Chapter 2.4

Hi hi hi! Long time no talk, huh? I’ve had an overwhelming summer/start of autumn in my personal life and I’ve missed the L’Amours like crazy! This chapter has been half complete for ages and I’ve actually got photos for another three ish chapters, but I don’t remember what’s happened. So shall we find out together?! Let’s get started…
We’re welcomed to chapter 2.4 by a terrified Eloise being scared by a ghost. Probably one of the burglars. Last time, heir Tapmak and his wife Sininen were on toddler duty, doing their best to raise toilet-trained, walking little boys. We also welcomed the third heir of our Petacy, Dudy, and Tapmak became a plantsim 😮 The current family tree is below:
The current members of the house are founder Phillip and wife Eloise (at the top), second eldest and current heir Tapmak and his wife Sininen, and his three children Preeti, Havas and Mutu.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
*This* update is jam-packed with events and includes THREE birthdays, so get comfy and strap in for some changes in this house. First up, the total boss that is Sininen won another promotion, woo! Look at that bonus money! I didn’t take photos, but I also made sure she didn’t let top chef Jacob there leave until they were friends. Fun fact, Jacob used to be in a relationship with Sininen’s mother, long ago. But I’m not sure these two had met until now.
Er, I guess Sininen had a quick break from befriending Jacob to do this. It’s good to know these two are still hot for eachother.
UGH! This is at least the second time Rudy has peed in the bathroom. So gross. She’ll be out on her ear if she doesn’t watch it; she’s expendable now that we have our puppy heir.
New just in- the second toddler in the house, little Mutu, has been potty traaaaained! Just the adult dog to go now
The purchase of the day was the toddler table, continuing the theme from the last chapter of toddler development. I figured this was worth it seeing as we have two toddlers around.
Aaaand they loved it immediately! <3 Even if it is completely covered in snow- they’ve got to have some sore little fingers.
Poor Plant Tap (or ‘Plap’) is struggling in this winter weather. He apparently can’t get enough sun in the day time 🙁
The next morning, this happened suddenly!
The police officer came to get extremely new pup Dudy, who was apparently starving despite being stood RIGHT next to the bloody bowl!! Which is full, I checked. C’MONNN
Pets that refuse to eat are the worst D: Even so, I’ll fight to get you back, Dudy! This Petacy isn’t over yet!
She’s in the catalog! Hopefully the pound or wherever she is lets her come back to the house they just picked her up from #simslogic
HA. I really didn’t think that would be so easy. The petacy is restored!
Eldest child Preeti’s been running arond preety much doing her own thing and I haven’t shown her much, but she’s been a good older sister to Havas (and presumably Mutu as well) <3
Bhakti (Tap’s brother Sevim’s son) continues to be a lil’ stalker like in the last chapter.
Ah, here is maybe the first good photo of the baby of the family! It’s cute that Mutu got the alien ears, I feel.
I’ve packed a lot into this chapter so we will see elder Phillip and teen Preeti (Preeti actually has three days, but no matter) by the end. Doesn’t time fly?
I’ll miss Phillip’s ginger locks!
Presumably this wishing well wish was for money. I don’t have any other photos proving what this was, but they’re kind of always at least a bit strapped for cash XD
Ugh. Now this I *do* remember. Obviously the family eats a lot of fish come winter, and they all have fish in their inventories and there’s fish in the fridge, but I got this message no matter which meal I got someone to try and make. Maybe it’s time for a new fridge.
Aww! Sininen is very close with her children.
And has just successfully taught Havas how to walk!
He’s so accomplished :’)
Mutu will be next and we’ll have ourselves a very cute pair of toddling tots.
Awww, cuddles with Dudy.
So so cute.
Preeti provides us with another stunning facial expression. Please note too that it is winter, and yet Preeti is ‘way too hot’ and got sunburnt somehow. I ask you.
Wait, Mutu too? What’s going on here, there’s snow on the ground D:
Maybe Mutu’s concerted efforts to learn to walk caused him to overheat.
Purchase of the day was this fan, *purely* because of the overheating children. Needs must.
Straight in the wife’s face, unceremoniously. There have been times this summer when I was Eloise tbh.
Okay, so everyone is too hot. Something funky is going on with the weather, clearly. I think I might have forced the temperature to reset in the end but I can’t really remember.
Two more days before we meet teen Preeti and before Havas replaces her as the child of the house.
If you know what this animation means, you probably think I’m crazy.
And you would probably be right. Hear me out, though: I wanted to have three potential heirs (like last time) and four kids isn’t oooverly crazy.
Alas, it was a girl. Crud! I immediately regretted this rather rash decision now that we have another mouth to feed D: Anyway, please welcome little Iccha! XD
I already resent you, Iccha. Only kidding kind of
That evening was spent getting Havas his third toddler skill, and dad Tap apparently writing in his diary directly in Havas’ face. Talk about personal space!
Sininen: Honestly, I give up.
Tap: *Gasp!* I can’t let my toddler son, who ostensibly cannot even talk yet, read my evil-witch diary entry!
Sininen: ‘The only word you really need to know is ‘mummy”.
Yay! Havas can at least say, ‘mummy’.
And what a mummy’s boy he seems to be!
Purchase of the day was this wall light. Very exciting stuff, as always, I know.
This isn’t a skill Philip was trying to master, but master it nonetheless he did! I’m not sure why I was wasting aubergine juice on someone who’s at the top of his career- maybe his new LTW is to max out all his skills.
Preeti had a drink too, to forget what she saw here lol. No one needs to see their grandparents in that underwear!
Before I *knew* it, gen 3 heir Dudy grew up! She looks lots like Rudy but is lighter coloured. Not sure how that happened. I think she has a rather wolfy face, too.
A legacy family member is standing by the bins with an extended family member?* Something important must be happening! (No, I don’t know what happened between Phillip and Mutu -.-)
*This is Phillip’s younger sister Laska.
Don’t get too used to how your husband looks Eloise, because it’s time for him to grow up! and it only took twenty four official chapters…
Here we go!!
Awww, he looks great! That’s a pretty typical knowledge sim elder outfit haha, but that will have to change. Phillip’s probably going to spend too much of his elderhood in soil and nappies, and soiled nappies, to wear that outfit.
It had to be the red dungarees outfit. How weird is it to see him without freckles as well D:
Well, we have an elder in the house, and life moves on. Maybe the fridge was fixed by now, if I got Sininen to do some fishing XD
Another light was the purchase of the day. This long room at the back of the house needs loooots of lighting.
Iccha (who maybe I’ll take more photos of in the future if she gets more interesting…) is also keen on the toddler drawing table :’)
That night was spent without too many frights from the ghosts. Tap can hold his own where they’re concerned, anyway.
The next morning looked like a normal spring morning (no more snow or overheating, hopefully) and Tap set to work gar- wait… what????
!!! My heart did the biggest flip- whilst I wasn’t looking, Eloise freaking DIED!
I don’t even know how she died! I have a more serious illness mod and that causes lots of death, but there are no photos of her or anyone else being ill D: Poor Phillip was obviously distraught and I wasn’t ready to lose Eloise at all. Genie wish time, methinks.
Nooooo, not the red mist!
Yes, Eloise came back as a zombie, and therefore a shell of the person she used to be before death. CRUD.
Phillip: My bird seems different, somehow.
I couldnt stand seeing Eloise so sad.
I have a mod that adds healing wishes to the genie lamp and I used another one to cure Eloise of zombieism. It DID feel a little cheaty but it didn’t matter in the end… because sadly Phillip no longer has a three bolt relationship with Eloise (nor are they married), as her personality is completely wiped now.
Heirs must only marry someone who they have three bolts for, and although nothing says I have to get Phillip and Eloise remarried, and they won’t have any more children, I felt the current state of things went against the whole ethos of this legacy.
And I felt bad for this new Eloise. She isn’t happy like this. So, I did what I thought was best…
And let her motives drop before sending her outside into the hail.
I feel it’s a dignified way to go, don’t you?
It’s the kindest thing to do.
Thank you for all your hard word in getting this legacy up and running, Eloise! You did a grand job with very very little.
Rest in peace.
The family are once again very upset, of course. I did feel bad about doing this to them again.
Tap: Urgh, mum’s cadaver stinks!
Aww, Phillip 🙁
Bye, Eloise! We’ll miss you.
Oh sure, you botch the resurrection of your wife and she comes back as a zombie and is forever changed, then dies. But you still want to become a zombie too. Classic knowledge sim!
This time, it seemed to hit Phillip harder when he realised Eloise wasn’t coming back (in any life state).
Of course, Tap was also very overcome to lose his mum at a pretty young age. Maybe I should hold a funeral for Eloise so the other kids and grandchildren can come and say goodbye?
Oh well, she wasn’t gone long. That *is* an angry shade of red. I guess she’ll be haunting this bed for the rest of this legacy. God forbid I move it somewhen or something.
And the first thing the ghost of our founding spouse does? Scare the wee out of her beloved husband. I suppose it’s kind of his fault she had to go through the ordeal of becoming a zombie.
How dignified old age is. There’s nothing like wetting yourself in front of two wolves (?) and your young grandson.
It’s so sad 🙁
Havas thought now was the perfect moment to pop into childhood, however, in the vicinity of his grandfather’s wee.
Let’s meet child Havas!
Yay! He’s just as cute as toddler Havas, in my opinion.
What a punch to the gut. I’m really sorry grandma can’t come back, Havas 🙁
Post-dungaree makeover and Havas finds it very funny. Or maybe he realised that grandpa wet himself, and Havas is a jerk.
Cute as a button!
Will Preeti ever stop blessing us with her extreme facial expressions? I for one hope not.
Iccha still exists, by the way. Plantsim toddlers already have their toddler skills though, so they can just go about enjoying life and there’s not much to say about them.
I guess Preeti was asleep before, because it’s *now* time for her to pop into teenagehood.
Tap and Phillip could look a bit more excited tbh.
Newly teen Preeti decided she’s a family sim (Eloise would’ve been proud) who’s into handy brown-eyed sims who can’t draw.
Her hair didn’t suit her anymore so I changed it up and, of course, gave her the obligatory dungaree makeover. How is Preeti so… pretty? I couldn’t have planned her name better!
She’s going to break some hearts when she’s older.
No, she definitely isn’t.
I can see Sininen in that smile!
That’s it for this update, join me next time for another bunch of birthdays and to catch up with big events in the extended family’s life!

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5
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