Chapter 2.7

Hello! Welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy, chapter 2.7! I hope you’re all doing very well indeed. You *might* have noticed some changes round here. I spent too much time and got far too frustrated moving everything over to this shiny new website (which I kind of don’t even prefer to the old one but whatever). I did this for boring reasons which didn’t fully work out concerning family trees, but we’re here now and everything works. I will only be posting chapters here from now on, not on the old site. So shall we get back into it? Last chapter was JAM PACKED with events including births, deaths and good old glitches. We said a premature goodbye to one of our potential heirs, Havas, but never fear!!!! Tap and Sininen decided to make up for the loss by blessing us with another baby…. a girl. The current household members are depicted above. Do also check out the new family tree I painstakingly made (and for each past chapter) below to remind yourself how everyone’s related etc.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left. 
Similarly to last chapter, I am writing the captions to these photos a good while since taking them- let’s see what shenagigans the L’Amours got up to together.
We start off strong- the story progression mod has Dila greet us on the road like a possessed corpse. I promise she is fine.
Grandpa Phillip is proving himself useful around the house as well as working once a week (and bringing home the big bucks) as whatever the head of the natural scientist career is. He’s pretty close with his many, many grandchildren. He’s obviously not kept Mutu on top of his homework though.
Plant-tap needs no sleep (other than when he passes out from ‘waaaah, lack of sun!!’ and he is the stay at home dad whilst Sininen works. Because this is a modern, patriarchy-smashing household, people. Apart from the fact that this legacy is literally a patriarchal legacy. But whatever.
The purchase of the day was this for the kids. The household actually doesn’t need any more *stuff*. More important is indoor space, but walls are built so slowly that we fairly quickly filled up the rooms with buy mode items.
After the purchase of the day, most of the household was in bed. Including Phillip, dreaming fondly of his late wife. How tragically cute is that.
Cute in a different way is little Iccha and current petacy heir Dudy. She is the third heir, and I have no current plans of breeding her just yet. It’s far too busy round here.
Preeti has been downing the aubergine juice lately, vaguely in preparation for uni. She is a family sim though, so we’ll see if she even rolls the want to go. I feel like it would be fun to see what she and her cousin Prem, who’s the same age, will get up to at uni together though. What do we think?
HA, okay maybe her grades will preclude her anyway D: At least her cooking is impressing at school.
Isn’t Dila a proper sweetheart? I made sure that Sininen took some time out of studying for her career to dote on her children.
The kids reeeally need to take a leaf out of their mum’s book and… well, hit the books. Slash ask grandpa for homework help. He’s a very clever scientist knowledge sim and the indeed should make the most of his grey matter.
‘Preeti, today at school we did finger painting and I drew the house and all of us and it was really good…’
The face of the annoyed teen.
Does Iccha like Dudy more than fellow toddler Dila? It would appear so!
Ah but soon we shall see if my child plantsim mod really works when Iccha celebrates her child birthday! (PLEASE WORK OMG)
Sininen spent that evening as she does most evenings, studying. She uses the special bookshelf in her bedroom that I guess Phillip must have earned a long time ago, so it doesn’t take toooo long for her to skill, despite my slow skilling mod.
Also that evening like the very bad simmer I am, I completely missed Vasanak’s toddler birthday D: I suddenlys spotted Preeti holding Dila’s Doppelgänger- but it actually the youngest member of our household. I think Vasanak has inherited mummy’s nose but not her eyeshape (unlike Preeti) and obviously her dad’s eyes. Interesting. Would be MORE interesting if she were a boy ofc. Not that I’m sore
She also pulls off that toothy grin very well.
In the wee hours of that morning, Sin is finally done studying and she tucks Mutu in. Not her biological child, everyone! Sin is understanding and just a legend.
Okay apparently Tap was ill lol, I guess that’s why we haven’t seen so much of him. Good that he’s better!
I honestly can’t remember if this was another risky woohoo or if I lost my MIND and instructed Sapmak to try for another baby. Could I have been that unhinged?! We only have one boy currently (and only boys can inherit) but I’d made my peace with that. We have sooooo many girls, man…. this is a risk to say the least.
Par for the course.
Planttap has magic child-rearing hovering powers.
Lol note the child on the right pulling the absolute classic that is doing homework on the grass at 8:00 whilst the bus waits. We’ve all been there, right?
Okay, what happened during the day was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced in the sims. The butler that a couple of other households in the neighbourhood use randomly showed up on the lot (we did NOT hire him, this is against my legacy rules) and started doing typical butler stuff like making a crappy TV dinner thing. What the heck? Has anyone else experienced this? XD
Tap waits patiently but bemused to try and get rid of Jeeves.
Uhhhhh okay this is not normal butler behaviour anymore.
Do you think he thinks this house, with its unpainted walls and outside dining table is below him? It’s got to be the weirdest house he’s (absolutely not) worked in.
Looool it just gets better.
1pm hits and I’m too distracted by the household members to stalk Jeeves. Preeti brings home a sim and still has horrible grades despite grandpa’s help *thumbs up*
And Sininen’s pregnangy progresses. Mabye the sim god sent me Jeeves to help out, knowing the ridiculous number of children there’s about to be.
Ah man it’s already happening? What, did nothing else interesting happen before this?!
He sure didn’t bet on witnessing a birth when he volunteered for this position.
Oh jeez, here we got YET AGAIN. This is Sininen’s fifth (5th) time giving birth, people. And she’s a pleasure sim.
:'( Little Havas look-alike. That hurts.
Sininen’s womb be like: you get one male baby. That is it. Siggggggggggh. I called the nth baby Maahee, and yes she’s super cute. Like Havas, she inherited her grandfathers’ red hair Sininen’s eyes (like Dila).
Lol at Phillip not even bothering to show up to this birth XD They get very samey, you can’t really blame the guy.
Yes yes, Maahee, you’re really cute. It softens the blow a little.
‘Normality’ resumed after Maahee’s birth. Jeeves returned to his weird butler duties (lobster thermidor this time, mmmm) and Sininen finally realised there was a strange old man in her house. I think we got rid of him after this.
Maahee is aging like the clappers because she was born shortly before 6pm. Who can’t wait for our fourth toddler in the house?!
Ohh but hold your horses, there’ll only (aha) be three. It’s time to see child Iccha!
I think she’s pretty cute with her bun hairstyle. I made sure to choose one that still shows off her pointy ears (from the side) and gave her dungarees, OFC!
A productive night progressed. Tap potty-trained Dila (and this is a godsend), Preeti binged the aubergine juice…
A lightning fire broke out…
And Phillip returned from work like THIS. My bad, he wasn’t at the birth because he was earning money. Fair dos.
The older kids played late into the night in the garden, boosting their fun and relationship. I guess Mutu got a little too into it and neglected his stomach, woops! I CANNOT afford to have him taken away by the social worker, dang. Preeti’s aubergine addiction meant she had the energy to play all night long.
Phillip: Me back! I’m too old for toddler training.
Sininen’s evening was typical, as was grandpa Phillip’s.
Scool time again! Today we get rid of send three whole children off to school, leaving the three adults to deal with two toddlers and a baby.
I had become bored of planttap and his dramatic nightly fainting spells. He actually seems easier to deal with as a human.
So I got normaltapTM back 🙂
A first for this challenge is having enough money for the extortionate bills! Though this left us with very little I think.
Yesss, suck up to the bill man so he charges us less, Dudy! He’s definitely in charge of those decisions!
Even though we could afford the bills this time, the loss did kind of sting because of a little plan that was forming in my head. I needn’t have worried though, this comes to fruition in the next chapter! (So stay tuned….)
Whey! Preeti’s doing better at school, finally! And she’s acne-creamed those spots away.
The vital potty training continues in the afternoon with Vasanak here. The rubbish is in fact waste from the potty. I get a responsible adult to empty the potty but cancel the action just as they pluck out the poop, because the toddler to be trained is always seconds away from crapping themselves. The waste then magically transfoms into cans and cartons on the ground, and adult and toddler can train in an ideal environment. Outside amongst rubbish.
Phillip got started on Tap’s heir portrait, which will be put with his and Eloise’s for those sweet sweet legacy points.
And Tap spends the afternoon continuing to toddler train Dila. Apparently the greenhouse is the ideal place for learning to walk. All those natural obstacles are a good challenge, I guess.
Way to show up Preeti, Mutu XD
Iccha: What is this %*?!
Iccha does fine I’m sure, for her first day at school.
Maahee’s day as an infant is shortly over, and mummy chucks her into toddlerhood.
I give her the female L’Amour toddler hair and a pair of dungarees. She has very clear Castelow (Sininen’s family) genes from what I can see. She has Sininen’s features and ofc the colouring of auntie Zenka and her grandfathers. Cute!
Err I think this is Vasanak falling asleep stood up lol. I had been taking photos of them for the family tree.
Short on cash, I got Sininen to wish for some dosh at the old well. It spits out less and less money these days; I’ll have to renew our garden club membership at some point.
My plan is getting closer to fruition!
That evening, Phillip finishes Tap’s portrait, and very good it is too.
The practical purchase of the day was another cot (because many toddlers). I like to separate them as much as possible so they don’t forever wake each other up, meaning this new one ended up in the back bathroom. Lovely!
Ewww and somehow we got cockroaches in the kitchen! Who left food out?!
Phillip was ON IT, though.
Aha… maybe the cockroaches came from this area eh?
Notice please that Maahee has clearly already filled her onesie, meaning my cancellation rubbish method is, well…. rubbish.
Yay! I plan on putting these in the long corridor when that’s a bit more finished. Doesn’t Tap look like Eloise?
Awww. Night night Dila!
‘Heyy! Over here!! I think I found where the cockroaches came from!’
I guess it would be the multitudes of bottles around the place. How did we avoid cockroaches so far?!
Should Mutu be in bed at this kind of time? Probably. The kids (other than Iccha) do have a fairly normal schedule.
The next morning at breakfast, these two have a gossip in the kitchen.
‘Psst, Preeti! You know your grandmother?’
‘Well she told me that someone was abducted by aliens.’
‘It was your dad!’
‘All a bit dodgy if you ask me.’
*makes best friends with the alien offspring*
The life of a dad.
It must be a Saturday if Mutu and Preeti are clogging up the kitchen. As every simmer knows, caring for multiple toddlers is very full-on, and atm at least one of them at any point in time wants a bottle. This seems to be Tap’s job at the moment.
Because Sininen is back to bossing it at her job, yay! Great job, Sin. My plan is edging closer 😀
And this is where chapter 2.7 leaves you- let’s have a quick update of one of our gen 1 spares though…
Suyuu (Tap’s little sister) got married 😀
The affair was held in her new little flat with the family surrounding them. She looked gorgeous, I thought.
I mean look!
That is all the gen 1 children partnered off now (Soymek isn’t married but has a long term partner he cheats on now and again D:)
‘Oh you know, over at our place money bags just FALL out of the sky. It’s no big deal.’
Preeti boasts to her cousin XD
Do note Phillip in the back still in his muddy dungarees D: I despair.
Hehe I couldn’t help myself. So there wasn’t TOO much of an age gap between the gen 2 cousins, I got Suyuu up the duff (well, her husband did….) pretty sharpish.
She spent her pregnancy like this, and to be honest, I was jealous.
A day after the wedding, Savma came round *uninvited* and dumped the rest of the perfectly edible wedding cake in the sink. Okaaaay then, someone’s a neat freak!
Or was it an excuse to be present for the birth of Suyuu’s child? Why does Savma look pleased about her pain though D:
And here he is! This is Asavo, a boy (le sigh) with mummy’s eyes and daddy’s hair and skin colour.
He’s a cutie, but that wasn’t it! Suyuu had a case of genuine twins. Herself being a twin, I suppose this wouldn’t be too surprising in real life. Let’s meet baby number 2!
This is Linga, a girl inheriting her daddy’s eyes (which are the cool hazel ones the genie has) and hair colour, and mummy’s purple alien skin. They’re both so cute man D:
Join me soon for chapter 2.8: expect more general filthiness, another unexpected visitor (like Jeeves) and my expensive plan!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’ grave (disease) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Running total: 5.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5

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