Chapter 1: Ron and Sarah go to college

This is Ron. We see him here, pre-college, in the painful throes of a popularity sim’s teenage life. He is on the cusp of being slapped silly by Sarah, who he just cheated on with the purple punk girl on the left. Ron and Sarah were one day away from becoming adults when this happened, and I was planning to move them into the same dorm. So naturally I was VERY pleased when they decided to get themselves into this mess right before college. Cheers, guys.
Here’s rapscallion Ron with his dad Sebastian on move-in day. He did not travel via ambulance, as his father’s garb implies.
He wants to have 20 best friends (and is already well on his way.. Sarah aside) and his personality is as follows:
7- Neat
8- Outgoing
5- Active
1- Playful
9- Nice
He’s a good egg really.
And here we have Sarah and her mum Hattie, demonstrating my excellent screenshotting skills. Sarah was a ditsy teen who was unlucky in love compared to some of my other teen sims. Maybe her luck will change at uni. She is a pleasure sim and wants to be a dab hand with the paint pots (or whatever the top of the art career is called). Her personality is:
10 Neat
3 Outgoing
1 Active
10 Playful
7 Nice
They both looked surprisingly different on their grow up into young adults (and post makeover). Sarah aged beautifully and got a new cool-cat, choppy artist cut. Ron…..’s nose got bigger. I gave him a better haircut and it didn’t help.
Anyway, it’s time to meet the lucky, lucky residents who will be living with my two playables. This is Aleric Garstell, who I am already familiar with from my last college run-through. Quite a few of the ladies back home have their eye on this chubby blond.
The cute red-head is miss Letitia Swan, and the woman behind is called Mary Silvertop (EXCELLENT name, I think. She will have to be married into a playable family so she can become an elder and the name will be even better). The guy with the dodgy hair and even dodgier.. suit(?) is Martin Archer. These peeps are all new to me. Let’s see how they all get on on their first few days.
‘I sewed this skirt myself from my grandmother’s old curtains. My belt is a shredded whip and I crocheted my crop top on my gap year. I won’t touch anything not recycled and I do not condone fast fashion.’
Sarah seems more concerned with her new aquaintances being well aware of her principles than making friends.
‘YES! I HAVE heard that we only have about 17 years left before the earth’s temperature rising is irreversible and we all die in a massive fiery ball! Wonderful!!’
‘These freshers are so political.’
Good to know Silvertop doesn’t seem too bothered by Sarah’s intense conversation. She won’t have her freshers’ week ruined!
‘I wonder if these halls are haunted?’
Not as haunted as any of the houses back home, Sarah, not to worry. Good ol’ Silvertop is great at humouring Sarah.
‘Hmmm, I MIGHT join the Sycophantic Savoyards, but I just don’t know if they are too amateur for me.’
Ellen discusses which high-brow societies to join with Martin next to a beat-boxing Sarah. You ignore them, Sarah.
‘I just LARVE reading, I get so engrossed in books. I can’t get keep my head out of a book, it’s a real problem! Someone needs to get me to stop reading so damn much and get me to socialise, hahaha! SUCH a bookworm.’
‘I would fly all across the world just for a mouthful of your delicious pancakes, Anne.’
Ron has quickly formed a habit with distracting- nay, *flirting*, with the college cafeteria lady. You can see how successful this is from the state of that grimy sink. The cafeteria lady is called Anne Cooke. I am *not* kidding.
‘Would I travel by boat, you say? Hmm… it might not get me to your chilli con carne quickly enough…’
This is Prof. Kate. She is married into my main neighbourhood where she is a full time mother/housewife yet *constantly* shows up here. Bit far to travel, Kate, no?
‘Professor, why?!’
She also does this a lot.
In a desperate attempt to get Sarah busy with her passion and not berating everyone about recycling, Mary suggests becoming an art major.
Sarah has a want for this anyway, so she goes ahead and follows this suggestion.
As time moves on, Ron and Sarah’s relationship slowly recovers.
‘Hey Sarah, remember when I was in love with you?! Weird, huh?’
It’s recovering pretty slowly.
Ron only has chemistry with the Cooke (…) so eventually his girlfriend Bitxi is summoned at an inappropriate hour as a booty call. How romantic, Ron.
They have three bolts for each other and are going steady- they are actually very sweet.
(Look at his NOSE, though!? I still haven’t got over it.)
‘Huuuuurgh!’ Ah, messed up young adult/teen animations. Bitxi was okay and not, in fact, vomiting over the side of the hot tub.
As well as mainting his long-distance romantic relationship, Ron has also been successfully befriending his flatmates (dormmates? Roommates?) It doesn’t look like it here, but I promise he has.
Sarah was looking a bit red in the aspiration metre, so I had her ask Martin out on a date, who she has one bolt for.
This went pretty well.
VERY well.
*Insert some joke about the five feet apart vine and the fact that Sarah just turned Martin straight*
‘Well THAT was an experience.’ Oh sweet, innocent Martin.
‘Professor, do you even work here?’
‘Not anymore; I was very busy raising my children and maintaing my household. Now they’ve grown older I find myself with lots of spare time…’
‘Ugh, DAD!’
Ron likes to use the telescope. This doesn’t look good however…. his own dad is the sim everyone spies on. What a powerful telescope!
Unfortunately, Sebastian ran *right over* from home to shove his own son into a wall.
Aww! Poor Ron πŸ™
To try and make amends, Ron invites his family over. This is his mum, Annette. He obviously got the lips from her.
Seb and Annette jump right into the hottub because they are in LOVE.
The cat Jewel also came.
College life goes on, and semester one is over. Ron congratulates Sarah not on excelling in her exams, but on gaining a lifetime friend. Sarah probably thinks that he *needs* to sort out his priorities (sorry).
The inevitable happens of course. Who will win, cow Camelon Regan or llama Wolfe Westwood (no, really)?
Wolfe is top dog (llama).
This is the only student who doesn’t live on our dorm. She’s called Julia Walter. So close to Julie Walters- once again, I am not making this up, people! Julia is very nice and gets on well with everyone.
Medieval-pants Ron misunderstands Martin’s new alignment.
I decide it’s time to stop everyone getting cabin fever, and we all head off to the art building. Ron with urgency, for some reason.
Oh hello. Secret society time, but everyone’s rushing off. What’s going to happen here?
Edward here is a police officer back home. Very intriguing. I guess he moonlights as a college kidnapper.
He notices everyone’s gone and just leaves. What a fail.
‘You know I’ve been to Nepal three times? They have these great pancakes…’
Outside the art building, the evil witch’s cat is disgusted at the very idea of Ron’s pancakes.
Ron gossips with Julia in the garden.
‘Hey so don’t tell anyone, yeah, but Gregory from back home who you don’t know at all, right….’
‘… he CHEATED on….’
‘…this girl Podviny from back home who you also don’t know!! Saucy gossip, right?!’
Meanwhile, poor Sarah is just minding her own business and getting some painting done when Mr Creepy comes along pick-pocketing. The music that plays when he enters a lot really scares me!
What a shame there were no witnesses to this horrible crime.
Back home, poor out-of-pocket Sarah needs a bit of a boost. She asks Prof Kate to write her term paper. Kate doesn’t seem to have any self-worth and readily accepts the kind invite.
And Ron and Sarah’s freshman year is over! The two passed with ease, as did everyone but Mary Silvertop (too much dancing, clearly). Join us again for the next chapter of their lives when they’ll be joined by THREE new faces from back home. Will Sarah have another run in with the pickpocket? Will Wolfe and Cow (…) have another run in? Will Ron and his *dad* have another run in?! Which lovely dormies will be booted out by the new arrivals? All will be revealed in the next chapter.
‘First the boob-punch and now this, Silvertop?’
‘You know, he’s been to Nepal three times.’
‘That Martin, I reckon he bats for the other team.’
”He’s woohooed with Sarah, Ron, he does NOT bat for the other team!’

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