Chapter 2.10

Hey hey, Chapter 2.10 is coming atcha! You need to buckle in for this update, but first a little recap on who’s who: in the legacy household we have OG founder Phillip, current heir Tapmak and wife Sininen and their children: Mutu (Tap’s alien offspring and only boy), Iccha (Tap’s plantsim daughter), Dila, Vasana and Maahee (Tap and Sininen’s children).
To check out the legacy family tree, click here, then ‘trees’ at the top and ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
In the last chapter, we had a messy bit of cheating amongst the L’Amour boys, ultimately leading to Sininen finding refuge in the arms of her coworker Jacob!! We worked on the cafe (the family business) and brought it up a few levels, Dila grew into a child and Tap and Sin’s eldest went to college! Let’s see if the lovebirds can patch their marriage up whilst continuing to raise their brood…
I hopped over to Jacob’s house in my playthrough before the legacy house because he owns Rags, a dalmatian our petacy heir Dudy gets on okay with. Dudy is getting on a bit and we need to get a move on concerning the next gen!
Jacob and Sin struck a little deal in which Sin took Rags off his hands. Jacob also has an insane number of kids; it’s probably a relief to get rid of the dog.
Thought she might have paid a different way
Sin and Jacob are ostentatiously cosy, but maybe the Jacob days are over: Sin and Tap were seen making up in the hot tub at Sevim’s! I.e., the location of the drama last time…
Sevim and Zenka aren’t doing as well D:
Awww, Sininen forgave him! Probably feels guilty about Jacob, eh… who Tap doesn’t know about… yeesh…
Whilst I was clearly failing at satisfying Sevim’s son’s Bhakti’s needs (that date o meter!), college Preeti showed she does better by herself in the romance department.
Now back to the legacy house action: contortionist Dila greets us on the floor outside. I do love story progression.
Maybe stop stomping on cockroaches then, Dila. Sims never learn. Anyway, welcome back to the legacy household!
Tap’s LTW is having 50 dream dates. Now that all seems rosy again between heir and heiress, let’s get on it!
Poor Dila isn’t in a good place right now is she…
Some mixed reactions to Maahee’s sleep desperation. Sin is clearly thinking ‘There’s a cot RIGHT THERE, people!’
Wow, are all the kids acting up?? Let’s hope probable heir Mutu is faring better.
Here’s newly moved in Rags interacting with Dudy. Cute couple! I hope it works out…
Woo! It’s quite a relief seeing those relationship boost symbols. There’s nothing you can do when two dogs don’t get along.
It’s business as usual the next day for the family. Sininen cramming for her culinary career, Dila frantically finishing her homework whilst the bus waits outside and a toddler and wee littering the floor. We’ve come a long way in one generation, but not that far XD
With no teens on the lot, the kids have to take the school bus!
Tap is a stay at home dad, tending the garden, house and toddlers with the help of HIS dad Phillip whilst his wife brings home the bacon.
Speaking of Phillip–!! I suddenly saw Grim surrounded by the dogs by the road and put two and two together. I think Phillip came home from work and dropped dead right there on the pavement D: I suppose from sickness :((( But where is his body?! I got Sininen to dash over there sharpish to beg for his life when:
I spotted Tap in the bathroom struggling for HIS life!
Sadly, Sin was too late to get on her knees and beg for Phillip’s life.
And so we say an unexpectedly early goodbye to founder Phillip, at the age of 62.
To take a gander back at the best and worst of our founder’s life, click here.
Phillip can rest in peace for eternity with his wife Eloise and little grandson Havas <3
Tragically, this was not the end of the mourning. Something about two sims attempting to die at the same time on the lot meant that Grim did not even process Tap’s death, giving Sininen no time to get inside and attempt to save her husband’s life.
Tapmak at age 35 joins his father in the family graveyard outside, and we must wish both our founder and gen 1 heir a peaceful time in the afterlife.
To see Tapmak’s life in pictures, click here.
Can you believe gen 1 is over in this way?! I am heartbroken to lose Tap so soon and without a chance to save him 🙁 This of course makes young Mutu the current heir of the legacy at age 10! As the only boy, he is the only choice for the gen 2 heir, and gen 2 starts now!
Reeling from these events, I started to do the necessaries around the household. The first was to pop Phillip and Eloise’s bed into Suyuu’s inventory, realising with annoyance that I lost a lot of furniture in Phillip and Tapmak’s inventory! D: Suyuu can sleep in the front room in her own bed and the kids can share the other two (complete) rooms.
Sininen was now the lone adult in the household, and (sort of luckily) the one with a job. She made the choice to ring her old dad and invite him over for some support. She did just lose her husband and father-in-law. Though she’s not heir of this legacy, she needs to be the responsible adult before Mutu grows up and can take control.
On another note, something glitchy was going on with Dudy in that she was walking somewhere but was stuck in the sitting position.
It looked hilarious, her gliding along the ground like that XD
She made it all the way to her bed like that!
Anyway, back to the sad situation of the family. Sininen is obviously heartbroken, and needed her father, Stranac.
She autonomously went to tuck Dila in, feeling the need to show her that her mother was there.
Iccha worked in the garden in the night, stopping intermittently to grieve over her father. Sininen is not her biological mother and they aren’t that close 🙁
Hurry up and get here, Stranac!
I’m sure Stranac’s heart was bleeding for his youngest.
Stranac was never a fan of his daughter’s ending up in this legacy. She and Tap had their troubles before they really got started, meaning Tap and Stranac never got on. I don’t think anyone would want their daughter to get wrapped up in the legacy as a spouse, let alone end up in the current situation…
But Stranac loves his daughters and was absolutely there for Sininen. I got Sininen to move him in, temporarily. The main reason for this is so Stranac can make some grandma’s family soup! We need to kick this cold before it takes anyone else, and this is somehow perfectly legal in the legacy rules!
SEE?! This flu is intense!!
This time, poor, drained Sin was there in time to beg for Dila’s life.
And was successful. Thank god! We couldn’t deal with anymore death around here.
Who knows if Vasanak knew what was going on, but she cuddled with Rags a lot.
As soon as the soup was finished, the family members susceptible to flu shared a very sombre meal together.
Sin spent some time with Vasanak, teaching her to walk. I could tell she felt the need to be close with her children right now.
Some good news! Well done, Dudy.
Iccha was a trooper in the garden during these difficult times. It is very handy having a plantsim around.
The purchase of the day was a fancy bowl, because Dudy is one of those annoying dogs that barely eats, then gets taken away by the social worker- costing me legacy points!
6 o’clock rolled around and it was time to lose another toddler in the house. Maahee will be very soon as well. That should lift some of the burden off Sininen.
I changed up Dila’s hair so we can more easily tell the difference between Dila and Vasanak from a difference. Dila is on the left, and brand new child Vasanak on the right. Vasanak looks a lot like her long-dead auntie, actually.
Despite Stranac’s help and being the only toddler left, Maahee here managed to evade the grown ups and fell asleep in the doghouse. Well, it’s better than the ground, right? And it never did Tap any harm!
In an unprecedented move, Dila was seen completing her homework before the school bus arrived, with the help of grandpa Stranac.
Stranac was doing a great job around the house with the kids and dogs whilst Sin went to work. It was a good time for him to bond a little with his grandchildren (and Mutu and Iccha, who aren’t related to him).
Sininen arrived home from work that night as a newly-appointed Celebrity Chef, thanks to her friend and fling, Jacob. I like to think he felt sorry for her situation and wanted to help her out a bit. What a bittersweet moment for Sininen to achieve her LTW after years of slogging, just after her husband died.
‘I’m proud of you, Sin.’
Now that everyone had had soup shoved down their throats and Sin didn’t need to cram skills for her job anymore, it was time for Stranac to return home. Sin could handle it from here.
Thanks, Stranac!
Purchase of the day (or maybe I’d just moved some furniture around…) was this bed for Vasanak, in the green room with the family portraits- thank god we got Tapmak’s done before he died!!
Jacob visited in the night with a bouquet of flowers. We could generously choose to interpret this as sympathy flowers, but we know better than that. I do not know what married Jacob’s plan is with Sininen moving forward.
Oh dear, I hope Sininen really CAN manage the children without her dad….
UGH NO! I swear it’s always Iccha to get the cold first?! Maybe because she’s always working outside when it’s cold? D:
That’s better. Poor little Maahee probably won’t remember her dad at all.
Luckily we had some soup left in the fridge, and Iccha got another helping, making her put on weight.
Early in the morning, the kids were on it to get ready for school. Er Dila, I think your brother would like a bit of privacy…
Rags was outside getting beaten up by a wolf 🙁 There seems to aaaalways be a wolf around, though they don’t always pick fights.
Sininen chose to feel positive that morning, and told Dudy to go and breed with Rags.
‘We need some happiness in this house, can you go and give us a puppy please?’
Oh, it’s been so-so has it, Maahee?? What would constitute a bad week for you?
The dogs have a good relationship (yay!) and got down to business in the doghouse Maahee was napping in earlier.
Vasanak: ‘I think my childhood is ruined.’
Sininen didn’t have to work today, so she helped Maahee learn to talk.
The pet woohoo was successful (YES!), and sadly, Rags is now unnecessary, taking up space. Sininen sold him to a good owner though- her friend and coworker Nicole from her outings 🙂
Thanks, Nicole! Look after Rags for us.
Sininen: *deep inhale*
Time rolls onwards, and we’re expecting two birthdays next chapter! Perhaps teen Mutu will realise just what it means to be heir of this legacy. And we won’t have any more toddlers in the house! freaking finally
But that isn’t the end of this update! First, I want to hop over to Prem and Preeti at college for their first year <3
Prem (the ginger, Sevim’s eldest) seemed to have good vibes with this dormie soon into the semester.
I think they look handsome together! But there’s of course no need to rush into anything 🙂
Prem dived into the next step by himself, though!
And the next one! Prem didn’t enjoy any romance as a teen, so this was great to see.
Preeti had a very intense first year. She wanted to earn some money and distract herself from the fact that she’d just lost her father and grandfather and spent lots of time in the cafeteria.
She cried a lot during the year, and I decided she should have a bit of fun and use some of her earned money on a date. She also had no romance fun as a teen!!
She seemed to like the look of the first guy that dropped in front of her.
Aww, when two shy sims flirt with each other XD
I let Preeti do what she want and gave her control.
She also went in for the kiss! Look at that suction lmao
*COUGH* *SPLUTTER* Oh of course. I was just thinking she was breaking the trend of teen pregnancies starting in this legacy, but as an 18 year old… I guess not! This girl just had her first kiss for goodness’ sake…
Klaus should feel lucky there’s no Tap to beat him up.
She really likes this guy Klaus so I guess we’re going try and make this work! He’s a knowledge sim (she’s family- this is normally a good combo) who seems sweet. He has ginger hair and green eyes.
Luckily, he thinks Preeti is hot! :’) Hopefully he’s ready for this baby adventure with someone he just met.
First bump!
Weirdly, Preeti’s maternity clothes flattened her bump.
This whole thing was unexpected, but at least it is a really good distraction from the deaths.
Meanwhile, Prem and this guy (I can’t remember his name…) were good, studious students.
Klaus moved in to help Preeti and prepare for the baby, and I found out he’s got a good job!! A president 0_o
Preeti smashed the first semester despite everything 😀
As did Prem! Good job, freshers!
Ugh, not long after, Klaus decided to give Preeti a heart attack.
He can’t knock her up and then die, pleeeeeease!
Oh phew! I’m not sure Preeti would have coped had Klaus died.
Just to add to this drama, a massive palm outside caught fire in a storm and freaked EVERYONE out. Everyone was fine, but stinky.
The second semester ran calmly after that, until it was baby time- right before Preeti had a class, of course.
How crazy that this is the oldest baby of gen 3?!
Cook: ‘Well I’ve never seen so many plumbobs in one place!’
Baby’s here!
Awwww. Baby has red hair and green eyes like daddy (and grandpa Phillip <3)
The first gen 3 baby is a boy, because all spare babies must be boys apparently! D: I called the little bean Terikat.
Ginger, green-eyed Prem was the first baby of gen 2 born in his spare dad’s first year of college, and Terikat here is the first baby of gen 3 who is also ginger, green-eyed and born in his mum’s first year of college. I love it!
Dormies: ‘Er, really? We have to put up with a baby for the next three years?’
Poor Klaus was at work when his son was born, but was really cute with him when he returned. What with his well-paying job, I think him and Preeti have a shot at giving Terikat an okay childhood, despite being in college!
Right near the end of the semester, some unkown drama happened with Prem, his flirty friend and another dormie- but beats me what!
I had to invite Sininen over to meet her first grandchild <3 How bittersweet is this chapter?
The two cousins also smashed their second semester, and I think they can proud of themselves for what they got through. Prem of course also lost his grandfather, not just Preeti, but now they have little Terikat and some new romances to deal with.
Well, I think that is quite enough for one chapter! Join us again next time for the beginning of gen 2! A new, alien-y era starts now, with Sininen temporarily at the helm, juggling five kids. See you soon!
Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Portraits x2: 1
Burglar grave one (starvation): 0.5
Burglar grave two (wishing well): 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5
Tapmak’s alien pregnancy: 1
Eloise’s grave (hail) 0.5
Havas’/Tapmak/Phillip’s graves (disease) 0.5
Dudy taken away: -1
Third gen born: 0.5
Running total: 6
Pet breed strength: 1.5
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