Chapter 1.11

Hello hello and welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy! The last update was rather eventful- highlights included Phillip’s *three* promotions, the near-death experience of Soymek, Betty the dog aging to an elder, Sevim wooing a girl and Savma becoming a child. No more toddlers in this house! (Please). Before we get into this update, I’d like to share a few photos of what the family have been getting up to off-lot, as I often like to do. Young Suyuu has been disturbing her aunt’s study sessions, for instance.
And more dramatically, Eloise had to beg for the life of her acquaintance at a house party!
She was not successful.
Another day, Phillip disgraced himself. Perhaps in the midst of a mid-life crisis, he accepted a kiss from his ex-girlfriend’s teenage daughter.
Shame on you, Phillip. You have five children. It was a bit upsetting seeing this- I didn’t think this is who Phillip was! He’s even got love-heart pants on, for goodness’ sake.
Sevim also disgraced himself a little by stealing honest people’s newspapers. Maybe he knows about his dad’s affair and is acting out? I don’t know if the affair will be a one time thing, but Eloise is perpetually in the house, so I don’t think much could go on between Phillip and the…. teenager *vomits*
ANYway, this is the current state of the legacy house! It’s already so much easier to deal with everyone than before, even though it is still pretty cramped. There’s a fair amount to do outside, so the lack of indoor space isn’t too big a problem. Perhaps in the next winter I’ll feel differently.
Click here to browse the family tree ๐Ÿ™‚ Just hit โ€˜treesโ€™ at the top then โ€˜genomap 1โ€™ on the left.
The first room (the red one) that I built has got flooring and wallpaper now, as does the single bathroom. The other two rooms ostensibly are lacking flooring/wallpaper, because it is extremely slow progress!
Sevim spends a lot of the night at the telescope, improving his science enthusiasm (he’s already maxed nature). Is it me or does he look *rough*?
… glad to hear that, random cousin. It’s a good thing we’re not short of food.
Savma is proving to maybe be my favourite child, for obvious reasons.
Her diligence with cleaning is definitely needed around here -.-
These days, stinky elder Betty likes to keep to herself… and dream of herself?
Hmm, I know scrubbing can take it out of you, but I didn’t think it really counted as a sport!
Overweight maid zombie not really your thing, cousin? You do suprise me.
*and* he’s a newspaper thief! Go for it, girl.
What is Suyuu so excited to look at o_O
She is certainly a special one… dear lord.
Meanwhile, early that morning, Soymek wet the bed. Nothing to be ashamed of at this point, Soy.
Phillip and Eloise show that they’re not yet past it- good for you guys! (Hopefully this means any thoughts of a certain ex’s daughter are out of Phillip’s head now).
This nearly gave me a heart attack- I didn’t think they’d actually try for another baby, but I’m very glad they’re a bit past conception- fingers crossed.
The lovebirds were the last to sleep that night, with Phillip dozing off dreaming of an object he has a lot of experience with.
The homework rush before school- such a classic. These two actually rolled wants to do it, however- unlike Sevim.
Nice one, Savma! Our youngest managed to bag a genie lamp, woop!
The mother and son doggo combo is turning sourer by the day. Maybe it’s Betty who is so unlikeable, and not any of her love matches?!
Child support, cha-ching! Thank you, P. T. 02! Now all the kids are school-age, Eloise was by herself at home today. It was a great opportunity to sort a few things out in the peace.
Ooh, risky chance card time! Phillip is quite high up in the biological science career now, so this could be a mighty blow if I choose wrong. I chose ‘test further’, as I thought this is what careful Phillip was likely to pick.
Noooooooo why D: I guess his LTW will have to wait (he is permaplat, but still). In the background, Eloise is working on that creativity skill to paint Phillip’s portrait.
You were doing so well, Phillip :'(
Sevim was never doing well, so this was fine lol. He’ll have to buck his ideas up though, as it’s his mother’s LTW to graduate 3 children from college!
I remembered that Phillip has the ‘beg boss’ bonus thingy and I crossed my fingers and toes. I’ve only done this a few times and it’s usually unsuccessful…
*le sigh*. Better get job-hunting, Phillip.
Soon enough, the rest of the kids came home with various friends. Savma brought home one of a set of twins…
And Tapmak brought the other. Sounds more like the mothers engineered this one, to me.
‘What can I say? I’m used to aliens. You don’t scare me.’
Is she scarier than Soymek and Suyuu? In a way, perhaps.
Phillip continues his tradition of announcing his new position to the household.
Tap got on pretty well with the black-haired alien, and Savma got on really well with the blonde. Tap might look put out by their closeness here, but it’s actually 6pm….
Which means it’s Tapmak’s birthday! WOO!
Lol. Is it just me, or is this a rather holy-looking image?
Saint Tap.
Obviously, he looks quite a lot like Sevim (I won’t succumb to you next time, first-born syndrome!) I think they both have quite a lot of their mother in their facial structure.
Tap rolled pleasure, and decided he likes chubby brunettes who can’t fix things. Seems like if Tap’s the heir, we’ll have a hell of a time getting brown hair out of the family, and Tap will be the resident mechanic.
An after and before (backwards, yes I’m annoying) of Tapmak’s outfit. The black shirt and jeans were too city-life for this country boy.
Phillip also turned 40 today, and as is custom in my game, I gave him what I hope are fairly realistic wrinkles.
This middle-aged man oftens favours the tub in the sort-of living room, rather than the privacy of the actual bathroom, and the comfort of the fancy shower. Don’t ask me.
What with Phillip getting fired, the house needed money- cue Savma and some money-wishing, please!
Sevim’s love interest from the last update, Zenka, seems rather keen and left a sweet, single rose.
By morning, Tapmak had decided what the ultimate aim for his life would be, and it was to have 50 dream dates. Urgh… not the best LTW (but also not the worst). Having him in platinum a lot of the time would be useful if he were heir, I guess.
Suyuu bags her bronze gardening badge ๐Ÿ™‚
And then rushes to do her homework, even though it’s Saturday. Why are you spying on her homework, random townie?!
Phillip rocked his first day of his new job and landed a promotion, and a nice bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ Apparently this deserved not one but two salutes from his offspring.
Awwww. Look how trim Phillip is in that wetsuit!
Spotty Sev could do with some aspiration points to clear up that acne, so I got him to invite Zenka over again.
Oh man. You don’t need to copy Sevim in *every* arena, Tapmak! And you’re twelve!
‘Marriage? One of my family members got married.’
Wow, Tap. So impressive. He’s already rolled a want to ask Zenka on a date D:
‘I am not part of the awkward situation in this room. Nope, fully engrossed in this newspaper and sitting very naturally at the same time.’
It was during the madness of Tap that I realised Phillip must have quite a few work rewards from the various jobs he’s had. Indeed, he had three! The koi pond I think fits in very well here…
The politics podium will be an endless source of enjoyment for the kids…
and the business reward will distract the adults from the annoying children messing around with the podium- hopefully.
The purchase of the day was this big, festive table. The family are lacking a dining table (festive or otherwise), and there’s a lot of them! Buying all the chairs to go with it will be a very fun and exciting mini-goal of this legacy.
He went for it… yeesh. He’s bold, you can’t deny. I guess he wanted to get one dream date in the bag early doors.
Never mind, Tapmak. She is a bit old for you (and is crushing on your older brother).
Crushing HARD, it would seem!
Awh, besties! I *think* Zenka is a little older than Sevim but their college years will overlap, if they both go. They have two bolts for each other, which is one less than the requirement in the ‘True Love’ handicap, buuut, they’re only young. Plenty of time to boost that or find someone more suitable. Zenka is also a playable, but so was Phillip- I’m breaking that one ;D But you’ll have to believe me that I’m in no way coaching any playable to be a legacy spouse. I’m pretty laissez-faire.
I’ll end this update with our matriarch making progress, finally, on the founders portrait- exciting! Join me next time for more Zenka action, a death (:O), a near-miss and an over-crowded bathroom. See you!
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