Chapter 1.16

Welcome back to the first update of 2021, woo! I hope you’re having a happy new year so far and are staying safe and well. Last time was a chonk of an update, so I’ll summarise here:
In the legacy house we have founder Phillip, wife Eloise and kids Tapmak, alien twins (via Phillip) Soymek and Suyuu and youngest Savma. Last update the house was undergoing a heatwave: everyone was fainting all the time, the flowers died (though what else is new with me) the aubergine plants died and Soymek attacked the social bunny. That was probably unrelated to the heatwave. Tap finally fulfilled his wish of seeing Elvira the burglar’s ghost (YAY!), and the two boys went on a date (not with each other). Tap properly fell for Sininen and Soymek smooched a professor from the wishing well. Over in college, eldest Sevim in his sophomore year made things official with baby mama Zenka before she gave birth to the first baby of generation 2, little Prem, woo!
As you should also know, I conducted an heir poll after the last chapter (results available on that post) and you chose second-born Tapmak to be your generation 1 heir! I am *very* excited to see (and nervous, not gonna lie) to see where Tap will lead this legacy. But first, what has the family been doing since the last update? Well I’ll tell you.
Click here to browse the family tree ๐Ÿ™‚ Just hit โ€˜treesโ€™ at the top then โ€˜genomap 1โ€™ on the left.
Sevim (on the left), eldest generation 1 child (and now *spare*! :O) has been contiuning his fling with old friend and fellow dormie Kay. His hippy girlfriend Zenka (green on the right) doesn’t seem to mind too much, so whatever!
Whilst visiting his aunt, Sevim was informed that a past lover of his once wet herself. This was very important gossip, apparently.
Before we catch up with Senka (Sevim and Zenka) and Prem at college, let’s check in on the legacy house. Tapmak had previously attempted to rebuff the advances of Darra (top right) but eventually rolled wants to go/sneak out with her. This is a little weird because her step-mum is his aunt (Phillip’s little sister) So they’re aren’t blood related, but… yeah. Tap prefers Sininen anyway, so nothing will probably come of this.
I invited Sevim round for some reason who tried to make out that he was so grossed out by the stinky toilet and stinky dog, as if his toddler hands haven’t been in that very toilet bowl, blocking it countless times. I wasn’t born yesterday, Sev. Get over yourself.
He then started trimming the bushes…?! Is this him feeling guilty that he’s going to escape all heir-duty as a spare? Perhaps.
Via my two squares a day (two things from each build mode category, according to the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ handicap rules) allowance, I am slowly building the family a pool. The purchase of the day (one thing from the buy catalog per day, according to the same handicap rules) were the pool stairs. These will be a great way of building body skill (and achieving another thing that I definitely don’t need to mention).
Phwoar, check out the limo! Phillip’s sister has the simoleans!
I’m a little sad Suyuu can’t be heir, because I think she’s the most helpful around the house. This was autonomous, can I just say. What a hero.
Savma’s good too. She’s my top composter as of late. We had a harvest during the heatwave in the last update, and I’m now hoping to get in one more harvest before winter sets in.
I’m fattening up the kids very nicely on aubergine juice (which gives them skillpoints) as Sevim’s struggling quite a lot in college. These two need to go to college to fulfil mum Eloise’s LTW and I want it to be easier for them than it is for Sevim currently.
Obviously it also can’t hurt to give our heir, Tap, all the skills possible.
Does anyone else never let the kids bring their homework inside? I just lose track of it XD I think I’ve got that desk mod where you can assign each child/homework to a desk, but I haven’t tried it out. Savma doesn’t mind working in the damp grass next to the road anyway. Lol.
Oh no, I can’t be dealing with any more dog drama, I just can’t. The founder of this petacy, Betty (RIP) was a feisty thing always fighting with *every* dog, and it seems generation 1 mate Booty (real name) is the same. Maybe it’s time to let Booty go, now that she’s provided an heir?
Founder Phillip has a lot more free time lately after reaching his skilling requirement for (I think) the last promotion in his career. I’ve been keeping him on top of various things around the house whilst basically keeping track of Tap’s a-doings. Tap is constantly rolling wants to go/sneak out with someone, so here we are again, requesting an outing. I don’t know why Phillip says yes, to be honest, after he impregnated Zenka. It’s lax parenting, if you ask me!
You are one lucky teen, Tap. Phillip looks utterly defeated XD Maybe because he knows the stress Tap will have to go through as heir soon…
And getting sooner! Tap’s reached his 17th birthday.
Before going out later, he chats to his sort-of other flame, sort-of cousin Darra, who Soymek brought home from school (what a wingman!). Apparently the juiciest gossip Tap could come up with was how his first flame’s dad got demoted. If you can’t remember, said dad (called Stranac) is also Zenka’s dad. Tap knocked Zenka up (before she had Prem), and her dad still hates Tap because of it. The feeling is mutual.
Darra is *shook*. Darra doesn’t even know who Stranac is.
Anyway, night falls, and it’s going-out time again for Tap. He does deserve some fun before college, I suppose. He’s been working hard on his homework.
I’m sure Stranac would be delighted that Tap is now dating his *other* daughter. That’s both daughters, people.
Jeez. That’s one way of disposing of unwanted homework.
After downing a heck of a lot of aubergine juice this update, Tapmak is in a pretty good position for college, skills-wise. Sininen fancies cooks and chubby bois as well, so that helps.
Wooo, someone else with that simolean! You have classy taste in girls, Tap!
Oh yeah, you look all innocent now, cat! (I think this is Phillip’s sister’s cat. I’m not sure how she got here)
Purchase of the daaaay was yet another of these chairs. Thrilling stuff, I know.
Pahaha. Tap and Sev used to look at each other like this whilst Sev drove, and Nooboostar on rightly said how it’s reminiscent of Harry and Ron in the flying ford Anglia- mental note to paint the car blue!
Weirdly, the Ford Anglia doesn’t have a mirror (in this, at least), and the sim car doesn’t have windscreen-wipers. As you were.
Haha, the change from teensy puppy to full on WOLF is an intense one. Dad Dettypig needs to watch it. This is our current petacy heir Dooty (Dettypig + Booty) becoming a grown-up. I won’t be making an effort to find him a mate for a while; we have lots of time. The dogs just do their own thing in the background mostly, stinking. You probably won’t see a great deal of them.
Another day at the *checks notes* dinosaur cloning office for our founder. You look so defeated Phillip, is it a Jurassic Park situation at work or what?!
I’ve skipped forward to the kids coming home after Eloise had a lovely day by herself in the house (gardening and cleaning, always) and I got the boys to As, hooray! Apparently Suyuu slipped the net, but that doesn’t matter- she doesn’t *have* to go to college anyway.
That evening, youngest Savma hits her 11th birthday- just one year to go until there are no children in the house! :O
Just before we go and see Sevim at college however- looky!!! Phillip fiiiinally hit his LTW by topping his natural scientist career ๐Ÿ˜€
And doesn’t he look *so* impressed?!? What’s wrong with you, Phillip?! He hit permaplat aspiration a while ago but I wanted to fulfil his dream anyway.
If they’re okay without promotion bonuses for a bit, Phillip will be around the house a lot more now, as the ecological guru only works one day a week. That should ease Eloise’s burden a bit.
And now back to the NSFW college lot. New parents Sevim and Zenka (ship name: Senka) are all happy and loved up at the start of their junior year.
Little Prem is constantly getting washed by the nanny (there’s always a nanny around on account of Kay’s twin toddlers).
Hey, I didn’t say she was a competent nanny. Looks like Prem’s childhood won’t be too different from his daddy’s after all!
I thought having grandma Eloise over would prevent unceremonious dumpings onto bathroom floors, but we’ll see. Eloise doesn’t have much cot experience, bless her.
Readers of The College Adventures- this is Prof. Kate! Still milling around the uni in her elderhood, despite knowing zero of the students. She has fewer problems these days.
Sevvy-boi declared his major as sports-something-or-other, because he wants to be a top football player or whatever it’s called. So he met his two new profs!
Um. Everything okay here guys?
Yeah, Eloise has been here since I invited her over XD Maybe Phillip’s here as well, hiding in one of the dormie rooms?
SEE Faraday, SEE? Do you see just how annoying a baby’s cry is, now? Welcome to the club, my friend.
Yay! I had Sevim study Physiology to help with those body skill points for his major.
Then I sat back and watched those body skill points roll in #thankyouphysiologyglitch
Not the time, llama-boy. This is more of a cow family, anyway.
Out of interest, I got Sevim to invite over his redheaded, surely sporty (his two turn-ons) professor over to check out the boltage situation. She (rightly) was having none of his flirting attempts, though.
Until he got her into his dorm room! I see how it is.
Sev wanted to date and flirt with her, but she’s not high up in his attraction list. He still prefers Zenka, phew!
After Zenka, there’s the Mrs. Robinson type who he had a fling with in first year, Kay’s older half-sister Sara and Phillip’s ex-girlfriend Bitxi.
Eloise, did you… sleep here?
‘Hey, I never went to university! Let me experience halls!’
Now it’s time for a little vampire sub-plot: cue the three neighbourhood playable vampires!
Fresher Rubia has three bolts for vampire Edward here, and I couldn’t let that one rest!
She’s been friends with him since childhood (because I’d hoped they would have chemistry, it’s a bit of a long story…) I hereby declare Rubia and Edward’s ship name to be Redward (obviously).
Meanwhile… what a mood.
Manfred: ‘Great potty-head, Day! Looking good.’
Faraday: Hey, for some reason, I’m really smelly?! A little help over here?!
Morgan (Zenka’s mum) looks like she’s trying to scare her grandson?! Or bring out her grandson’s bovine side, perhaps?
Zenka looking reeeeally sure she knows how to look after a baby. Prem looking suitably worried.
Zenka: How *dare* you try and prepare dinner in the kitchen whilst I befriend my baby?!
Whew! Redward’s getting red-hot!
Edward: You like my hairstyle, you say? Why thank you!’
Nah, really Johnny here wasn’t bonding with Edward over their shared hairstyle. He was doing a little persuading…
I like the look of these two, so wanted to see how Rubia would take to being a vampire.
Johnny: Ey! You’re welcome, Rubes!
I think it suits her, but I miss her alien eyes ๐Ÿ™
Anyway. Prem is spending a weird amount of time in the bathrooms. Post sink-wash, I suppose.
And very soon it was the end of term! Sevim scraped by again (which is totally fine with me!) and Zenka coasted through thanks to all the skill-stealing she did in first year.
Kay devoted a bit of the new term to actually parenting her children- hoo, and may I say, RAY for potty training Bryne/Byrne (I can never remember, sorry kid).
‘Hey Manfred, you’ve had a massive crush on that chubby dormie for literally years now. How about a flirt?’
Aww. Normally my sims use the influence command as an opportunity to use the most inappropriate ‘flirt’ or ‘kiss’, but this went down a treat.
No lullaby this time, phew!
About halfway through term rolled around, which meant Prem was approaching one year old. Time to invite the famalams over for a big uni-halls-style bash! Sev really got things going with a breezy, light-hearted chat with his step-mum-in-law (Sininen’s mum, if you couldn’t guess that!)
Prem’s so cuuuute.
Operation gather everyone successfully in the canteen. The two parents are in place…
…and somehow this brash dormie got the best spot, being inappropriately close to our Sev. o_O
‘I am going to celebrate so hard!’
Soymek concentrating a lot on his uncley duties.
Girl, have some chill!
Zenka’s mum showed up, as did Prem’s cousin Charlie (bottom left), Tapmak, Sininen (Zenka’s half-sister) and our legacy parents. I think Savma left because it was too late, and Suyuu maybe didn’t make it to the table lol.
N’aww, the little tickle.
*singing* I can’t help the baby picspaaaaam
Bye, baby Prem!
Hello, toddler Prem! :’D So on-brand with my idea of Zenka as a hippy, omg.
Alas, the hippy hair was too ridiculous for a *one year old* and not curly enough for the offspring of Senka, so Sev’s hairstyle it is. I’m not sure where Prem got his teeeeeny eyes from, but I think that really weird nose is Zenka’s. He’s certainly an individual <3
This is cute: Zenka’s dad Stranac has three children, each one with a different mother. All three children are super good friends with each other, and I love it. Zenka and Sininen did spend a lot of their childhood together, but still.
As the party died down, *this* happened D: You tell me why these two old friends never let ACR take control of them until *after* Sevim got a girlfriend and they both had children. Zenka didn’t flip out though, so I guess she’s fine with it. #freelove
Or maybe she was too busy potty-training her son. There’s no way I’m letting this one crawl around in dirty nappies as long as the twins did. No. Way.
Really, Zenka? You’re telling me your pleasure needs are unfulfilled even though you’re juggling a toddler, relationship and college whilst living in halls? Shocking.
Hahaha, how suspicious does Prem look of that grimy bath XD And Sev pretending it’s fine. It *is* better than his toddlerhood, to be fair.
Is that your A+ face, Zenka?! You smashed it, despite having an aspiration failure- you rock!
Apparently I didn’t take photo of Sevim passing his junior year but, he did XD Probably with a C+ again, nothing overly impressive or anything.
Poor Kay managed to pass this year but for some reason also isn’t feeling very fulfilled ๐Ÿ™ I felt bad but there’s no time to micro-manage all the students D:
On the eve of Sevim’s final year of college, I end this update. Thanks so much for reading, join me again soon for a fresh start for Sevim’s senior year, more of (heir!!!) Tapmak’s romance shenanigans, Savma’s teen birthday (finally! no more children in gen 1!) and one *heckin’* big surprise. See you soon!
Here’s a teaser of said shenanigans *rolls eyes*
Stinky Skunk: I play no part in this. Not my style.
‘Hey wassup, just casually suffering from a horrific arm/torso accident over here.’
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