Chapter 1.17

Hello and welcome back to the L’Amour Legacy! Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is this sort of picture: a who’s who for you, as I know it’s hard to remember. So, a quick rundown: Phillip is our legacy founder with Eloise as his wife, then generation one children from oldest to youngest: Sevim, Tapmak, Soymek + Suyuu and Savma, and generation two children Prem (Sevim’s son) and Preeti (Tapmak’s daughter). Sevim, Prem and Preeti are not currently living in the house.
Click here to browse the family tree🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
In the last update, our heir Tap continued wooing the girls of the neighbourhood, I fed the kids lots of smoothie, our second Petacy heir Dooty grew up and Phillip finally fulfilled his LTW, yay! Over at college, Sevim and his girlfriend Zenka got through their junior year and celebrated Prem’s toddler birthday. In the Sap Chap, I told the acute story of the conception and birth of Preeti, the second generation 2 child of this legacy. As a girl, she won’t be up for second generation heir, but will certainly be around as daughter of generation one heir Tapmak. Speaking of Tap, this is his final half-year in the legacy house before college! then maybe Suyuu and Soymek will get a look in.
Between playthroughs, Tapmak fell under the charm of the nastier of the two rainbow twins, Darra (who is a romance teen and has been trying to get with Tapmak for a little while).
I love how her twin is so used to this behaviour from her sister. In the background is the twins’ stepmum Liefde, who is Phillip’s younger sister, and therefore Tap’s aunt. A little weird, yes. Tap’s slept in a bed with his naked mum though, so tbh it’s not that bad for him…
Yeah, Tap’s not really being a hands-on new dad right now.
Things between these two escalated quickly, despite them only having one bolt (I think).
I think Tap is the only one Darra is attracted to, explaining her enthusiasm for him.
Darra is also friends with Soymek, and the two bring each other back from school every now and again. This is the second time Soy has gone to sleep in someone else’s house. In this case, in the bed of his cousin (Liefde’s daughter). Nice work Soymek.
Anyway, that was about it for juicy between-playthrough tidbits, so we’re back with Sevim for his final year of college! The dorms are *busy* now, so I decided it would be a good idea for him, Zenka, Prem, good friend (and fling?!) Kay and her twins to move into a little house for a less hectic final year.
So that’s what I’m doing!
C’mon Byrne. This is no place to fall asleep. Better things are coming, young one.
And just like that, the three new seniors crept off in the middle of the night, some of them in their jammies.
I forget why the toddlers didn’t show up in this portrait, but rest assured they made it safely to the new house!
It’s nothing special, but it has two bedrooms and that is all I need to get through this final year.
Hm, mabye I had to cheat the toddlers here? I can’t remember. Anyway, this is the layout of the house- ideal I think to battle on in and get college *done*.
This is the layout after I added a room for the toddlers and bought the students better beds (a priority of mine).
They’ve wanted to join a Greek house for a while, and would you look at those wants?!
Study time for Kay and Sev!
Zenka doesn’t need more skills thanks mostly to the skill-sucking she did before Prem was born.
Prem: Sweet, I joined a Greek house. #youngestmemberever
This is Prem’s personality, by the way! An Aries, like his dad, and a big meanie.
Learning to walk!
As Prem is getting nurtured… Not the best place to fall asleep, Byrne. I guess he’s become accustomed to haveing a bad toddlerhood.
The size of that gob, yeesh!
Prem: *severe unnatural head turn* What did you say, cow?
That’s your grandma Prem, be polite!
I gave Sevim a new Phillipy haircut (the one that was featured in the first photo, shhh). He’s not afraid of staring down his mother in law on the computer. I guess he needs to study!
Due to the lack of computer access, Sevim decided to do some more wooing Kay on the side. Is this becoming a polyamorous situation?
Aw. Zenka’s still number one I reckon.
I invited the dorm bunch over for a little get together, and poor Manfred hasn’t learned from helping to take care of Kay’s toddlers, clearly.
Zenka: Ha. Amateur.
Haha Prem looks so apologetic.
Prem: ‘Sorry Manfwed!’
Someone’s feeling *very* happy about being potty trained. And you know what? He *should*. It’s a luxury his father never knew. Prem has really lucked out in this situation.
No lullabys please, you two!
Despite the many many (many) pizzas of The College Adventures (another of my stories) I almost forgot Greek house members randomly fetch pizza. Doesn’t it look pretty good, too?
!! Those cuuuties, jiving away. Byrne is killing it.
Snuggly Senka.
After what felt like the longest toddlerhood of all time, it was time for Byrne and Faraday (Kay’s alien toddlers) to grow up. I invited a mixture of friends and family over to celebrate.
Bye, little Byrne!
And hello, kid Byrne! Immediately, I fell in love with him. Ridiculous orange onesie? Check. Smashing face into cake? Check. He’s fantastic.
Faraday’s turn…
She’s going to be stunning when she grows up! I’d hoped to keep her hairstyle but I don’t like it on her as a child. I changed it to something else, as you’ll see later (I’m so great with photos, I know).
Trufla the family sim who was struggling with her aspiraion and got expelled a few updates ago, chose *now* to dote on Prem. She could’ve done this before and felt at least a little fulfilled, but nooo.
Oddly, after being expelled, she met and is now dating a professor, after initially going to college to meet Mr. Right. Life is funny.
Oh bless Byrne. Thinking of himself whilst wetting himself at a party next to the toilet wearing *that*. What an ICON.
It’s okay, Byrne, really. No one will know it was you (and how did it not get absorbed by that onsie?!)
A sims 2 first for me- Zenka rolled wants to influence another sim to flirt and kiss someone- never seen those wants before! Clearly she wanted to make Johnny’s life a bit more interesting.
Sadly, it was hers that was getting interesting- Sevim and Kay snuck off to boost the party score and apparently this time, Zenka wasn’t having it 🙁 I don’t know what was different about this time, them flaunting their fling in front of others, maybe?
:'( :'( I guess Kay won’t be living with them in some sort of commune after college.
Despite the drama of the birthday party, the three students passed their first semester- and Sevim did really well for a change! He’s finally getting used to college, right before leaving XD
Sevim knows he has to make things work with Zenka (if only for a simple family tree in the future) and asked Kay to just be friends. Their chemistry isn’t even that high and I don’t really understand their relationship anyway to be honest.
Here’s Faraday modelling her (still curly) hairstyle with her schoolfriend. Isn’t it good of the school bus to drive all the way out to the college campus to pick the twins up?!
Sevim brought back more pizza!
Skilling is going well…
As is the studying! Prem looks ready to disturb them at any second haha. Get those hours in whilst you can!
Zenka doesn’t really hate Sevim for what happened, but she definitely hates Kay. Or maybe the cheerleader and mascot encouraged her to attack Kay? It’s in their nature after all *rolls eyes*.
Faraday: ‘What did I do to deserve this? I’m just a kid, I should be in the home neighbourhood away from these loonies.’
The end of the semester quickly rolled around and Sevim graduated! WOO! First sim to graduate college in the legacy, be proud Sevim! We’ll achieve mum Eloise’s LTW yet!
I thought it best to get Kay out the way before throwing a party for Sevim and Zenka, so she was first to move back home.
Her outfit suits her, I think! But how did she grow up badly as a newly graduated knowledge sim?! You should be the most fulfilled ever, Kay.
Party time! And I think that’s Johnny from halls asleep back there lol.
Aww, graduating together! These two have had quite a journey together already. How did Zenka fit all her hair into that cap? We’ll never know!
That’s one for the mantelpiece <3
At the party, Sevim took some time to get acquainted with his niece Preeti (and her new hairstyle). I’m sure he feels sorry for her maybe/probably ending up in the legacy household.
Likewise, Phillip spent some time with eldest grandchild Prem.
Ha. The two couples chose to do this simultaneously, nearly knocking each other out. (Sininen (the blue) is here as Zenka’s half-sister. And Tapmak’s date. And Preeti’s mother).
All too soon, the party was over and it was time for Sevim to go. It felt very weird moving him back home! Ready for his life as a generation one spare :O He grew up into a sharp suit, as if to contrast with his childhood style as much as possible haha. Enjoy your freedom, Sevim! We’ll undoubtedly be seeing bits and pieces of him as we go along and I’ll update about his life at various stages, so don’t worry if Sev’s your fav.
Zenka moved out shortly afterwards, in a not-awful purple top and jeans.
Obviously, this meant the briefly-inhabited Greek house was left empty again, save some pizza and a cow mascot with a drink. Which cow mascot? Oh, Zenka’s mum, of course.
Back over at the legacy household now, where it looks like it’s lunch time!
I wasn’t sure what to do with Preeti at the start of this playthrough. I wanted Tapmak to have some responsibility and look after his daughter, but I didn’t want her to be apart from her mother either. I ended up moving Preeti into the household for the time being until Tap goes to college, where she and Sininen can live with him (Sininen’s a bit younger than Tap).
So it’s granpda Phillip time, for now!
I kept the cots from the twins’ and Savma’s babyhoods (Sevim and Tapmak weren’t so lucky to have a cot lol)
I made him keep the potty too- hey, when you can only buy one thing a day, I’m not going to buy something I once had, am I?! Was the potty empty, you say? ………………..
Le sigh. Will my dogs ever not fight? I’m not even sure who these two are at this point.
Finally, daddy Tap #tapdad stepped up and gave his daughter some training that he never got.
‘You see this, kid? This is what I’ve escaped. Get out as soon as you can.’
Sevim. You don’t have to be here and use the horrible outside loo.
Phillip: You remember when Tap assumed that you’d be voted heir and he could go off and live his pleasure life?! HAHAHA
Super nice, you two!
I went to check on Preeti and she was autonomously cuddling our second generation petacy heir :’)
I think updated her look, so she fits in with the fam. As much as I like her dress.
Tap’s settled down quite a bit after the last few tumultuous episodes. He really seems to be taking his training for head of the household seriously now.
Now you’re part of the family, Preeti! XD
Oh for god’s sake. It’s too late, Stranac, Tap has had a baby with your daughter, he’s in your life now. Keep your thieving hands away from our newspaper. Or maybe Stranac knows about Tap’s dalliance with Darra?!
Eloise: ‘Just the old stealing our newspaper, is it? Yep, fair enough, knock yourself out.’
Ah, and the tradition of unsafe, Harry-and-Ron style driving is brok-
XD The tradition lives on!
Modra: ‘Hello Mrs. L’Amour, do you remember me?’ *furious at Sininen*
What does she want? To see her granddaughter? To kick some L’Amour butt? Or to continue befriending her daughter’s sort of in-laws?
I left Modra to her own devices because it was bath time with grandma!
Eloise: *loudly burps*
Phillip: You’re showing us up, El!
Now we have several chairs and a big table, we could have a sit down dinner with three people! That is big for this legacy, people.
Soymek really likes to bring home friends pertinent to the current situation, doesn’t he? Nah it’s all good, Sininen can spend some time with her daughter.
And say goodbye to boyfriend Tapmak, who’s finally off to college!
After he gets a scholarship 🙂 (and yes that’s right, Savma is growing up at the end of this update, woo!)
‘Byeee Tapmak!’
And our first generation heir is off to college. A bit annoying that he has to go to fulfil Eloise’s LTW really, because he could easily not have gone, as a pleasure sim. But oh well. We can knock off some of the 50 dream dates he wants whilst we’re there. And see if Sininen is the one for him.
After Tapmak’s departure, it’s back to business. The fridge is empty again, so it’s restocking time. Notice also that Eloise is *still* rolling wants to do with Shouji, who left the family before Savma was born or something. Get over it, girl, he’s gone!
Sevim’s still here (get your own life now, Sev) and is apparently fine with his son eating from the pet bowl (unlike Dooty) though neither of them live here. Okay. Maybe Sev thinks that’s normal :S
Later that night…
‘Didn’t you go on a date recently, Soy? That must be nice.’
Soy had a wishing well date with a professor. Suyuu doesn’t have chemistry with anyone, and has never been on a date (and I feel bad about it, okay?)
Savma: ‘Suuuu, do you think you might be an alien?’
Suyuu: ‘Aight, imma head out.’
Naughty Dooty! Or is that Booty?! That homegrown stuff is too good for the likes of you!
Preeti is doing okay in her first year in the madhouse legacy house. She’s even getting kisses from auntie Savma! Too sweet.
Purchase of the day, another chair (maybe one more?! ALMOST THERE! This is the real challenge of this legacy, I’m telling you)
I spoke too soon, I suppose. Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve had a stinky toddler screaming on the floor. At least there is a floor these days!
Oh god. This doesn’t have to be *your* fate, Preeti, there’s a crib now!
Undervalued Suyuu is undervalued.
Yeah, we might have a cot, but we still don’t have a changing station. Sorry, kid/Phillip.
Oh GOD. I didn’t think I could see anything more disgusting in this legacy, but I was VERY WRONG. A stinky wolf drinking from a dirty, clogged toilet?! D:
Yes, yes I am sure. It’s clearly for the best. Let’s let petacy generation 1 heir Dettypig and generation 2 heir Dooty live and drink from dirty toilets in peace.
Oh great, this random townie doesn’t have enough money to buy Booty. Just take her for free, please!
Uh, what a weird side effect of the child support mod, giving money to Tap because he’s not officially a young adult yet. Tap’s laughing though, that’s living-the-high-life money!
A random blank still of a child near the end of an update? What could this mean?
Yes, you’re right of course! It was time for Savma, youngest generation 1 child, to become a teen.
And very pretty and sassy she will be too.
Our youngest rolled pleasure like Tap, and decided she likes blue eyed unemployed dudes, but not those at college. Looks like she’ll be the breadwinner in her future household!
Woo! All of Phillip and Eloise’s children are teens or older. Hooray! This feels like a milestone!
Oh Savma. I know you weren’t around when the twins were born, but you don’t want to do that. Trust me. Is this because she clearly doesn’t understand where aliens come from?
Anyway, with Savma’s birthday, I’ll end this update- thank you very much for reading! Be sure to join me next time for Tap’s first year of college (living alone with Preeti!) and to see what the three teens left in the legacy household will get up to- your guess is as good as mine, because I haven’t played further than this yet! See you soon, I can’t wait 🙂

My Scoring:

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1
This picture is cursed.
Why can the cow interact with toddlers in this way XD
Prem: ‘Dat ass.’
Prem’s showing very early signs of beastiality/incest haha
*toddler head bonk*
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