Chapter 1.18

Welcome to chapter 1.18 of The L’Amour Legacy! After what feels like foreeever, I’m happy to be writing another episode. To jog your memory of the story last time: our heir apparent Tapmak continued his womanising ways with blonde rainbow alien Darra whilst his daughter Preeti had her first experiene of life in the legacy house. Eldest gen 1 child Sevim finished college and became the first spare of this legacy (:’)), youngest Savma became a teen and Tapmak went off to college. As always, let’s see what the L’Amours got up to whilst playing other families first (always love seeing this). First up, founder Phillip was inappropriate with Darra (pictured). I mean, I did accept his offer. I like seeing who ends up in the group outing, okay….
Click here to browse the family tree πŸ™‚ Just hit β€˜trees’ at the top then β€˜genomap 1’ on the left.
Phillip decided to bring all three of his sisters, his wife and Stranac (I guess they are still friends from college despite Tap knocking up his teen daughter *shrugs*). What a fun night out on the town this looks like for Darra XD
And by fun night out on the town, I mean a night of inevitably watching someone fight with the pickpocketer.
‘You know who was refused a kiss? YOUR SON LOL’.
Wow, nice, Liefde! Liefde is Darra’s stepmum and Tap’s aunt (one of Phillip’s sisters) and clearly likes sharing her inside knowledge.
Despite the fight, the outing was ‘good’ enough overall that Phillip thought it appropriate to gift his sister’s family a VroomMaster 4000. Why not, I guess.
Before I delve properly into this episode of the legacy, have a family tree of the current members of the fam. As you can see, there are five members of generation 1, and 2 so far of 2 (including one cousin).
Now, let’s see Tapmak settled into college! Doesn’t his family portrait look weird with just him in it :O
I’ve turned on the cinematic cutscences for everything lately but always like to turn them on to see this college one. I like see which parent decides to see their child off :’)
N’aaw. Tap never did get rid of those angsty spots.
Well they’re about to go now, Tap- get hyped!
Hahaha Phillip’s reaction to Tap’s choice of outfit was mine to be honest. I like that he kept to blue, but really Tap? Looks like someone wanted a gap year…
So so cute. Phillip has a great relationship with all his kids, but his one with Tap, as heir apparent, will be special indeed. This is always a touching moment in the college cutscene.
And this always ruins it.
I couldn’t resist having new young adult Tapmak check out the dormie girls to see if there are any contenders for the coveted (lol joke) legacy-wife position. Tap had I think two bolts with this pretty dormie (I want to say Elizabeth…)
And some good chemistry with blonde dormie #2, who is called Joanna or something. It seems Joanna rolled gay though, so Tap will have to work extra hard to sway her if I want to see just how must chemistry they have. Because that’s how sexuality works, people.
Ahh, it’s ‘Josephine’, that’s right. He wants to take her on a date, so they have at least one bolt I’d say! (and ignore the semester progress; he is a newbie, it’s just a mod problem!)
‘As much as I’d like to keep talking to you Josephine, I need to move out.’
Yeah, I made the decision to move Tap out straight away to his own place to raise Preeti away from the dorms. I know I made Kay’s twins and Prem (Sevim’s son) put up with the dorms (or made the dormies put up with *them*) but there’s even more dormies at the moment and I just can’t πŸ™‚ Tap needs to take some sole responsibility, anyway!
I moved him into the same house Sevim was in for his senior year, because I like this little place!
Sevim’s two pizzas were still there- how disgusting XD
And here’s little Preeti! I realised I never showed her personality, so here it is: she’s a Sagittarius (yeah! The best people are Sagittarius ;)) with quite an extreme personality. Tapmak is a very nice outgoing Aries, so she must have more of her mother’s personality. I decked her out in some dungarees, L’Amour style, and she came here to live with her dad. Sininen (her mum) will turn 18 in a few years and I’ll probably move her in at that point for Tap’s last two years of college, if everything’s still good between them.
Anyway, I left Tap set up for his freshman year and continued playing the rest of the neighbourhood. Apparently always wanting to be the centre of attention, Tap showed up at Sevim’s house, bragging (?) about growing up? Idk.
He was also cute and rang his girlfriend πŸ™‚
Who was *enthralled* by their conversation.
Aww! Sap date time πŸ˜€ I directed them to the secret cooking lot, although this isn’t downtown.
*blinks* um, they quickly got down to business on the sofas there, which weirdly no-one seemed to mind.
Dear lord. Who else can’t ever look our heir in the eye again?!
After the *shenanigans*, Sininen was rolling wants to enter a cooking competition (they both love cooking) and she started whipping up a fish dish.
With great encouragement from her boyfriend :’)
Tasting time… among the contestants were Sininen, the master cook (seems fair), Tap’s aunt Filia (whose dish I don’t recognise…) and a guy literally in the culinary career.
Tap has a one-track mind.
Oh, what a surprise! NOT.
I decided to give Sininen another shot and bloody Tap decided to go up against her! *And* her aunt casually whipped out a baked alaska. GREAT.
You jammy thing, Tap. Ah well, at least *he’ll* have a good ‘won a contest’ memory.
After that culinary interlude, we return now to the main legacy household, where alien twins Soymek and Suyuu and youngest Savma remain with their parents Phillip and Eloise. The whole family are still gardening away, slowing building their house (one day, each child in this legacy might get their own room, wow!) and buying furniture.* Sevim and Tapmak have been stealing pretty much all of the limelight for the last several updates, so I tried spicing up Suyuu’s life by making her wish for love at the wishing well.
*I’m allowed two build mode things a day and one buy mode object, according to the Middle of Nowhere handicap rules.
Oh well that will definitely work. -.- She got the most well-known gay dude in the neighbourhood. You’ve done Suyuu a dirty, well!
Phillip and Eloise are still very hot for each other, which is very pleasant to see. Now they’ve got some more money in the bank from Phillip’s top promotion and fewer sims to care for, they’ve had an easier time of it lately.
Which might be why this want was triggered for Eloise! She’s never shown interest in a career before- it’s almost like she knows there are no kids to be taken away by the SoWo now and she wants a taste of the job world. Hmm. Something for me to muse on.
Last time I tried to sell our second generation petacy mate Booty off because she was causing issues (and taking up too much space) but the DUMB TOWNIE didn’t have enough money. This time Savma went with a safe bet and asked the local head vampire (who bought our generation 1 petacy mate, heehee). That’s another chunk of cash for us!
In my second attempt to give Suyuu some excitement, I had her call Sininen to sneak out with her. These two are really good friends; it’s so sweet.
There’s no chance of you getting knocked up this time, Sininen! πŸ™‚
At midnight on this fine evening… I hit perhaps the biggest milestone of this legacy so far. YES, it’s true. I BOUGHT THE EIGHTH DINING CHAIR! Wooo, a full set at last! Do I regret buying them in all different colours- perhaps! But the set is complete :’) Thank you to everyone who’s been with me every step of the way on this journey- I love you all. *sniff*
Later that night, Suyuu was ‘busted’. I love that she never changed out of her pyjamas haha. Maybe that’s what the police officer had a problem with.
Awww sweet Suyuu! Don’t cry into your sandwiches :'( Now I feel bad. You can have a quiet boring life if you really want, Suyuu. You’re nearly out of here and the weird legacy rules anyway, then you can decide what you want πŸ™‚
Our all-aubergine garden is looking very healthy thanks to Savma’s silver-badge efforts! I’m kind of surprised it took her this long to get there, to be honest.
The next day, it’s school time once again- and no children this time, so no school bus at all allowed.
Okay, now you guys are doing this on purpose. Though this looks more like Hermione and Ron rather than Harry and Ron lol.
Savma: ‘Uh Soy, you know you nearly hit that man?’
Also how differently are those two dressed?! XD Soymek don’t feel no cold, clearly!
Dooty!! Where’s your bone, you’ve never done this before πŸ™
Naughty doggo.
It was a very weird day without any of the kids around (it was like old times!) and Phillip actually had time to be phone-stalked by this townie chick offering him even more money in his career. Nice.
On the way back from school, Suyuu suffers from the same anti-gravity problem that once ailed Tap. What is it with my game and car glitches?!
Soymek brings home a female schoolfriend, oh I don’t know, *every single* day. He never fancies them though- and this one was a pleasure-loving red-head, who should’ve been right up his street!
Winter is definitely on its way- hopefully we can get all the aubergines in in time! Please enjoy this picture, signifying the start of the new season. Savma with a cold, ironically holding a bowl of the very stuff that would cure her. Get it down ya, Sav!
That’s better. No colds for us! (What will I do when family sim Eloise is gone?!)
Purchase of the day was this boring but necessary light in the bathroom. I hadn’t realised they’d all been showering in the dark until now haha.
Did someone say ‘shower’? For those who can’t remember- this is the second burglar who mysteriously met their maker on our lot after previously burgling us. Elvira here was/is the most troublesome of the two. She’s haunted us a few times since and has spooked most of the family by now.
The next day was a Saturday- plenty of time to make Suyuu more interesting! (ha….) Wishing well wish #2 is underway…
Oh for god’s sake, not him again!
Although, he does prove useful.
Really, Sininen? Suyuu just sneaked out with you, AND got busted for it. I’m sorry if she’s not desparate (or even allowed) to meet up with you quite yet.
This photo is where we end our little catch-up with the main household. Sorry not a lot happened :/ If anyone has any suggestions of any organic ways I could prompt either of the twins into something interesting, let me know! At least they’re cute eh.
So, now onto Tap (and Preeti’s!) first year at college. When I got back to the lot, this pop-up kindly advised me that my party score was at disaster. What party, you ask? Apparently, Sevim’s graduation party from when he lived here! The timer seemed to just freeze and then start again at this point. Very odd.
Tapmak even changed into a toga XD What do you think is happening here, Tap?
Our heir is doing pretty well aspiration-wise, so I thought it prudent to get the super brainy toddler milk stuff for Preeti. It’s an ideal time and place for her to skill, if Tapmak can manage his skilling as well.
Zing! Go get em, Preeti!
Oh, ‘no one’ was having fun , eh? I beg to disagree, Tapmak is currently laughing his head off. And there aren’t even any guests. SO THERE.
Oh, now someone shows up.
‘… give me a ‘T’! Give me an ‘I’! Gooooooo Preeti!’
As annoying as the cheerleaders are, it might be quite nice to have one cheering you on as you learn to walk.
Clever Preeti bags undoubtedly most important toddler skill.
And Tapmak begins his quest of dating the two blonde dormies from halls. Look how unimpressed he is at Josephine’s rejection. I mean, you are taken, Tap. You are trying to have your cake and eat it too.
‘…give me a ‘g’! Whaaaat do you get?! ‘MUG!”
Rude, he’s got lectures, lady! I’ve never seen this pop-up before :O How there are still new things in this game is totally beyond me.
Anyway, the fussy nanny came over and did an alright job looking after Preeti when Tap was at his lecture.
He got a little phonecall on his return (please not that he went to his lecture still wearing a toga) from his cousin Marcia. Tap apparently did NOT want to hear from her.
Until she said this! Let’s gooooo, fresherrrrrs (though Marcia is beyond college age but whatever)
‘WAAAAAH DON’T LEAVE MEEEE!’ :'( You’ll be fine with the fussy nanny, Preeti!
Or maybe two fussy nannies?! She’ll want for nothing.
Just before Tapmak left, one of his professors came round and immediately went into Preeti’s room and starting interacting with her. Oo-kay? (Run to your night out whilst Preeti’s distracted, Tap!)
I chose whatever this place in downtown is called. It was totally dead, as you can see.
So who has cousin Marcia brought along for Tap’s first uni night out? She brought this townie, who’s been knocking around my neighbourhood probably since the beginning…
*and his three aunts* >.< They sure get out and about, don’t they! This isn’t supposed to be a family affair, people.
‘What are my hobbies? Well, mostly potty training at the moment.’
Townie: ‘FAScinating!’
‘Hey, so you know my girlfriend and mother of my child? She got a D at school! Hahahaha!’
Tap’s meant to be a nice sim -.-
With the arrival of a few more townies, the club was a bit more lively. Sadly the only person available and interested in Tap was the gentleman in the middle.
Tap socialised with his fam and then decided to go home when the evil witch arrived. It’s *always* time to go home when the evil witch arrives.
Everybody out!
HA. So two nannies were sent, but thankfully two different ones. They had the same wee schedule, clearly. #nannyweetime
Tap was pretty shattered after a busy day of lectures, bringing up his daughter and heading to the club, so I put him to bed and hoped the others would just leave.
Nope! The casual outing just went on and on, and Preeti even joined in when she woke up πŸ˜›
Filia: ‘Nice getting chundered on sis!’
It’s not a night out if no one voms.
In an attempt to run into Josephine or Elizabeth and to simply make friends, Tap headed to the coffee shop the next day.
It would be cool to get him into the secret society, but no one was entertaining his attempts at conversations πŸ™
Welp, another way you know it’s time to go? Mr. Pickpocket.
Tap actually had more luck back at home with the ladies. Nora here (gotta be a posh horse girl with that outfit) turned up and they got on like a house on fire!
As did she and Preeti. I think Nora is a family sim- even more surprising that she and Tap get on.
In his third attempt to be generally social, Tap ordered some chinese food and hosted a party. I love how long each chinese box lasts in this game, it’s very good at filling up hunger bars!
It fills up hunger bars maybe a bit *too* much.
I invited the fam over so they could bond with Preeti (and in some cases, with Tap. They don’t all have good relationships with each other…)
Awwwww. Grandma Eloise tucking in little Preeti.
The party was mostly wholesome family bonding time, then it was Preeti’s bedtime. Anyone else never buy baths until you get a toddler or dog? I often don’t plan space for one and end up putting it outside when a toddler comes along XD
All that aubergine juice at home meant Tap barely had to study this term to pass with an A+! Man, I wish aubergine juice worked like that in real life, it’s one of my fave veggies. Le sigh.
In his second term, Nora *kept on* showing up. As did the cheerleader.
Their flame continued to burn and Tap forgot about the two blonde dormies.
You don’t need a nanny for a quick trip to campus for a pizza, people! Spread the word.
Yeah, okay so… he *did* forget about the blonde dormies.. until he rolled a want to go on a date with Elizabeth. So go on a date with Elizabeth he did.
They got on well, but the atmosphere wasn’t quite there to make the date romantic or flirty. I’m not sure why- it couldn’t possibly be Nora sitting and watching. Nah.
Woah, she’s smitten!
I don’t even know who this is, but at some point during all this, this absolute slattern decides to get her eight hours in Tap’s bed, in her underwear. College life, I guess?
And with a random girl in his bed, Tap completed his freshman year of college! From the looks of his skills, he looks set to be alright next term, so maybe we’ll get somewhere with Elizabeth, or even Josephine? Join me very soon to see if we can get Tap all the dates he desires and maybe into the secret society as well! Next time at the legacy household, the twins have their penultimate year at home before college, and Phillip and Eloise are made grandparents for the third time :O Make sure you come along and see who had a baby! See you soon!
‘One of my family’s dogs…. they got *beaten up*… by another of my family’s dogs.’
There’s being close as sisters, and then there’s this.
My eyes!
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