Chapter 2.6

I feel like I say it every time, but after a long time away, I am back. Since starting the legacy in 2020 (!) in lockdown etc, life for me is much fuller and busier. This is ofc all excellent for me, but it means slow progress for my sims/the legacy. The good news is I still want to come back to it all the time, and I can’t see myself getting bored. So expect the story to continue, for at the moment I am back!! What will happen in this chapter? Will I remember what’s just happened in the L’Amour household? Do I even remember their names? Will I write ‘legay’ instead of ‘legacy’ again and not notice for several months?! Let’s find out!

First, a well-needed recap of who’s in the house right now. Founder Phillip is still alive and kicking, though sad after the early demise of wife Eloise. Tapmak is the current head of the legacy, and his wife Sininen the spouse. They had eldest daughter Preeti as teenagers, and later Havas and Dila in the legacy house. In between, Tap was abducted by aliens and had Mutu, and produced plantbaby Iccha. With two very acceptable potential heirs, I think we’re done for babies this generation!
It doesn’t look it, but it’s turning to winter in this picture.

 Ah, now it’s clearer!

It’s been months and months since I took these photos, so let’s find out together what happened in the crazy house 🙂
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left. 


 We start off with a typical scene: elder sim needs the toilet and can’t get up. Phillip mostly hangs around in the background these days, but he’s super easy to take care of.


 To remedy the cold clearly going around the house, I got straight onto the orange juice.


 The legacy tree produces oranges. This is very lucky; I could’ve easily picked apples or lemons.


 Get that good stuff down ya, girl!


 ….. it seems that tree fire from the last chapter is still blazing, to absolutely no-one’s concern. Preeti here, a family sim, is already loving doting on little Dila.


 And daydreaming about her new little cousin Yauna (daughter of gen 1 spare Savma, Tap’s little sister). Can one be too obsessed by babies?


 Iccha seems to be a boring cutie, as does Dudy (gen 3 petacy heir). Again, I don’t think they’re too much bother to look after.


 The purchase of the day was whatever you call this toddler toy. This seems like a smart decision what with a toddler and baby in the house.


 Tap is ironically probably the hardest to look after- he apparently does not get enough sun in the day, despite having the biggest garden.


 The kids in this legacy are such quick learners and get their gardening badges really fast. Maybe I should download a mod slowing this down? Hmmm


 I don’t know why I took this photo lol- just Dudy looking cute in the car maybe?! I guess she has a job? Also seems like a smart idea! Well done, past me.


 Preeti has taken over the school run job now that she’s a teen.


 And she brought back a friend, yay! I always like seeing who they befriend at school 😀 Especially when they’re teens and they bring back a promising specimen of their desired sex. This is Quaison (don’t ask, I don’t remember) who despite sharing Mutu’s awesome skintone, is actually a bit frightening close up haha.


 Aww, Iccha’s living her best life with all the toddler toys outside.


 Living her best life, but also contemplating death as she nears her child birthday. As you do.


 Healthy looking garden, boys! Good job 🙂


 That night, the burglar ghosts were about disturbing everyone’s sleep. We only have three graves so far (two burglar and Eloise) and the lot is big enough to not cause too many issues.


 Oh yes, it’s all flooding back to me. Dila’s toddler birthday was…. frustrating.


 Does she look a little off to you? No? ….


 Yeah, I went to change her hairstyle but was presented with this.


Then THIS.


 It didn’t get better after that!!


 Dear lord, what had I done. I’d never experienced such an elongated toddler-baby before, but I couldn’t fix Dila for love nor money, and I remember restarting the game multiple times. Clearly Preeti loves her no matter what, but I couldn’t leave her like this. Attempt 2 at growing Dila up is near the end of the chapter.


 Aw! There was me saying plantbabies were easy to take of, and here’s poor Iccha suffering from lack of vitamin D. Damn winter.


 And the news keeps getting worse…. Sininen has been a baller legacy spouse so far, producing several babies and doing so well in her culinary career…. until now :'( Hopefully she can get back on her feet soon.


 ‘Daaaaad, how am I meant to do homework like this?!’

Haha, I remember Iccha toddling into Mutu’s homework sesh and plonking herself down right on Mutu’s pile. Maybe she’s not so boring after all.


 She seems to be a favourite with grandpa.


 !!! DUUUUUUUUDE what the HELL?! I don’t remember this at all!! D: D: And I was all ‘that’s it for babies this gen! :3’ I guess baby number SIX is on the way… pray for me. How these two haven’t learned about risky woohoo from having Preeti as teenagers…


 ANYWAY; Preeti woke up early the next day and gained her gold gardening badge, woo! Not bad at all.


 Havas also woke up, but because he couldn’t breathe (guess that orange juice didn’t do the trick).


 Sininen, put the book down!! Everyone’s asleep except for you D:


 Sininen took ages putting her book away but Preeti sprinted in from the garden to try and save her little brother.


 But she was too late! :'(

RIP Havas, first gen 2 baby born in the legacy house. He was 6.


 Sininen was clearly distraught that she didn’t make it on time to save her baby.

At least there’s another baby on the way tho amirite


 Tap seemed to grieve through building a snowman, wishing he could resurrect his late son and mother. Dudy was clingy.


 :'( Iccha thinking about her big brother (and she already had death on the brain! Did she know? 0_o)


 I sent Preeti and Mutu to school as always, and got this brownie pop-up for Preeti. I chose to have her family make them because why not? Son just died? Make some brownies, all will be fine!


 Whey! Who made these brownies lol


 After school, Mutu added to his somehow still existing pile of homework in the front room and promptly collapsed.


 Not this time!! We cannooooot lose both potential heirs in one chapter D: This time, everyone was on hand I got Tapmak to do the begging.


 It’s not clear here, but Tap was successful- phewwwww!

Iccha in the background: ‘Play with me, mummy’s chef friend!’ I guess Sininen got her job back, then!


 Dudy brought more good news in the form of a promotion- this will bring home the bacon.

Thank goodness we didn’t lose Mutu. I felt horrible about Havas. He was such a cutie.


 LOL not Iccha vomming on random visitors hahaha.

It’s just Jacob though- he has five kids or something, he’s used to it.


 Later that day, Sininen had this pregnancy’s first pop! Please keep your fingers crossed it’ll be a boy; I feel very uneasy now we have an heir but no spare heir, and I can’t remember anything about this pregnancy!


 Life continued normal-ish after Havas’ death. Everyone was kept well fed with fish caught before the winter in the long-unfinished, roofless back room. How do they always have colds, you ask?


 ‘You know, I used a genie lamp to resurrect Eloi-‘

STOP right there, we know how that ended (zombiism), and we actually unluckily don’t have a lamp right now, I checked. We should leave Havas to rest in peace.


 Okay, it’s time for attempt #2 of Dila’s birthday! I did a lot of fiddling about in simpe as I recall, and I think the problem was due to her skin and inheriting plantsimism from Tap.


 Don’t look so worried, Preeti!


 WHEW! That looks more like it. Normal toddler size, some hair… even a very L’Amour dunagree dress.


 Awww! Dila is as cute as a button. I don’t know if I had to force cure her plantsimism; I guess we’ll see.


 Nawwwww, normally that toothy grin is pretty ugly but she pulls it off. I can see Sininen’s eye shape in her face, but the rest might be Tap? What do you think?


 The first action toddler Dila took was accepting a hug from sister Iccha. So dang cute!


 Haha… ahem. A long time ago, Phillip had a one night stand with the daughter of his ex. No one ever found out and now they aren’t best friends anymore. GOOD!


 Mutu’s having a bad time at the moment isn’t he? We don’t need a second attempt on his life thankyou, burglar ghost.


 Purchase of the day was a diving board in the slowly expanding pool to the left of the lot. I got Preeti to test it out, who killed a swan dive despite never having swum before.


 Mutu went to bed that night with yet another cold. Their colds are cured when saved from the grim reaper, so this is a new one. Maybe his immune system is especially bad 🙁


 The… other (?) purchase of the day seems to have been this sink in the back bathroom. Maybe the diving board was before, I don’t know.


 Second baby pop from Sininen. Pleeeeeeease be a boy.


 Not sure that Mutu is healthy, pop-up….

The next morning, Mutu went to play on the speech charisma thing and failed to breathe AGAIN.


 Grim decided to take a nice walk in the garden before heading to Mutu this time, so I had plenty of time to get Sininen over there sharpish.


 All together now: phewwwww.


 And I packed the older kids off to school. The little girls were exceptionally cute in their matching all in ones playing outside.


 Later in the day, it was baby go time! This is Sininen’s third time in labour, and Tap’s sixth child (!)


 Oh I’m so sorry Dila, is labouring Sininen making too much noise for you?! XD


 And here’s number 6! Another bluey with brown hair like mummy and Dila, but with daddy and grandma Eloise’s dark blue eyes. Interesting, and very cute. BUT- what’s in your nappy, kid?! I have regrets


 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo D: Another girl. That gives us girls (Preeti, Iccha, Dila and new baby) and just one boy (Mutu). Wow. Welcome to the world, Vasanak- wish I could say you were really wanted stupid riskywoohoo baby


 Phillip does a good job of pretending to be pleased by baby girls. Or maybe he’s just a sweet grandpa.


 Whilst Sininen was calming down after the birth, Tap grabbed Dila to start potty training. It’s so much easier when they’re pottytrained.

And this is where we leave the legacy house for now! Please let me know what you think I should do concerning the heir situation- we only have one potential heir, Mutu, and he’s had to be saved twice this chapter ALONE from the grim reaper. Leaving it as it is would be quite risky, but we have five children in the house as it is; I’m loathe to risk even more baby girls. Do leave a comment with your opinion!


 Let’s have some gratuitous gen 1 spare catchups shall we? Starting with Soymek here, Tapmak’s younger alien brother. He currently lives with his partner Trucy and their triplets.


 Soy is, unfortunately, a raging romance sim and not particularly loyal. One of his finest moments to date in fact is hitting on Sininen’s mother here D:


 Dog: Imma skedaddle.

Yes, not his finest hour at all.


 Soy still has the habit of sharing the bed romantically and platonically inappropriately. E.g., crawling into bed with his little sister.


 Soymek’s triplets had their teen birthday- from left to right: Cuphere, Piara (both inheriting grandpa Phillip’s green eyes) and Kukura (inheriting Soy’s alien eyes and skin).


 Sevim’s second son Bhakti also had his teen birthday, and he’s the (blonde alien) spit of his dad :).


 As for the girl gen 1 spares, Suyuu (Soymek’s twin) and youngest Savma are getting on very well.


 Clearly Phillip did not teach his children about contraception, because Savma and her husband Auberon had ANOTHER oops pregnancy. Pretty much straight after Savma gave birth to Yauna (see last chapter). They don’t have a lot of money but I dare say they’ll survive, even with two babies to raise.


 Yauna had her toddler birthday shortly before the new baby arrived. I changed her hair, but she did fairly well avoiding her dad’s… interesting features!


 Savma’s second baby is called Sneh (look, I’m running out of options okay?) and inherited his mum’s brown hair and his dad’s grey eyes.

And that is it! Join me next time to see whether I decide to risk having more female babies D: I’ve also recently switched to using a different family tree maker


Began the legacy: 0.5

First gen born: 0.5

Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5

Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 

Phillip’s portrait: 0.5

Burglar grave one: 0.5

Burglar grave two: 0.5

Eloise’s breakdown: -1

Second gen born 0.5

Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1

Eloise’s grave 0.5

Running total: 3.5

Pet breed strength: 1.5


 Gives a new meaning to the word ‘plantsim’.
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