Chapter 1.2

Welcome back to the L’Amour Legacy! Founder Phillip has made good progress setting up his legacy so far, in that he’s found a 3-bolt wife in Eloise who is expecting their first child. Their house is… ah… getting there (even saying that is a stretch) and the flowers are still alive.
Our targets for the forseeable future are: safely deliver the first child of generation 1 and develop the science and nature hobbies. Science is Phillip’s predestined hobby and all heirs will need maximum enthusiasm in both to get the ‘family pastime’ and the ‘green thumb’ points.
Eloise is actually the one with the higher interest in nature, but Phillip will have to pull his weight in the garden/do some fishing as we’ll need food for winter.
Yes, even at her wedding party.
Great party, guys! At least the purchase of the day has an ice dispenser, that’s always fun.
More trees for the garden were also purchased (I need 10 before Phillip dies, easy peasy).
This is inside after the day’s buy and build mode purchases. The lucky owners of this house now get *some* privacy when on the toilet.
I kept the old fridge outside, not sure why. It looks like an outside freezer. The dog Jinx in the background there comes over all the time… but she’s a girl, and we looking for a boy dog, for baby dogs.
Uh-oh, it’s crowd-round-the-toilet-at-a-party-time, pregnant women style!
Who is going to be out-bumped?
And the ex-flame* is out!
*Phillip and Bitxi here had a fling at college
‘Hey, you up there! I won’t forget this.’
Sheesh, scary.
Phillip’s family all get on well so with no effort, we got a roof raiser score, woo!
Phillip takes running to the limo very seriously.
On their return, it was back to the gardening for Eloise…
… and back to stargazing and ignoring Jinx for Phillip.
Indeed, Eloise has started her insect collection.
Sidenote- I *never* opened the bug collection window via viewing it on the wall! I suppose I just never got my sims to hunt for bugs, but I thought that was cool.
It really doesn’t take long to get a bronze gardening badge!
Was this Bitxi?! Just because the floor is grass, it doesn’t make this okay, people.
Phillip is a less skilled fisher than his wife. But, enthusiastic in nature he must be, and fish in the fridge there must be.
Money in the bank there must also be. Phillip is continuing his career in science (not natural science unfortunately, which is his dream job).
When Eloise woke up later, she looked *done*. So done she didn’t seem to care if she dropped those surprisingly sticky hot dogs.
Sizzly sausages for breakfast… ahh, the outdoor life.
My heart jumped when I saw this carpool, and realised it was for Betty. I reread the rules of the ‘middle of nowhere’ handicap and there was nothing about pets not being allowed to get a carpool, however. It wouldn’t allow Eloise to take her in another car (I checked), so I guess this is okay. Though it does ruin the realism for me but whatever
Eloise is truly living her best life this fine morning.
That’s… an unfortunate friend.
Ugh, even more unfortunate now that she’s shooed a tired pregnant woman out of her bed. She was asleep and on the other side of a wall 🙁
In fact, she shooed her right to the mailbox to give birth!
It’s time for Eloise, Phillip and the unfortunate friend from work to meet baby #1!
‘Can’t a smelly dog get a moment’s peace round here?’
Generation 1 is here!
It’s a boy! He’s inherited his mum’s dominant brown hair and dark blue eyes, so no surprises there. He is skintone 1 like both his parents and he’s a cutie. What a beautiful pair.
*glitch attack* Our firstborn is called Sevim, and as he is a boy, could be the first generation’s heir. There will definitely be more children though, because Eloise’s LTW is to have three children graduate college. Plus I need lots of pairs of hands to tend the garden and do the chores.
‘Woo! Firstborn is a son!’
Not really the time, unfortunate work friend?
Buuuut, you’ve redeemed yourself as your free sample was an amazing telly.
It might feel like yesterday, game, but it was in fact, today.
Because we have no cot, Sevim was obviously dumped on the floor ready for probably a pretty grim childhood.
Now that Eloise has ejected her little parasite, she is full of beans and ready to trim the legacy tree (orange, of course)….
…catch some fish…
…and change her son.
She’s a powerhouse! There’s just time for a spot more fishing before bed. She’ll be at maximum enthusiasm in no time.
Meanwhile, Phillip is not getting any rest because of rude vampire guests. I guess it’s my bad for putting the telly in the same only room as the bed, though.
Now this felt a bit cheaty, because Phillip was born in-game and therefore had a huge start on lamp-earning, but it was actually Eloise who earned this. Presumably through her nature-loving. She’s a superstar.
Whoops, I’ve been forgetting the bills :S
HOW MUCH?! I really didn’t know how we were going to pay these bills off other than selling everything. Maybe selling the produce rather than eating it will help?
Phillip didn’t get promoted (and brought home yet another friend), so it was time to get him a better paying job.
Niiice, university guest lecturer! Apparently that’s a job that pays well in the sims.
…yes, Phillip.
Notice Eloise tending to Sevim outside in the rain. Top, top parenting.
Tending, and helping with birthday! He’s barely been a baby, but now it’s blocked toilet time!
Yay! He’s a sweetie. I like the longer hair and will be changing that, but I love that he grew up into dungarees. It’s very fitting.
Sevim is an Aries like daddy, and is equally neat, outgoing and serious as him. He is more active than both his parents, and less nice. He sounds like a bit of a prat really, doesn’t he? At least he won’t be a lazy or messy prat.
The buy mode purchase of the day had to be the pet bed. Now, Sevim and Betty can fight over who gets an okay-ish sleep! Perfect.
That’s it for this chapter, see you in the next update for a chronicle of Sevim’s awful toddlerhood 🙂
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