RIP Sininen

Poor Sininen has met her maker- let’s take a look at some exclusve pre-legacy photos of her life as well as her legacy highs and lows, shall we?
Sininen was a classic fun surprise college pregnancy. Her mum Modra had had a one night stand with married older man Stranac when she found herself pregnant.
Stranac’s second wife found it understandably abhorrent that Stranac could do this and ended their marriage immediately.
Said second wife is the mother of Zenka, Sevim’s wife. Modra soon moved in with Stranac and Zenka, giving birth to our Sininen shortly after… again in the presence of the ex-wife, apparently. Stranac and Modra have been together ever since, with a fairly open relationship.
Here is my first picture of our first gen spouse- what a cute baby she was!
She was definitely her mother’s daughter but also a daddy’s girl.
Her father’s genetics came through a bit more as a toddler(!) Doesn’t she look like a mixture of Dila and Vasanak here?
She had a very happy childhood and adored her big half-sister Zenka.
Toddler birthday time!
I think she made a very cute kid.
Once upon a time Sininen had an older half-sister, pictured here. She died not long after this picture was taken (poor Modra!!) and she was the daughter of Modra and Jacob…. yes. THAT Jacob.
Child birthday time!
With future husband Tap just… waiting there for her to grow up haha.
How magical, to grow up inside but in the snow. Beautiful.
This is where Sininen first got involved with the legacy family, of course, via romancing future gen 1 heir Tapmak, to the disgust of her father.
Tap had previously knocked up Zenka you see, so Stranac was no big fan of his!
But Tapmak kept pursuing Sininen.
And she him!
One day, young Sininen felt pretty unwell.
She was of course pregnant with Preeti, again to the disgust of her parents (pot kettle black much? Stranac also had a kid as a teen!)
Sininen was doing okay at school at this point and had ambitions of being a top chef, like her dad. She focussed on her cooking skill whilst waiting for her little bundle of joy.
And making things official with Tap!
The arrival of Preeti- the joint first child of gen 2.
By this point, Tap and Sin were very much in love.
Preeti lived with Sininen in Stranac and Modra’s house whilst Preeti was still a teenager….
…doing teenagery things.
Sininen didn’t want to go to college, despite Tap going, and had her adult birthday at home.
How quickly they grow up!
Tap and Sin kept up their relationship whilst they were long-distance.
Including a fair amount of public woohoo.
Both being pleasure sims, they both had their fair share of extra would-be marital fun, which didn’t seem to bother either of them too much.
After a couple of years, Tap moved out of dorms and into his own house, inviting Sininen to finally live with him.
Sininen did her own share of studying whilst living on the campus.
And looking after toddler Preeti, of course.
Most usefully, Sininen as a non-student was able to get a job to partially support her studying boyfriend and toddler. It was time to start her culinary career!
Whilst partaking in the student lifestyle herself.
How she or any of them could study in such conditions is beyond me.
Preeti was doing well and hitting her milestones.
And Sininen was fast becoming real member of the legacy family, befriending her nephew (pictured).
I like to think she was pretty happy with her life during this time.
She even managed to save Tapmak from death (and the legacy from being over!!)
Preeti grew into a child and the two enjoyed developing their logic together.
She was making good friends at work, including Nicole here, who would become a great work friend and would help her climb the ladder later.
As Tap graduated, I thought it was a good time for the pair to try for their second child, so they wouldn’t be too much younger than Preeti.
Sininen was also doing well career-wise.
Tap, Sin and Preeti moved directly into the legacy house now that Tap was confirmed the gen 1 heir, and Sininen made herself feel at home lol. She would get on well with her in-laws, despite this picture.
With no time to lose, Tap quickly popped the question we were all waiting for.
She of course said yes!
And the two married by the lake as Tap’s parents did before them.
The party included the whole family! Pictured in the back row is Zenka (Sininen’s half-sister and sister-in-law), Sevim (Tap’s older brother), Savma (Tap’s little sister), Tap, Sin, Soymek and Suyuu (Tap’s twin siblings). The kids are Prem and Bhakti (Sevim’s kids), Preeti and Soymek’s triplets.
To Soymek’s annoyance apparently, Sininen got the first pop of her second pregnancy at the wedding party.
It was huge haha.
Tap got abducted at the wedding party, resulting in a proper surprise pregnancy. Sininen was not prepared for this, despite it being my eventual plan…
She got over it however (what else can you do?) and the two were pregnant together, which is pretty cool.
Soon, baby boy Havas was born! With the red hair of his grandfathers and Sininen’s eyes.
Sininen was still working hard meanwhile, and made it to the level of Sous Chef!
Wasn’t Havas a cuuuuutie??
The aubergine juice the household churns out was very helpful for the many skill points Sininen needed for her career.
But she had to slog for most of her points the hard way.
And luck was not always on her side- but Preeti was!
And little Havas too.
Soon she was back on track at work and made a new friend- Jacob, who I mentioned earlier.
Despite being the breadwinner of the house, Sininen managed to also squeeze in some toddler training with her son.
Whilst growing another!
Sininen’s third child is daughter Dila, who, like Sininen herself, is a mummy-lookalike at the baby stage.
Her worst moment career wise was definitely getting fired!! I thought she’d never get another culinary job!
And one of her worst personal moments had to have been the death of Havas (due to illness). No one in the house got to him in time, unfortunately.
She was rightly distraught.
With only Tap’s alien son up for heir, the couple tried for another baby in the hopes it would be a boy.
Nope XD Baby Vasanak was born shortly.
Sininen doted on her babies when she could.
When she wasn’t studying, which was always!
I decided the couple should try again. One heir was too dangerous (haha).
And little baby GIRL Maahee joined the family with the same colourings as the late Havas.
Maahee would be the final baby for Tap and Sininen due to a variety of circumstances. The two tried to keep the flame alive and achieve Tap’s LTW of 50 dream dates by going on dates in the garden.
Meanwhile, founder Phillip purchased a lot….
…. where Sininen was to be the chef!
Called ‘Sininen Rolls Cafe’, this was the start of the family business. My plan was to have Tap and Sin develop it into a level 10 business with the help of the kids when they were old enough. Ahh, great plans.
Unfortunately I had to focus on the couple’s personal life when Tap made the awesome decision to hit on his sister-in-law Zenka… mucking up the two marriages.
Sininen was not happy, refusing to share her bed with Tapmak anymore.
Deciding to go and have some fun with Nicole…
She ended up on a date with coworker Jacob, woohooing him in the car. D:
Thankfully, Tap and Sin autonomously made up, unable to stay mad at each other.
The dates continued, and they were as happy as ever.
Tragically, the year before Sininen herself passed away, Tapmak succumbed to illness with no one able to save him. Now, I’m happy the two managed to reconcile before this happened!
Because Phillip also died on this day (and Eloise years prior), Sininen was at this point the sole remaining adult and basically in charge of the legacy until Mutu came of age.
Bittersweetly, and with the help of coworker/fling Jacob, Sininen made Celebrity Chef soon after. Could she really be happy about achieving her LTW now?
To help with the many grieving kids, Stranac moved into the legacy house for a while.
The illness that took Tap and Phillip down was still everywhere, but Sininen managed to save Dila before Grim got to her- phew!
She was now solely in charge of the todder training (good thing she’d made the top of her career!)
And she had the petacy pets to think of.
Things settled a little, and Sininen didn’t feel too bad about accepting an offer of another date from Jacob.
But she made sure to keep all the kids close despite the dates. It was a time of closeness for the family.
Really tragically, this time of closeness came to an abrupt end when Sininen caught fire whilst burning piles of leaves in the garden. She left teen (luckily) Mutu behind in charge of everything, and joined Tapmak and Havas in the afterlife.
I’ve always liked Sininen. She’s never had it easy and she’s worked hard. As a pleasure sim lumped with a baby as a teen, she was never well suited to be a legacy heir, but she did really well and even managed to top her career off before her untimely death. She gave birth five times (a heck of a lot, especially for pleasure sim!) and none of them ended up heir. We will, however, remember Sininen for the rest of the legacy through Sininen Rolls Cafe.
RIP, Sininen!

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