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In my last post, I wrapped up the college adventure saga after the last few sims of that generation (roughly) graduated. It was time to finish with that story pattern, and now it is time to attempt something else. Now that I am comfortable taking photos in-game and uploading here, I am going to start what every simmer must attempt at some point: a legacy challenge. It might sound unoriginal but I’m hoping it won’t be! I’ve never tried one (not even without documenting it) and I’m choosing to follow the advanced legacy rules (written by Pinstar: https://simslegacychallenge.com/legacy-challenge-rules/sims-2-legacy-challenge-rules-advanced/) as well as selecting some handicaps (https://simslegacychallenge.com/legacy-challenge-rules/sims-2-legacy-challenge-rules-advanced/sims-2-legacy-challenge-handicaps/).

Because I am a dirty cheater and I love my current neighbourhood, I am bending the rule about using a playable as my founder- sorry! I just think it’ll be much more interesting having a founder with a bit of backstory and history in the neighbourhood. I’m also not ditching mods such as Inteen and ACR simply because they also make the game more fun. Other than that, I am serious about sticking to the rules. Pictured above are thirteen sims you will know if you’ve read The College Adventures. These goofballs are here because I have selected one of them to be my founder. But who will it be?! A few hints: HE is currently unattached… is ginger… and loves science…
Yes, it’s our lovely Phillip! I chose Phillip because he was mostly in the background in college and went through some rough times. He’s also not far out of college, he’s not currently with anyone and I think he deserves a chance to shine! I’ve chosen five handicaps to suit Phillip, what I want to attempt in the legacy and otherwise happen to fit my playing style generally:
-‘True Love’ (because I only let sims marry if they have three lightning bolts anyway)
-‘Free roaming ghosts’ (I tend to let them roam anyway)
-‘Patriarchy’ (simply because I don’t want to lose the name ‘L’Amour’ and I like having girls, so it will be a nice change to HAVE to have at least one boy)
-‘Green Thumb’- (because I am terrible at keeping flowers alive; it will be a challenge)
-‘Middle of Nowhere’- (because it sounds really hard and therefore exciting)

I’m also adding a restriction concerning food- the family must only grow or fish their own food, never have it delivered. I’ll let them eat the new fridge food but won’t buy a new one in order to restock it. I think this just fits with the Middle of Nowhere handicap.
The planned themes of this legacy are love, science (Phillip’s OTH) and nature. Phillip is going to have a whole new fresh start on a massive lot and garden and stargaze his days away whilst building up his legacy house. So without further ado, I introduce…
See you soon for chapter 1.1!
The alliteration and romance of ‘L’Amour legacy’ was the biggest factor in me choosing Phillip
Chapter 1 here!

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