Chapter 12: Four (thousand) hauntings and a death

Welcome back to the dorms, where we join the women for their second term of their freshman and junior years. Last term was pretty tumultuous after Kimyona stole away Filia’s boyfriend after dumping her brother. Filia and loyal sister Laska are furious with both Kimyona and Syndod and it remains to be seen whether Sopresa will take sides. So let’s see what happens…
Just as everyone returned for the new term, I spotted Wolfe (the llama) chilling in our hot tub. The nerve!
‘Hey Filia, now that we’re best friends, I have something important to admit…’
‘Everything sort of fizzed over the top last year, didn’t it?’
Sopresa and Kim autonomously started hanging out on the canteen floor, much to Jan’s pleasure, and it would seem Sopresa thinks it’s worth being friendly with Kim.
Furcsa meanwhile hadn’t seen her boyfriend Aleric in a while and had a want to see him.
Aww. I love this couple. It seems weird that Furcsa was ever with Stranac!
Filia thought she’d get some support from Phillip. The two of them have both been screwed over by the nastiness last term, so it’s nice they can be there for each other.
Wolfe is not being a good friend however.
‘You do NOT splash me, Filia. I don’t care how many disgusting pranks I’ve played on you, I am not a fish!’
I definitely did not.
Careful not to set youself alight now, Kim. I wouldn’t rely on your housemates to successfully beg for mercy.
‘So tell me serious boyfriend, what do you do for a living?’
When I saw this I realised I’d never wondered why Bookie was in the criminal career. I never knew that gambling was illegal in a lot of the US. Well, you’re not a criminal in my eyes, Aleric.
She set the bush on fire! Because that’s just what this house needs.
Yes, that is the correct reaction, Kimyona. No one will even want to beg for you.
Filia, being sadly experienced with fire, knew not to delay and the fire was soon extinguished. She could’ve left Kimyona to burn but she raised above their squabbles.
Ooooh, a potential flame for young Laska?
Probably not. Laska has robot as a turn-on and a gold robotics badge, so I think she’s got her future sorted.
‘Urghh… Cowmelon’s still around?!’
Unless you marry him out of here, Aleric, yes, I’m afraid so.
… you’re very welcome to him.
Kimyona has been chatting a lot with Sarah here lately (Julia Walter’s…. secret?… fling) I’m glad Kimyona’s getting on with someone. She’s a very sweet sim really!
So sweet in fact that she ran into Julia’s room to turf her out in the hopes of sparking Julia and Sarah’s romance here.
As the term moves on, some studying does occur (I swear!) Sopresa and Silvertop here like to work in the evenings together. Perhaps they think it keeps them safe from the recent nightly terrors…
Filia isn’t safe using the computer to write her term paper.
Nor is Kimyona napping on the sofa in Filia’s room (don’t ask).
She settled down in Filia’s bed (why is Filia’s bed so popular?) all peacefully…
But not for long, because Martin’s on the prowl too and is taking no prisoners.
The ghosts are on good form tonight- this was only seconds later.
‘OoOOoooOo! I’m Furcsa, and I have friends who pay to revive me! I’m so *special*!’
Furcsa wasn’t spared either and got a particularly nasty scare from Martin outside.
‘Hah! You can’t stop me from receiving an education, dead housemates.’
Laska was especially vulnerable to scares by the telescope.
scares. She’d planned on stargazing the whole night but the ghosts unsuprisingly wore her down. The ghosts were so relentless, indeed, that unfortunately it was too late for me to intervene and…
And Julia Walter took her final breath! I didn’t even see her get haunted. She wasn’t friends with any (playable!) housemate (where’s Ron when you need him?) but Furcsa knew her the best so jumped in to give begging a whirl.
Surrounded by the MURDERERS!
Unsurprisingly, she was unsuccessful.
‘Whyyyyyyyyy!’ Alright, Furcsa, tone it down. I know you feel guilty but she was your acquaintance.
And you did your best. Or are you just depressed at the thought of another deadly ghost around here? I wouldn’t blame you.
Here rests Julia Walter. Pretty red-head, partially closeted lover of bespectacled secret society members and of course, most importantly, uni townie with the best name of all time. You will be missed.
Sarah was in her room during the many hauntings (smart) and Furcsa went to offer her a shoulder to cry on.
Ellen was the uni townie to move into to Julia’s old room, right next to Sarah’s.
The next day, I thought it’d be a good idea to get everyone out the dorms and explore a new community lot together. Sorry Greg, we’re off!
Yes that’s right, the pool! And it’s not just so I can see if my bubble-but glitch is still active. No no no.
As Furcsa heads straight for the pool, Laska and Filia line up to torment Kimyona. The three had done well to ignore each other so far.
Because there are about 7 uni townies, they all shortly show up. Filia likes the look of Mohican here and I encourage her to get to know him.
‘Hmmm.. yes I suppose I would like to graduate summa cum laude. I hadn’t really thought about it.’
Mohican clearly isn’t a knowledge sim.
‘Have you ever… wet yourself?’
A twist in the tale! Filia also fancies Sideburns, with two bolts for each of them. I reckon conversation was better with Mohican though.
After a dip, Filia was rolling wants to flirt with Mohican and ask him out, but bubble-but (damn it!) wasn’t having any of it.
Meanwhile, savvy fortune sim Sopresa was not about to let herself be duped by the scammer. In her bikini, she had no problem telling him where to get off. What an icon!
Later in the evening, some of the Greek house showed up. As did Morgan, much to everyone’s delight.
Despite being engaged to Stranac, Morgan has no problem harrassing his friends and uni acquaintances. What a smart move.
Oooh, I wouldn’t mess with Sopresa, Morgan. Or the ex-wife!
‘…and it turned out to be this awful case of mastitis! I had to go to the pharmacy!’
Oh, right, she’ll annoy all the playables but will chat enthusiastically to the secret society sims.
‘Does anyone else think college has gone really quickly so far?’
The appearance of Morgan spelled the end of the night, so we headed back to the dorms to get ready for the end of the year.
For Kimyona, this meant inviting over the new flame.
Syndod seems to be feigning innocence- hard to break the habit of pretending not to be attracted to Kimyona, I suppose.
Sopresa got boyfriend Gio round, too.
‘How does your make-up not come off after hot tub woohoo?’
Syndod asking the real questions.
Sideburns dropped round again and started asking some pretty insensitive questions.
Hmm. Seems Syndod wasn’t ready to see his ex-girlfriend *checks notes* talking to another guy.
Filia likes logical men, so I sat her and Sideburns down for an impromptu chess date.
Laska also likes logical men and logic herself, so settled in for hopefully a better night of stargazing.
‘Seriously though, hasn’t it gone fast?’
‘I haven’t had time to go shopping for ages! We should go!’
Kimyona tries her best to make amends with Laska, who hates her guts.
‘You can shove your shopping…’
‘Grow up.’
Filia rolled a want to learn about fire protection (I can’t imagine why) as an extra end of term project.
And she needed it straight away!
Lol, that was it for Syndod. It’s not my fault if you spend all night in the hot tub, Syndod.
And with the last fire scare, it was exam time.
At the end of their junior year, Furcsa got a C+ (biology) and Filia really pulled it out the bag and got an A+ (maths). The freshers all got Bs, though I thought Laska and Sopresa might have done better. Still, early days. Next chapter will be the final term of college for our seniors Stranac, Pod and Greg! Will other housemates Giovanni, Phillip and Bitxi keep to themselves and let the seniors work? Can Bitxi pull herself out of academic probation or join boyfriend Ron back home prematurely? All will be revealed next time!

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