Chapter 15: Studying and spurning

Welcome back to the Greek house, where we have four seniors ready to struggle or thrive through their final year of college. Besties Filia and Furcsa have joined the boys Phillip and Giovanni this year.
Look at the *state* of the downstairs bathroom. I am ashamed.
Basically everyone at this point needs skill points, so the students who want to buckle down in the living room.
Furcsa took it upon herself to fix the computer on the landing and shocked herself good and proper, *losing* some skill points D: Doesn’t she look frightening burmed up?
Lucky knowledge sim Filia cashed in on her aspiration perks early and bagged her mechanical skill point.
Very soon, Phillip’s friend from last year showed up to do his best to interrupt the study session.
Filia grabbed the first pizza of the year, presumably to celebrate her skill point. Is it just me who thinks the pizza actually looks pretty appetising?
Or maybe the face they make at this point convinces me.
Leave the poor kid alone! Let him eat his cereal for goodness’ sake.
It was at this point that I saw Polly’s cage was looking manky. Then I saw the bird herself had dropped dead! That happened so quickly! I’m sorry Polly, I failed you. RIP.
You! You can buzz off as well. Don’t turn around, Filia.
I guess Phillip wanted his own desk so he took the matter into his own hands.
Furcsa wanted to throw a party, so we invited our favourite alumni who know how to party from much experience. Do you like Stranac’s tan from his honeymoon?
The party was actually pretty uneventful apart from Furcsa spending some quality time with Aleric, as it had been a while.
Soon the students were back to the books in a last-ditch attempt to boost their grades (or to pass at all!)
Filia, we already have a remote control car. Just because you’re all set for your exam doesn’t mean you can show off!
The last breakfast before exams. Aren’t this lot responsible?
‘College is a ball game, let’s do this!’
I guess the toga is for good luck?
Filia! We also already have a barbecue! She looks so pleased with herself.
Whilst the seniors were away, I got to watch Sopresa and this cheerleader bond over the snooker table. That wasn’t meant to sound euphemistic.
On his return, Phillip scraped a pass, which didn’t take away too much from his GPA.
The others scraped by too, except Filia, who obviously aced her exam.
Time for some recreation! These two get on well, having similar interests and personalities.
Filia really outdid herself and completed her final term paper in record time.
She then wanted to invite someone over and to woohoo in bed, so she invited over hot tub loverboy over- whose name is Giles, I learned.
He asked if he could bring a friend and brought Filia’s favourite person over. Way to read the situation, Giles!
He’s smitten!
That’s Filia all happy and satisfied.
Now Furcsa, I think I’ve seen the whole variety of presents from campus, and I think the chairs and sofas are the best.
Noooo not the car, we have two! Why do they love the cars?!
Ah, he’s just a general phone-stalker, not just Kimyona’s.
And what is your problem, Giles? Furcsa here is just trying to get her degree.
‘This competition is safe, you have no hope.’
Giles here and Sideburns (he’s called Philippus) both have two bolts for Filia so I got them both on a chess sesh to see if either can get to three bolts.
Phillip was also craving some physical contact and I caught him ringing Bitxi from the bathroom.
I do not like the Phillip and Bitxi relationship, if it can be called that.
*shudder* Phillip really needs to get a girlfriend.
On directing him back to the chess table, I saw that Giles here had fallen IN LOVE with Filia and wanted to pop the question! Someone needs to chill.
Not one to disappoint, I got the two into a relationship and let nature take its course…
Poor Filia is not head over heels for Giles and is certainly not ready to get married.
What did you expect, Giles? Calm down next time and take it slow, alright?
It’s not often I see that rejected proposal memory.
Awww, now I feel bad. Sorry Giles, but you did want to ask her. Go home and sleep.
Whilst Giles was having the worst day of his life, Philippus got to three bolts with Filia and started making his move by… gossiping about Greg.
Oh that’s just nasty. I’ll put money on it being a ghost’s fault, anyway.
Later on, sideburns left and I got him back sharpish so that Filia can continue being happy 🙂 Plus, he’s a pledge…
I really can’t deal with the sideburns!
Phillip is also very… happy.. at the moment. I have no idea how this debacle is going to end.
Look at those nails! I’m jealous.
Near the end of term, Furcsa and Gio’s grades were not looking peachy. Furcsa was gold enough to make use of the helmet thingy (which I rarely use). Hopefully it’ll be enough.
Gio dipped into platinum and had a turn with the helmet too-nearly there, people! Sideburns also became a full member of the Greek house, which is nice I’m sure.
Ugh, what a picture. A cow and stripper is hardly what my seniors need right before their final exams.
These two made things official, and I love it!
My mistake- a cow, stripper and Prof. Kate. Of course.
Tell me that pizza doesn’t look fantastic?! I don’t even like pepperoni.
There was no time for actually enjoying the pizza because it’s exam time! Furcsa sped off and the others sloped after her.
Aaaand we’re done! The eldest L’Amour twins both bagged A+s, with Phillip averaging 3.8 and Filia 3.7.
Furcsa managed to scrape by and get a C+ and an okay GPA.
And the same for Gio, pretty much.
So the third year of students are about to leave college! Bitxi would have been the fifth of course, had she not been kicked out earlier. As with last year and the year before, we’ll have a party with family and friends before saying goodbye, and we’ll also move in the others to take over the Greek house. See you then!
Who said cheerleaders and mascots are always annoying?

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