The Alumni Adventures part 3 (a College Adventures update)

We are back with another Alumni Adventures aka snaps of the cute kids of the College Adventures’ sims. This might be the last one I do of these, as said kids are growing up now and will probably feature at some point or another in the college chapters of The L’Amour Legacy. But for now: the orginal college sims are approaching middle age!
Bitxi and her extermination (not medieval) husband are going through issues due to him cheating on Bitxi with Stranac’s cow ex-wife. They’re trying to work things out. Bitxi could be more angry, I guess because she has also cheated she now thinks it’s fair!
Their child Trakets is a little trickster, apparently- that face!
I don’t think they get it, Trakets XD
Ooh. That’s not great camera angling from me.
Bitxi could not care less haha (she’s working hard to top her Paranormal career)
It was soon time for Trakets to grow up, and it looks like he’s going to have a *fantastic* time at college. Loving that he fancies students *and* unemployed people. His LTW is to be an idol like his dad.
She’s done it! No more skilling for you, Bitxi! She really struggled financially after being expelled from college, so it’s nice they don’t have to worry now with their combined wages.
Woooo! Great job, Bitxi.
In other news, Greg is now apparently a window. And he’ll be over in a few minutes!!!!
This is Bitxi’s new work look for her top job (and she’s matching with what Trakets grew up into!)
WOW. Has this cow no shame?! Morgan, seemingly not satisfied with getting off with Nicolas, is now trying to set him up with someone else!
But I did say yes. I can’t help myself, these things normally do produce someone pretty compatible. I got Bitxi out the way though.
Nicolas did get on with his date very well, but has better chemistry with his wife. That night, the third burglar trespassed and the dog did zilch. This isn’t a newly-spawned burglar, but I haven’t seen him in a while.
Hmm, yes. ‘Caught’. We’ll see about that. How long before he robs another house?
We now skip over to ex police officer and ex (or current? I don’t know yet!) college secret society kidnapper Edward with his alien baby Heddlu.
Heddlu is clearly the same type of alien as Podviny, but has more alien facial features.
Edward is a pretty old dad (and very old to have given birth very recently!) but lives with plenty of young people to help with Heddlu, thankfully.
And Heddlu is a sweetie that has caused no problems so far! Yes I don’t know why Morgan the cow is here, but at least she’s in a sty
At Filia and Laska’s, Filia’s daughter Marcia succumbs to illness, like her dad did quite a while ago.
But Edgey Edgeworth had her back (he loves her and Manfred, having raised them).
Laska meanwhile becomes the second cult leader in the neighbourhood, and the first scary werewolf one. She loves bringing home the college chef. I don’t know either.
So what is Filia up to? Well, she hit 40. And got freaking abducted (with no influence from me, this was an innocent stargaze).
Yes, you may look worried, Marcia. And she’s a family sim.
Whilst Filia waits to see if she got away with that abduction, I am reminded that she is a college dean. Her bringing the cook back makes a tiny iota more sense.
But she’s not the college dean for long! Take that, Zigga Bugga Goos. Filia out!
Newly permaplat Laska enjoys time with her twin’s son at her house.
And enjoys… eating out of the outside bin *vomits*
Ah. Filia did not get away with it. Place your bets, will we get another dark blue alien? To really confuse matters around here
Aww, this is very sweet though. Pregnant sisters together.
Laska’s son (with the late Miles Edgeworth, Greg’s dad) snatched his first kiss with one of the many vacation teen townies.
Very soon it was time for Marcia and Manfred’s birthdays (the cousins are the same age). Marcia had no interest in going to college, so she’s staying here to help with her little half-brother/sister.
She’s so pretty! (And she knows it!)
Filia’s pregnancy progresses, but she doesn’t come full term before Manfred leaves for college and I have to move on to a different household.
Furcsa’s house now, where her eldest Nofs (her son with Stranac) is happily watching Furcsa’s youngest Rubia flirt wth Trakets in his pyjamas. Just casually trimming the hedge, y’know. Definitely not spying.
‘Young love… this pleases me.’
Trakets is around a lot, seeing as he’s interested in Rubia. He went to sleep in Furcsa’s bed (?) and Aleric (Furcsa’s husband) decided he would… read to him. What an odd relationship.
Nofs’ son Charlie has a more normal and adorable relationship with the cat. Don’t you just love the toddler-animal hugs?
And his wife is expecting their second child! I couldn’t resist, okay. He’s a family sim.
So this is the current family portrait!
Last time, Gio was conducting an affair with Thera (the one who messed up Greg and Pod’s relationship in college for a bit) and recently-resurrected wife Sopresa was obviously not happy. They made efforts to make up a little…
But clearly, Thera’s pull was too strong. Poor Sopresa 🙁
Gio thought it best to cut ties now; it was clearly not going to work out.
His sister was heartbroken! They are all pretty close in that house.
Gio was quick to get down on one knee as Thera is a family sim and wanted a baby very badly, and is getting on a bit.
The second wedding of Giovanni was fairly well-attended with *most* guests dressed appropriately. Phillip showed his face, as did Sarah. His brother Cesare, sister Lucretia, ex Sopresa and his sister-in-law were also there- as they live in the same house.
Sopresa: ‘Ugh, the groom is so gross.’
Gio and Sopresa’s daughter Isabel was obviously also there.
Thera is beautiful, I’ll give her that.
The family as it stands so far.
I guess Lucretia had enough cake-face-smashing. So…did…this?
I got Thera and Gio to mate like bunnies straightaway to help a bubba along the way, and we were lucky.
This is Juan Toricelli, who obviously has the same hair, eye and skin colour as his two parents.
He looks a lot like Giovanni but with a higher nose, I reckon. Now that Gio has a boy, the prestigious name of Toricelli can continue. Hurrah!
Meanwhile, Isabel grew up into a teen and she and Sopresa moved out, and into Kimyona and Syndod’s house (Syndod being Sopresa’s twin and living in the house they grew up in).
Also living with Kimyona and Syndod is Kimyona’s orphan nephew Kore. Him and Isabel may share cousins in common, but they aren’t related…. so this is okay, right?!
Kore is a quiet knowledge teen and Isabel is a ballsy fortune sim, so they seemed like a weird match to me!
Now for another new teen sort-of couple- Ron’s son Johnny has the hots for Modra’s eldest child

. As well as for several other people…
A picture is worth a thousand words XD
(I forget whose memories these are, maybe I snooped into a ghost’s memories, idk)
Podviny’s eldest daughter Sara moved out to be with boyfriend Jacob, and, well- you can see what happened 🙂
They got married one hot summer day wth the family and friends around.
A hot, hot day.
Smashy smashy!
Pretty soon after the wedding, Sara has her first pop!
Greg meanwhile has been working out a little and trying to keep himself healthy.
The very very not-okay affair between Johnny and his adoptive mother continued, and Greg finally found out. He was naturally upset.
The tension… jeez.

Kay and the new dog (I never remember their names) like to jam together on the drums. I never knew dogs howled along :’)
Suddenly… disaster strikes.
Her parents were maybe even more furious that most would be. Pod after all had a child as a teenager (though a bit younger than Kay) and everything’s still not totally peachy there- and it caused a lot of problems between her and Greg. I can’t imagine what Pod was feeling at this point. But who is the father of Kay’s baby? She snogged Johnny but nothing more…
Yes. Again, totally not my doing.
I suppose Kay was just *too* into science and stargazing! At this point I wasn’t sure if teens could get alien pregnant. Evidently, they can!
Oh yes, you were both happy at this point, weren’t you?! Bloody knowledge sims.
Despite her condition, Kay continued going to work and reached the top of her teen natural science career path.
Nothing much happened until the big day of the birth. There was still tension between Kay and her parents at this point, especially her mum.
You can do it, Kay!
Hurray! Whilst Kay tries to hand her baby to a bed (she’s 17, give her a break), let’s take a closer look at the babe.
This is little Byrne Edgeworth. He’s same alien type as Furcsa but with black hair, and strong eyebrows as well!
and *this* is Faraday Edgeworth. She’s got her alien skin tone and blonde hair, but Kay (and Greg’s and Greg’s dad Miles’, the original Edgeworth) eyes. Yes, Kay had alien twins as a teenager… phew.
And then she fell into bed with Johnny D: Kay is already a very unique sim. Just call her Jane the virgin!
The babies were put in the main room, and I noticed that Pod somehow ‘met’ the PT that impregnated her daughter and is furious at him. Fair enough, to be honest!
These two are so judgy! They are *not* on good terms with their daughter, though they’ve nothing against the babies.
So sweet.
Sara meanwhile had given birth to *her* baby, meaning all three of Pod’s grandchildren are the same age, despite the age difference between the two daughters. I called Sara’s daughter Angelica and she has a lovely mix of genetics- her father’s eyes, her mother’s hair colour and her grandma Pod’s alien skin tone.
At Greg and Pod’s place, Pod invited Sara over with her newborn baby and the suddenly much larger family bonded with the babies.
I think it’s very sweet Sara had a baby that looks like Pod- maybe that will be the real catalyst of Pod and Sara’s make-up.
Kay’s twins soon grew up as well- they look pretty identical in face structure to me, and isn’t Faraday’s Marilyn Monroe-style cute?!
Ah. Well, still cute XD
At the end of my time with Sara and her husband, they were half-trying for another baby and then conceived one by accident haha. Pod’s *fourth* grandchild is incoming!
Stranac’s news now- and, well. Should we be surprised? The blue sim is Stranac’s step-daughter. Will Stranac and Modra ever be faithful?
Modra herself is also continuing to play around, causing issues for Giovanni’s brother and his wife Star. Modra had been best friends with Star, too- they lived together as teens. It’s quite a shame 🙁
Heddlu is also mad at Gio’s brother because he’s hurt his Dad’s step-daughter. The relationships between them all is confusing for me too, don’t worry.
Edward, being a brave ex-police officer, jumped into a fight with Cesare to defend his step-daughter (who he is very close with).
At Stranac’s house, playful Zenka (Stranac’s second child, with cow Morgan) sneaks out with the vacation teen townie that all the girls love. (Literally. All of them).
Stranac has always maintained a good relationship with all his children, his, grown-up, eldest Nofs (with Furcsa) included.
If you’re following The L’Amour Legacy, you’ll know that Zenka has befriended (and more) Tapmak. She’s pretty popular with the teens of the neighbourhood.
This photo also deserves the caption: a picture is worth a thousand words, and a mention that Modra isn’t even bi. You do you, though, Modra.
Stranac’s youngest child Sininen (with Modra) is growing up- will she be a pleasure sim like Stranac or maybe romance like her mum?
Tapmak looks quite scary, doesn’t he?! D:
Sininen grew up into a pretty teen and I can’t remember what aspiration I chose, lol. I think pleasure, like Stranac and Zenka.
AH, there we go! I was right haha. Her new aspiration does not match this *want* at all- do *not* take a leaf out of Kay’s book, Sininen.
Embarrassed parents are embarrassed. What are they embarrassed about? I’m not sure, but doesn’t this look a bit like a meme?!
This is your not very estranged ex-husband, not a stranger… memory like a sieve.
Ex-cow-mascot and ex-wife Morgan (Zenka’s mum) is always showing up.
Finally, let’s have a look at Kimyona and Syndod’s. Kimyona’s been doing very well lately, studying hard and topping her law enforcement career (just like her dad).
Heroine Kim!
Her son Ospart is a nerdy little sweetheart and quickly befriended Suyuu (from The L’Amour Legacy).
Her daughter Trufla (the one born in The College Adventures) had um.. a momentary dalliance with legacy founder Phillip… as readers will know. Not the proudest moment for either of them, but so far, no one else knows and it hasn’t happened again.
As I said earlier, younger cousin Isabel and her mum Sopresa moved in after Sopresa’s divorce. Trufla and Isabel autonomously did not really get on. Maybe due to their different turn-ons?!
Their mothers looked on awkwardly.
Nerdly little Ospart became a nerdy teen and randomised gay <3
Trufla looks very done with school- that face.
She was so done with school, it was time to go to college- and this is where I’ll leave you. Do join me sooner for a pre-college interlude for the introduction of the sims who will be going to college with Sevim, our eldest legacy generation 1 sim! Thanks for reading this mess of photos and we’ll see many of these sims in the legacy updates. Byeee!
‘Your daughter’s growing up very nicely.’ D: D:
Stern baby judges you.

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