Chapter 2.1

Hello hello hello! Today I’m offering you an extra special welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy, where we’re celebrating the beginning of a new era: generation 1 heir Tapmak is taking over the reins! Woo! It only took me nine months to get here XD To mark this very special occasion, I updated the title picture (but not too much ;))
Before we jump into Tap’s first year as legacy head, let’s catch up on what happened last time. Founder Phillip is generally bossing his various careers to keep the money flowing in, and I got founder spouse Eloise a job too (she deserves to get out of the house sometimes!). Soymek welcomed very surprising triplets with his teenage fling (yeesh) and youngest Savma fell in love with a cool professor. In his final year of college, second eldest Tapmak bossed his final year after nearly succumbing to a cold, and his girlfriend Sininen schmoozed her way to a promotion!
Here’s the latest family tree, complete with Soymek’s new triplets.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
I actually have some other news: I’ve downloaded the new Story Progression mod! I did this in the hopes of speeding up my playthroughs, letting me focus on the L’Amours more. This was the first sign of story progression stuff happening in my game, bachelor Trakets from The College Adventures (another of my stories) romancing a pretty townie I created. Good for him!
The second sign of the story progression (SP from now on) mod working was the eery way in which the family greeted me. Everyone… alright?
As we’ve got some new additions to the main household, it was time to bring out some beds from Phillip’s inventory. Preeti (Tap and Sininen’s daughter) gets the green bed…
And I used the purchase of the day on a very nice new double bed for Tap and Sininen. I toyed with the idea of having them in Phillip and Eloise’s room but I couldn’t bring myself to boot the founding couple out haha. So Sap are going in the third complete room.
As a legacy child, almost born and bred, Preeti needed a leetle makeover. I finally got the chance to use some of the new dungarees I downloaded like a gazillion years ago. What do we think? I like the baggy look! I let Sininen keep her pleasure sim look. She’ll be the breadwinner of the family so there’s not as big a need for her to be in farmwear 😉
A sad side effect of the return of Tap and co. was Eloise having to give up the job that she’s never even been to 🙁 No-one is allowed to go to work via carpool and we don’t have enough cars for three sims to go to work, unfortunately! Sorry Eloise 🙁
Maybe Eloise can have a little elder job. And no, you can’t have another baby Eloise. C’mon now.
It’s about time legacy leader (!) Tap got back into the logic, hence this picture.
‘Is this my life now?!’
Someone’s feeling the pressure all of a sudden. You’ll be fine, Tap!
The key to succeeding despite a slower skilling mod is: start ’em young. Of course, Preeti here has had a particularly long childhood so far being at her dad’s college for many sims days, so she’s had a head start, but still. I’m proud of her.
A new skill for her though is gardening, and boy is that important around here!
There you go, Tap, gaining enthusiasm already! You’re a natural.
In the middle of the night, it was the perfect time to sell some bland peppers. We were in need of cash for those angry bills in the corner, and I believe it was a stretch to make it, eep! We need the produce as well for… eating. So it’s a delicate balance.
Also whilst the household slept, I furnished Sap’s room a little- with Tap’s degree (yay!)…
…. and the plant Tap gave Sininen after she had Preeti, and a bouqet of roses he gave her at some point. Awh.
The teen is the last to bed, of course, and she’s sharing a room with Preeti until she goes to college next year. One day I hope all the kids will have separate rooms, but as there’s only three enclosed rooms currently, needs must!
Errr. Lol, when this townie was an adult she was pregnant, and I guess she stayed that way into elderhood and has popped out a baby thanks to SP. Good times.
The next morning, Preeti did the beeegest stretch. She’s such a cartoon.
:’D Why does she have such funny facial expressions?
Sininen also seems to be an early riser, much to the apparent annoyance of the founding couple. They’re too old for early smoothie noises!
The plants are growing nicely as always, but what’s with the disappearing plot? Nonsense!
Eloise made her fair share of aubergine juice when she woke up and performed her special party trick. What might she be celebrating?
Why, it might be this!
Yep, the time was right to make things ultra official with Sininen.
He hasn’t got higher chemistry with anybody else, she’s his baby mama and they’re doing really well at the moment!
Sininen has only ever had eyes for Tap, falling for him almost immediately when she grew into a teen.
So obviously she said yes!
I feel very good about the pairing; Sininen will be a hardworking legacy spouse 🙂
Weeee, I like them!
Today happens to be a Saturday, and therefore perfect for the wedding; let’s get this show on the road!
Aww, the bride-to-be thinking about her betrothed.
Well don’t look too happy about it Sin XD Maybe she caught sight of our lovely outside bathroom. Ahem.
Put the aubergine juice down and get ready, girls!
It’s wedding time! I got the whole family around of course, who were immediately sweet/weird spontaneously. I like how Bhakti (one of gen 1 spare Sevim’s sons) seems to know why we’re all here.
‘Ughhh my brother is so gross!’
Poor Savma. Can she roll her eyes any further back into her head?
Like his father before him, Tap exchanged his vows with Sin by the heart shaped lake, perhaps the most romantic spot on the lot <3
What a picturesque shot. A happy groom, blushing bride…. naughty pig dog snacking on flowers. Perfect.
Cue picspam of this momentous occasion!
(Notice how Pinky is still chomping away…)
Introducing the new Mr. Tapmak L’Amour and Mrs. Sininen L’Amour! At long last 🙂
I had to take some pictures for prosperity (and for someone to paint and put around the house, as per Nooboo from Boolprop’s excellent suggestion!). Here’s the parent and child shot- you might remember that Stranac, the green alien, is both Sevim’s wife Zenka’s dad and Sininen’s dad, meaning is he now both Tap’s and Sevim’s father-in-law. This also means Sevim’s sons and Preeti are like double cousins haha. Stranac still doesn’t have a great relationship with Tap since the teenage conception of Preeti D:
My attempt at a slightly artsy shot.
The shot of the happy couple with Tap’s siblings, siblings-in-law and niblings :’) From left to right, back row: Zenka and Sevim, Savma, the happy couple and twins Soymek and Suyuu. The niblings are the red-headed son of Sevim, Prem, the blonde alien-skin toddler of Sevim’s, Bhakti, and Soymek’s triplets Cuphere, Piara and Kukura (I *think* in that order lol).
After the wedding itself, I let the family do their own thing for the rest of the party in the garden. Pinky thought now would be another good time to chomp on some flowers…. sigh.
Sininen seemed in distress, which I thought was pretty rude, considering I put on an alright wedding for her and got her a dress etc!
But, she had every right to be distressed, because she got a baby bump! You might remember that I had Tap and Sin try for their second baby after their graduation party in the last chapter. And it was a success, yay! I’m racing ahead with all this, but I didn’t want there to be too big an age gap between Preeti and the other future children.
I’m so excited to see meet this little one! Exciting!
Woo, how stunning is Suyuu?! Work it, girl!
Have some more typical family gathering picspam: fighting over the toilet (when there’s another, albeit more public, toilet on the premises)
Tap getting to know one of his nieces…
Grandma (sort of) Eloise bonding with another triplet…
and Bhakti (her blood grandson).
Pinky, get the heck away from those flowers for goodness’ sake!!
Sisters shared heartfelt hugs <3
Children were cute!
and toddlers were even cuter!
Awwh, Piara went to cuddle ol’ Dettypig, who looks rather content :’)
This really is a red and brown-haired family, isn’t it? XD
All in all, a good time was had by all 🙂
Yes, I did notice Pinky eyeing up the juice. Honestly if this was real life, I’m sure she would have gone for it.
We didn’t have food at the wedding, so it’s grandma’s family soup for everyone straight after.
Because Sininen caught a cold >.< I’m not having a pregnant sick sim, no way.
Phillip continues to bring home the doolah- my plan is to get him back in the natural scientist career before elderhood though 🙂
Whew! Fancy.
Preeti didn’t want to take off her preety dress, even to garden. But she dd want to see the ghost of the penguin. That’s a lot of aspiration points, wow. I spent the rest of the day tending to a pregnant sim and settled Tap back onto the telescope that evening for a spot of stargazing.
‘What was that?’
*rubs tired eyes frantically*
‘Hmm, maybe it was nothing.’
*hesitantly looking up*
‘What a bright light. What could this be?’
So yeah. Tap got abducted whilst only stargazing! I wasn’t even trying! Abducted in your tux on your wedding night with your wife already pregnant is quite the situation.
As scared as Tap looked, most of the family at least have experienced an alien abduction before, when Phillip was taken away many moons ago. They understand that I’m trying to get points for alien pregnancies as well, so it’s not too tragic! Savma got on with the night and bathed Pinky (she’s so disgusting…)
And joined her new sister-in-law for some more grandma’s soup.
‘Has someone explained to you that your brother and I are expecting a baby, Savma?’
‘Yeah. And now that Tap’s been abducted, you two are becoming a real baby factory!’
Lool, that’ll learn her for treating Savma like an idiot child.
The highly exciting purchase of the day was another food bowl, for obvious reasons. The pig we have in the house.
Ahh, the return of the groom!
What a day this one has had.
*random wolf interruption*
…. you alright, Tap?
You still look spotless, at least!
Woah, it’s okay Tap! Stay calm!
‘I’ve only just taken over the legacy and got married! I’ve got a baby on the way!’
‘I guess I might not be pregnant.’
Who wants to break it to him that if he isn’t, he’ll be getting abducted again (at some point) until he is?
After things calmed down a little, I sent Preeti back to the garden where she earned her bronze gardening badge- so fast! She’s fitting right in.
Snow?? My plants! Anyway, I was very cheered by the appearance of the matchmaker tiptoeing onto the lot, which only means one thing.
We get a lamp, and wishes! (I.e., money for our insane bills). I guessed at this point that it was Preeti who earned this, as I’m sure most of the adults have probably already earned one in their lives at some point.
Aww, I was right. I’m sad she got a negative memory from Daddy getting abducted though!
I know, I know 🙁 So, Pinky was not getting along with our current Petacy leader Dooty at all, and I need a dog to breed Dooty with! As much as I’d love… piggy genes in the Petacy bloodline (appearance wise, not behaviour wise), it wasn’t going to happen. Annoyingly though, Pinky was getting along okay with Dettypig. Bloody typical isn’t it.
Awww nooo :'( I’m so sorry Eloise! I wish I could keep Pinky (kind of) but this house isn’t big enough! She’ll be fine on the streets with Shouji (remember her?! Another nightmare would-be breeding partner).
Sininen woke up on her first day as this legacy’s second wife to her second, huge, pop. Not long now, people!
But for now we must say farewell to the L’Amours. We’ll come back soon for Savma’s adult birthday, the birth of Tap and Sin’s second child, and to see whether there’ll be another baby soon after (!). Thank you for joining me for a very eventful first chapter of the new generation, and do leave a comment on here or Boolprop if you want to. Byeee!

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty (founding dog) ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1

This girl and her face. <3
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