believe.
Perhaps she is also a pop sim. Notable members of this teen group are Zinnia, Constance and Helen, who we’ve already met, Singen, Constance’s little sister, and Greg, grandchild of some sims from the College Adventures.
Greg seems like an amiable dude, despite those horrendous trousers.
Oh god. The late Sininen decided that tonight would be appropriate for her first haunting. Doesn’t her ghost look horrible with the blue and red mixed colouring?! Really does remind you of her ghastly death.
Ugh, Tap’s… weird… ghost is also around. The teens better watch their bladders.
Especially because they’re all ‘hanging out’ outside, within easy reach of the ghosts!
Aaaand there we go, that didn’t take long. I suppose the party meter won’t deplete too much unless people wet themselves, right? Or would the wetting themselves actually improve the score? Lol.
Oooh, what scoop does Iccha have on her bro?
‘He got !*?%§”? in the %!* by his “?!$%!!!’
Okay yeah that is quite juicy.
Iccha’s killing it at this party! She chose her favourite place on the lot to put some moves on rich kid Francisco, who ate it up. A good time, indeed!
Meanwhile, the child labour camp continues. Hey, our resident plantsim is busy! These plants won’t tend themselves.
!! ACR let Iccha have her very first kiss.
You know what, Iccha? You could do a lot worse.
Mostly thanks to Iccha’s romancing, but also Mutu’s befriending, Mutu got himself a nice happy good-party memory. He needs some good memories <3
Oh dear lord. The party wasn’t quite over for the two new lovebirds, until Cyd the burglar decided it was, and cock-blocked them.
Oh she is FOR SURE a popularity sim!!
‘Cock-blocked by a ghost… Iccha has some tall stories.’
Idk if Dila was asleep during the party, but she decided to have her own fun in the pool in the night.
Vasanak was also cock-blocked spooked by Cyd, it seems. That turd.
!! In the small hours, when only Iccha was around, catching up on tending the garden, I got a pregnancy announcement about Preeti! Baby number 2 for gen 3 is on the way. Maybe it’ll be cuter than Terikat
Dila finally reached silver in gardening during the same sleepless night.
Wow, what a busy night for Preeti and Klaus. I’d planned on going over to their house to do their wedding, but this is much less work! I sorted out their surnames to fit the patriarchal model Preeti probably loves and left them to grow their second child.
A very good job goes to you too, Vasanak!
Please do not ask why I call her Vasanak rather than Vasana, as written here. I do not remember the reason, and it’s now a habit.
The third story progression announcement of the night/early morning was about uncle Sevim. Sounds like he’s not doing well in terms of patching up his marriage…
Off to school again! Dila must be knackered.
The tradition of the front seat sims looking at each other whilst the car reverses out of the drive lives on.
Awh. It’s okay, Mutu. It is simply the price one must pay to throw a banging party.
And another banging party shall be thrown- after the weeding is done.
I’ll end this update with the promise of another spicy teen party on the lot and on this really bittersweet note. Maahee here got her first A+ and ran to her mother’s grave to show her!! D: This has got to be the saddest error I’ve had 🙁
Join me next time for a good dollop of drama in the newly-established teen friendship group (not everyone can be friends forever!), several firsts for Mutu, Dila and Vasanak joining the fray as teens themselves, a close call,
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’/Tapmak/Phillip’s graves (disease) 0.5
Sininen’s grave (fire) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Third gen born: 0.5
Running total: 6
Pet breed strength: 1.5

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