Chapter 19: The adventure comes to an end

Well, here we are! The final term of the college adventures. We join, of course, our three seniors plus Kimyona’s family.
Laska has continued to do well academically but picked up a serious skin condition last term when her… boyfriend?… gave her a dose of lycanthropy (and I messed with the relevant mods). She also got another type of dose pregnant over the summer. She’s due to give birth to Greg’s half-sibling this term.
Kimyona is the family sim who never seems to roll wants for her daughter or studying. She is only scraping by in college, unsurprisingly.
Finally, Sopresa is a calculating fortune sim who has done pretty well in college. This has been helped by the fact I remembered you could steal other sims’ skill points with the simvac. Sopresa likes to maintain her bad rep, so this study method is ideal.
The first thing on the agenda this term is Trufla’s toddler birthday! We’ve done a whole year of college-with-a-baby. Crazy!
Kim and Greg invited their families over, and apparently Silvertop was here too.
Get ready to lose the nappy, Trufla!
I guess she wanted daddy to do it.
Those teeth don’t suit anyone, to be fair. I think a little makeover is in order…
When she has her mouth closed, she’s sweet-looking. It looks like she got none of her mum’s genetics.
Seeing as her Pisces parents have very similar personalities, Trufla’s was no surprise. Except for that single outgoing point. I’m going to have a shrinking violet on my hands I think.
Snuggles with mummy <3
And with Auntie Sopresa!
It seems to be hit and miss as to whether a toddler can get out of their own crib (with the mod) in my game, but I was glad to see Trufla was one of the smart ones.
Kim has been wanting an instrument for a while now. I thought she deserves one as the house hasn’t had one at all so far.
‘Arggh, why did you choose the drums?!’
…has Sopresa only just realised that Aleyn’s a stalker?
Anyway, as term progresses, Kim invites awesomely-named Ferdinando Browne in for Sopresa to siphon skills out of.
‘Look over there! No, not at the chanting Gerbit or the cute girl who just greeted you!’
Whoops. I guess she lost a skill point but I didn’t spot which.
Let’s try and limit the volume of pizzas this term, eh? Not that I blame preggers Laska, of course.
‘And what do you want to be when you grow up, little girl?’
‘Guhbih mascoh!’
Laska wanted some love and Sopresa still needed some skill points, so I invited Miles over for the evening.
‘Do you know how many calories are in just one slice of pizza?! Drop and give me fifty!’
DUDE, she’s pregnant! Poor, poor Laska…
Meanwhile- the house doesn’t have any baths, so I just stuck one outside. Privacy? What’s that?
Hmmm, *two* skill points resources!
Miles here actually did something good and gave Sopresa the final skill point she needed to get an A+ for this term. He also spared the cow a skill-sucking, I guess.
Syndod: ‘Laska, you transforming into a werewolf in the corner of our room isn’t really doing it for us.’
Kim I imagine said something much ruder- they still don’t get along.
Looooool. This is Miles’ werewolfy running away from the simvac (I thought Sopresa could use another enemy. And skill points). He jazz-handed all down the living area XD
Laska seemed to get over her morning sickness this term and managed to complete her term paper in good time.
Kim, no! Save it for the graduation party!
‘WOOO! You ACE that deep sleep, girl! VOOOO LASKA!’
:'( That pouty baby face! Is Auntie Sopresa’s brick not a good enough toy?
The bucking llama might be a better bet.
…. that is quite a sight. Laska is just about ready to pop and I want her family and the dad to be here.
‘I’d be honoured to activate your servo!’
I also have a plan concerning Miles’ very late stage in life and Laska’s turn on for robots.
Who knew? Well, I’m not letting this rule scupper my servo plans. I’ve already got one non-student living here; what harm is adding a robot?
I took a quick trip back to Miles’ house and got Laska’s servo out.
‘Servo go brrbrr’
*sigh*. This wasn’t meant to be a Boaty McBoatface joke or anything. I wasn’t sure if servos took the household’s surname and wanted Edgeworth’s name to survive and… Just meet Edgey Edgeworth. Anyway, the plan is for Laska to have what should be her dream man(?) when Miles dies. He can also help with the baby and general chores back at the big L’Amour house.
The first thing newly-moved-in Edgey did was to argue with his future owner/housemate. I hope he doesn’t end up *too* much like Miles!
At the birth party (pls don’t try that at home), toddler training continues.
Here we go! Will Miles’ skintone survive in Laska’s baby? Will the neighbourhood-prominent red hair?
Yes and no- not surprising. He also shares his eye colour with half-brother Greg and niece Kay.
Meet little Manfred, the youngest and newest character in the college adventure series.
‘Hmm. Edgey obtained employment then a second nooboo was immediately born. Edgey thinks he was swindled out of higher wages.’
The proud maternal family-sim grandparents are both ecstatic at the birth of their first grandson and anxious at the serious possibility of a wolfy toddler in their house.
Sopresa: ‘Laska’s making an economic saving by only paying Edgey to look after one child!’
As I hoped, Edgey started taking care of the baby almost immediately.
Wait, where’s the baby, Edgey?!
There he is! What a talented newborn.
I love him.
Edgey has great timing, too. A few seconds later and Trufla would’ve missed her potty.
Second skill in the bank!
That face breaks my heart! We have provided acceptable toys too! 🙁
I know you weren’t hear last term, Edgey, but you should still know that indoor barbecues aren’t a good idea.
And as Edgey needs a recharge, the girls return from their *final* final exam! Kim bagged her usual C+…
Laska had a very impressive final term…
As did Sopresa. And that is all the students finished with college! This isn’t quite the end though, as we need to celebrate the graduation of these three and have a bit of a reunion. Join me soon for some reflections of these eight years and our final farewell to the college adventures 🙂
Forget Manfred, THAT is talented.
If only there were some way of telling that this machine belonged to the Greek house.
Eighth year, second term of the college adventures.
Uhh… yeah, also talented, I guess. *shivers*

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