Chapter 9: Avēs et vaccae

Are you ready for a last term in the Greek house that Ron will be very proud of?!
Last term Ron, Stranac, Pod and Greg had a term full of parties and bringing back greek house presents. Sarah’s currently furious with Stranac for his ‘cheating’ with Millicent, but the two couples are both very happy.
Oof, did I speak too soon? Sarah was quick to put her moves on Ron at the first party of the semester. Thankfully Bitxi is skipping and blissfully unaware in a different room. This is not polite behaviour Sarah. You only *just* moved in, too!
Yes, Julie Walters, I’ve clocked the cllama fight. This is perhaps surprisingly only the third or fourth llama-cow fight in this whole series! I believe this is David Bishop- we haven’t seen Wolfe for a while, have we?- and a new cow. A now?
It’s hard to say who is currying more favour with this outburst in the living room.
Ah yes, dancing the hula might help, David.
Hmmmm… very zen.
I mean, at this point, I have no idea who Sarah is mad at.
Stranac and Millicent are still going strong, and spend some of the party in his room. With Prof. Kate. I swear we never invite her to these parties *shrugs*.
‘Ooh. This place is missing something…’
‘There. Just what the house needs.’
Another crappy sofa. We have the same exact one in the living room, Pod! Maybe she can keep it for the future.
This is the room I made for the arty, hippy Sarah upstairs, not even using up all the household funds! I’m fairly proud of myself!
I gave Ron and Bitxi some decorations while I was at it.
A much more settled Greg decided he wanted a birdcage (never a bird in that want, have you noticed? Just a cage).
Meet Polly. Unoriginal, but I had to go with the name of one of the best witnesses in the Phoenix Wright series.
The cow returned after the party and was drawn to Polly.
Yep, thank you Sarah. It’s all money at least, isn’t it?
Very weirdly, passer-by Mary Silvertop attempted to put some moves on Ron outside. I suppose she thinks she’s running out of time before Ron graduates! Or she heard his Dad tell Bitxi that she’d make a good housemate.
Anyway, I’m pleased that Ron shoved her off.
Ha. Directly after shoving her away, Ron asked her to pledge! She was flattered and accepted. Have some self-respect, Silvertop, please!
As the term went on, it turned out that Stranac proper fancied the new cow (whose name escapes me….) What is it that attracts you so, Stranac? That juicy udder? Her llama-kicking skills? The snorting over all your friends?
Apparently Furcsa was not already a member of the Greek house, but spent enough time to become one the second she left! She wasn’t going to spend more time than she had to here, huh?
Cow #2 continued enrapturing Stranac whilst he should’ve been studying.
‘She is so fine my heart feels like it’s been punched through out my chest! Mooooo!’
Stranac hasn’t let cow #2 totally take over his other important responsibilities however.
‘How has no-one accumulated enough cooking skill points to make me some freaking eggs?!’
The house and Aleric (who knows?) sit down together for breakfast.
Ooh, thank you Sarah! A little bonsai tree makes a nice change from the shabby furniture. We’ll call it Sarah after you.
Thera’s date from last term took quite a (platonic) shine to Bitxi and frequently gives her a ring to see how she’s doing.
When she isn’t scolding Ellen for breaking the toy robot, of course.
Hmm, Gio might have suggested peace with Furcsa, but it appears he hasn’t forgiven Aleric yet. At least next year, Aleric won’t be here and there’ll be less drama around here!
‘Congrats on beating that senior’s butt, Gio.’
Later that night… PFFFFFT. This beats David in his outerwear and llama head. Cow #2 in a pink nightie!
I think Millicent is not at the top of Stranac’s list anymore. Oh dear!
Can you motorboat someone’s…. snout?
The two of them head upstairs and we learn that cow #2 is a blonde!
I think it was for the best that Stranac and Furcsa parted ways- this womanising seems way more up Stranac’s street than marriage.
Yes, Sarah had been on a date with Professor Romance. He’s not just aptly commenting on Stranac’s hot date!
With her date-boost, Sarah completes some last minute cramming with dormie Ellen (who knows why she’s on the floor) whilst trying not to day-dream about Prof. Creepy.
Stranac’s preparation for his final junior exam is to undergo an udder injection. Yeesh.
And fall in love! These two really do have crazy chemistry.
Ron is the first to rush off to his exam, with Stranac and Pod not far behind.
Happily, Sarah also senses the urgency and importance of this exam for her.
And that’s it! Sarah and Ron, the first to go to college, have finished, and the others go into their final year and junior year.
Naturally, it wouldn’t be right to send Sarah and particularly Ron off without one last party in the house he bought and helped develop. Graduands Thera and Aleric were invited over too for the shindig. Stay tuned for any maybe… bonus photos of that.

Next year, Greg, Pod and Stranac will tackle their final year of college, and the others their junior year. We’ll also be joined by three new freshers, grades permitting. So also stay tuned to see how the Greek house gets on without Ron, if Greg will pop the question, if Stranac will stay loyal to cow #2 and how much drama the freshers will bring. See you soon!

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