Chapter 1.21

Happy Spring to you all! Welcome to chapter 1.21 of The L’Amour legacy! Looking back at chapter 20, didn’t a lot happen?! Youngest gen 1 child Savma became a right teen and got a little makeover, alien twins Soymek and Suyuu became adults and moved out of the legacy house (D’:), the house was burgled (but the thief caught, for once!) and the family adopted pig-dog Pinky. Tap is now in his last year of college after a cute year with his girlfriend/baby mama and daughter Preeti, who became a child in chapter 20.
Here’s the current family tree for your convenience, featuring the five gen 1 members Sevim, Tapmak (our heir), Suyuu and Soymek and Savma. Gen 2 so far consists of Prem and Bhakti, Sevim’s sons, and Preeti, Tapmak’s daughter. Before we catch up with Tap in his last college year and the main house, Soymek’s story is not quite over.
Avid readers of the legacy might remember that despite gaining a girfriend through his bachelorette challenge, Soy pursued young Trucy Wright (daughter of Phoenix Wright) in the last chapter here. This continued once he left the house at 18. Now, considering the antics of the other L’Amour boys, can you see where this is going?
YUP. Yet another teen pregnancy. These L’Amour boys should be ashamed! Soy has no money at all, for the record. He and Suyuu live in a rented flat together. Trucy’s family is well off though.
In an effort to see if their relationship could become a 3-bolter, I got Soymek to chug the old turn-ons and turn-offs juice. They weren’t getting anywhere with their current turn-ons.
After this improvement, Soy thought it would be a great time to kiss a woman (she’s from the bachelorette challenge, but not the winner). Minutes after impregnating another woman (girl D:). Super!
Trucy’s parents quickly rushed to her bedroom to lecture her once pop number 1 happened. Go and lecture Soymek, the *adult*, Phoenix! He’s still in your house!
Trucy got her second pop after hurriedly putting the groceries down. She’s been faring okay so far, considering she’s been missing school and all.
Once again, Soymek makes himself very at home in someone else’s bed. He’s done this in various houses, often with disapproving looks from the the house’s owners. I guess he’s already done far worse in this particular bed D:
Having nightmares about his nephew lol. You should’ve been more careful if you didn’t want your own!
Soon the day came to say hello to another little L’Amour! Trucy was enduring so much pain that her eyes glazed over. Poor girl!
But the pain subsided and Trucy welcomed a very cute wee baby girl <3 The fourth gen 2 cousin!
The baby, Cuphere, inherited Trucy’s skin (the Phoenix Wright, her grandpa’s, skin), Trucy’s black hair and grandpa Phillip’s green eyes (awwh!) Obviously I got Soymek to be present for the birth of his child.
Ahem…. childREN. Yes, poor Trucy was probably in more pain than usual because she was dealing with the birth of not one child, but three D: So please also welcome Kukura and Piara, also girls. Piara has the same skin and eyes as Cuphere but has brown hair (from her grandma, pictured holding her). Kukura also inherited this brown hair, but, clearly, Soymek’s alien purple skin and the Phoenix Wright eyes. So Soymek is the new daddy of three baby girls! And I thought he’d be off loving his free adult life as a spare.
Luckily for him, Trucy is still a teen, so she stayed living at home with the triplets. Her family had the space and money to accommodate them. Soon it was time for the girls to grow up however, and I decided one of them should live with Soymek to give him some responsibility.
Total fail at a baby birthday on the left there lol. They can be stubborn.
For the girls’ birthday party, I got the whole famalam round to meet their new relatives and celebrate with Soymek and Trucy. Here’s Savma hitting it off with Apollo, Trucy’s little brother. Way back at the beginning of the legacy, Eloise got on really well with Phoenix- seems like history is repeating itself. Maybe these two will have three lightning bolts as well?!
See! This was chapter 1 😮 Good thing Phillip soon put a ring on it.
Preeti of course made a beeline to the podium to burp and annoy all the adults.
Anyway, eventually I managed to grow all three babies up, and here they are in toddler form, with their mum’s haircut. Piara’s clearly going to be a stunner, and maybe the other two as well. I decided purple Kukura should be the one to live with her purple father, and moved her into his flat.
Ah yes, the ‘outing’ to Trucy’s house where she gave birth. Good times! And where did he get the telescope from? You’d have thought he’d had enough of telescopes from living in the legacy house.
Now that we’ve caught up with Soymek’s news, it’s time to say hello to Phillip, Eloise, Savma and the dogs at the main house. Have a snap of the house in neighbourhood view- progress is coming along, slowly and steadily as ever.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
We’re on generation 2 of the alongside dog Petacy, with Dooty as current heir (the wolf). Dettypig is getting long in the tooth, and I’m hoping pig-dog Pinky will take a shine to Dooty. We shall see.
First things first, Savma is quite the teen! She’s become good friends with rich boy Juan lately, and wants to go/sneak out with him again. I don’t see why you can’t, Sav!
‘Both my parents are *sick*?!’ *Drops axe*
Savma nearly died in the last chapter due to illness; did she pass it on to her parents? Ugh!
That night, Elvira the burglar decided to leave her gravestone for a lil’ haunt. TRY ME, Elvira!
Ugh no! This lot is nearly all grass, Pinky, can you not?! I know this carpet looks like grass but c’mon…
‘Argh! How dare I fall for a man’s charms!’
I can’t remember how this dashing prof ended up on the lot, but either way, Savma fell hard for his charm! He originally popped out of the well, but as he’s an adult I can’t see their attraction. A potential future partner for our Sav though 🙂
This rude pig. She could’ve weed in this room, look.
Ohh the ghosts are out in full force tonight, aren’t they?! Well I’m still not scared! My sims are *robust* these days 🙂
Yeah, I allowed Savma her teenage fun. She can’t just hang around adults all the time!
The purchase of the day was this sofa, which I popped outside in the would-be hallway. There’s not much space inside for much else.
! Savma had come home and gone to bed! Leave her alone :'(
She held her bladder though, so tough luck burglar ghosts. You lose!
Ohh noo. I aaaalways have dog trouble! Here’s elderly Dettypig fighting with…
….Pinky. Great. Ah well, Pinky only has to get on with Dooty and give me heir number 3.
That morning, I sent Eloise on an insect hunt. She is the resident insect catcher, and is close to catching all of the bugs. She enjoys it too- when she’s not being chased by bees.
Phillip’s been out all night at his top natural science job (earning the beeeeeg bucks) in his little fig leaf. Surely you would get changed at work
And Sav of course was at school, leaving her mum to catch bugs and tend the garden. Watch it, Sav! No need to clip your mother >.<
*inhales* ‘I really must give that girl some driving lessons.’
Just a nature-loving man enjoying some nature.
It’s a day of hard work for Eloise, because it is now spring and the new crops need to be planted post-fertiliser (I think Savma had lots of homework to do, or I’d have got her to help).
Snow?! Rude! I don’t want the crops to fail before they’ve begun properly growing -.- It’s meant to be spring!
Phillip, back in his usual dungarees now, switched careers to get some money flow into the house. Natural scientist is really high paying but he only works one day a week, and we need promotion money! I’m hoping to get his old job back before he retires though.
Whaaat! I’m not sure we’ve had a fire here before!
Elvira! Was this you, somehow? Luckily Eloise was quick with the fire extinguisher (which comes from where, I might ask?) and there was no issue.
Why should I expect the pig to be potty-trained, I guess. -.- You’d better buck your ideas up, Pinky! It looks like she did it in the same place, as well D:
The next morning, the breakfast seems to be last night’s burned spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmmm.
I made someone whip up a batch of aubergine juice for those sweet sweet skill points, which everyone consumes here outside by the little fridge. Then Savma autonomously kissed her mother, which I thought was really cute.
Phillip was promoted, kaching! And doesn’t he look delighted?! I’ve always thought that was quite an odd outfit for a headmaster- or is that a professer outfit? The latter looks more fitting XD
Somehow Savma brought home two friends from school, and these are the two lovebirds from Soymek’s bachelorette challenge. They are still clearly burning a candle for eachother – you just love to see it :’)
I then swapped Phillip’s job *again* because he had a few days off now it’s the weekend. Not that teachers really get the weekend off, but whatever. His transferable skillset meant he could jump right into being a rookie field agent!
Eloise has wanted to be in the architecure career for quite a while now, and it finally came up on the computer. You deserve a chance at a career, El!
Now we’re off to college to get Tapmak through his final year (how?!) and we are greeted by a somewhat morose looking Sininen (Tap’s girlfriend and baby mama) sobbing over some pizza. Has she become too snooty in her culinary career already that she’s looking down on pizza? I’d eat all I can if I were you, Sin, there’ll be no pizza on the legacy lot.
Why is she so grumpy?!
I got Tap a mixer thingy for the fruit that he’s been lumping around in his inventory for three years. Mmmm, mouldy!
‘Grrr I’m grumpy but you’re still cute.’
Errr. I think this is the llama mascot, making himself far too at home. Not sure if this is worse than Soymek sleeping in other people’s beds though. What do you think? He’s made the bath all grimy, which is pretty rude!
The cold from the legacy house has spread to this college lot too, so Tapmak got straight on with making some orange juice, yum! (Why is it so yellow tho)
GAH, more orange juice for you!
Leetle child Preeti looks extra leetle holding that mahoosive slice! Looks like she got the glum-pizza look from her mum XD
Awwhh. This has to be up there for best animation in this game. So so cute.
This is less cute. Has he been here all night?! Sir, please. You’ve now had a bath without permission and committed the Soymek Special. Get out.
Noooo, that’s even worse! Not Preeti’s bed! D: But things were only going to get worse…
Noo, Tap!! It’s only a cold!
Ah yes, a very ‘so-so week’, being on the brink of death.
Thaaankfully, Sininen was in bed, and not at work, or we’d have lost Tapmak for sure. She got her bum out there quickly, albeit whilst dreaming of eggs.
‘Pleeeease don’t let my partner die! I’ve got used to the idea of slumming it in an early legacy house and I’m all ready for the challenge! Don’t leave me a single mum!’
Success! Phew. I wasn’t too worried, as obvs they have a perfect relationship, but you just never know with sneaky Grim.
I’m glad that Preeti missed most the drama (her dad nearly dying, a random bloke sleeping in her bed) by being at school.
Someone fetched another pizza that evening at I enjoyed this uncomfortable moment between Sininen and one of Tap’s dormy crushes.
Preeti did her best to break the silence with her stinky slice though XD
I’m not sure we need a third stinky pizza round here, Tap! This is how you all get colds, by not drinking your orange juice D:
The next morning, these two cuties played some chess together, which Preeti seems to *love*.
And that evening, Tap finished his penultimate semester. One final push, baby! Then it’s graduation central.
And it can’t come soon enough for poor Sininen.
Preeti really rocks the ladybird look, doesn’t she? She seems to be a little nerd too, loving chess and aceing school. This will be a good foundation for living in the legacy house, where she’ll be needed to spend lots of time gardening.
The rest of the year wasn’t too eventful, except for Sininen starting a fire whilst Tapmak was cramming for his final final! So good to know that she’s in the culinary career.
Hmm, yes. I’m not sure this particular cook is the ‘real deal’.
Ooh, an outing! Don’t mind if I do, go and blow off some steam, Sininen 🙂
Ohh, I recognise that weird hostess shirt. So Sininen’s friend is, herself, in the culinary career. She’s kind of her boss then! We’d better make a good impression.
Yess, wine and dine her with champagne and lobster. You’ll be promoted in no time!
As impressed as I wanted her friend to be, it was too tempting not to attempt skipping out on the bill hehe. I always like doing this.
So how come this host doesn’t wear the funny shirt? Is this restaurant too fancy?
Anyway, we got away with not paying the bill no problem, and we headed back to the campus.
YUS, the crawling paid off! Way to go, Sininen! I’ve only got that ‘pulled the strings’ pop up once before, and it was a family member doing the pulling. I need to suck up to coworkers more often, especially since I’ve got that harder skilling mod.
These two <3 Both knackered. They work very hard!
But Tap needs to work just a little longer and finish his degree.
Spoiler alert: he bossed it! All that aubergine juice and savvy major-picking (he did software engineering) really did the trick, and he ended up with an A+, woo! Great job, Tap.
The next day was graduation party time!
Ahh! Doesn’t Tap look like Sevim in his graduation getup?
As always, I got the family round to celebrate the second L’Amour child to make it through college 🙂
…. my heart! It’s so sweet when little cousins huggle.
Cute, and funny. Looks like Kukura has Bhakti in a little headlock there.
Yeah so the huggly toddlers kind of stole the show for me at the party- they just kept on huggling!
Uncle Tap wanted in on the action. I find it hard to get my sims to keep up with all their extended family members, but it’s nice when they do.
Keeses with Preeti!
Haha, it was a roof raiser of a party in terms of toddler cuteness, for sure. (Check out Tap and Sevim’s poor relationship though 🙁 I think that’s leftover from Tap stealing Zenka away).
It looks like I forgot to take graduation photos with Tapmak and various family members, oh no! I love doing them, too 🙁 Whoops. I’ll take lots of future events, to make up for it.
With Sininen and Preeti moved out in advance of Tapmak, it was time to see his adult outfit of choice and leave this house once again.
HA! Far too fancy for the legacy house. But enjoy the suit for now, Tap!
Back to the main neighbourhood!
It’s time to plop Tapmak back in his home…
And add Sininen and Preeti too!
And here ends the founding generation’s rule in The L’Amour Legacy! Tapmak L’Amour, second eldest boy in generation 1, voted gen 1 heir, will take over in the next update: Chapter 2.1. Be there for to be part of some rather exciting and unexpected events as we embark on a whole new era of this legacy. See you soon, yay! I’m excited!
My Scoring:

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1
Also I did this before Tap graduated. Eee!
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