Chapter 2.3

Well hello there! I hope everyone’s summer is going well so far, and you don’t need to be doused by a member of your household. I can barely remember what happened in the last update, so let’s have a recap together shall we? So, last time… two babies arrived! Of course! We welcomed Tap and Sin’s second child Havas, the little ginge, and Tap had his actual-surprise alien baby Mutu, who’s adorbs. I also moved in dog Rudy in the hopes she’ll take a fancy to petacy heir Dooty. Grandparents Phillip and Eloise were of course on hand to help with all the new arrivals, but youngest gen 1 spare Savma moved out to go to college! The current family tree, then, looks like this…
This stupid screenshot is how I found the family on loading them up. I love seeing the silly positions that the story progression mod puts them it XD
Second eldest gen 1 child Tapmak is our current heir, and he now has three children- Preeti and Havas with wife Sininen, and alien babby Mutu. There have been no new offspring for the gen 1 spares, eldest gen 1 child Sevim still has his two boys, and Soymek has his triplet girls.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Sininen is now very much a proper member of the legacy household, and as a working sim, she is on the aubergine juice diet in order to boost her skills. She’s already done a stellar job in her career though, and is currently a sous chef!
On loading up the house I was also met by a cheerful Havas doing a jig (?) on the sofa. Let’s see what the others are up to…
The OG potty from gen 1 is about to get a lot of use, when Mutu becomes a toddler as well. Better get used to emptying that, Sininen.
Dad of three (!!) Tap is a dab hand with the bottle by now.
*sigh*. This is going to be a long road to toilet-trainedsville, isn’t it? It would just help so much if Havas were pottytrained before Mutu joins him in toddlerhood. We’ll see if that happens.
Eloise spent the rest of the evening outside catching insects, a hobby started many moons ago. I’m hoping she’ll be the one to complete her insect collection and net me a sweet sweet legacy point.
….aww! Havas grabs a hug with Rudy. Do any toddlers not love snuggling with pets?!
What a happy little chap Havas is!
I bought the toddler logic-building block thing in gen 1 and the purchase of the day today was the xylophone. Because we’re going to need two toddlers to entertain soon! (Can you tell I’m panicking slightly?)
The building of the greenhouse is coming along nicely, and it’s pretty easy to keep on top of the gardening with so many gold badges ’round here. Phillip and Eloise have an easier life these days, they can leisurely tend to the plants. Look at those beaut tomatoes.
What a laidback, cool mum. Or sticky, I suppose.
This has happend more times than I can count. Sevim’s youngest, Bhakti, rings up all his relatives all the time, and it’s super duper sweet. Sininen is his aunt x2, what with Sevim and Tap’s wives being half-sisters, so maybe Bhakti thinks she’s extra important to get to know.
Ol’ Dettypig (second petacy heir) doesn’t escape the Havas snuggles.
I’m not awwing, you are
Speak of the devil, Preeti brings back Bhakti from school! So was he calling Sininen from school? Naughty (and weird tbh).
Note bene, want to amass some popularity in your neighbourhood? Get your deceased dog to scare you from the afterlife in broad daylight!
This dog would be Petacy founder Betty, who has a penchant for haunting in the daytime, for some reason. She’s quite a nuisance.
Wow, Tap and sister-in-law Zenka aren’t best friends anymore? That’s probably for the best, if you know what I mean… He’s too busy around here anyway.
As darkness falls that evening, Tap got a weird look on his face.
….you okay, Tap?
He’s having an asthma attack
Plant-Tap is born! To be honest, this isn’t surprising, as Tap’s been spraying plants from the age of 5. It was only a matter of time, really. I decided to keep him like this for a bit, to see what having a plantsim heir was like.
This evening was Mutu’s toddler birthday as well, of course!
Grandma Eloise was in charge of chucking him into toddlerhood.
It’s kind of hard to see his features in the dark with his complexion, but Mutu is still a cutie! I think he has a mix of alien and Tap’s face, what do we think? I had to give him the Tap hairstyle as well, to match his brother <3 And dungarees.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sininen is jut a boss. I honestly admire her! She doesn’t wholly rely on the aubergine juice for her skill points, she puts the hours in the classic way as well. Whilst living in a weird house with three children to look after.
I got Mutu straight on that potty. No messing around here.
Loool. No worries Sininen, you stick to your books and career and you’ll be fine.
Haha, I included this snap of Preeti because it very much looks like she’s woken up to be scared by a ghost, not because it’s morning and that she’s well-rested. ‘What a good week it’s been’… I’m not convinced, Preeti.
Continuing the theme of toddler raising and enrichment, the purchase of the day was the rabbit head. Yes, Mutu’s cot is in the same room as the telly and now this rabbit head. There is nothing I can do about that at this point D:
Ah, the homework mill. Tubby Tap can get his vitamin D intake whilst helping his eldest not fail out of school. Two birds, one stone.
Ugh, what?! There are FOUR adults on hand to give Havas a non-stinky bottle. My bad. This shouldn’t be a picture from gen 2!
…nor should this, really. The tired working mum trying to have 5 minutes in the sun, the weeds, the crowding of dog and toddlers. Can I say that Sininen is a hero again?
Oh, that’s why the dogs (current heir Dooty and Rudy) were huddled around here 🙁
It’s Dettypig’s time to join his dad in the afterlife.
Thanks, Grim! Here’s hoping ghost-Dettypig won’t be as bothersome as ghost-Betty.
Sininen uses her day off to study, as usual.
Havas: ‘Mummy’s so smart she’s going to go to uni!’ (Seriously why is a toddler thinking about college).
Ironically, she did not attend uni. Boss Sininen didn’t need to to be a great chef 🙂
…not actually sure which dog this is XD
What could be healthier than a young child getting some nutrients in the dirt whilst his father sprays chemicals a foot away? Nothing! Now taking bets on how quick Havas will become a plantsim as well.
Oooh. Chance card time for our Sin. I have a rule that I always play these, it makes the game that bit more interesting. So let’s have a look at these…. Sininen, where have you been hosting these dinner parties? Not at the legacy house, that’s for sure! I thought she should go for what she’s passionate in (which is good life advice generally), not that she’s ever prepared an Asian meal lol.
Oh no!! She got onto her high horse AND rushed the book 🙁 5000 simoleans is quite an amount for this household, and you can see those bills in the road -.- Maybe Sin will bring home a friend from work and she can build up some trust in the workplace again.
Sininen: ‘Deep breath….’
I still love you Sin! You can still be a top chef!
Awww, and Preeti loves you too.
Luckily, the house had a genie lamp, which I employed to help us out with our financial issues. Whew.
Rudy was settling in really well and getting along great with Dooty- yes! Maybe all it took was for Dettypig to be out of the way?! I got Dudy’s favourite family member to gently encourage her into breeding with Dooty. Fingers crossed.
WOOO! We all love a potty trained toddler; great job Havas!! That’s one less nappy to worry about 🙂
Mutu wasn’t doing quite so well XD It’s even more disturbing when you realise this was after the dogs tried to move the petacy on a generation…
This photo gave me such flashbacks to gen 1, when we didn’t have any cots. Bad times.
Aww, cousin Piara (one of Soymek’s triplets) seems to want to befriend Preeti. Piara is the friendliest of the three, I seem to remember.
‘Now what was little Mutu doing in the doghouse, eh? Let daddy put you to bed in Mutu’s bed and you can have a nice sleep there.’
Preeti keeps bringing back the kids that phone us! And isn’t Sininen a champ? She’s back to sous chef already. Though she is having a crap time, apparently. I guess she’s super tired and really isn’t living the ideal pleasure sim life. Sorry, Sin.
‘… and then my daddy came back from outer space and you’ll never guess what happened!’
Methinks Piara hasn’t been told where HER daddy comes from.
I try and make sure Sininen spends enough time loving Preeti and Havas as well as developing her career (and making me monies).
Phillip returned home from work and also got re-promoted back to the top of the natural scientist career, where he’s been before. I had him switch around careers because we needed that promotion money, but I think here is where he’s going to stay from now on. Get ready for that skimpy nature outfit, everyone XD
That evening saw Sapmak tending to the boys. Havas is now learning to walk, and Mutu is plugging away at the potty skill.
At the suggestion of Nooboostar at (thanks Nooboo!!) I trawled through some old photos and popped them in the custom paintings folder so that Phillip (and whoever) can paint some family pictures to decorate the house. I started with Phillip and Eloise’s first kiss, all those years ago. Cute.
Speaking of family mementos, Tap had been hiding this lovenote from Sininen. I put it in their room with the bouquet and the plant Tap gave to Sin after Preeti was born. I think it’s nice to personalise the rooms a bit.
The pretty boring purchase of the day was this light, out in the long back room where the dining table and chairs are.
Story time with mumma or bored toddlers distracting a studying chef?
!! This feels so quick?! Maybe I got the dogs to try for a puppy before this update?
Weee, let’s meet gen 3 of the petacy!
Awwww, it’s a little sandy female pup! The first female heir since the founder. Continuing the trend of naming the puppies a blend of their parents’ names… meet Dudy. Which is different enough from Dooty that I won’t get confused or forget it, right? Ahem…
My heart! <3 <3 I think Dudy is going to be very popular around here.
She’s so tinyyyyy!
Lol. During all of this excitement, I found Tap in the greenhouse doing some plantsim idle animations. I think this shot is quite melancholy. He’s probably low in sun need.
Preeti had been wanting a puppy for ages, and I think her face sums up her feelings at holding the newborn.
Oh for god’s sake! Maybe don’t pee ON the toddler, Rudy! Right next to the toilet, as well. Seriously, this bathroom has seen some shocking things.
This must be a Saturday, if Preeti is around still, and look how CUTE she is. She autonomously went to pick flowers (lol aren’t they all dead)…
… and give them to her mum. Can she tell she’s going through a rough time? :’)
If she is, she’s even more of a hero.
Grandma Eloise takes over bathtime with Havas <3
Whilst his parents have a rare but oh-so-needed date. Tap’s LTW is to have 50 perfect dates and Sin clearly needs the aspiration boost. Eloise can deal with the toddlers for a bit.
Without the help of Phillip apparently, who’s just finished his heart-felt portrait. Man, that kiss was so long ago, Eloise isn’t even wearing her blue dress and Phillip is fatter! It feels like so long ago.
The rest of the Saturday was spent peacefully, as shown by Dudy living her best life in the sun on that pillow XD Preeti seems to be a huge pet lover; she gets on with all the dogs.
Aw! Readers of The College Adventures, mourn with me. #kateproblems
And that’s where this update ends, so have a shot of the entire house. As is quite clear, we’re still limited to three complete rooms, the red one where Phillip and Eloise sleep, the ‘fish room’ behind it where Preeti sleeps and the green room to the left where Sapmak sleep. The loooong room behind that is still in progress, and behind that I plan on making into another bathroom. Goodness’ knows they need that.
So please join me next time for quite a trouble-filled chapter; a truly trying time for our legacy household! See you soooon 🙂

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1.5
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