Chapter 6: Music and fire

Last year in the dorms we saw the arrival of five freshers, who joined junior Sarah. The headline was the final breakdown of Furcsa and Stranac’s marriage after Furcsa cheated with Aleric after things had been going better with Stranac.
Sarah is now in her last year of college, and she’s studying Art. She’s been doing pretty well. She still has the hots for dodgy-hair Martin from her freshman year, as well as Prof. Creepy and Stranac. As Prof Creepy is a romance sim, it doesn’t look like pleasure sim Sarah will be tying herself down anytime soon.
Phillip kept a low profile during first year, focussing on his studies like any knowledge sim would, but inviting his girlfriend Kimyona over and having some fun too, joining his friends on a night out.
His twin sister Filia was similarly studious in her first year, but also invited her boyfriend (Syndod) over. She became even firmer friends with Bitxi, and didn’t give up her teenage beef with Podviny. Both the twins declared Maths as their majors.
Giovanni here clearly made his mark on the college neighbourhood by getting accepted into the secret society in his first year. He also has a girlfriend back home (Syndod’s twin Sopresa) but this didn’t stop him pursuing Furcsa, starting from the night out. He quickly learned she preferred Aleric however, and is *furious* at the two of them. He chose fitness economics as his major.
Furcsa also joined the dorm last year- wanting to be apart from husband Stranac, with whom she was not on the best terms with. She is currently head over heels for Aleric, though hasn’t made things official yet. She needs to watch her back where Giovanni’s concerned. A fortune fitness freak, Furcsa chose biology as her major.
With her first year complete, Bitxi decided now was the time to join her boyfriend Ron at the Greek House- we will see her in the next chapter (as though she won’t be round here every day!)
See you very soon, Bitxi!
Aaand the new year starts off unsurprisingly, with Gio attacking Furcsa for her cheating last year.
Phillip decides to get his science on in the daytime and spies on Ron’s dad (I can’t wait to see who will be spied on when Ron’s dad has gone, I think it’s so funny).
Bitxi’s old room is promptly taken by Ellen, who I guess wasn’t put off living in the dorm by what happened in the hot tub last term. Ahem…
‘Skiing is for tories, everyone knows that!’
Furcsa and Filia don’t always see eye to eye, being very different people. They don’t despise each other or anything, but they aren’t friends either.
Sarah’s current flame of choice seems to be Stranac, who of course is now free as a bird.
Though this might quickly change, as *actual* professor Romance showed up- he, like Prof. Kate, is also married into the main neighbourhood, and the female sims love ‘im.
‘So, before we do this, I have to tell you that I’m kind of from outer space…’
Apart from wants to do with Aleric and her ex, Furcsa also had wants to buy a bass and a piano.
And Filia wanted a piano and a drumkit! I saw an opportunity to maybe bring these two women together…
…. I *squeezed* a piano and a bass into this corner of the dorm (I’m so sorry, Sarah).
The girls got playing straight away. Furcsa’s pretty good, and Filia, who grew up in a house with a piano and two easels, is excellent. Aren’t the boys cute? I forgot how much of a money-maker playing for tips can be.
‘Oh yeah! Your bass-music is so catchy, I just have to get up and dance!’
Mophead Aliens (the MA)’s debut album ‘We don’t even go here’ is out for purchase now.
Gio and Aleric are also furious with each other. Gio’s ego (… his Giogo?) should not be underestimated.
It’s Edward big guns! Regular police officer by day, hand-cuffing kidnapping secret society member by night.
This time, Edward came for Sarah! She almost missed on the still-extrememly-exciting chance to go to the secret society lot without will…
‘Syndod, there’s a LIMO outside!! I swear!’
‘Hey Sarah, you’ll never believe this hot date last term. We had drinks, I made out with her in the photobooth and then got thwacked by Mrs. Crumplebottom!’
‘I was the one on the date, Phillip, and Gio got thwacked by Mrs Crumplebottom. But you did have some alcohol.’
Term is underway, and Sarah returns from the Limpopo society to eat her omelettes with Phillip.
Oh, Anne. Have you learnt nothing over these four years (and however much longer before that that you’ve been cooking?) The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the sprinkler is not in place- that’s because sprinklers make it too easy, man! My sims have to fend for themselves. Even non-playable Aleric and Ellen.
Oh, I see. A fire breaks out in the kitchen and you immediately invite your little nemesis over. Don’t think you’re being sneaky, Filia.
Gio is the first of my sims to notice the fire and rushes over at once.
Wow, he would suit being a fireman. If he reads the fire safety book.
Sarah helps out too, as the fire is spreading thick and fast.
Yes, Gio!
This is when things started getting serious. I have to resist the temptation to write a bum caption for this picture.
Damn, my butt is on *fire*!’
The fire blazes on. Anne catches alight, but despite what it looks like, Pod doesn’t.
Aleric wandered over to the obvious danger area where Filia caught alight and Furcsa does her best to extinguish her lover, with whom she has so much potential.
But she was too late.
The fire spread very rapidly and Furcsa can’t escape. The others do their best to get her out, but have to focus on keeping themselves safe too.
Filia watches Furcsa crumble too and is the only one free to plead with the grim reaper when her twin Phillip drops to the ground too (Furcsa never had the option for Aleric!!) Filia puts on a very desperate display…
a new dormie moves in…
Phillip’s urn joins Furcsa’s and her lover Aleric’s on the kitchen floor.
At some point Martin came round and got himself caught up in the fire (literally). New dormie Letitia did likewise.
Anne tries in vain to battle the flames spreading into the study/communal area, but is too exhausted to continue.
The fire shows little sign of stopping, so I of course play my trump card. Sarah is a new member of the Limpopo Society, and it’s time to use the Resurrect-O-Nomitron. With the small amount of savings the household has. Something messed up though- Sarah got into the taxi but it never left, and when I forced an error, it drove off the the society house but there were no active sims on the lot; it automatically paused. I had to quit to the neighbourhood and go back to the fiery dorm…
But the dorm’s fire had gone. I managed, in a way, to save and quit in the middle of a fire! The casualties from the blaze are Anne Cooke (who started the fire, jus’ saying..), dormies Martin Dodgy-hair (actually can’t remember his real surname) and Letitia Swan, and of course, Phillip, Furcsa and Aleric.
Sarah is naturally heartbroken over her good friend and occasional lover Martin. She knows this doesn’t have to be the end, however. She is lucky enough to be at college and be a member of the secret society. (Let’s try again!)
Anne Cooke, Martin and Letitia.
Phillip, Furcsa and Aleric’s urns on the kitchen floor.
Before Sarah even leaves, a completely depleted Giovanni heads straight to bed after this nightmarish day.
Over at the Limpopo house, Sarah does the necessaries.
It seems like Anne is forced to rest in peace because she isn’t a student. Whether the house has enough money to resurrect everyone is quite the question.
Sarah starts with Phillip. He wants to be a top psychic, so he can (eventually) resurrect the others if there’s not enough money- it’s better than nothing.
I like that Sarah’s belt seems to be reacting with contacting death himself. It’s a possessed, evil belt, Sarah!
Phillip looks rightly overjoyed to be resurrected.
‘Thank you, best friend!’ *Hugs*
Sarah and Phillip return home at this point, spooky phone in tow.
Filia races to give her twin bro, her other half, a huge hug as soon as she sees the taxi arrive.
It’s now her turn to do the resurrecting.
Filia eyes up her work. This one had to be a little cheaper, or we couldn’t also resurrect Aleric. It doesn’t seem fair to bring back Furcsa but not Aleric.
Yeesh… I wonder what sort of deficiencies Furcsa now has. Furcsa is of course the one to bring back Aleric…
Gio meanwhile is still in bed and having nightmares… about… Pod? What happened in that Greek house…
Furcsa slumps over as Aleric is brought back from the dead and into our household. She is a lot less active now.
Aleric has been changed too. Changed only slightly, but enough to drop his chemistry with Furcsa to two bolts! This saddened me, and I resolved to help them get their spark back.
In the midst of the big ashy clean up, Phillip apparently made enough friends to be taken away. Clearing up your friends’ ashes can be a bonding experience, I suppose. He forgot to return the bone phone while he at the secret society lot though, ugh!
‘UGH! I dreamt about the most horrible monster! Wait, hang on a sec…’
Gio did no cleaning up. He has cleanbots at home.
It’s totally unfair what happened to us because of some useless cook. Whoever we get next better have more than two cooking skill points!’
As the house struggles to get on with the rest of term, they get to work but are often distracted by the huge event in their lives that’s just happened.
Also, notice that Furcsa now has one bolt of chemistry with Aleric and TWO for *Phillip*. I suppose death really changes a person!
The new cook came after I bought a new oven. Let’s hope she’s better than her predecessor.
Whose remains now belong on the counter there. Furcsa decides to take matters into her own hands and persuades Julie Walters (Julia Walter) to do her term paper.
Here is the dorm post-make over. I think it’s a touch more exciting, colour-wise. Everyone is skilling here to catch up on work they missed during the debacle.
I wonder if Letitia there helped.
What a lovely face to make when your sweet son calls, Furcsa.
‘Hey, you’re a knowledge sim. Were you jealous of the others being brought back from the dead?’
I decide to invite the Greek house lot over to brighten up the spirits of the house.
Ron and Bitxi went straight to their old bed…. poor Sarah.
I suppose I should’ve known. Aleric knows everyone by this point.
I made the decision whilst Aleric was at the Limpopo society to skill in body and charisma, which he needs for college and for boosting his attraction with Furcsa. He’s behind on hours anyway, so I thought it was fair.
Introducing, the all-new *muscly* Aleric!
I had fun watching the secret society members interact with each other whilst Aleric was skipping. These two are adorable- yes, that is Julia.
Thera was here making moves on Sideburns here. I had a sneaky look and they have three bolts for each other! I might have to make this a thing.
Blondey also has a thing for Julia Water, but was getting shut the heck down.
(I changed the hair on the brunette, I hate her old hairstyle).
Back in the dorm, everyone is getting ready for the end of term exam. Aleric and Furcsa are a little bit more attracted to each other.
She happily completes an assignment for him whilst gazing lovingly at his sleeping form.
Aaaaand that’s term one of this fourth year of college over! Next term will be Sarah’s last ever term of college. Whilst I think of a creative way to celebrate, we’ll catch up with the Greek house crew in the next chapter. Fingers crossed *they* didn’t have a fire as well. See you next time!

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