Chapter 2: Three new arrivals

Welcome to the Sophomore year of these two rapscallions! Last year, we had some classic college events- llama and cow showdowns (featuring the very not aptly-named Wolfe), flirting with the college cook (actually called Cooke), hot tub woohoo and some visits from the famalam back home. Sarah and Ron have mostly repaired their relationship from the pre-uni fall-out, but a few things are still up in the air.
But before we get on with second year, we have three new freshers joining the dorm!
This is newly-young-adulted Gregory with his mum Tipua. He might seem familiar to fans of Phoenix Wright as he is the son of Miles Edgeworth, prosecutor extraordinaire! Greg is a knowledge sim like both of his parents, so whether to go to college or not was a no-brainer.
Tipua actually stayed in the same dorm, so *really* knows what could happen to lovely Greg.
Fresher no. 2 is Stranac, arriving at college with his mum Dearg. The astute among you will realise that these two have the same skin as Greg’s mum; Dearg is Tipua’s older sister. Stranac is very good friends with his cousin and can’t wait to be rid of those pesky green acne spots on his face.
He’s HUGE!
And he can almost pull off those riding trousers. Almost.
Stranac is a pleasure sim and has caused many a teen heart to break back home.
And last but not least, we have Podviny (or Podivny. I always get it wrong, sorry girl). She is also an alien, as you can see, and she grew up in the same household as Greg. Pod is a knowledge sim, and is in a relationship with Greg.
She showed up to college all alone, despite the existence of a very alive mother (and stepmum).
The addition of the freshers gives us a five sim household, which I gave this super hilar name to.
After claiming their rooms, I was unsurprised that Greg and Pod chose to do this first.
Good to see Anne Cooke’s gone nowhere.
FRESHURRRRS with their college outfits.
I realised most pictures so far have been quite close up, so have a wider shot of the dorm: it’s small and cute and so annoying for taking photos
Knowledge sims doing their knowledge sim thing. I don’t think Ron and Sarah did any research at all last year.
Cooke’s cooking has worsened this term. Maybe Ron needs to sweet talk her a little more.
Stranac decided to take a dip in the hot tub before heading out to his first ever class with Stranac and Pod. I’m not sure why Sarah is so shocked by his boldness, she’s had quite the past with him!
Pod checks out Wolfe’s…. tail… on her way out.
Ron, now that Stranac is actually at college with you, it’s not a great idea to gossip about him…
‘You know he cheated on….’
‘That bastard.’
Now here’s a bit of mystery: Pod has it IN for red-head Filia (and presumably now vice versa). I’m not too sure why! Ron invited some friends from back home to hit that 20 BFF lifetime want and this is the treatment they get!

Have you ever pressed your eyebrows down SO FAR into your eyes that one eyebrow goes through an eye?
Mystery no. 2- these freshers have such a past!- is who is this little girl who keeps ringing Pod?
Red and black llama?! NO! Where’s Wolfe?! He didn’t cheer on Ron sleeping at least! ‘David Bishop’ isn’t nearly as funny 🙁
‘Weeeeeeee! I could touch the sky!’
Sarah has been doing well this term, and has finally fallen in love with Martin!
Phillip was also invited over by Ron, and spent all of his time on the PC wondering what the heck Sarah’s doing.
‘You know, that Beverly’s a real looker.’
Ah! The return of Edward, police officer by day, student handcuffer by night! I wasn’t sure if he would return after his failure last year, but here he is.
Unfortunately, Ron was in the bathroom in his pants when Edward showed up.
‘Dude, what the hell are you doing? I’m in the loo!’
The location and outfit just makes this already weird occasion doubly as weird.
No comment.
Ron was probably fearing for the worst, having been handcuffed in his pants in the toilet, but he indeed ended up at the awesome secret society lot that I hadn’t seen yet. I wasn’t sure there was one with this CC university, so I was very happy.
I’m still not entirely sure if this isn’t Ron’s stag do or something.
Ellen Robinson! Is this why you’re on academic probation, because you’ve been here partying the whole time instead of studying?
Because Ron is a goofy popularity sim, he saw all these secret society sims and the glasses thing (I never use it, don’t know what it’s called) and saw an opportunity.
He did very well, making several new friends, then decided it was time to head back. Edward swung by to pick him up. The atmosphere seems awkward.
‘Hey Martin, you know your haircut makes you look like you’re from outer space?’
‘Or a thief?’
Ron doesn’t love Martin, probably because he used to date Sarah. And Martin has a better nose.
Greg: ‘I’ve put about a million hours in this term, I just hope it’s enough for the final exam!’
Awww, a nice family breakfast. Sarah and Pod were already friends before uni, as were the lads. So this was a rather nice occasion. I can only spot one burned pancake as well. You go, Anne!
Ron had a lovely little want to perform the secret handshake. *phones Julia Walters*
Meanwhile, Cowmelon (Camelon) has been proving a nuisance, even though the sophomores have been nothing but friendly towards him.
A nuisance and a pervert, apparently.
The loved up couple being perved on by Cowmelon is Stranac and wife (yes, wife…) Furcsa. They grew up in the same household and ended up together, despite having a very rocky relationship. They are nearly as compatible as Greg and Pod, but Stranac is a bit of a player. At the moment however, they are happy.
Jeez, Pod packs a poke! She’s the hard man on campus it would seem. And how strong is Furcsa?!
Oh. How long that happy period lasted. I don’t know what you’re smiling at, Ron, you invited Beverly over!
No no no, I do not like this at all!
‘How can she go for a mere fresher and not me, the mature second year?!’
Ron looks less happy now.
Yes, Furcsa. Maybe you should hang out with your husband more. For your own sake.
Pod shows her softer side by learning couples’ therapy. She seems to think the house will be needing it- smart woman, Pod.
Near the end of term, Stranac strives to get to know some ex-dormmates. Remember Letitia Swan? Me neither.
Beverly is also back.. quick Martin, do something!
Now there’s a lot to be said about this screenshot. Firstly, yes, Stranac and Furcsa have a son, Nofs (who lives with Furcsa at home). Which makes me hate what’s going on even more. Secondly, this is the man himself, Miles Edgeworth!
In his retired days, his hobbies include bussing it (?) to uni and….
Shoving his own son.
Yeah… Miles is horrible in my game! He and Greg and Pod don’t get on at all well because of a lot of events that happened when Greg and Pod were teenagers. Greg and Pod, because they are super compatible (and lovely) together, got together straight away when they aged into teens… but Pod also had two bolts for Edgeworth senior. You can guess what happened thanks to ACR.
Nowadays, Pod sticks up for Greg when his dad is bullying him (what a jerk, honestly!)
No no no no, I do not like this at all! It’s too early for such drama! Furcsa is *right there* chatting with Ron whilst her husband massages Beverly fresh out of the hot tub! Can backrubs ever be platonic?
Not according to Furcsa! 🙁 She slaps him silly and their relationship is in tatters. I just feel bad for letting Nofs be born into this mess.
*flashbacks of Ron pre-uni*
‘Hey, people in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be great if someone were to do some relationship repairing right about now?’
Pod takes the hint from Ron and offers her good friend Stranac her expertise (she doesn’t even like Furcsa, how sweet!) But Stranac is stubborn and refused.
*These* two on the other hand could not be more in love.
‘IIII wooouuld eeeaaat myy owwn naaame fooorrr youuu!’
Greg is so devoted to Pod that he has a good relationship with the little girl that keeps ringing Pod. Her identity? Pod and Miles’ daughter. Yes. That household was *extremely fun*, believe me. Whilst Pod shunned her daughter for a while, things are quite good now. Pod, Greg and Pod’s mum and stepmum all hate Miles though. Lol.
The term ends with Aleric here doing his best to cheer up poor Furcsa. I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing more of Furcsa next term, and maybe the oddly absent Prof Kate will be back!
So we’ll say goodbye to these three until next time- none of them are on academic probation, by the way. They may have baggage but they sure study hard! Can Stranac repair his relationship with his wife and mother of his child? Does he even *want* to? Will Ron make his LTW? Will Cowmelon actually set off the sprinkler system? We’ll see!

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