Chapter 2.8

Hello hello! Welcome back to Chapter 2.8 of The L’Amour Legacy! The last chapter was super eventful: Tapmak and Sininen had ANOTHER baby girl, Maahee (woe is me) who is now toddling around. Iccha the plantbaby grew into a child and Vasanak into a toddler. I finally cured Tap of plantsimism, we dealt with a lot of toddler potty-training cockroachy nastiness and Jeeves showed up without an invitation to make TV dinners and watch Maahee’s birth. As far as our spare update went, Tap’s little sister Suyuu got married and gave birth to twins, awh! This gives Phillip a huuuuge load of grandchildren- hopefully there will be no more.
….. many, but not quite twenty! Maybe I’ll do a photo with Phillip and them all at some point.
Do check out the family tree here if you want to get it straight in your head 🙂 Just click here, then ‘trees’ at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Iccha is very close with her half-siblings and keeps them entertained for me. She’s going to be a very useful child to have around, I think!
I guess this was the purchase of the day lol, and what a sensible purchase it is! I have three tiny toddlers knocking around at the moment, all with even tinier annoying bladders.
Preeti’s bladder is obviously bigger. Don’t know why I took this photo D:
Preeti is in the throes of teenagehood, with all the lovely acne that includes for some.
‘Maybe vitamin A will help my acne!’
Preeti is the biggest drinker of aubergine juice in the house/ever. A combo of the kids can’t make it and the adults need less food, I guess!
She also wants to be a celebrity chef like her mum and (maternal) grandfather, aw! Perhaps she’ll be the curator of aubergine-only dishes.
Despite her life ambition, I got her the psychic phone pal job for now in a vain attempt to resurrect little Havas (the other male child who died a while ago). Although I would leave him to RIP, what with there being only one other male child I figured if I can get my hands on the bone phone, why not resurrect him?
Preeti takes Mutu and Iccha to school now that Iccha is old enough to come- good luck on your first day, girl!
Sininen awakes and heads to the crappy shower in the weird back bathroom which houses a sleeping toddler at all times.
And breakfast is chaotic as always.
‘I hope Iccha doesn’t have to do algebra at school!’
Sininen clearly has some traumatic maths experiences.
Preeti appears quite athletic from the swimming and aubergine diet she’s on. Ringing for Tapmak is one of his nieces. Wonder what she wants.
Preeti looks super stressed doesn’t she 🙁
Oh god, the cockroach saga continues, now at the compost bin as well. It’s truly a marvel how no one has contracted the flu yet.
See what I mean? D:
I got Tap to wish for money at the very nearly dried up well, as my plan requiring a fair chunk of change is getting very close indeed!
Tap’s LTW is to have 50 dream dates which he is nowhere near achieving, so that afternoon he grabs his wife for a SUPER romantic date in the back garden.
Phillip and Preeti are left to deal with the toddlers/rubbish meanwhile- good job with Vasank, Preeti!
Of course the parents can’t be left alone for long around here.
Why are there TWO wolves???!!
Ey! Current petacy heir Dudy is the first one I’m trying to promote to the top of a career, and she’s doing well so far.
The kids return from school and Mutu decides to do a spot of calm, relaxed fishing. Luckily for him he is unaware of his surveillance.
Ooh, expect birthdays in the next chapter then! We’ll get a space in the house and one less toddler- score!
Is that love letter for Sin? I guess it must be, but I hope that date was perfect!
Ah that’s more like it. Will those wolves ever buzz off
‘Dearest Tapmak, I fall more and more in love with you every day. You’ve made my dreams come true and I’m living in a fairytale *romantic sigh*’
and now back to business lol. Quite the fairytale life.
Mutu as the probable second heir of this legacy has had a comparatively better childhood than his father. He can pretty much do what he likes, whereas Tap had to help out more with the gardening and the general conditions were worse. I suppose Mutu has nearly died a couple of times though. Swings and roudabouts, innit?
Ooh he’s a fitness boy! That’s not too out of keeping for this challenge. One has to be fit to tend the grounds, I suppose!
Later that night, we had our very first haunting from Havas, who seems to be grieving himself. 🙁
UGH Dudy is one of those idiot dogs that doesn’t eat the food that’s right in front of her, whyyyy. Remember when she was taken away as a puppy, affecting my legacy score? Grrr
And good job, Preeti 😀
Not sure if this is Dila or Vasanak from the picture but one of them can’t let herself out of the crib like the other toddlers (I have the hack allowing this) Pain in my backside.
Surprisingly late for this badge, isn’t it? Lol
Okay, OKAY. Forget Jeeves wandering onto the lot last chapter- now we the witch doctor??! I didn’t even notice he was here until ghost Havas made him wet himself XD
Looks like the witch doctor really does have some faulty plumbing.
Yeah, you go back to Twikkii island.
Tell me your game is doomed without telling me your game is doomed XD
‘Grr grumble mumble knowing the truth has made me grumpy grr.’
Aww, these two bonded quickly. Sininen is forever studying to climb the ranks at the restaurant but clearly had time for her smallest baby.
Edward the vampire: ‘Rumour has it one wets oneself when one visits this household. Better hurry on.’
Check out Dila and Vasanak having autonomous greenhouse cuddle timeTM!
That’s Vasanak on the left (I think she looks more like Preeti and Sininen) and older Dila on the right.
Haven’t you caused enough mischief, Havas?
Whilst Tap popped into the revitaliser thing, Havas reenacted his illness-death in the garden.
Bit dramatic.
Dudy: ‘*Sniff sniff* You smell of wee, play with me!’
Wait the witch doctor’s BACK?!
Doesn’t seem too traumatised by the events of last night does he? Did he really have time to pop home to his (presumably broken) bath to clean up before coming back here for dawn?
How am I supposed to explain this to Mutu? I don’t know what’s going on myself. I really shouldn’t instil the idea that random men entering your home (and wetting themselves) is okay.
Another auto huggle this morning.
Maahee and Vasanak! These girls are going to grow up very close, aren’t they?
Phillip returned from his once a week shift at the top of the natural scientist career. Will I ever get used to the leaf outfit, you ask? No, no I won’t.
Look at that money! Methinks it’s time to finally get going with my plan….
Stinky Phillip heads to the phone…
and buys a lot that just so happens, by sheer luck (nah, not really) to be called ‘Sininen Rolls Cafe’!
It hurts to spend that amount, but yes. Let’s do it.
Woo! So this is our first family business, opened during gen 1. Clearly, it’s going to be a cafe/cake shop with Sininen (who’s a chef) baking everything. My plan is to use the many, many children to help out once they’re teenagers, and get some easy money through those sweet, sweet money perks. The earlier you open a family business in the legacy, the more points are up for grabs, too.
We’ll head to the lot later, once all our…visitors… have gone. Been for a swim have we? I do declare that he is on holiday! I suppose he can’t go to Twikkii island to get away from it all, can he? No, it’s the L’Amour house for a bit of R and R for him.
Or maybe it’s because the toilets work here.
Height of luxury, this place. visitors can’t miss the number one tourist attraction around here, the au naturel bog! Remember Jeeves enjoying this same feature? Sod the bakery, we should just charge walk-bys to use the loo!
HAHA sucks to be YOU, Mr Bill-man, because I just spent all our money 🙂
Now that grandpa Phillip is back from work, he’s back on toddler duty. No rest for the wicked.
‘Hi there, my son told me there was a tiki man swimming in our pool and using the toilet. Nice to meet you.’
Yes, this was actually Sininen ‘greeting’ him, after a day and a half.
A photo of two halves.
In the evening, I sent Tapmak, Sininen and Preeti over to the new lot! Let’s get this business started!
My legacy handicaps means they must drive everywhere, but this wasn’t working.
Hey guys! Don’t look too excited :’)
Chef Sininen chefs up.
Gotta have the trademark awkwardly-public toilet somewhere on the premises. No money for walls yet :'(
Lol why does this picture imply it is this visitor’s fault? As if he’s just gone through the cash register D:
Woo! Fancy rainbow cake!
I started off with Sin making cakes, but these downloaded ones rewuite no actual cooking. So I scrapped that after a while.
I put Tap straight on sales.
And our tiny, empty little bakery was rank 1 in no time.
Money money money… always funny….
Tap was also on the till…
Because Preeti needed to sleep. I guess those aubergines aren’t so energising. Now all is good however, and she’s ready to work on those badges.
At the end of the shift I had to drag Phillip over after all, because cakes Sin made were going into Phillip’s inventory, instead of Tap’s. Phillip therefore gave the deeds etc to Tap so that we don’t have to bring him to every shift at the cafe lol. The guy deserves some rest!
And that’s it for this update 🙂 Join me next time for a reeeeally dramatic update (I swear, it’s almost beyond belief) and Preeti’s departure for college 🙂
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’ grave (disease) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Running total: 5.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5
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