Chapter 3.1

SO. Here we are at the start of a brand new generation, quite unexpectedly! After the untimely death of gen 1 heir Tapmak (and founder Phillip) last chapter, we move onto gen 2 of the legacy, with little Mutu (pictured sitting on the floor) as our heir. There is no vote this time, as Mutu is the only boy and therefore eligible heir. Luckily he has his step-mum Sininen still, otherwise all the kids would be taken away and I’d lose the challenge…
Still alive and sort of well in the house we have Sininen (the adult!), Tap’s widow, Mutu, Iccha (the plantsim), Dila (far right), Vasanak (far left) and toddler Maahee. Mutu and Iccha were only Tap’s children, whereas the others are all Sininen’s biological children. Sin achieved her LTW last chapter whilst her dad temporarily moved in to help with the kids, but I reckon she can handle it from now on. Let’s see if that’s true!
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then ‘trees’ at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
I missed out on many points I could have had with Tap as heir, including reaching maximum science enthusiasm (the ‘family’ hobby). I’m going to make damn sure Mutu gets his point! There is sadly no point for telescope-stool-telekinesis.
I’ve also turned slow skilling off, as it was faaaar too slow. It’ll probably feel quite fast now… if anyone has any good recommendations for similar mods, I’d love to hear them! My sims have very long lifespans, so they skill quite quickly.
Sininen’s stopped crying about her deceased husband and is getting on with general chores now that she doesn’t need to skill for work anymore. There is the question of the business, but that can wait until we have some teens around here to help out. There’s no rush to level it up now that we’ve started the new gen.
I’m ashamed to say Iccha is our main gardener, which feels fairly cheaty. But she’s simply the only one up at night!!
See, the others do their bit in the day time 🙂 We haven’t struggled with lack of food yet; this size garden seems to suffice.
About time Dila, really!!
Aww. I suppose the deaths took a toll on the kids’ aspiration levels.
The main crop we grow is still aubergines, for that sweet sweet juice. Which I suppose is now less necessary due to the removal of the slower skilling mod. But whatever!
It’s still free skill points isn’t it!
An uneventful day passed with Sininen monitoring Maahee whilst doing chores whilst the kids were at school, until 6pm hit and we had a double birthday on our hands 😀
Our heir is becoming a teen and Maahee, the youngest, a child. That should help matters A LOT.
Aww! Predictably, both kids grow up into awful clashing outfits- let’s fix that straight away.
Here’s Maahee dungaree’d up repping simPE and sporting Vasanak’s/Sininen’s childhood hairstyle. I think she looks rather like a combo of Dila, Vasanak and Phillip. It’s nice to have a redhead around still.
Mutu looks FAR more the part in the trademark teen boy outfit of shorts and a tank top.
Isn’t he good-looking! Mutu rolled popularity, which I feel really fits his personality. People should find it easy to get on with him, if he doesn’t have too many demons from his troublesome childhood.
Interestingly, he immediately rolled the want of winning the extraterrestrial reparations grant… I mean. He IS an alien, and I think he should be given support in that way. But pls don’t get abducted, Mutu! It could be a blood relative doing the… probing.
Now that time has moved on, we can dump all the toddler crap in Sininen’s inventory, yay! We shouldn’t need that for a long while. *touches wood frantically’
Because I never really update on the general progress of the house, here is that. I can build two pieces of wall, floor, doors, pool squares etc a day. The huge middle room will not be floored for a while, but I managed to finish the walls eventually!
Meaning I could roof that whole area 😀
Though the kids all naturally share, it’s not actually too bad. Everyone gets on with it well.
Anyway, Sininen’s fling and co-worker/boss (he got her her top chef promotion!) rang asking for yet another date, probably.
‘What am I wearing?’
Well she’s a proper free agent now, so why not. He isn’t, but that’s by the by D:
Lol. I in fact did not take them downtown, but to the music and dance hobby place, because it’s good to switch it up every now and again! Jacob stood over Sininen like a creep while she used whatever it’s called.
(The old lady on the right is Furcsa, for readers of the college adventures. She was Stranac’s first wife and is the mother of Sin’s half-brother.)
Sin presumably feels guilty about carrying on with Jacob after cheating on Tap with him whilst he was alive, but what is right and wrong for Sininen at this point?
Back home, I found Vasanak perving on Viejo or whatever her name is from Riverblossom Hills. Vasanak is terribly short-sighted, confirmed (there is a sofa…)
*spits drink*
Excuse the PROFANITY of this lot’s dead population!! Yes, Phillip died just as he came home from work, meaning his accidental haunting outfit for evermore is this. THIS. Coupled with the green tinge of an illness death. Extremely fitting for the founder of our nature-oriented legacy, I must say. Couldn’t have done it better myself. Top marks, Phillip.
This will never not be funny to me.
On her return from her date, I made sure Sininen got some quality time in with her girls.
In fact, I made the whole household hang out together the next day. Sin isn’t very close with Mutu or Iccha, OR her daughters tbh, having been the busy breadwinner. The house needs to band together, I feel.
I let them chat for several hours. Mutu’s LTW is to hit the top of the police career path, by the way. Again, I think this is fitting. I can see Mutu as a boy in blue! I’ll see myself out
In other news(!) Our petacy gen 3 heir Dudy bred last chapter with Rags and gave birth to wriggling little Dags here! I love love love that he has his daddy’s spotty coat <3
Everyone came over to welcome the new whelp. Even one of the deceased dogs D: (That’s either founder Betty or Dettypig; they look very similar).
So tiny!
It’s night of the ghosts tonight apparently, with one of the burglars scaring sweet Dila.
Aww 🙁 It’s okay Dila, it literally happens to everyone. No shame here.
Iccha is a big pet lover and immediately befriended Dags. Mutu worked with Dudy on her career skills.
Our two young heirs 🙂
He’s on fire isn’t he?!
Dila: ‘Why is mum forcing us out of bed to drag us downtown? I just wet myself.’
This time I’m bringing all the kids; it might be more fun that way.
Rags!! As if he could sense the birth of his new pup, Rags appeared on the lot as the family prepared to go. Weird!
Awh 🙁
No, you can’t come with us, Rags. Play with your baby!
Yeah, I went for the games hobby place this time, thinking it would be good for the kids. Who clearly just want to play with the new puppy XD Understandable.
Plantsim kids glitches for the win!
Is Maahee… praying?
Ah, planking. Of course.
It’s boringly easy to get a good date score with these two. Their love for car woohoo knows no bounds.
Incidentally, Sininen seems to have learned from her accidental pregnancies as there has been no ‘whoops’ with Jacob. Who also has about six children.
There was no need to hang around longer this late at night, so I piled the kids back in the car to head back home to the dogs.
No toddlers in this family portrait, no sir!
Please don’t make me feel bad about letting Rags go, Mutu 🙁
Another day, another morning of aubergine juice.
That’s a big old glass now, isn’t it?
Saturday means catching up on chores. Mutu needs to be worthy of the title heir and hone his gardening AND science skills. Make Phillip proud, Mutu!
Iccha has a backlog of homework to catch up on.
She’s also recently struck up a friendship with Prem (oldest gen 2 cousin, Sevim’s son) which seems quite sweet.
Vasanak wanted to get her nerd on this Saturday and stuck her nose in a cleaning book. Fascinating stuff.
Ah but the telescope is more interesting. Who are you spying on?!
I want Dudy to be the first successful petacy heir, which means aceing that career and working on her playing dead skill some more.
And weeing in front of Mutu’s telescope. I mean it is outside. She looks so proud D:
Young Maahee took her turn in the greenhouse, not having any homework yet.
And Iccha only NOW gets invited to the nature secret lot, which seems…. unfair, for a plantsim.
I let Iccha invite Prem over that evening, as everything was more or less under control.
He headed straight for the pool lol #antisocial. But him and Iccha are good friends!
Ugh, not AGAIN Jacob! Go ask your wife out or something!!
Ah that’s more like it.
We take a short break in between rounds of my neighbourhood playthrough to show Bhakti here (Prem’s little brother; Sininen’s nephew) going off to join Prem and Preeti (Sininen and Tap’s eldest) at college!
His grandmother is/was a college cow mascot… is that her there?! XD
Ugh, he fancies said cow! Keep the bovine genes strong in the fam, Bhakti XD
Speaking of grandmother cow, here she is in costume being wooed by Soymek (a gen 1 cousin). Nice.
In sadder news, Phillip’s twin Filia died of old age during this playthrough! That means they both died roughly at the same age, in their early 60s. Maybe it’s a twin thing that they died almost together…
Filia was similar to Phillip but had a bit more drama in her life (at least, pre-legacy). She was more out-going and married young out of college. She tragically lost her husband when their daughter was young and never found love again- but she did have an alien child, just like Phillip XD RIP, Filia!
Okay, back to the legacy house. Dudy has yet to learn to play dead, but we are plugging away!
Maahee reveals she’s a sporty little miss, though what sport she just partook in in those pyjamas I have no idea.
I plan on having another chill weekend day like yesterday, starting with the aubergine juice! Dila got a call from a teenage boy (??) whilst Mutu headed for the garden and Sininen spent some more quality time with her offspring.
‘Err, no, there’s no safe on the lot…’
!! After we levelled up the business a little, the household has some cash. Is this well-known to the neighbourhood?! We have nothing to steal, people!
Aww, Sundays mean lazy pyjama days. Unless you’re Iccha, who never sleeps ofc.
Mutu greeted a passerby in his need to make friends and was immediately very awkward. He stared where he shouldn’t and made obvious questions conerning race. You’d think an alien would be sick of such questions himself.
‘Well noticed, I am indeed a plantsim.’
But she was nice about it.
Feeling bolstered by this successful interaction, Mutu decided what was needed now was gossip about his uncle. Who Zinnia here presumably does not know.
‘My uncle Sevim CHEATED…’
‘…. on my Auntie Zenka!!’
Lovely gossip, Mutu. I notice you left out that your dad started that whole mess, but okay!
Mutu: *suddenly* ‘Do you think I’m hot?’
Zinnia: *brown hair enjoyment noises*
Okay okay I know he’s very young but I couldn’t help it; I always want to know who fancies who!
It was time for Zinnia to skip home for tea anyway, and the two said goodbye like awkward pre-teens do.
Sininen’s evening aubergine juice gave her the cooking skill she desperately needed before to get her promotion. You know, BEFORE she slogged every day at the bookcase then simply slept with her boss. (Well, kind of).
Her body language alone tells us how she feels about this irony.
The kids spent another lazy day in the sun this weekend and I was reminded at 6 that this was Iccha’s penultimate day as a kid!
And she spent it well. Good job, Iccha!
….uh oh. Mutu was NOT spending it well. He was simply searching for constellations, I swear!
But like father like son, and Mutu was being accidentally abducted.
Don’t look so scared boy, they might be your family!
Or not, sure.
… good luck!
This ruckus woke up the ENTIRE household, with Sininen claiming that this had made her week amazing. Lol.
Not so amazing now eh? Pls don’t spread the flu around!!
Mutu returned later that night, causing no concern to Dudy. She’s seen it all before, I suppose.
A mixed reception to the return of Mutu. The younger kids found it funny- lucky for them that they’ll not be made to undergo an abduction!
Poor Mutu. To be abducted this soon, and have the possibility of pregnancy (pls no).
As I popped the family back into bed, Dudy went and snarled at Rags! 🙁 Has she forgotten he’s Dag’s daddy?
Still needing to boost his science enthusiasm, poor Mutu got straight back onto the telescope, but understandaby couldn’t concentrate for crying about his abduction.
But he was all smiles the next morning as the school taxi driver!
Sininen spent a peaceful day alone in the house painting. It’s very rare that someone gets the house all to themselves, and she intended to spend today doing not much at all.
Mutu arriving home at lunchtime didn’t disturb her too much.
Wooo, congrats to Dudy!! The first pet in the petacy to top her career (or have a career, probably…)
‘Just because we’re both aliens we have to be friends….’
Lol, Mutu brought home an alien friend. You’d think he’d want to avoid other aliens… or perhaps he got a purple probing and needs to have it out with this guy here.
OooooOOOOOOooh, someone wants to be friends with Zinnia do they?!
Poor teens and the teasing they get, eh.
All too soon for Sininen, the rest of the kids starting getting off the bus- bringing TODDLERS home with them.
Lolol. This is thanks to childhood genius story progression and wasn’t too hard to sort out. Can this baby even walk?
Dila also seems destined for a popularity aspiration, if her kid contacts are anything to go by. She seems very popular, with teens, kids and toddlers alike! Not to mention uncle Sevim. Or was that Vasanak
Sininen’s work of the day was this beautiful portrait of founder Phillip and wife Eloise getting married (by the heart-shaped lake). I think it’s nice for future generations to see such moments. Everyone born from now on won’t have met either of them!
Ah, Maahee is also popular with the toddlers XD She brought home cousin Sneh (Tapmak’s sister Savma’s youngest).
The alien teen proved very helpful, autonomously removing grime and… other stuff…. from the doghouse.
NOW, Iccha is due to pop into teenhood, and stuff is pretty calm right now. SO, I thought we should throw the first birthday party of the legacy. We need something to make us all happy, anyway!
And here is the whole motley crew. I invited the family, basically, whilst taking updated photos for the family tree (honestly, it’s a lot of work).
Iccha grew up into a very cute teen! She got lucky with the plantsim genetics right?!
I still like her haircut, I kept that. It’s sweet and practical! The gross PE kit had to go though, and she’s now decked out in shorts and a polo shirt. We have two teens in the house!!
Like the crap sims player I am, I appear to have forgotten to include Iccha’s aspiration, BUT I believe she rolled family like older sister Preeti also did. I *think*.
I was ripped away from doing Iccha up to be forced into the role of voyeur as this old married dude (why was he at the party? I don’t know) went in for a kiss with one of the kids’ cousins (Sininen’s half-brother’s son). Nice? D: Let’s not think too much about the age gap here.
The party went well, and Mutu did a bit of labour in the garden before bed. And a bit of wetting himself. Good for the garden.
He’s had a rough time at night lately, hasn’t he?
OoooOOOOOOoooh, does someone fancy Mutu?!
Do not ask why it’s little Maahee answering the phone, okay?
Anyway, the night passed peacefully after this and the kids piled into the car for school, leaving Sininen for another peaceful day alone.
Like a really huge idiot, I thought it’d be fine if Sin tackled the many piles of leaves at the back of the lot. The grave is one of the burglars’.
It was a risky decision, and Sininen pretty quickly caught fire when burning the piles away. AND NO ONE ELSE WAS HOME!
‘I’m too hot in this coat!’
I’m sorry
As any simmer will know, once a sim is burning, they cannot get themselves out.
They burn and burn and burn until they fade away.
Until death, and the non-playable sims walk away, without begging for a stranger’s life. I’ll remember this, gardener Sam or something and you other guy!! Mark my words.
Yes, if you can believe it, so soon after the death of Tapmak and Phillip, we have to say goodbye to the gen 1 spouse, Sininen L’Amour (nee Castelow), at the age of 36. I had a real soft spot for Sininen, and she’s been through a heck of a lot. To see Sininen’s high- and lowlights, click here.
On another note, why does the business pass to Iccha lol? Mutu is the eldest….
Right next to one of the burglar graves. I think not.
Well, I felt for the two t(w)eens returning home after a pleasant evening the night before, and hopefully a good day at school. Though neither of them were particularly close to Sininen, she was a good step-mother and her death means they are the responsible ‘adults’ in this house now… It’s all on them! Imagine how that feels to a couple of t(w)eens?
Not the best day to bring home friends, but maybe this will distract them from the adult-less house?!
‘I LIVE to make best friends!!’
Mutu brought home another pretty blonde. This is the daughter of Darra, who Tapmak had a thing with for a while. Maybe Mutu has a type?
Soon, Dila, Vasanak and Maahee hopped off the bus to find that not only have they lost their father and grandfather to an illness, but they’ve now also lost their mother to a horrible fire! I felt that Mutu and Iccha were lucky that the kids magically knew their mother was dead before they had to explain though. Small mercies.
This means, of course, all the kids are now orphans. I did not plan these tragic circumstances at all 🙁
For the first time, Mutu headed to the kitchen to make lunch/dinner for the brood. He might have the odd cooking skill point from the aubergine juice, thankfully, but he has no experience!
As this picture proves! D:
It’s not the best time for a(nother) fire… which of the many reasons to cry is Vasanak crying over, do we reckon? Dead parents? Fire? Homework?
Mutu flipped out of course, wooden spoon still in hand. We do not have a smoke detector (I find it makes the game too easy lol).
Whilst Mutu panicked, I got the only other possible saviour to get on the extinguisher and get to work. Iccha got straight to it and didn’t waste a breath, and the fire was immediately under control. VERY LUCKILY, or the whole legacy would be over right now, had Mutu died D:
I’d told Mutu to run outside and ‘hang out’ with his new friend. Look at them ‘hanging out’ supposedly together- why are teens so awkward?!!
Mutu’s other friend quickly showed her jealousy lol- or what I intepreted as jealousy hehe.
Mutu will have to fill the void of no parents and grandparents with many friends in his life, clearly.
And that’s where we need to leave this lengthy update- whew! I haven’t played onwards after this point, but my vague plan is to have the teens simply survive, taking care of the kids and not failing school and growing enough vegetables and not setting anymore fires…. join me soon for this new start in our heir’s life!

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’/Tapmak/Phillip’s graves (disease) 0.5
Sininen’s grave (fire) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Third gen born: 0.5
Running total: 6
Pet breed strength: 1.5
See ya!

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