The Alumni Adventures part 2 (a College Adventures update)

Hello! Welcome to another College Adventures Alumni update, because I just can’t help myself. This is…. a huge update. Just because of the order of play regarding my legacy household, this post is mostly about Stranac, Pod and Greg and Furcsa, though the others feature too. We start off with Stranac and his heavily pregnant girlfriend, about to give him his third child. His ex-wife (the evil cow mascot) managed to be here, in her typical fashion.
Girlfriend Modra produced HER second blue baby, who I called Sininen (a girl).
Sininen got her mum’s eye, hair and skin colours (obviously) so it will be interesting to see if she looks like her dad at all when she grows up.
Yes! I think that is the characteristic Stranac nose that child number 2 has.
Awww. Zenka and Sininen get on pretty well together.
Modra’s lifetime wish is to woohoo with 20 different sims, and she is getting close. Out of the blue, she suddenly rolled a want to marry Stranac (but also to fall in love with her first baby daddy again…). I decided after she hits 20, I’ll get the two wed.
One of her conquests was this bartender, who was *very* committed to his job. Never slacking.
Our boy Stranac has been hitting the books and made it to Celebrity Chef, yay!
And Sininen grew up to be not too bad looking.
I can’t help but include the cute loading screen. Two green aliens and two blue. How sweet.
Similarly with this picture- look at those two cutey nosies.
Less cute was this THIRD unwanted pregnancy of Modra’s! With the bartender guy who she doesn’t even have great chemistry with D:
I decided to make things official with these two to stir the pot 😉 Now their child is a child and all.
Ooooh dear. I always think of Stranac as the playboy but he is often the victim.
Now THIS is quite the picture. In the foreground we have a pregnant Modra getting off with some randomer at Sininen’s birthday party, and in the background we have Modra’s eldest daughter hitting on Stranac D: (Like mother like daughter, I suppose!) Neither of them seem to care, however. Will this change after they are married?
*Spits drink*
Yes, this is what this looks like. Modra did not shoo two of her previous lovers away as she cracks on with another. Romance sims, man.
Though maybe babby daddy Aleyn does mind a little :’D The other guy is definitely trying to make out that he can’t see them (somehow) XD
Lol. I don’t know why Mr. Burnt stood there to watch the weird nuptials of Stranac and Modra.
Presenting the new blended Castelow family! Featuring older children Nofs and Plava. And some guy’s leg -.-
On the same day, Zenka became a pretty teen!
And the bleedin’ ex wife made the party a disaster by sleeping with Bitxi’s husband! D:
And not caring one little bit. Thanks so much for that, Morgan. And I thought we’d seen the last of you.
ALSO that day, Modra had her first pregnancy pop and it turned out this was over the line with Stranac. 🙁
After she apologised lots, he wasn’t actually too mad. I think he likes her too much.
Confusing personal life aside, Stranac is still a Celebrity Chef and works the outfit.
I swear I didn’t make this happen! I was half excited to maybe see a blonde blue alien, but it was not meant to be.
Would-be Aleyn has been round lots to befriend the woman he knocked up but he keeps getting attacked by Zenka, who is NOT happy he screwed over her dad.
Stranac’s personal life troubles are still not over because Modra, for some reason, won’t give her bartender up. She doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it, I tell you.
‘Hey! So I can’t have a side piece but he can? With my DAUGHTER?!’
A very fair point, Modra. This was a very low blow.
‘I saw this Sunflowers’. Cheers Prof. Kate!
Onto Pod and Greg now, who are currently living with Pod’s daughter Sara (who hates her) and their daughter Kay.
Kay is often upset at the strife her older sister causes, though she loves her.
DESPITE everything.
Greg dealt with the loss of his mother Tipua.
And the house celebrated Sara’s birthday (probably eager to get her out).
Ugh, social worker vibes!
Kay gets on really well with legacy boy Sevim. They’re sweet.
Greg reaches mad scientist!
…and sets the genie on fire?!
After a few years, it was time for Sara to move in with her boyfriend (who is, coincidentally, Modra’s first baby daddy. That baby is not much younger than Sara…)
Greg is just the sweetest. This is him apologising TO SARA. For being slapped?
I finally settled on this fab hair for Pod. It’s cute, weird, and shows off her pixie ears. Perfect.
And she reached her lifetime want!
Ooooooh. It suits her.
Greg has become podgy in his early middle age.
And Kay reminded me that I have a ‘children pick flowers’ mod. So cute!
NO! This is the female burglar who stole the legacy household’s telescope! This is just another reason she must go!
The adults took far too long to call the police, so Kay handled it.
Cold Pod is weird!
I rewarded Kay’s burglar competence by throwing her a little do for her kiddy friends.
‘All of those tinkerers’. Sure, Kay.
Over at Ron’s house now, Bitxi’s husband is ALSO carrying on with Ron’s wife. Whilst Ron and Bitxi carry on. Yes.
BUT NOT FOR LONG. This house is suffering from the flu and poor Winona stayed outside in the snow smacking lips for too long and keeled over. Ron didn’t know about her affair and was therefore sad enough to cry.
A lot 🙁
He’s left to raise his twin boys alone.
They are Ryder and Johnny and are almost identical.
Now Ron is a free agent, he took the interesting step of snogging ex-girlfriend (pre college, people) Sarah. In front of current flame Bitxi. Is it me or is this sounding familiar?
Obviously he is not averse to a fling on the side, too.
Not too long after these events, Ryder decided to undergo a table lobotomy.
And unfortunately, Ron couldn’t save his own son (who he has a great relationship with!!)
Then the worst happened. Also unable to fight off the flu despite my best efforts, Ron also succumbs. There is no adult around to beg for his life, so I am forced to watch one of the OG College Adventurers die an early death :((((( You’ve been great, Ron!
Death stuck around after taking Ron and, um, took the lift :/
As did the social worker later, even though Johnny is right there. Wat.
I had a fun time trying to get the game to work after she got stuck. I deleted the social worker mobile and Johnny went to school… but didn’t come back. This photo was taken at 1am!! Thankfully, he returned at 6pm and the social worker came.
And this time, successfully took little Johnny away.
Because I don’t want to see Ron’s offspring stuck in adoption never aging, I decided someone close to Ron should raise him in their household. I chose his good friends Greg and Pod, a stable, fairly well-off family. Ron was closer to Bitxi, but that’s too complicated lol. Plus, Kay and Johnny get on really well.
So we’re back with the Edgeworths and their adopted (but not officially) son Johnny.
He soon fitted in really well, befriending each member of the family.
Soon it was time for Kay’s birthday, and the family had a big party.
Gio is still having a sort of affair with Thera (the bane of my life, honestly).
And Kay becomes a predictably pretty teen.
Ah. Sopresa clearly thought it WAS an affair. Looking forward to sorting that mess out. Gio’s bold, public snog caused a ripple of anger at the party.
Sopresa’s niece Trufla was at the party as Greg’s niece (and Kay’s friend) and was FURIOUS at the pair for cheating on her aunt (who she is indifferent to). Trufla is a family sim, if you hadn’t guessed!
Sopresa’s twin Syndod and nephew Ospart were similarly outraged. So sweet!
Kay is a knowledge sim like her parents, which meant that she was actually quite pleased to get abducted by aliens (not my doing!).
Her mum was also thrilled, as an alien knowledge sim.
Time for a very similar party for Johnny!
Awwh, I can see Ron in him now!
Trufla was a frustrated family sim at this point and used poor Kay as a punching bag.
Ohhh crap. No no no, Pod is like your mother, Johnny! I’d hoped this wouldn’t happen D:
So. Gross.
OH WELL WHY NOT, JOHNNY?! Just a single bolt between these two. I’d so hoped he would merely have a family relationship with his adoptive family. But no.
We’ll leave that mess of a family behind now and visit Furcsa’s family. This picture is merely to show that Nofs ‘met’ a puppy called Gope Goat on a hike. You know, as you do.
Teenage Nofs was ready to grow up into an adult!
As was his holiday love.
Nofs is a family sim who makes sure to have a good relationship with his half sisters.
And Thera, apparently D: (Thera really pulls at the Edgeworth house, doesn’t she?!)
Our girl Furcsa meanwhile has been flirting with ex Stranac (bad idea!)
Saving her grown up son from death…
…getting jumped by her cat…
…and growing up her and Aleric’s daughter Rubia.
She is quite the sweetie.
!! What is this, the third household she’s been to? GO AWAY
Nofs stupidly accepts a flirty hug from Thera the Homewrecker and causes Debbie to cry 🙁
Two two inevitably hate each other.
Furcsa and Aleric are as happy as ever building their relationship back up after Aleric’s (second) resurrection.
Furcsa joined the others and hit her lifetime wish too 🙂
Ballerina Furcsa!
This is Eve, who Nofs ALSO fancies. A lot. Even if she is clearly a witch.
He liked her so much that she got a makeover and moved in! Nofs is still young but it’s hard to ignore those family sim wants.
Aleric shows off his new look.
And Nofs thought it was about time to tell Debbie that it’s over. (Whoops, thought that was done).
Rubia is a little smartypants…
And Nofs gets down on one knee! It’s wedding time.
‘Hey, Greg, you know that recently deceased mutual friend of ours?’ He threw a crap party once!’
Rubia is good friends with legacy boy Tapmak.
Nofs and Eve wed in the garden!
And Thera and Debbie apparently fight over the groom. Not sure that’s going to work out, people.
Here’s Nofs’ official wedding photo with his parents, step-parents and half-siblings.
Very soon, Eve pops…
Rubia becomes a glitchy teen (not really)…
and Nofs has his first child, a boy called Charlie.
Furcsa is a (very young) grandma!
She’s also not shy of dissing her husband’s ex-wife by congratulating him on his third marriage (phew).
Onto Bitxi for a brief visit- Bitxi and her husband are pretty poor but dote on their son Trakets.
Bitxi’s thumb: ‘Good job, son.’
Who I adore the look of!
I gave him his dad’s haircut and admired him.
Really ironically, burglar Elvira went for the counterfeit money machine XD
*and* got away with it. It’s like she knows my legacy plans for her and is living recklessly before they happen.
As Bitxi’s relationship with her husband isn’t so great, I accepted this blind date offer and Bitxi promptly tripped over this old butler. Who she does actually fancy a lot. The blind dates are quite good, aren’t they?
She’s also slowly climbing the paranormal ladder after searching for the job for ages.
There’s not too much to say about Gio and Sopresa other than the Thera stuff, but their daughter Isabel is very sweet, and I think ignorant of her parents’ troubles.
She’s a bit ignored in the big house though, and low in aspiration.
No… they haven’t reconciled. This was before the affair 🙁 I haven’t played them since so don’t know what will happen here.
Over at Filia and Laska’s (nearly done, I swear!) young Marcia is living it up as the first child werewolf in the neighbourhood.
Laska and her robot friend finally make things official.
Whilst Filia’s husband Philippus, like Ron etc, succumbs to the flu!
And again, she fails to save him! I’m having bad luck with Grim lately 🙁 So poor Filia is a widow, after all that heartache in college with Syndod. I thought she had her happy ever after!
At least she has her career.
And soon, she rekindles her flame with this dude, who proposed to her in college.
Marcia gets very upset at Filia’s fights with robot Edgey (I’m not sure why they don’t get on!)
And she also doesn’t appreciate the ghosts.
‘I’m not trained to deal with this sort of thing!’
This would be the work of a malfunctioning Edgey.
Birthday time for Manfred (Laska’s son) and Marcia (Filia’s daughter). Manfred continues to don his dead dad’s ‘do (say that five times fast).
And Marcia turns into a smoking teen!
She’s no knowledge sim, and immediately gets rid of her werewolf status.
! No no, that’s not neighbourhood nuisance Elvira!
Edgey has to fight off an amorous Marcia (in front of your aunt, Marcia? Really?)
So he quickly makes things even more official with Laska in the hopes of staving of her niece.
Manfred *is* a knowledge sim, like both parents, and does really well at school…
…and wanted to become a werewolf.
Laska looking very tribal for work.
Family-oriented Marcia thankfully finds a boy her own age. He’s called Bong or something
Yes, this is Jan the cook from college.
Over at Kimyona’s house, a lot is going on. Kim is building her cleaning skill, which is apparently helped by scanning the back of her husband’s head whilst he potty trains their son.
She had to say goodbye to her dad, as well as her mum (earlier)…
…and is cultivating cute family relationships. (That’s daughter Trufla entertaining her cousin Isabel).
Family bath time!
Kim is still aiming to be a top police officer, like her old dad.
Double birthday!
As we’ve seen, Trufla becomes a teen, and Ospart a child.
Before I finally wrap this update up, we are visiting an extra family this time. This is because it concerns someone from the College Adventures- this unfortunate soul is the victim of an alien abduction. But who is it? One of the llama mascots? Cowmelon, perhaps?
NO, it’s Edward, everyone’s favourite cop moonlighting as a secret society kidnapper! It’s payback time, Ed! He’s been having a rough time living in a house with way too many ghosts.
He’s also getting on a bit.
He and his wife were therefore *delighted* when he had his first alien pregnancy pop. Edward married his wife later in life and they share no biological children.
He’s also been a very bad husband, bedding the teenager he lives with (*vomit*)
Maybe this pregnancy really is his comeuppance.
The little babby was born to an over-50 dad, and I called him Heddlu (and yes, he is Pod’s half-brother, though not sure the game shows this).
And with this surprise baby, I’ll leave this mega-interesting (…) update here. Please stay tuned for the next legacy chapter, coming very soon. Byee!
Whatta bunch o’ freaks.
‘Hmmm…. yes, that is the way to attract rats.’
‘I hate that guy Grim. Always giving me more work to do.’
*no caption necessary*

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