Chapter 1.4

Welcome back to the legacy household, where Phillip and Eloise are working on raising their firstborn Sevim and developing their passions for nature and science. Whilst playing the rest of the neighbourhood, I had fun playing ‘spot the Eloise’ in the wild- apparently she has time and money to live the high life when I’m not in control.
‘Do you know what kind of hellhole I ended up living in after getting married?!’

‘…hello? Miss?’
I was greeted by Sevim upon loading the house, stinky and asleep on the pet mat. Of course. Notice he has a want to buy a tree, because he is getting into the spirit of this legacy 😉
And straight away, drama! My heart skipped a beat when I heard the dreaded burglar music and I saw Cyd Affleck creeping onto the property.
‘A dog will protect your house,’ they said. ‘It’ll be safe,’ they said.
Sevim: ‘Always wanted to be burgled,’ *gains aspiration points*.
He nicks the expensive telly, naturally. C’MON, SHOUJI! How can you just sit there?! Not even a bark.
No! This is a personal attack against the legacy, taking the telescope.
That’s all Cyd wanted and he scarpered before Phillip could get to the phone. I’d never seen the pop-up before, and I am as furious as the family will be for many many years.
Or maybe they aren’t so furious.
I bought a dog house in the case of puppy-making, but I think Sevim’s just taken it for himself.
Oof. The pet mat is one thing, but this is another level of sad.
Naughty stinky dog eats the equally stinky food.
*Pop!* Baby number 2 is on the way- another pair of hands!
A baby brother or sister for our Sev.
Betty is… half-housetrained at this point. She’ll wee on grass, is it her fault most of inside is grass?!
The first winter has officially arrived with these flecks of snow and a very cold toddler. This could be an issue, because he’ll wake everyone up with his crying if he sleeps inside. Hmm.
The purchase of the day was another telescope to replace the stolen one- and very expensive it was too.
The house is gradually growing. I don’t really have a plan because the progress is so slow lol. We’ll see how the house develops. The legacy allows the movement of furniture, so thankfully I don’t have to think about that too much!
Aww, this is quite a cute peaceful photo of all the family!
Can I ever resist taking a photo of a toddler-dog cuddle?
No, no I cannot.
Sevim indeed woke his now heavily pregnant mum up.
And it’s go time! Last time, Eloise chose to give birth by the mailbox and pond. This time, it was in our disgusting bathroom under the shower.
Here he is! It’s another boy, who I’ve named Tapmak. Like his older brother, he’s inherited his mum’s brown hair and dark blue eyes. Hopefully he’s not just a clone of Sevim *eyeroll*
Even if he is, I’m happy to have a second child in the house. Now if one of them dies, there’ll be a back up! 😀
The snow settles on the lot (and Phillip’s sister Liefde visits).
After a little looky through the telescope, I discover the next peeped upon sim is Winona Woollett. Winona is Ron (from The College Adventures)’s wife. Before his death, it was his dad. I guess Ron’s house is in a good location for everyone to spy on!
The snow starts to build up…
(That painting on the wall is a mod, I haven’t cheated! Other than… having mods ;D)
I chose Eloise to be the one to collect all the insects, which I didn’t realise you could do in the snow. Even more surprising were the bees.
What are they even attracted to in our very barren back garden?
Tapmak so far has had an alright babyhood on the floor. Too cold outside, people.
Quite a boring playthrough this time, I won’t lie! I’ve put the next one here too to compensate.
In the meantime, Sevim’s auntie got married and he got to know his cousins a little. He’s got three so far, one from each of Phillip’s siblings.
D’aww, baby Tapmak. Perhaps he’ll fare better than his brother has so far.
Or not XD He’s yet to leave that bathroom, apparently!
Sevim seems happy enough to be out of the cold on that pet mat. Purchasing an excellent bed for the adults was proven to be a good decision; they need all the energy they can get.
He’s eating dog food, he’s fine! Gosh, the high childcare expectations of this game, I tell you.
I feel like this photo sums up Eloise’s experience of this challenge so far.
Liefde left immediately after making it to an impressive best friends level with her little nephew.
Today’s purchase was a potty, in the hopes that Tapmak can be trained and therefore not be continuously crying about hygiene like Sevim. It remains to be seen how the potty can be used in deep snow, but still.
‘You know we had a burglar the other day…’
‘The police came and were like, ‘pew, pew-pew!’
‘And the burglar was like ‘I surrender!!”
‘I know that burglar wasn’t caught, you can’t fool me!’
Another set of bills, another (and final! eek) genie lamp wish. I’ve got a higher bills mod and still don’t know how bills are worked out. They don’t have much stuff but have higher bills than other households who have more. Ah well, we like a challenge!
Fun family bathroom time! <3
Because Tapmak seemed to spend all his babyhood in the bathroom, you won’t be surprised to know that he grew up in the bathroom as well.
aaaand he’s a clone of Sevim. Yay for first-born syndrome! This Aries (like Sevim and daddy) has the following personality:
8- Neat
7- Outgoing
2- Active
10- Playful
8- Nice
So, it seems he’ll be a much friendlier sim than Sevim- we shall see.
I gave him a different hairstyle and different colour dungarees so I can tell them apart lol. Hopefully they’ll roll different aspirations when they’re teens and that’ll differentiate them further.
Now there are two toddlers and no indoor bin, I am expecting the rubbish level to go way up. Eloise thankfully is a… fairly… efficient cleaner.
Sevim sat in the snow watching his younger brother being potty-trained, a life skill he hasn’t been taught.
Sevim: Am I a joke to you?
‘This is fine.’
Tapmak quickly puts me in trouble so I lead him over to the pet bowl sharpish. Thankfully neither dog has a huge appetite, so I don’t have to refill the bowl too often and there’s plenty for toddler Tappy.
No, Betty! Shouji’s bullying and lack of hygiene seems to have finally got to our pet heir, and she lost me a point, putting me on a fantastic -0.5 (I got half a point for starting the legacy).
Eloise looking a bit too happy to report her dog missing -.-
Our favourite police officer Edward (from The College Adventures) has taken Betty’s case. I’ll gain back half a point if she returns- fingers crossed.
Aww, another quite cute family pic!
:3 Shouji acts cute round the kids, sure! We’re not fooled.
‘Hopefully things will turn around for me this week.’ Well, it doesn’t hurt to hope.
Very soon, it’s Sevim’s time to age up! He’ll finally be able to help his parents around the house garden. He grows up into acceptably green clothes, but I like the dungas too much to keep this 😉
‘I have hands! I’m gonna be a bed-wetter, yay!’
I’ll leave this update here with our optimistic yet un-potty-trained eldest child Sevim. Join me in the next update for the next installment of the life of the L’Amours.
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