When girl meets Soy: a Valentine’s Bachelorette Challenge

Hello lovely readers! I’m back today with a different post, a departure from my normal legacy episodes. In honour of Valentine’s Day 2021, I’m playing my first Bachelorette challenge with one of my legacy soon-to-be-spares- how could I resist, with a surname like L’Amour?! Purple alien Soymek is soon to become an adult and is a raging pleasure sim who has never so much as kissed a sim of his preferred gender as of yet. To remedy this and perhaps send Soymek off into adulthood with a girlfriend at his side, I’m following Pleasantsim’s Bachelorette rules (mostly!) in this challenge. So let’s get loved up!
I decided to build my own love house/villa for the purposes of this challenge, which is a bit of a foolish decision for me as I am not a builder/decorator at all. But I felt like it, so this is how we started. Before I introduce the lucky seven ladies, here’s what I managed to create…
I went for a beach lot and put most of the interesting objects outside, including the buffet table, dining table, games and hot tubs.
Honestly, the build is not too ugly for me, believe it or not! Any suggestions for great builds, do let me know XD
Okay so the front is uglier, but whatever! It’s a small lot and I have a lot of beds to fit in, okay?!
This is Soymek’s bedroom (the master). I gave him an ensuite, inexcplicably also decked out in carpet. Bathroom carpet is never a good idea, but what are you gonna do.
I went with a lilac carpet for the hall/small sofa area and again, for the bathroom too for some reason.
I also rediscovered my love for that fish tank. I guess none of my regular sims are rich enough or have the space for such frivolous items that I forget it existed. There are no money limits here though, so we can have ALL THE FISHIES.
Upstairs is more atrocious bathroom carpet- I’m guessing I got bored of decorating at this point and just went with the same carpet lol.
Finally, the bachelorette’s bedroom, which I’m now thinking looks way too little-girly. I guess they are teens and not adults, but still.
My attempts at decorations via ornaments.
A final wide shot of the exterior…
And the upstairs interior.
So this is where our bachelorettes and Soy will be spending the next week hanging out and getting to know each other. Will love bloom between Soy and any of our lucky ladies? To know that, we first have to meet them!
Bachelorette number one is Camilla. Camilla is a knowledge sim partial to the supernatural (aliens and witches, to be exact) but who dislikes podgy sims. She has the closest personality to Soymek, being an Aries like him.
Second up is Colette, a virgo on the lookout for a brown-eyed, red-haired sim. She doesn’t like aliens (whelp) but shares Soy’s aspiration, pleasure.
Third is Dolly, who has the best surname of the lot- ‘Rowbottom’. Dolly is our family Scorpio sim who is keen on charismatic aliens unless they have brown hair.
Fourth is Elaine, who is a gemini romance sim. She’s searching for (a) blue-eyed freckly guy(s) who’s not too into sport.
Our second pleasure sim is Jamie. This Leo also likes red heads but also plantsims (make it make sense), but not witches.
Our sole fortune sim is Mary-Beth, a gemini sim also keen on red-heads. She digs vampires, but not werewolves.
And last but not least, please welcome Rosalie (and Mary Beth again a bit lool) Rosalie is a popularity sagittarius who’s into blonde alien slackers.
That’s everyone! If it wasn’t clear, all these teens were made in CAS semi-randomly. I made sure each of them were either into red hair or aliens, and that each of them had either red hair or were podgy (Soy’s turn ons). I don’t want this challenge to have no love in it at all, damnit! The turn offs and asiprations were random.
So, with that said, it’s time to kick things off with day 1, in which our boy Soy must only check each contestant out, to give us an idea of how attracted to them he is. They are all free the rest of the day to socialise as they want, and I am only allowed to direct Soy to serve the buffet food and them all to bed. Straight away, Soy informed me he is attracted to Camilla- we’re off to a good start!
He next swooned for Colette, who stared at him a bit funny XD
He is ambivalent towards family sim Dolly. Which doesn’t really surprise me, pleasure and family is never a good combo in my game. Notice how somehow there is already drama between the girls (who started off with positive relationships, might I add). My bet’s on noogie-ing.
Soy shrugged at romance Elaine too, surprsing me.
Not a third ‘meh’! Maybe I should’ve made them all more compatible -.-
Oh maan, so far he’s only attracted to two contestants!
Brilliant. The last ‘check out’ of the day was very negative. Poor Mary-Beth.
The results of task 1 were as follows, then: Soy was attracted to Camilla, Colette (pictured) and ‘meh’ for everyone else except Mary-Beth, who he booed at. Will there be any romance in this Valentine’s Day challenge?!
Why yes, yes there will be! Immediately after Soy was finished with his daily tasks, Jamie and Rosalie showed him how wooing was done and had their first kiss together!
Yeah, it’s not exactly why you’re here guys, but it’s very cute all the same.
(Both Jamie and Rosalie randomised bi, the rest straight).
‘Good job on the kiss, Rosalie!’
Yeah, you just want her distracted and out of the way of your path to victory, Elaine. You can’t fool me.
Perhaps realising that *he* would have to do some of the work in the competition now that two of the girls have other options, Soy started to schmooze until dinner.
Dinner number 1 saw most of the bachelorettes make it to the table. I’m honestly not sure what Jamie is up to in the background.
After dinner, the house was again free to do as it wanted. Mary-Beth and Soymek and then Soymek alone played sim-lottery (or whatever it’s called) for hours, prompting me to later delete the stupid thing, as he would just stand there alone -.-
Jamie and Rosalie jumped head-first into a romance and waltzed the evening away.
And a few of them raked the beach for sea treasures.
Ugh, Jamie! D: Rosalie must *really* like you to laugh at that disgusting behaviour.
‘No-one’s playing plumbob bingo with you because you keep cheating!’
I’m not sure what Soymek did to anger Mary-Beth but the poor thing got her insulting finger. *Someone* doesn’t care about this competition, eh?
Jamie and Rosalie (Josalie?) continued to steal any thunder Soymek might have had XD
They even took it to the hot tub!
You twooo. Cuties.
Okay, these two definitely don’t give a fig about Soymek’s attention haha. They’ve made their own way in this challenge, and I am here for it.
What I am *less* here for is the antagonism between Colette and Elaine, simmering away in the background while I perve on Josalie. How can they hate eachother enough already for Elaine to get a bad rep?! It’s been less than a sim day!
At around 10, it was time to test out those new beds (by sleeping, I mean….) after a pretty eventful first day.
I got the girls tucked up in bed ready for another day of dossing about the patio and beach tomorrow.
Day 2! Rise and shine, ladies!
Before Soymek gets down to his daily task, it’s brekkie time, which I think most girls did manage to attend again.
Colette: ‘Hey Elaine, let’s not bring politics into the competition, yeah?’
So it was political differences, eh?
On day 2, Soy must simply chat with each girl to break the ice. He embarrassingly chose the topic of make-up with the first girl, but thankfully Elaine responded well.
‘So, Rosalie, do you bat for the other team?’ (I know it’s a racket, I know).
She’s bi, Soy, you still have a chance if you pull your finger out!
Although Rosalie does seem pretty unenthused by this conversation, so maybe she is a lost cause at this point.
Oh dear, I guess it will stay political between Elaine and Colette :S
‘Isn’t it funny how sometimes you get the wrong impression of someone when you first meet them?!’ Soymek swoops in to break the two up.
Jamie’s not the fortune bachelorette, Soy! Either way, the platonic conversation seemed to go well.
But Dolly *hated* Soy’s suggestion of sunshine. How very dare he.
‘You know Mary-Beth, Jamie is the competition to beat. You’d better gain some relationship points with me right now if you want to stay.’
Despite the good chat, Mary-Beth couldn’t overcome the points damage caused by her insults last night and became the first to leave the house and competition. She now lives as a townie in the neighbourhood.
Like yesterday, day 2 was now free socialising time for Soy and the contestants. Soy chatted about coming of age films with Elaine for a bit…
Josalie got down to some more lovin’ in the tub…
And they all hung out together on the beach. It was at this point that Dolly chose to annoy Soymek. Out of the blue! At this rate it won’t be any surprise who leaves the competition every day *rolls eyes*.
Later, Elaine and Colette got into a fight. It’s a good thing for them that relationship scores between contestants doesn’t matter. I’m sure there are some versions that even encourage animosity but not here! 🙁
Lol at Rosalie nope-ing out of the violent situation. Same tbh.
Soon after the fist-fight, it was time for bed for the six remaining bachelorettes. Who will fail the flirting round tomorrow? Let’s see…
Everyone made it to breakfast on day 3, yay! Breakfast is always quite civilised, and there’s always someone offering to wash up.
Now on with the flirting. I decided to choose the ‘highest’ flirt available with each contestant, which for Elaine, was a simple charm. Which she ate up! I haven’t shown it, but despite Soymek’s previous indifference, he does have one bolt for Elaine.
He has one for Camilla too, but she did not appreciate this wolf-whistle (but then, who would? I’d rather a charm any day of the week)
Dolly was perhaps even more disgusted, quite rightly.
Jamie can’t believe she hasn’t flaunted her relationship with Rosalie enough in Soy’s face to avoid more attempts at flirting…
…and shy Colette accepts his charm!
In fact, she likes it so much that their first kiss is triggered, hurrah!
And then Elaine and Soy’s first kiss happened!
Soy still had Rosalie to flirt with but he jumped straight into the hot tub with Colette and started regaling her with tales of how the wishing well back home has failed him in terms of romance (true story).
The well has helped you now via the anecdote, Soy!
Meanwhile, Dolly seems checked out of the competition, and Josalie definitely don’t need any wishing well help.
‘Hey babe. What do you say? You and me?’
*le shook*
So… public D:
The last flirt of the day was very harshly rejected by Rosalie, meaning Soy performed 2/6 successful flirts. I feel like that isn’t good.
Very shockingly, Dolly was second out the door, on day 3. I chose to commemorate this moment with a flattering would-be upskirt shot of her.
Dinner with the remaining five contestants- two successful flirtees Elaine and Colette, Camilla and loved up pair Rosalie and Jamie, who is doing the smustle dangerously between two chairs.
After dinner, Soymek and Elaine hopped into the other hot tub and got… well, hot.
*Very* hot. Soymek is finally doing okay in this challenge!
Hm. Talk about mixed signals, Elaine. Teenagers are weird.
And that’s a wrap on day 3. Day 4 is more innocent again, with our bachelor sharing interests with each bachelorette. Let’s see how that goes down…
Breakfast on day 4 looks a bit awkward, but I don’t think anything was unusual!
So, Soymek didn’t have a high enough relationship with everyone to even have the option of sharing interests, so I made him chat instead to those contestants. He bored Rosalie with tales of his family’s soup (which is not soup to sniff at, by the way)…
…took a break to fret over Elaine and Colette fighting -.- …
…mildly interested Camilla in the weather…
… and got political with Elaine, who was all over it.
Josalie headed to the hot tub *again* meanwhile :’)
And Elaine returned to her hobby of sand-rummaging.
Before Soy could share interests with Colette, the pair of them christened his bed (isn’t it nice of Josalie to stay out of his bed?), earning Colette some very nice relationship points indeed.
‘You don’t have to pay me, that’s not what this is!’
After all his interactions, the third bachelorette to vamoose was Camilla, despite Soymek’s attraction to her. He just didn’t have enough gift of the gab to woo her. Bye Camilla!
In the remainder of the day, Elaine got herself some more points in the hot tub, drawing around equal with Colette.
Reserved Colette was holding her own though, and creepily stalked up to Soymek like this-
– poised for a goose!
As it was the early morning of day 5, I got Soymek’s daily task of cracking a dirty joke with each contestant underway. This was not to our Colette’s liking at all. Maybe Elaine’s got the edge!
Annoyingly I apparently forgot to take a photo of the four remaining beds at the end of day 4, so imagine that *here*. Day 5 properly started with me once again swooning over the cuteness of Josalie on the beach.
Obviously romance Elaine was very enthusiastic about day 5’s task. Her dirty joke went down a storm.
Rosalie also reacted really well.
As did Jamie!
Proceedings were interrupted at this point because there was a phonecall for Soymek. From one of his family members, perhaps, wanting to see how he’s doing away from home for the first time? One of his school friends wanting a chat? Oh no. It was Mary-Beth. Too little too late, girl!
Despite her liking of Soymek’s dirty joke, it was Jamie who had the worst relationship score with Soy on day 5, and she was the fourth to leave. Despite coming fourth and with no intervention from me (but bless ACR), Jamie managed to get full relationship points with Rosalie, which is more than any relationship of Soymek’s! I’m sure Rosalie will join you very soon, Jamie.
More socialising that evening- Colette perhaps comes out of her shell a bit more and brags about fighting with Elaine (or is it a sympathy play?!)
Rosalie now has time to actually talk to other people now Jamie’s gone ;D
And Soymek and Colette flirt hard.
Whew! Yeah, how does it feel to have romance shoved in your face, Rosalie?
Day 5 ends with only three bachelorettes remaining- Elaine and Colette, who have both wooed Soymek successfully, and Rosalie, who is friendly with him but definitely just waiting to get kicked out so she can get back to Jamie XD
Mary-Beth you were out *first*, give up!
!! People, she’s done it. Elaine has fallen for Soymek after some lovin’ in the tub and a slow dance, which is the task of day 6.
Look at how lost Rosalie looks without Jamie :’)
This excitement was followed by Colette following suit! It’s very close between the two :O
Colette was obviously very happy to do some slow dancing as well.
Soymek isn’t romantic with Rosalie in the slightest so couldn’t even ask her to slow dance, but that didn’t matter! She was good enough to reject him for a regular ‘dance together’ instead 😀
Is… is this still about politics at this point?
Night fell, and it was time to say goodbye to Rosalie, who I think deserves the special award of this challenge, if such a thing existed. Not only did she come third with no romantic interest in our bachelor, meaning she built up relationship points purely platonically, but she fell in love with another contestant and reached full relationship points with her! It’s like the couple on love island that doesn’t win, but probably has a better relationship than the winners XD Go and enjoy your townie life with Jamie, Rosalie!
In the free evening, Elaine took a very big risk in noogie-ing Soymek *again* which is really not good on the score at all.
Colette played very safe with further kisses (although in the bathroom).
And she stole his heart!
Moreover, on Day 7, the final day, the *showdown*, both of them got up earlier than Elaine and squeezed in some more affection.
‘Do you think she’s sulking because the early bird catches the worm?’
I think Elaine genuinely just loves the beach.
Elaine however does currently have more long-term relationship points with Soy but fewer daily, so there is all to play for on this make-out day. A snog session clearly boosts Elaine’s daily score.
But will it boost Colette’s lifetime score enough? After the final task of this bachelorette challenge, who will win the title of Soymek’s first girlfriend? (Drumroll please) ……
*It’s Colette!* The shy, retiring beauty managed to up her game and charm her daily score high enough to snag Soymek away from Elaine’s (albeit noogie-ing) clutches on the final day.
I’m not sure why this photo of departing Elaine is terrible, but so long Elaine! You get a very deserving second place, one off your goal of woohooing 20 sims and an enemy in Colette. Congrats! XD
All that’s left to do in this house is make these two boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought the two of them looked very romantic, embracing in front of the waves, until Soymek broadcasted with a lovely red memory that he’s not really into relationships *rolls eyes very hard* XD. Ah, Soy, you might surprise yourself. Give it a go.
Here is the winning bachelorette with her purple prince prize, introducing: Solette! (Coymek?) Soymek has one year left in the legacy household until he hits adulthood (I wasn’t counting any of the days in this challenge!) and he’s finally got some romantic experience under his belt and a brand new gorgeous girlfriend. You’re welcome, Soymek.
I hope you enjoyed this little Valentine’s Day one-off story and that you’ll stick around to see subsequent episodes of The L’Amour Legacy- I’m sure Soymek and Colette will feature 🙂 Above all else, I hope you’re having a great valentine’s day, whether you’re in a relationship or not, or particularly celebrate it or not. Stay well and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I loved it! It was great that you used it to find your poor pleasure sim a girlfriend! I LOLed at Josalie doing their own thing. <3

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