Chapter 2.2

Hey hey hey! Welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy, where last chapter, first generation legacy heir Tapmak returned from college to take control! 🙂 It was an eventful episode, with Tap and baby mama Sin tying the knot and Sin’s tummy popping with their second bub! On top of that, that evening, Tap was unexpectedly abducted by aliens 😮 😮 I get points for alien pregnancies, so this is great news, but I was simply trying to improve his logic skill by stargazing when it happened.
So this is the current main legacy household! Youngest gen 1 child Savma (far left) is still knocking around but is soon off to uni, and we have founding couple Phillip and Eloise, then gen 1 heir Tapmak, wife Sininen and their daughter Preeti. Sininen’s now progressing in her pregnancy with their second child very nicely, and Tap could be pregnant with their third(!) What a jump on gen 2…
And here’s your updated family tree, showing the gen 1 spares and their families, if you’re interested in that.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
We start off the chapter offering solidarity to Savma, who seems stuck to that sofa watching her older brother fumbling around. Thinking about him. Moving on…
This is better, bonding with her little niece.
Aww. It’s belly rubbing time for our happy newlyweds.
‘Hello little baby! Be a good little baby and be a boy for our heir purposes!’
Fingers crossed…
Purchase of the day is this outside-outside toilet. Because there’s already one outside toilet.
After the belly-rubbing, they fell back into bed and cuddled until morning. This is one of the best animations, isn’t it? :’) It looks like Tap might be elbowing baby number 2 though.
Woo! We all know that frantic wave for help.
‘Heyy! Something feels very weird over here!’
Woop! I hadn’t planned on having two babies/toddlers around at the same time, but it’s exciting when these things are taken out of your hands and surprises happen. Maybe we’ll get two boys and the legacy will be safe!
Why is he standing like that in his mum and dad’s room? Hmm.
🙁 Someone didn’t tell Sininen about the nature of this legacy, but she’ll get over it. 🙁
Now that Phillip isn’t at work very much (he works one day a week), he got to drive Savma and Preeti it school the next morning. In his pyjamas. I guess he’s giving his pregnant son and daughter in law a lie in!
Aw, see! She’s come around already. These two will have an easier time of it compared to the founding couple, they don’t need to worry too much. We even have some cots left, and potties!
Bump buddies!
In the last chapter, we said goodbye to the pig-dog Pinky, because she wasn’t getting along with our current Petacy heir Dooty (and she was a big pain). Eloise is the top stray-attractor, and this pup is called Rudy (I think!) I moved her in, crossing my fingers for more success with Dooty. That tail would definitely be cute in the Petacy genes!
Urgh, why?! This is not a good start!
Sininen is still working in the culinary career, and is doing well despite being ready to pop.
Really ready! Wooo!! I’m so excited to meet the new baby! Preeti is around seven, so it’s about time for another bib bub.
Wow, it seems a lot of people are excited. I feel bad for Preeti’s friend D: She anticipated a fun playdate, not witnessing labour.
‘Haha… ha… *I* have to do that?!’
Here we goooo! Sin’s labouring in the classic birthing spot on the lot XD
Eloise: ‘Why aren’t I the one giving birth?!’
This woman will never get over not having babies anymore, even though she can be a second mother to this very baby, and has several grandchildren… family sims are crazy.
Get hyyyped….
It’s a ginger?! 😮
Awwwwww :’) A baby with mummy’s eyes and the hair colour of its grandfathers?! Love it!
*and* it’s a boy. Well done, Sin. Well done. I really can’t believe he’s a red head. I thought it would be brunettes from now on in this legacy. I guess grandpa Phillip and grandpa Stranac’s genes are strong!
Savma gives a great welcome to new tiny baby Havas, a potential gen 2 heir (!)
We had a sweet moment when the female members of the family surrounded Sin and the baby.
Tap: ‘Are you sure he’s mine?’ Lol.
The L’Amour family members started a game of pass the baby.
N’awww. Lovely genes.
The first baby born in this gen on the legacy lot!
Pass to grandma, with Rudy looking on…
Pass to grandpa! Wouldn’t it be cute if the second gen heir looked more like the founder than the first gen heir? XD
Everyone just passed the baby around for a few hours until the game informed me they only have one more day to enjoy pass the baby, and that there’s only one day until Savma’s flying the nest!
We were informed as well that Diddy, Dettypig’s father, passed away. I’m sure he’d be happy to know his offspring is living it large in a stinky doghouse. What a sad shot. RIP Diddy.
This is Diddy when he joined the famalam a long time ago. He was an elder here, so he lived to a *very* good age aha.
Little baby Havas gets his own cot! The *luxury*!
Errr. Right. Thanks, story progression!
Awwwww. I love his little jewel eyes.
Do you want to hold the baby further away from your body, Tap? Baby number 3 is taking up space, people!
Havas even gets his own baby changing station!
But it won’t be his own for long because our surprise alien bub is on its way to join us! It should be here in time before the end of this play session 🙂
But before then, doggy party in the toilet! Gotta love that Rudy is getting on with elderly Dettypig and not heir Dooty -.- It can be so hard to breed dogs.
Our post-partum Sininen is back off to work; no rest for the wicked!
Tap is getting huuuge, bless him!
And he’s living the high life eating his locally caught rainbow trout. Phwoar! Although, that dish has a few mushrooms and scraps of *something* green, but there’s not much else apart from fish is there?
Wah!! It’s baby 3 time!
I never thought there’d be two (non twin) babies born in the same chapter in this series.
Ahh, hurry Sin!! It’s baby time again! Oh and congrats on the promotion (isn’t she a boss?!)
Lol, that one bit of plain wall is super annoying haha. Hopefully I papered that bit since this picture was taken. Anyway, clearly, all of the fam was very concerned during Tap’s labour, including the friend Savma brought back from school (her last day!)
‘..err.. I don’t know about this…’
You’ve got this, Tap!!
He did watch his own father give birth (as a toddler though aha), so this shouldn’t be *too* concerning…
Weee! The alien birth cutscene is sweet. It implies Tap gets a caesarean, I notice (I mean, how else would it get out tbh…)
Little bub!
Wouldn’t it be cute if alien babies always floated around?
You’re a dad again, Tapmak!!
All together now… ‘awwwwww!’
C’mon Tap, the baby is just like other babies, I promise!
That’s better :’)
Annnd it’s another boy! SCORE! I’ve named baby number 3 Mutu, which I think suits him. Clearly, he has his alien skin and eyes, and he’s inherited brown hair from both human and alien (I think) parents.
Two babies! Help meee
Everyone: ‘Nooboo!’
This is quite a blue generation, isn’t it?
‘Another baby bro!’
It’s a good thing Savma’s off to college in a few hours because we are going to need some space!
But before the fam waves goodbye, Preeti achieved her silver gardening badge! She is the main one I get to garden these days, so I suppose it isn’t a surprise. But good job, Preeti!
It is time, people! The baby of gen 1 is about to fly away (and lose those zits, poor lass).
Oh I am ready!
For the beady eyed among you, Savma’s aging got a bit messed up with story progression, which is why her bar is empty. We all know she hasn’t just aged into a teen haha.
Good to see the whole family turn up to say goodbye -.-
Have a blast, Savma! Thanks for all your help on the legacy lot <3
I waited for someone to naturally chuck Havas into toddlerhood, which was in the night.
Here he is!! Indeed, Havas is all over, face structure wise. I had to give him the same hairstyle as Tap, I couldn’t resist :O What a cute blend of his parents (plus the ginger ofc!)
Wheee, he’s so sweet!
Eloise. You just got a new grandchild! How greedy can you get…. She has four already!
I think that’s about enough excitement for one chapter, but have some late night shots of Phillip dropping off Savma at her halls.
Ready to lose those spots, Sav? You deserve it!
!! Much tall, very wow
Savma got a dye job! I don’t like it though lol. I’ll give her some more college-appropriate clothes too, and I’ll be sure to take pertinent pictures of her time at uni 🙂
Imagine Phillip’s emotions :’)
It’s as if he’s got no children or grandchilren at home haha… ha. He’ll have full-on dad/grandpa responsibilities until the day he drops.
‘What have I done?!’

So thanks for joining me for chapter 2.2! As always, leave a comment if you wish and I’ll see you soon!

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1
Absolutely no caption needed.
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