Chapter 8: Reconnecting with family

Welcome back to the dorms! Last term, the gang faced a blazing fire that took out the whole kitchen and Martin, Letitia and Anne Cooke (the cook). It also took Phillip, Furcsa and Aleric, but we had just enough funds to get them back out of Grim’s clutches. We left the semester with everyone skilling to make up for lost time, as well as Aleric and Furcsa doing their very best to get their spark back.
It’s now the final term of college for senior Aleric, and the last of the others’ sophomore year. Here they are after their relatively successful end of year exams. As you can see, Aleric wants to go crazy and buy a new counter- woo. Sorry you don’t like my post-fire remodel, Al.
I always think it’s cute that they all wave to eachother after their exams.
So she can graduate with fellow senior Ron, Sarah decided to finally move out of halls and experience the Greek house life before she graduates.
We’ll see her graduate in the next chapter.
And so the term gets underway as one might expect. Filia plonks herself down at the piano, the dormies study, Phillip heads probably towards the computers and Furcsa and Gio probably to fight.
‘I’m sorry Phillip, I have to stop you there. It’s just so boring watching you eat those pancakes.’
‘SO glad you’re living with us this term, Aleric. Have you graduated yet?’
The girls are back doing what they do best. I gave Sarah’s old room to Furcsa, who might be less annoyed at the musical noise.
Soon enough, Greg comes to visit, apparently lamenting his aspiration level. You’re at college, Greg, how much more fulfilled could you be?!
Kimyona (Phillip’s girlfriend) also pops round. Real smooth greeting, guys.
Sopresa: ‘Isn’t this sweet? All of us having breakfast together?’
Filia also greets twins Sopresa (Gio’s girlfriend) and Syndod (her boyfriend) as a sort of catch up after last term’s dramatic events.
I keep thinking this is Aleric after being returned from an abduction, but really he is practising yoga. This is in an attempt to reclaim his flame with Furcsa. I’m determined to see them as happy as before!
Gio seems to be taking his second term seriously by buckling down to his term paper. Surrounded by dead classmates D: He is driven in his own way.
Anne couldn’t stay away long! But what is she scowling at?
Oh, right. Surely she won’t torment cook #2, she wasn’t even here!
Alas, the first thing Anne did was float over to cook #2 and terrify the living daylights out of her.
Then Furcsa. Her being mad Furcsa didn’t revive her is more understandable, I suppose. Or she’s jealous that Furcsa *did* get revived. Check out those eye sockets!
Mid-yoga-Aleric wasn’t spared either. Poor bloke had an accident right there on the pavement just as the limo (whyyyyyyyyy) rolled up.
Do you regret admitting Aleric into the secret society, Edward?
Awww, Aleric.
I really thought that was everyone in the secret society, so hopefully Phillip is the last person.
Furcsa’s room stood empty for ages after she moved into Sarah’s old room, but finally Thera decided she wanted to spend her last term (!) in the dorm.
Aleric, please. I did not add you to this household so you could start another fire.
I figured the dorm had gone through enough fire, so I got Aleric on top of the fire straight away.
Whew! Indeed, Aleric! That face is so accurate.
These two at last broke the friendship barrier through many music sessions. Hurray!
Meanwhile, Aleric got his fifth body skill point and Furcsa was all over it!
Yaaay! I love these two. The caress is so sweet too.
‘Don’t be silly darling, the ghost of Anne Cooke is not haunting the dorm… ha…ha…. ghosts don’t exist!’
‘Educate yourself!’
Meanwhile… sobs*
Hahaha. I’ve only had this pop-up a few times. Yes, Aleric!
There was no time to lose, so Furcsa and Aleric made it official before he leaves at the end of the year.
‘You know Furcsa, we’ve had our dramatic ups and downs over the last few years. Shall we let the curtain fall on our feud?’
‘I’ve seen you turn over a new leaf this term and actually do some studying. I should do the same.’
Furcsa and Gio make up a little over their spaghetti. Cute.
Near the end of term, the gang invited their folks round for a bit of extra support before the exams. We’ve seen the twins’ father Charles before, and that is Amber in the background (yes, she had red hair. They both did, actually).
Amber is a twin, too. Her sister’s children are all older than Filia and Phillip, so we won’t be seeing them join the college. Having said this, Beverly, who Stranac cheated on Furcsa with, is Amber’s youngest niece!
Oh…. sorry Charles. You know that Phillip is alive again now? Poor family sim.
Furcsa invited her dear old mum Framandi over (she doesn’t know her dad so well).
And she invited over her son, little Nofs! (not his official name).
Ah, the second awkward greeting of this term.
Awwwwwh, that’s more like it. Furcsa’s been a great mum despite being away at college. She had some time after giving birth to him before leaving for college, so made sure to bond with him then.
What is Julie Walters reading? The end of Harry Potter and the half-blood prince? Fifty shades of grey? The mind boggles.
Nofs is set to stay the whole day until mummy has to go to her final exam, which she is all prepared for.
Furcsa thought it would be a good time to casually introduce Aleric, as well. That way, if they get on, Nofs would feel comfortable with Aleric sharing a house with him and Furcsa in the future.
‘Mummy says she gets onto Dean’s list all the time.’
‘That’s right, your mum is very clever. She could be a doctor.’
‘I want to be an optometrist.’
‘Do you now? When I was your age, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still don’t, really.’
‘You could be a ghost!’
Whoa, touchy subject, Nofs!
‘Or maybe a genie in a lamp!’
‘It’s getting very late. I have to leave now.’
And with that, Nofs abruptly cut short their conversation and got up.
Furcsa came to hug him goodbye. She’s so so sweet.
When Nofs left, Gio invited round his family. This is his sister Lucretia…
…. his brother Giovanni and his mum.
The twins invited *their* sibling twins Laska and Liefde, too. The teens played late into the night whilst the students got some important rest. The following morning was their final exam of the term, meaning…
…. that Thera and Aleric had finished university! Even though Thera hasn’t always been my favourite person, we’ll celebrate their graduation with Ron and Sarah later on. The two of them will become townies back home- until Furcsa moves in Aleric, of course!

See you next chapter for Ron and Sarah’s final term of college, and to see what Greg, Pod, Stranac and Bitxi get up to.

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