Chapter 2.9

Hi hi hi! We’re back for Chapter 2.9 of The L’Amour Legacy. Last time, the family struggled with a horrible nest of roaches caused by the effort of potty training three toddlers. The late Havas haunted us for the first time, causing the visiting witch doctor to wet himself. This didn’t stop the witch doctor returning the next day for some holibobs, however. The family also finally scraped together enough money to purchase the first community business lot, Sininen Rolls Cafe, whey!
BEFORE we get into this chapter, we’re taking a diversion to Tapmak’s brother’s house (eldest gen 1 spare). You’ll see why very shortly.
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then ‘trees’ at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
YUP. At a light-hearted, sunny family event in the garden, Tap decided it would be a great idea to hit on his brother’s wife and wife’s sister IN FRONT OF SAID BROTHER, SAID WIFE AND HOT-TUBBING FATHER.
Perhaps Tap was swayed by Zenka’s skimpy outfit over Sininen’s wetsuit?
The affair took me right back to his loverat days of wooing and knocking up Zenka D: Obviously, Sevim and Sininen were furious with their respective spouses and engaged in some simultaneous slapping. I was truly horrified to see this happening after the pairs have been settled for so long, but I did also enjoy that the L’Amour boys were wearing the same trunks.
I want to take this very special moment to belatedly announce that Tapmak and Sininen were nominated for the Sweetest Lovebirds Golden Plumbob award over at! What deserving candidates <3 XD
I feel sorry for Zenka. Whilst she accepted the flirt, she didn’t start it.
But the drama continued! Clearly losing his mind, Sevim angrily stomped inside to his sexy, weirdly-clad-for-winter step-mother-in-law (Sininen’s mother) and grabbed her for a makeout, whilst thinking of her husband (his father-in-law). Do not ask me what possessed him to make this situation worse.
This also happened in front of poor son Prem. Who presumably really didn’t need to see his dad and step-grandma snogging.
Tap: ‘Hey bro, thanks for the invite! I had a blast.’
The next couple of days for the family was not harmonious, unsurprisingly. Zenka was furious at Sevim and kept tackling him to the ground.
Shocking, that. I’m actually more surprised that the two managed to get to best friends status; they were never that close.
Phillip and Zenka were also furious with each other- I suppose Phillip was defending Sevim.
Be gentle with the old man!! That’s my legacy founder D:
Prem managed to stay out of the fighting, but took nice hits on his relationship points with various family members.
Pleasantly for Prem, it was time for him to escape the insanity of his family to college- he leaves his little brother behind, but I think he missed all the drama somehow.
So… after *that*, let’s head over to the legacy house. We start with a shift at the Cafe 🙂
Preeti was more awake for this shift and could help Tap out with the customers whilst Sininen slaved away in the kitchen, away from Tap (phew!)
Preeti quickly developed her sales skills and we got to rank 2, score!
Tap had a whole extra shift on Preeti, so he’s a comparable slower learner lol.
This funky ballet dude turned out to be the secret reviewer which I clocked early on and got Tap to sell him several cakes. It paid off!
What is going on here. The dirty counter, Zenka’s mum, the return of Jeeves? Can I hire Jeeves?! That would be funny.
Nah, instead Tap politely greeted the potential stalker then asked him to leave.
Yes, Tap! He takes the lead away from Preeti.
I’m choosing all the money perks, because we need money. Simple.
Mutu… isn’t Iccha with YOU? Oh god. And does he think mum, dad and Preeti now live at the cafe? So many questions.
United in their concern of Mutu’s mental state, Tap and Sininen (and Preeti) zoomed back home sharpish.
Mutu was obviously fine really, and the family got ready for bedtime. Preeti got pretty involved at work and wants to develop her sales skills and learn how to make one of the cakes that comes ready-made out of the fridge… lol. She wants to be a top chef like her mum also wants, so I suppose it makes sense!
Preeti: ‘Huh, that was easy. Maybe mum isn’t so talented.’
Eloise: ‘Why did I diiiiiiieeeeee??!!’
Another shocking development in the extended L’Amour family.
Wow. You didn’t need to sneak all the way to the back room to steal the newspaper in front of the kids, Zenka.
Aw! I caught Mutu cutely kissing his little sister. I’m such a sucker for the toddler/kid interactions.
I also caught this less charming shot. Where… did that water come from?!
Sininen is back to her late-night studying when everyone else is in bed. Everyone except two of the toddlers, naturally. Sin refuses to share a bed with her cheating husband anyway; she doesn’t mind such nights.
See 🙁
Leave the poor old man alone!!
Because of the workings of story progression, Phillip was once again due at work the next day- I’m certainly not complaining, looking at his wages!
Sevim invited himself over for a chilly chat with his bro on the sofa (it’s summer at Sevim’s but winter here, apparently).
Sevim: ‘I need to ask, Tapmak. How could you hit on my wife, cheating on your wife and me?’
‘Idk, she’s hot.’
‘Well that’s fair.’ *Relationship boost*
‘….maybe we shouldn’t see this as cheating as such…’
‘….but more of a recycling of wives?’
*relationship boost*
XD In all seriousness, the little chat seemed to help repair the brothers’ relationship a little, and Sevim happily took it upon himself to help out in the garden. I do not understand Sevim.
Meanwhile, Sininen got an invite to Head Downtown. A while ago, this friend invited her out and she ended up getting a promotion out of the resulting friendship. So I clicked ‘Go Downtown’ pretty sharpish!
Like the cheffy nerds they are, Sininen and Nicole headed for the secret cooking lot. I wanted Sininen to win the cooking contest #sinforthewin
But before the culinary showdown, a harmless little friendship-boosting gossip about your cheating husband’s alien spawn!
‘He got a D, Nicole!! Can you believe it??’
Even Preeti isn’t safe.
Okay, that gossip is better, but it’s hardly a story in the L’Amour household, is it?
Nicole lapped the stories up though, and the pair were soon having a rocking time.
Sin headed inside and saw her other colleague friend, Jacob. Who she now finds FOXY.
Wronged, stressed out Sininen is in need of some pleasure, and wanted to let her hair down with her sexy workmate.
Who was I to say no?
Note that she still finds her husband hotter, though. Sweet.
They are of course, still married, so this date went down officially as an affair.
Wow… I wasn’t expecting Jacob (also married, by the way!!) to be so smitten.
Or Sin! I guess they were really good friends already.
The inevitable car-woohooing ended the date, which is when I remembered with no small amount of horror that Jacob used to date Sininen’s mother, and had had a child with her, a long time before Sin was born. (The child died, also a long time ago). Someone pass me a bucket D: D:
Nicole had also found some flirty fun!
Sin finally headed to the kitchen after her steamy affair to whip up something tasty for the food contest.
The only sweet dish in the competition is up against the food expert (so fair), Jacob and Nicole’s fling.
Back home in the afternoon, Preeti gifts us another amazing facial expression (I will miss those) as she gets shoved by uncle Auberon (gen 1 spare Suyuu’s husband). Maybe stop spying on your aunt then, Preeti.
Phillip returned from work and didn’t have time to throw….any… clothes on before witnessing young Dila shoot up into childhood.
Let’s do this, Dila!
Ready for a swim.
I couldn’t have that wetsuit-rubber-ring combo (she’s her mother’s daughter, eh?) and quickly shoved some L’Amour dungarees on her and updated the hairstyle. She’s a cutie, but I can’t work her facial structure out!
Now, to work, girl!
Oh lord. You have no excuse for your attire now, Phillip. Please do not mentally scare Maahee for life.
…. apparently Sevim is still here and spent some time in the pool. I spotted him grabbing Vasanak- what’s going on here?
Oh. Aww :’) He really seems to have forgiven Tap and want to stay close with the legacy family.
Whaaaat, game?! Dila grew up in the afternoon, way after schooltime! 🙁 Poor thing will have to work extra hard to catch up now. After she weeds the veg, ofc.
Hm. Is Sevim and Vasanak still cute, or?
Remember the dog?! Lol, Dudy doesn’t eat and is annoying, but she’s cute and does well at work. I like our petacy heir, overall.
Mercifully, nothing else of note happened that afternoon until Preeti made a momentous phonecall. She is the same age as Prem, therefore has also come to the end of her teen years and is off to college.
Oh jeez, get out of her before you catch that lurgy, Preeti!!
Say goodbye to *unique* legacy living!
Get your butt into bed, Iccha.
Let’s see the two cousins headed for their new adventure!
Zenka took some time out of her important newspaper-stealing routine to drop her eldest off.
He really is his mother’s son :’)
Awwww. You just know Zenka’s struggling to compute that Prem is starting his first year of college when he was born in HER first year of college.
Preeti’s arrival at the dorms was much less touching. Neither Tap nor Sin freaking bothered to come with her!
Poor Preeti shot into young adulthood and a horrendous outfit all alone.
These are the dorms the cousins will be living in. I bet they’re really excited- they are best of friends from sharing their toddlerhood together and are free to explore themselves and adult life.
Here are their college looks. Preeti’s become less true to her name, I feel :’) but I think her hairstyle helps. Prem has grown his hair out in his grandfather and father’s style.
No no, this is fine, I swear! They are just very close! And Prem is gay, anyway. We’ll see a little (or a lot, actually…) of what Prem and Preeti get up to in their first year next time!
I’ve said this a few times, but the next chapter is actually the most dramatic one yet… you do not want to miss it. I promise. So join me soon, and thanks for reading!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’ grave (disease) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Running total: 5.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5

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