Chapter 11: A bonfire field trip

Welcome back to the Greek house! The first term without our OG students Ron and Sarah will feel bizarre, but I’m definitely just as interested in the new seniors as a year group. We’ve got six whole students currently in the house: seniors Stranac, Pod and Greg, and juniors Bitxi, Phillip and Giovanni.
‘I hereby bequeath you with the Emperor’s new clothes.’
Everything’s pretty harmonious in the house after last term. Greg and Pod are going strong and tastefully loving all over the place and Stranac’s still got mad cow disease and is loving less tastefully all over the place.
I’ve put the new guys Gio and Phillip in Sarah’s old room in single beds (that’s all the space we could afford). I quickly realised that the two never bonded, and Phillip took this prank the wrong way.
These two get on really well however, and are like two well-dressed bros.
Gio soon rolled wants to see Thera (who he set up on a date last year before getting upset that she… was on a date with someone else. Yeah) so I invtied her round. It’ll be interesting to interrogate her about her new townie life, anyway.
How… family sim? She’s still wearing her secret society uniform which I think is quite sweet. Gio still likes her a fair amount.
Recently-dumped Phillip invited round his also recently single twin round for some sibling time.
It wasn’t far into term before cow #2 called, asking for loverboy.
‘That’s right Morgan, I do want to be a celebrity chef.’
‘Haha, I *know* my degree hasn’t forced me to pick up any cooking skill points, but I can make soup!’
‘… and fried eggs…’
‘… a sundae?! Are you mad, that’s definitely above my skill level!’
The banging reputation of the house as a party HUB means randomers often end up dancing and hanging out in the communal area. E.g., Millicent, Morgan (cow#2), that cheerleader. I caught Thera autonomously apologising to Gio for the ‘cheating’ that occurred last year. Sure, she’ll apologise for that but not for the legit cheating she did with Greg!
‘I’m surrounded by crazies.’
Is it just me or does it look like Thera and the cheerleader are planning a barbecue?
‘Yes! 250 aspiration points for having a girl sit weirdly close to me whilst we study together.’
Phillip is working hard on his maths like the good dedicated knowledge sim he is.
Stranac really does only have eyes for Morgan lately. And still has that want to get engaged. Meanwhile, I guess Morgan was getting quite humid in that suit as her hair as pouffed right up.
She puts her cow suit back on straight after lol. Stranac thought this would be a good time to introduce her to his friends, as she doesn’t know any of them. Who better to start with than his ex-wife and mother of his child?
Furcsa did not seem perturbed that the father of her child is dating a lunatic.
Secret society chick apparently can’t stand the cow love when she’s trying to do an assignment, though.
Ah yes, the hallway where outerwear is a must. Greg finished his term paper about halfway into term and rolled no wants to acquire the skill point needed to get an A+… so he then started to cook up another plan with me.
‘Did he tell you he wants to be a celebrity chef?’
‘He can’t even cook!’
These two seem to be getting on well talking about the only thing they have in common. Morgan generally is a bit of a wildcard, even without the cow thing…
For one, she’s a total slob! I can’t abide the shower-leakers and will be at least a bit sad if this is what Stranac’s future looks like.
‘Damn, I’m great.’
She seems a little arrogant too! Unless she’s thinking about Cowmelon (are they cow friends?!)
Gio was not impressed by Morgan’s sloppy eating and burping at the breakfast table.
What the frick??!! I heard hearts swirling from Stranac’s bed (sorry Stranac) and then saw THIS. I wouldn’t condone Bitxi cheering Phillip up normally, but she’s with Ron 🙁 They aren’t even that attracted to each other! Bad idea, guys.
Bitxi then decided she’d get some after… *ahem* pizza.
‘Heyguys swhat do you think about a bonfire tonight?’
‘Yes, fine, Greg, but personal space, yeah?’
As Gio chatted with Furcsa, Greg launched himself down the stairs with a suggestion.
He in fact wanted the house to go to community lot called Bonfire. None of the students have ever explored the community lots of this fab uni much, so it’s about time they did.
‘Hey Walters. Nice tongue action.’
As per, Julia feels free to get frisky with her secret society beau on a community lot but not the household lot.
Not only does this community lot have a bonfire, but it also has one of those myshuno (?) game things, which I learned tonight is a sort of bingo game. I’ve never really experimented with them before and I like it! Filia showed up to draw the little plumbobs and a nice time was had by all.
After the game, Greg thought it was time to light the bonfire on the centre of the lot.
I’ve also not got much experience with the bonfire, and thought Gio and Bitxi were losing their minds when I saw them take part in this. It looks like a cult intiation routine! But it was the ‘bonfire dance’. Don’t you just love the Sims 2?
The dance seems to include a manic face not used in any other animation.
The others gathered round the bonfire and told each other stories. I was under the impression these were going to be scary stories, but they mostly talked about getting on the Dean’s list.
Greg moved over to Pod and they shared a very romantic fire-side kiss. Greg thought this would be a good time to…
Bend down on one knee and….
…(finally) propose!
Pod of course said yes and admired her sparkler.
How glitchily cute! These two are probably the best couple in college overall, and I’m excited to see where the two of them will go in life.
Just as the two lovebirds got their aspiration points, the bonfire went out. But, the night is still young!
Lol, Furcsa was positively glaring at Gio from over on the bench. Maybe she’s feeling hostile after Gio and Aleric’s latest fight.
‘Gio, I don’t think befriending the evil witch’s cat is the best idea, mate.’
Yes, it looked like the night was taking a turn for the worse when the evil witch showed up. No cockroaches yet, however *fingers crossed*.
‘Yeah, so my ex-girlfriend who I still sleep with, get this….’
‘Her FAMILY MEMBER got divorced!’
‘And it was Stranac! SO embarrassing!’
Sims do have a tendency to gossip about people who are right there. I think I need a mod that makes the sim gossiped-about react.
When the witch caused a storm and 3 am hit, I decided it was time for the house to head home.
Apparently Filia came home with them and starting accepting advances from llama David. I know you’re hurting, Filia, but come on. He annoys everyone.
Everyone except Polly.
With only 24 hours to go until the final exam, Giovanni knuckles down to finish his term paper while the others get some shut-eye.
Pod spends the morning of the big day doing some last minute cramming (though she is very prepared).
Bitxi chooses to play with the remote control car, even though she is NOT ready.
‘Ugh Polly, you’re so right. Oil spills are simply a direct result of corporate greed.’
Greg needs a mechanical skill point to improve his grade, but hey, a charisma skill from talking to the parrot wil be useful too, right?
Stranac is pretty well prepared and had a want to buy a bubble blower. They had the funds and I thought it was very college-y, so I indulged him. I’m not sure if Furcsa is impressed.
‘So half-aliens and cows can partake in sexual intercourse. This could be the topic for my senior dissertation!
Poor Furcsa gets an unexpected last minute biology lesson from her ex-husband.
Maybe interesting to a sociologist is the half-alien’s want to get engaged to cow #2. Stranac seems to really believe in the institution of marriage (though not maintaining it?) so I let him go down on one knee too.
Morgan was delighted; she clearly also has very strong feelings for Stranac.
Ah yes. What a dazzling beautiful ring upon her… hoof.
As a way of celebrating the two proposals, some of the house tested out the new bubble blower whilst the more studious/anxious members of the household looked on. Two hours left before the final exams…
And the year is halfway through! Pod successfully maintained her 4.0 GPA, Greg got by with a C+ and Stranac got an A-. Unsurprisingly, Phillip and Gio both got A+s, but Bitxi bombed and got put on academic probation. She had no motivation this term; maybe not being with Ron is throwing her off. Or she doesn’t see the point in college at all now. In any case, join us next time for the new term in the dorms, and we’ll rejoin the Greek house for Greg, Pod and Stranac’s final term very soon.

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