Chapter 13: Shopping, bowling and senioring

We’re back again in the Woollett household for the final term of college for Stranac, Podviny and Greg. Last term was full of good feeling and romance. Greg invited everyone to the bonfire lot and proposed to Pod in the firelight, Stranac tied his cowgirl down too and Bitxi and Phillip fell into bed together (…). Thera apologised to Gio for her previous ‘cheating’ and Morgan and Furcsa started to get to know each other.
Pod didn’t do nearly enough work last term and ended up in trouble. Somehow I don’t see how she’ll bring it around if she gets the same wants again this term.
The dormies were soon over continuing their feud.
Morgan also came over and Greg took this opportunity to fetch a pizza and celebrate his and Pod’s successful last term.
Pod’s gone very odd. I have no idea where these wants came from D:
Pizza party in Greg and Pod’s room! These seniors deserve it.
Woah, can’t it wait guys? You’re not the only ones celebrating!
Awh, Bitxi and Kimyona have a great friendship. Maybe Kim can cheer her up a little.
Lol Greg, you just got out of bed with Pod. What a prude.
Oh no, what is Morgan up to now?
Oooh, present! Here I thought she was up to her usual tomfoolery.
Furcsa: ‘Really?’
That’s quite a present, Morgan, fair play. Blocking the ex-wife in the house is a bold move too.
Polly’s really caught onto the typical student conversation over the last few years.
The next morning, Filia was over bright and early making sure she can definitely move into the house next year. The atmosphere in the dorms really isn’t great.
Yes, it is the height of summer.
But not too hot for another pizza, according to Giovanni.
And Phillip thought it would be a good idea to greet this fresher Professer (Profresher?) into the party.
See, Prof. Kate isn’t the only professor to pop by, I swear!
I’m very much looking forward to next year when the precious household funds won’t be periodically sapped by child support payments!
Morgan is not happy about another college NPC’s presence on the lot. I suppose she wants to fight the old man as well as the llamas.
But for now, she’ll stick to poking her fiance’s friends.
And making secret society members cry. What a piece of work.
Thankfully, she settled down to the bubble blower as Bitxi mastered the couples counselling book. I think she’s more likely to be the counsellee than the counsellor, but she might have use for it in the future.
Giovanni meanwhile has outdone himself and finished his term paper early on in the term. He’s got a lot to live up to at home and I think he feels the pressure.
No, Polly! Protect your innocent eyes!
HA. Serves her right.
That night, Phillip popped out to bring back a present. It feels like it’s been a while, actually.
An indoor barbecue, top idea, Phillip! It’s not like we have an outdoor one or anything.
Several of the students randomly wanted to buy new clothes, so…
It was time to explore another cute as a button community lot.
I like Greg’s current outfit so I bought him some new things for when he moves back home.
I also gave Pod a makeover as she’d been hiding her cute pixie ears all this time. She had plaits like her mother and female ancestors out of tradition, but her ears are just too sweet.
Goodness, Greg, way to be a newly-engaged lovebird.
Such a tiny room…. so awkward.
‘Good job on totally messing up last term, Bitxi.’
Seriously, can anything be congratulated on in this game?
Outside the shop, Phillip greeted his new friend from last term. It might be time to leave soon…
Another reason to shove off sharpish! We’ve got our new clothes anyway, thankfully. You’re not taking any of us for a ride, mister!
This part of college always baffles me. I sincerely hope that in real life, old P.E. men do not break into student accommodation and demand that students work out.
It disturbs me.
It really disturbs me. In the background, Greg and Pod have their first to-be-married tiffs about who gets to study in the squidgy blue chair.
To cool off from his study session, Giovanni invited friend Thera over for some fun.
Some summer fun. Namely, a water balloon fight in the garden.
What a sweetie.
Very luckily, Thera was dressed appropriately in heels and black shorts under her dress for this exercise.
‘Wasn’t last year fantastic? We both aced our exams…’
‘and we got engaged!’
‘I can’t wait to see what we’ll end up doing next. Maybe we should have a holiday!’
A still podgy-Phillip thought the house needed another equally podgy black armchair.
Second lovers’ tiff about- I’m not actually sure.
Even Stranac looks put off at the sound of his fiancee, but he really does love her!
Awwh, some romantic one-on-one time for Stranac and Morgan. I would normally bring everyone along but only Pod and Greg were around. So in that case, double date time!
And quickly, so we don’t have to witness whatever is about to happen to poor Filia here.
Yes, a romantic game of bowling!
Greg does not seem happy to have to have shared a taxi with Morgan. It’s a big bowling alley, you can stay away from her.
Stranac’s want to streak is a first for me playing this game. The fact that he rolled it whilst on a date implies he really *really* wants to expose himself.
At the bowling alley was the vampire great-grandma of Stranac, Greg and Kimyona. She doesn’t show up much at all, but I suppose this one was too good to miss. She didn’t stick around for long though.
‘So, what was your first time like?’
‘I think we should move downton after college. There’s more going on here and city people are a lot more accepting.’
To be fair, they probably are more accepting of aliens and people who live in cow suits. But ex-mother-in-laws will still find their way downtown and wonder how their daughters could’ve married a cow-lover. Fun (?) fact, Stranac’s first time was with his ex-mother-in-law here. Blame ACR people, not me!
Anyway, the lovers got on with their dinner, which for Morgan looks like… beef. No comment here.
*gobble gobble wolf wolf gobble wolf*
Ha! Another first for me in this game. Good for you, Mrs. C!
You bowl that ball!
What kind of service is this?! Clearing plates and putting them on the floor! What a joke.
After the meal, Stranac and Morgan didn’t have much time to ace their date, so they hurried to join the others at the lanes.
Crumplebottom is a pro!
*Obviously*, Prof. Kate was there too.
‘Hey kids!’
And Giovanni’s mum.
The presence of too many matriarchal figures from home was enough for the couples, and we headed back to the house.
I didn’t say anything.
The night before the exams, Morgan crept round to leave a bouquet and then promptly left before actually dropping it.
Then later, came and left an expensive vase. An upgrade!
The next morning, we got yet another present! Good going, team!
Phillip had a want to make a wish so I got some money to help everyone out with their student loans.
To relax themselves (and to also ignore the naked man leering at them), the students indulged in a spot of bubble blowing.
The potential sex pest soon buzzed off.
Though unfortunately he seemed to inspire Stranac to fulfill his very particular want.
Of course, very soon it was exam time, and the students ran off.
Stranac really pulled it out of the bag and got an A+! He’s had a great philandering time at college whilst also keeping up with his studies. Despite this, he has very few cooking skills and yet wants to be a top chef. Who says college doesn’t prepare you?
These two, more unsurprisingly, also achieved top grades. They seem to have bright futures ahead of them!
Bitxi, on the other hand, did NOT pull it out of the bag this term and is also heading back home. She did not roll any wants to study and improve her chances- maybe because her boyfriend wasn’t around this year and she missed him. That’s the kind view, anyway! She’ll move in with Ron and his parents as her mum isn’t around now.
She chose this very in-character outfit to grow up in. Ready to be a housewife, perhaps?!
As the others wave goodbye to Bitxi, I get mentally prepared for throwing a graduation party for three students with a lot of friends and family. Get hyped for those photos before we join the dorms for their next year!

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