Chapter 2.5

Same, Preeti.
Hello! Welcome to update 2.5 of The L’Amour Legacy! Last time, A LOT happened. From the eldest member to the youngest: Philip became an elder, wife Eloise DIED (at age 55, RIP), Tap birthed plantsim child Iccha (another girl, unfortunately!), Preeti became a teenager and Havas a child. Whew.
Sininen: ‘Doesn’t time fly?’
Far too fast for Phillip, apparently.
Super fans of this legacy and plain weirdos might remember that first gen cousin Prem here is the same age as Preeti, meaning he also became a teenager- here he is in the classic L’Amour tank top. Sevim’s (Tap’s older brother) family is doing well, by the way- Prem and Preeti remain good friends. We might see them around at some point.
And here’s the family tree, which is getting increasingly difficult to make sense of, the bigger it gets. In the legay house we have Phillip, Tap, Tap’s wife Sininen and children Preeti, Havas, Mutu (Tap’s alien offspring) and Iccha.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Preeti has been the queen of funny expressions in her childhood and you’ll be glad to know that this doesn’t seem to be over now that she’s a teen XD
We start this chapter with the very boring announcement that the purchase of the day is this light fixture in the long (incomplete) room at the back of the house. When everyone wakes up the next morning, let’s see what we have in store for us…
New teen Preeti is proving very useful to have around the house, especially now that Phillip is a less useful elder. (Sorry, Phil).
While I attempt to get some pet skills points in this legacy, Tap continues the toddler-training theme of the last update.
Tap: ‘Just say ‘bottle’ when you’re hungry, Mutu. There’s no need to scream the place down.’
Woo! I thought it would also be a good idea to get Rudy working and earn some simoleans that way. We don’t have Phillip’s income anymore, after all…
Dude, she’s DEAD! Stop reminding us all!
Tap: ‘I don’t know what this object is because I never had one either, but say, ‘highchair’!!
0_0 Maybe we should get a highchair, if there’s going to be another bubba around here?
I felt that Iccha was getting ignored a bit, so I got her older sister to have some bonding time with her.
Aww. I hope Iccha gets more interesting when she’s a kid D:
Such a wholesome picture…. until you see the fire D: I think it was just a tree fire, but I guess we’ll see…
The day continued without much drama until 6pm hit and it was Mutu’s time to jump into childhood, yay!
Is… is that a bit of fire above his head? Lol, what’s going on here…
Ooh, crafty cupcake Mutu! That’s cute and all, but it doesn’t really fit with the L’Amour theme I’m afraid, Mutu.
‘I made it out of nappies!!’
Here’s Mutu all L’Amour’d up ready for some hard work in the garden. Isn’t he a sweetie?
As soon as the last child is done with nappies, the next is on the way. Never fear! You might be wondering why I decided to get Sininen knocked up again with two potential heirs alive and kicking, and that’s a good question. I thought it would be nice to have three options like last time, with more than one being the offspring of Sininen. She works so hard that it would be kind of sad if the legacy had little chance of continuing with her blood.
That evening, Sininen needed to take it easy so I got Havas to work the crops, who finally earned his bronze gardening badge!
Auntie Savma came over, which was cute. I guess she’s making the most of her family after her horrible nightmare
With Sininen’s latest news, a toddler toy box seemed a very prudent choice for the purchase of the day.
Eloise wasted no time at all before haunting the house- really nice, that.
She very dramatically re-enacted her *second* death but didn’t frighten anyone. We’ll just let her get on with it…
Meanwhile, Havas was asleep on the outside sofa, for some reaon (we have enough beds!!) and Mutu was… petting him to sleep? That’s what it looks like at least…
These two seem to have had a good night’s sleep at least!
And hopefully Sininen too, because it’s already baby time! And here I thought this would be a completely peaceful, relaxing weekend for the family.
‘Thank god it’s her turn again.’
‘Pleeeease let this be the third and final time!’
Well, you’d better give me a boy then, Sininen! Then you can definitely stop 🙂
Here we gooooo
Aww, it’s a bluey!
Baby number 3 for Sininen looks just like her. Hopefully they don’t share a sex…
DANG IT! That’s two babies I’d hoped would be boys. *sigh* Looks like I’ll have to deal with having only two potential heirs- that could definitely be worse. Anyway, I called this little Sininen lookalike Dila.
Welcome to the craziness, small one!
You all look a bit too happy to have a girl baby, imo.
But I’m still a sucker for TS2 babies and already really like Dila. I just can’t help it!
Is…. is that the same fire as earlier? It’s super weird that no one cares about it lol.
Grandpa Phillip with his son and youngest grandchild!
I’m reeeeally trying hard to make sure Iccha is not forgotten D: I have a kids/teen plantsim mod, so she’ll be interesting by virtue of being the first plantsim kid I guess! (If it works…)
We’re actually leaving the legacy house now because there is much more news to report from the extended family. But first, here’s Preeti being plagued by wolves even away from the main house.
And ignoring the friend who took her home from school. You might remember this guy as one of the twins spare Sevim had to live with during college, when he was a toddler. Fun times. Don’t they grow up fast?!
Anyway, speaking of college: youngest gen 1 spare Savma is just finishing up her senior year in college- I know, I can’t believe it either. She shares her dorm with a couple of my simself’s children, Phoenix Wright’s son Apollo and the rich kid she’s been friends with for a while.
Her big news aside from managing to survive college is that she fell in love! This *ahem* older dude is Auberon Le Petite, who was sort of friendly with Suyuu a while back. I think he’s a pleasure sim, or popularity or something XD The two of them got on like a house on fire!
So much so that Auberon got down on one knee.
Savma is one happy lady!
And so is our Suyuu! My simself’s son Timothy (a year younger than Savma) also couldn’t wait to put a ring on it. But this is old news if you’ve read my Suyuu halloween story 😉
The make a sweet couple- I think Tim is a fortune sim (and Suyuu is pop).
Anyway, whilst Tim here has another year to wait before becoming a full adult and leaving college, it *was* time for Savma to grow up and move on! And the outfit she chose to grow into was…
….her recent late mother’s outfit. Big oof.
I quickly got her the heck out of that depressing dress and into something more Savma-like. She didn’t have a lot of money, therefore the only choice for accommodation was an apartment. She was deeefinitely not moving back into the main house.
On her *first night* in the block of flats, Auberon came over and made the situation a lot more difficult.
Sooooo, I moved in old Auberon and all his money, and then the two could afford a house. Phew.
Don’t ask me why the taxi driver is so drunk they have to drive on the pavement.
Savma is still happy despite this slight change of plan. She’s got a house with her lovely fiancee 🙂
The two reeeally didn’t have long before the baby arrived, and I do like to have matching surnames 😀
And so I felt it was time for another L’Amour wedding! I tend to always hold the weddings outside where there’s room for everyone. I also invite the whole family, which in this case means a heck of a lot of people. Thank goodness Auberon has no family!
I really like Savma’s makeup <3
And I am only now realising the… extent of Auberon’s nose. Savma might be about to birth just a huge nose.
Yay, married!
Back row, left to right: Zenka (Sevim’s wife and Sininen’s older half sister), Sininen, Tap, Sevim, happy couple Auberon and Savma, Phillip, Soymek and Suyuu, Trucy (Soymek’s partner) and Tim (Suyuu’s fiance). Kids, from left to right: Prem and Bhakti (Sevim’s sons), Iccha, Preeti, Mutu, Havas and Soymek’s triplets Piara, Kukura and Cuphere.
I couldn’t end this little update without showing you the sprog a few days later, so here she is: meet Yauna 🙂 She inherited her daddy’s blonde hair, somehow, and grandpa’s green eyes. I wonder if she’ll look like Savma in any way? XD
Thank you for reading this briefer update on the L’Amours! Tune in next time for a VERY dramatic chapter in the main house, and see you soon!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave 0.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5
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