Chapter 1.3

Welcome back to the L’Amour household, where we join Phillip, Eloise and new toddler Sevim and his amazingly-quick-growing hair. The adults are currently tackling the bills and maximising their interests in science and nature, so Sevim will have to entertain himself.
Ah… yeah I haven’t bought a potty for Sevim. They’re aren’t essential, people! Sevim seems to know what a toilet is despite no potty training and made me feel bad that I haven’t provided for him.
To get rid of those awful bills, I got Phillip digging for treasure.
Sevim tried to help.
Then I realised I was being STUPID because the family have an unused genie lamp! One wish for wealth and their monetary problems are no more.
I know it’s not a pleasant sight, but he’s your husband, Eloise. C’mon.
Eloise managed to achieve that bronze fishing badge in the night.
Sevim makes good use out of one of my precious purchases. At least his energy level should be okay!
Unlike his hygiene. Betty can really relate to the newest member of the household. A bath is high on my wishlist.
The outside fridge has become the little cereal making station in the morning, which is quite cute.
Awwwh. Maybe his toddlerhood won’t be so terrible.
‘There, there, son. I know you’re living in filth.’
New mum Eloise has interesting nappy changing methods to say the least.
Is he still stinky?!
Urggh… Sevim’s been playing in the toilet (that explains his stinkiness) so much that he’s caused weeds to grow inside the house D:
On a more positive note, Eloise started befriending Shouji here in the hopes of our second dog adoption.
If you’ve ever wondered if the cow mascot from college retains any cow behaviour when they grow up and marry into your main neighbourhood, the answer is YES. This one at least also stalks pretty much everyone on the phone, too. Even if she has never met them before. And eats mouldy cereal, apparently.
(This is Morgan from the College Adventures).
Okay, something needs to be done about that whole area.
Vicious dog attack or mere exhaustion? The latter of course; Eloise has many chores to do on the reg.
Yay! Now here’s hoping Betty likes the look of Shouji so that we can have the first generation of the dog breed someday.
Going from university lecturer to school headmaster is an interesting career move- poor Phillip is going to be shattered! But I’m loving that bonus.
He happily heads to the garden where he snags his nature membership. Getting there!
It turns out Shouji is not very trained and tried to take down the (expensive!) bed Eloise was using D:
The second harvest of the legacy tree!
‘Hum de dum… just having a very normal toilet experience.’
Whoops… thankfully it’s not too hard to get Phillip or Eloise to grab a bottle for Sevim and leave it somewhere. Such a lucky child.
Yay, bronze all round!
My buy mode purchase of the day was this green wicker (?) bath. Both dogs and Sevim are stinky all the time, so it made sense. Here’s Betty having her first wash.
I guess Eloise couldn’t stand the weeds in the bathroom area anymore.
I’d hoped the pet mat would be shared between Betty and Sevim (and now Shouji) pretty well, but Sevim likes to crash in front of it, stopping everyone from using it! Great stuff, Sev.
The next day, Eloise nabs herself a silver gardening badge 🙂 After winter, we’ll have a much better range of vegetables to grow.
Please ignore the fact that it looks like Sevim is trapped in the bathroom bit. There is a door, but it went a bit glitchy. Anyway, LOVING that because most of the house’s floor is in fact, ground, Shouji can dig it up 🙂
The first harvest in the garden is underway before winter arrives. These pale tomatoes are okay to stock the fridge, I guess.
No… no, Shouji! The audacity to wee on the legacy flowers! This is truly unacceptable.
Look at his smug face!!
Phillip and Eloise somehow manage to find a little time for some lovin’.
And I had to use another genie wish for more bills money D: Also notice dirty Shouji in the background. Honestly, Betty is way less trouble.
Eloise and Phillip are fairly nocturnal, as is Phillip’s werewolf twin Filia, who’s come to see her fam.
Her stinky, pyjama’d fam.
He just loves chewing that bed D:
The bath quickly turned out to be a good investment- and it hasn’t broken yet! All three dependents fell asleep near or on the pet bed all nice and clean after their baths.
Ungrateful child, what’s wrong with you? You’ve had a bath, haven’t you?!
Ahh, it’s nothing daddy can’t solve.
Since the walls have slowly grown outwards, this has become the eating nook.
And this is Sevim’s when he isn’t given a bottle- whoops.
That’s better. The dogs and Sevim spend most of their dull lives out here, hanging out with each other.
… and fighting each other?!
!! So violent!
Generally in my game, pets don’t tend to get into scraps, so I’m hoping Betty will be okay.
Looool, it wasn’t even tiny Betty who lost. You go girl XD
Ooh, that’s a bit harsh though, Eloise. I guess he did start it.
Anyway, the day rolls on and chores must be done. Phillip tackles the several mounds of dirt and Eloise makes some more interesting catches. Everything was going well, until I spotted something…
NO! The flowers died so early in the legacy D: I don’t understand them at all, it’s now winter- how am I meant to water them? GUH. There goes the green thumb handicap point. I decided that I’ll still play the rest of the challenge by this handicap, however. Plants will be everywhere!
Phillip’s family members pop by every now and then, and sometimes I have time to greet them! This is Phillip’s younger sister Liefde.
She’s a family sim who therefore hopefully won’t have a problem with Sevim’s long list of basic care requests.
Cha-ching! Phillip’s discovered a… plumbob planet? We’re almost at maximum enthusiasm for science, which will hopefully become the ‘family hobby’ for the legacy.
The next morning…
‘I hope you’ve noticed that it’s not me this time’. Like butter wouldn’t melt.
o_O It’s only the scary chief wolf or whatever. Stay away, Betty!
The day’s purchase was the logic-building toddler toy. Seeing as there’ll be more kids, they have to have *some*thing. I also moved the bath to behind that wall, to give everyone a bit of privacy, damn it.
The previous day’s purchase was this bookcase- red to match, of course. Phillip’s going to be needing some skills soon to be promoted.
Yaaay, well done Eloise! Eloise doesn’t earn any points for having max enthusiasm in nature (though she would/will for science), but it’ll help with her chores.
And Phillip is doing well too, having ditched school and gone back to uni as a (more senior) professor again. Good for you, Phillip! Join us again soon for the next couple of years in the L’Amour house <3
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